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10 Best Liquidation Stores in Liverpool in 2024

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Liquidation stores are in great demand nowadays. Liverpool as a city has many businesses and companies. These companies require a lot of infrastructure and furniture for their interior designs. There is no questioning the fact that the correct type of furniture can elevate an office space.  To buy cheap furniture and goods, you can visit liquidation stores in Liverpool.

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People often upsize or downsize their companies. Many times these companies face big losses and have huge debts. These debts can be cleared by liquidating the existing assets of an organization.

In such a case finding licensed and government authorized liquidators in Liverpool can be a difficult task. The liquidated goods are often available at cheap prices and many people prefer availing these discounted deals. These deals are affordable and profitable for normal people as well as companies.

This is why liquidation in Liverpool is growing rapidly. With new liquidation stores and services opening every day, finding the right liquidation pallet can be a problem. You need not worry as we bring you a solution to this problem!

Here is the list of the 10 Best Liquidation Stores in Liverpool:

One Below Discount Store

One Below Discount Store - Liquidation Stores in Liverpool

First on our list is the new One Below Discount Store. This has become a well-known discount store chain in the UK. They have outlets at more than 70 locations all over the country including Leeds, Manchester, London, Leicester, etc. They have a liquidation store in Liverpool at John’s Shopping Centre.

One Below Discount Store sells more than 4000 products at extremely cheap rates. Their offers are irresistible and offer the ultimate shopping experience. Most of their products range around the one euro mark. They often buy goods in liquidation pallets or box lots.

These pallets include excess production goods or not-sold return items. They have a variety of products. Their products include- aerated drinks, food items, packaged goods, preserved foods, daily consumer goods, health, sanitary products, medical aids, pet products, cleansers, washing agents, disinfectants, toys, and many other small gift articles.

If you want to buy daily essentials at extreme cheap rates then no other place in Liverpool can offer you better deals. People visit their store regularly and enjoy their time at the store. They get the best offers and deals on almost every product. They have received five-star ratings and reviews from their customers.

Many people prefer buying their monthly household stock from this mart. All of these reasons make the One Below Discount Store one of the best liquidation stores in Liverpool.

Address: 17/21 Dawson Way, St John’s Shopping Centre, Liverpool L1 1LY, UK

Phone: +44 151 459 6368

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Randoms Liquidators

Randoms Clearance and Liquidators

Randoms Clearance and Liquidators are one of the stores that offer the most amazing deals that you may ever get on all types of products. They are located at Walton Street in Liverpool. They practice box liquidation and buy liquidation pallets.

This helps them bring a variety of daily essential goods in huge quantities at cheap rates. The good thing about Randoms is that they sell these goods at a less profit margin so that people are benefitted equally. Customer service is their prime focus.

Their products include home fragrances, health products, beauty products, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, daily essentials, electronics, toys, garden tools, footwear, etc. They carry out seasonal sales on their merchandise. Their store is full of offers and limited-time deals.

Customers enjoy buying goods from Randoms and the store is often crowded. They are open seven days a week. They offer in-store as well as online services. You can buy products online and receive doorstep delivery or simply go and visit their store for amazing deals.

If you are searching for a good shopping experience then you should visit Randoms Clearance and Liquidators. They are one of the top Liverpool liquidators.

Address: 2 Chapel Ave, Liverpool L9 2BY, United Kingdom

Phone: 0151 523 0922

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Begbies and Traynor Group

Begbies and Traynor Group - Liquidation Stores in Liverpool

They are UK’s leading Corporate rescue and recovery services. They practice commercial liquidations of big companies and organizations. If your company is downscaling or shutting down and you wish to liquidize the assets, then this is the best option for you.

Begbies and Traynor have been in this industry for the past 33 years. They have tremendous experience and are one of the best liquidation services in Liverpool. They have more than a hundred offices all over the UK.

Other than company insolvency or liquidation they practice asset valuation, business asset sales, business sales, property sales, and financial advisories. They are not only focused on liquidation service but also assist companies facing huge losses and debts.

The practice both voluntary liquidation and compulsory liquidation. They are government-approved licensed industry experts who will help you dissolve the assets and will set up a great deal for your company. They have received great media attention and appreciation over the years.

Their clients are satisfied and have given them five-star ratings. In case your company needs assistance or is at a closure then this is the best option for you.

Address: 1 Old Hall St, Liverpool L3 9HF, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 151 227 4010

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UK Liquidators

UK Liquidators - Liquidation Stores in Liverpool

UK Liquidators is a famous insolvency and liquidation company in the United Kingdom. They practice commercial liquidation of companies, organizations, firms, and businesses. They not only provide services in the UK but also in Wales, Ireland, and Scotland.

In the UK, they are located in Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Blackpool, Stockport, and Chester. Their office is near Old Hall Street in Liverpool. Booking an appointment is recommended before a visit. They are UK’s Leading liquidation providing service and have been in this industry for the past several years.

This is not only handle the dealings of big companies but also help small companies dissolve their assets. They handle limited projects at a time and bring in the best possible offers. They also provide solutions and consultation services for people in need.

UK Liquidators are licensed liquidators and are the best in the business. They promise their clients the best rates and great service. This is always brought in amazing deals. They take complete responsibility for asset liquidation and keep this news confidential.

The practice low-cost liquidation in the most effective way. They focus on building customer relations. UK Liquidators have been in this industry for a long time and have received five-star ratings.

If you wish to save your company from debts and crack a good asset liquidation deal, then you must contact UK Liquidators immediately.

Address: 4F, 1 Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L3 9HF

Phone: 0151 676 0538

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Dofas is a furniture liquidation store located at Vauxhall Road in Liverpool city center. They have been delivering quality furniture since the year 1993 and have great experience in this field. They have a huge store in Liverpool. Dofas deal in all types of furniture, starting from commercial furniture to office furniture.

Their products include tables, sofas, chairs, cupboards, storage, office desks. Work stations, office chairs, receptions desks, etc. They have a collection of new as well as second-hand furniture. They have their own furniture brand which has high-quality products.

Dofas offer top service at affordable prices. If you buy furniture in junk, then they will help you set up the best deal. Their expert team gives the perfect guidance and advice to set up a beautiful office space.

They are extremely helpful and polite. This is not only focused on sales but also installing these goods. They have the best installation service with a highly experienced staff of fitters and movers.  What sets them apart and helps them grab opportunities is that they also sell office stationery and consumables at cheap rates.

They give up to forty percent off on these goods. They have a variety in their products and offer a lot of options. These options include the selection of furniture wood finishes and different quality sofa fabrics. They are experienced and know very well how to set up a business.

Dofas have been providing quality service for many years now and companies prefer buying office furniture from them. They have received great customer reviews and ratings. This is why they are one of the best liquidation stores in Liverpool.

Address: 74-80 Vauxhall Rd, Liverpool L3 6DL, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 151 227 9777

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Real Business Rescue

Real Business Rescue

Last but not least we have Real Business Rescue on our list. They have more than a hundred offices in the UK and have helped more than 30,000 liquidation clients. They are licensed insolvency practitioners and are experts in commercial liquidation. Real business rescue carry out online liquidation, Creditors’ Voluntary liquidation, Members’ Voluntary liquidation, Compulsory liquidation, and liquidation advice.

They set up the best deals and bring in good prices for the company assets. Dissolving becomes simple when you hire Real Business Rescue services. They also provide consultation and asset valuation services.

Their are well known as commercial liquidators in the liquidation industry and have received many awards. They have received satisfied reviews from their customers.

Address: 1 Old Hall St, Liverpool L3 9HF, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 151 676 9613

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Branded Furniture Outlet

This is a famous furniture store in Liverpool. They offer exclusive deals on all categories of furniture. They sell their goods at half price or less. This makes the furniture extremely affordable and at the same time, they deliver premium quality goods.

Many people who have newly shifted to this City prefer buying house interior from this outlet. Their store is located at Overton Street and is open seven days a week. They not only sell furniture at half prices but also have top brands in their furniture collection.

They offer doorstep delivery throughout Liverpool. You can contact them online or visit them in-store. They sell beds, divan sets, dining tables, chairs, cupboards, storage facilities, leather sofas, fabric sofas, bar stools, mattresses, rugs, etc. They have a huge store with a variety of collections.

You will find great quality and different colors in every sofa set. They have received top ratings and all the customers leave the store satisfied. If you have recently shifted to Liverpool and want to buy low price high-quality furniture, then Branded Furniture Outlet is the right place for you.

Address: Overton St, Edge Hill, Liverpool L7 3HE, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 151 706 0915

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L3 Furniture Centre

This is a very well-established shop in Liverpool. They have been providing quality furniture for the past several years. They are located at Kempston Street in Liverpool. This is received top reviews and five-star ratings from their customers. They have an experienced and loyal staff.

This staff is very polite with customers and helps them find the perfect furniture items according to their requirements. They specialize in bedroom furniture. Can offer furniture at amazing prices. They practice estate liquidation and buy goods from auctions.

Their rates are comparatively high but still very affordable. Their products include all sizes in bed, bed cushions, mattresses, sofas, tables, chairs, and recliners. They are famous for their soft cushion beds, which are perfect for a lazy day.

Their store always has some offers and sales going on. They are open six days a week, from Monday to Saturday. Do visit their store for getting super deals on amazing bedroom furniture.

Address: 49 Kempston St, Liverpool L3 8NG, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 151 207 0647

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Morecroft Solicitors

Morecroft Solicitors

Morecroft Solicitors carry out creditors voluntary liquidation, members voluntary liquidation, and compulsory liquidation. They have six offices of which four are located in Liverpool. Their expert team gives perfect advice and guides a company through the liquidation process.

They help set up profitable deals and square off loans and debts. Their service rates are fixed. They promise the best service and have received huge recognition in the early setting up years.

Morecroft Solicitors are more of a law firm and solicitation company. They have carried out several liquidation deals and have gained a lot of experience in this industry.

People trust their services. They have a fixed client base that constantly seeks their help in times of need. This service has received top reviews from people, which brings it at the seventh position on our liquidation list.

Address: Cotton Exchange, Old Hall St, Liverpool L3 9LQ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 151 236 8871

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F Turner & SonsPrimary

F Turner & Sons

F Turner & Sons is a top firm organized by a single-family. They are auctioneers and valuers, who have been conducting auctions for centuries in Liverpool. Their are located at Roscoe street in Liverpool, They buy liquidation pallets and truckloads from private individuals, government bodies, organizations, local solicitors, businesses, and banks.

They carry out auctions every Thursday throughout the year. People visit their gallery on Wednesday to decide what to buy. Their auction includes products like artworks, jewelry, paintings, art pieces, antiques, watch, bracelets, vases, pots, cycles, vehicles, cars, small articles, and any other item that can be sold through an auction.

They offer amazing deals on big products. They have a huge auction gallery.  Their auction house is always full of a great collection. They also arrange removals, clearance sales, and deliveries for their clients. The practice asset liquidation and estate liquidation for their clients.

They evaluate their goods and estimate sale amounts before the sale. So if you wish to buy antique goods or amazing gift articles then you should visit their Thursday auction. Also, if you have something that is hard to sell, then you can contact them for setting up a good deal.

Address: 28-36 Roscoe St, Liverpool L1 9DW, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 151 709 4005

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This was our list of 10 Best Liquidation Stores in Liverpool. Some of the stores and services mentioned in our list are not only limited to Liverpool but operate throughout the United Kingdom. They are big brand chains that have been operating in this industry for several years.

Their are tremendous experience and a huge client base. They have become the industry experts and have received great customer reviews as well as ratings.

If your company is downsizing, then you can consult any of these insolvency or liquidation services. At the same time, if you are looking out to buy liquidated goods at a cheap price, there are a lot of stores out there. The stores that we have recommended on this list will give you the best offers and deals on high-quality products.

They are the best liquidation stores in Liverpool and are trustworthy. We hope this list helps you find the ideal liquidation store and helps you grab good deals. If we have missed any liquidation store or service then feel free to recommend in the comments section below.

Send in your valuable suggestions. Also, make sure you visit our website for similar recommendations on different topics.

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