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888 Lots Review: Must Read this If You Want Quality Pallets

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Wholesale liquidation companies are quite a in fashion these days. More and more people are turning towards the business of buying and reselling wholesale items. Everyone has their own reasons, but there is no denying there is a lot of profit to make from it. Whether you are looking to set up a resale business or just want a side income. It’s entirely doable as long as you can arrange a good source of wholesale merch. There are plenty of wholesale liquidation companies that you trust for that. One of them is 888 Lots. Here is a detailed 888 Lots review to help you decide if it’s worth your time.

What is 888 Lots?

888 Lots

888 Lots Liquidation is a wholesale liquidation company based in Linden, New Jersey. This liquidation store has been operating in different areas of the country for over 15 years now. They have connections with some of the biggest retailers around. Through them, they bring in new, overstock, and returned pallets at cheaper prices than the original.

They themselves then sell it to earn profit. They offer you to follow the same suit and earn yourself a little side income. Even better, you can set up a  business of your own on a smaller scale. Whatever the purpose is, you can knock on 888 Lots’ door anytime. But before getting into anything else, there is one requirement you need to meet.

888 Lots only deal with registered resellers. You can’t purchase anything on the website without providing your resale license. If you don’t have one it’s about time you get one. It will be helpful even if you decide to shop elsewhere as it eliminates sales tax completely.

Why Choose 888 Lots? 

888 Lots does everything right from top to bottom. It begins with their experience in the industry over 15 years. It only gets better when you get an actual look into their service. There are tonnes of merchandise from hundreds of stores and brands.

On top of it, you get extra value-added services like financing and pallet scanning. All in all, everything at 888 lots works together to buying liquidation pallets and truckloads easier and more beneficial than ever.


888 Lots is loaded with services and bonuses that change the game completely. Aside from the overall quality of their service, here are some key features that you need to know.

Types of Conditions

Saving money is the prime aim of buying wholesale. The items sold wholesale are available in different conditions and have different prices based on it. There are mainly four types of conditions that 888 Lots’ merchandise is sold.

  • Brand New

The individual item or a component of a pallet is in mint condition and has never been used.

  • Like New

These products are either taken out of their boxes or have been barely used. The condition is usually perfect.

  • Box Damaged

The items themselves are intact but their packaging is damaged.

  • Refurbished

A used product is professionally cleaned up and restored to perfect working condition.

  • Used

A second-hand item that is in working condition but hasn’t been repaired or retouched by the company.

Variety & Versatility

One of the biggest positives you notice in 888 Lots review is the sheer amount of versatility and variety they have. It starts right from the categories of products you can find in their stocks.

There are over 30 types of items to buy from. Electronics, clothing, books, skincare, etc, they have it all. But there’s more. You get variety in the terms of how you want to buy these items as well.

There is the usual option to go for either liquidation pallets or truckloads. But you can also buy items individually. It allows you to customize your existing inventory to absolute perfection. One can simply buy the exact item they are looking for.

Multiple Categories of Pallets

You will find different types of lots to purchase on the website of 888 Lots review. The category of a lot determines the cost and the products you’d expect to find inside. It doesn’t affect the number of items whatsoever.

However, it can certainly affect the resale value. In a way, your future profits might be slightly better or worse depending on what you invest in. You can order four types of lots or pallets here.

  • Fixed Price Lots

Unlike other lots and boxes, you can not negotiate the prices of these. They have a fixed price that will neither go up nor down. These lots already have discounted prices, however, and won’t put you at a loss.

  • Branded Lots

A branded lot contains products from a specific brand. For example; if you go for a Nike wholesale cloths, it will contain different Nike footwear, clothing, and accessories. This type is perfect for those who are hunting for specific brand products.

  • Lot of the Day

The Lot of the Day changes every day. It’s a special box with special items inside. It goes for sale only once on the website every day. 888 Lots guarantee every LOTD has an exceptional resale value. You also have to pay lesser for the shipping of a Lot of the Day.

  • Custom Lot

One of the most interesting offerings of 888 Lots is their customized lot. It allows you to create a unique pallet by handpicking every single item inside of it. The final price depends on the products and their conditions.

Detailed Information & Transparency

What we really love about 888 Lots review is their honesty and transparency. Every pallet and truckload comes with complete information from its condition to the expected resale value. This helpful detail enables you to make smarter buying choices.

There are detailed descriptions and real-life images on the website as well. What’s unique about the company is its scanning feature. You can use a scan gun to find out what’s inside a lot right from your home.

Negotiation Policy

There aren’t a lot of wholesale liquidation companies where you can negotiate the price of liquidation pallets. Well, here you can. Under every purchasable product, there is an option for you to negotiate with the company.

You can simply offer a price and wait for the company to accept it. Whether the answer is yes or no, the response is usually quick.

Excellent Customer Support 

888 Lots does a lot for its customer through its service and value-added services. In case you need more direct help, you can use their HelpDesk button. You can also attach screenshots and videos to explain your queries and issues better.

Pros & Cons of 888 Lots

Pros & Cons are great parameters to take help of in the final decision-making. Here is a brief look at everything that 888 Lots does right and what it gets wrong.


  • Massive stocks of liquidation pallets
  • Individual items and truckloads available
  • Merchandise bought from trusted retailers
  • Reliable big-brand products
  • Prices are negotiable
  • Excellent customer service


  • Only open For registered resellers
  • No room for international purchases

Alternatives to 888 Lots

888 Lots possesses all the qualities you’d want from a reliable liquidation store. The company is reputed, experienced, and reliable. The one noticeable issue here is with international purchases and shipments.

It’s reasonable to want some extra options available for that reason or other personal preferences. Here are 2 such alternatives to the 888 Lots review that are equally reliable and useful.


Bulq - 888 Lots Review

This is one of the best options you have in the USA for buying items in bulk. The company has a rich history that goes back to 2004. BULQ has an experience of nearly 2 decades to its name and an in-erasable reputation.

hat itself is enough for trusting them. But things get better when you go through their elite collection of merchandise. You never know when you might hit the jackpot with them. Check out the website for more information.

American Merchandise Liquidators

American Merchandise Liquidators - 888 Lots Review

We present to you one of the underrated gems of liquidation in the USA. American Merchandise Liquidators (AML) have a long history of liquidating and wholesale retailing. The company’s foundation dates back to 1992.

They are hitting the 30-year mark soon and don’t show any sign of slowing down. You can either buy liquidation pallets or go for a whole truckload for larger inventories. The company’s website has all the info you would need from purchase to shipping.


The steady rise of wholesale liquidation is a surprise to none. The global economy is unlike it has ever been. Inflation is on the rise. Everyone is looking for more and more money. In these times, many have found their ideal solution in buying and reselling wholesale merchandise.

Buying anything wholesale is always cheaper and you can make more money selling it forward to retailers. If you are starting up something like that, 888 Lots review can help you out big time. The company offers liquidated merchandise in good condition at great prices. Their excellent support and invaluable bonus features will make things only better.

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