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10 Best Amazon Liquidation Pallets in Canada to Grab Deals

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Reports suggest that more than 16% of purchases made yearly are returned and this figure is continually on the rise. Amazon, one of the top e-commerce giants has over 200 million Prime members. Hence, the return figures for the site would be unusually high. But, where does this returned merchandise go? Does all of it find its way back to Amazon’s shelves? Well, there are times when the cost of repacking, inspecting, and relisting is higher than the profit. In these cases, it is only justified to liquidate these products to save time and money. This process benefits several retailers which offered the perfect opportunity for a rise in the Amazon liquidation Canada industry.

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These Amazon liquidation Canada companies make it easier for others to buy high-quality products at an affordable price. Moreover, the growing technology has made it possible for people to buy wholesale Amazon Liquidation Pallets in Canada from the comfort of their homes.

These wholesale Amazon liquidation pallets are available at a range of prices starting from a few hundred dollars to thousands. So, you can invest as per your needs and get started with building a business inventory. Whatever the purpose, the liquidation Amazon Canada industry offers lucrative options. Find the top 10 places to buy Amazon Liquidation Pallets Canada from and save money!

Amazon Liquidation Pallets in Canada:

Maxx Liquidation Solutions

Maxx Liquidation Solutions - Amazon Liquidation Canada

If you’re looking for liquidators that have been around in the Amazon liquidation Canada industry for a long time, Maxx Liquidation Solutions is the best option. Established in 2012, the company employs professionals with years of experience in obtaining overstock, returns, and undelivered merchandise.

Maxx Liquidation Solutions has a large range of retailers including big e-commerce brands like Amazon. Moreover, the company has a wide clientele that mostly consists of returning customers. We can guarantee that you’ll find the best Amazon liquidation pallets Canada at Maxx Liquidation Solutions. Another advantage is that the company is 100% transparent about its products and delivery process. Moreover, the business doesn’t offer the same solutions to every customer.

Maxx Liquidation Solutions takes the time to understand customer needs, tailor plans, and offer the best Amazon return liquidation Canada pallets. Another advantage is that the excellent selection allows businesses to source inventory at affordable prices. Hence, Maxx Liquidation Solutions helps businesses create a seamless process of bringing in inventory and selling the same for a greater profit margin.

Address: 200 Bartor Rd, North York, ON M9M 2W6, Canada

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Restock Canada

Restock Canada - Amazon Liquidation Canada

Whether you’re looking for beauty products or want to stock electronics and accessories, Restock Canada is the perfect store in the Liquidation Amazon Canada industry. One of the leading liquidators in the area, Restock Canada sources its amazing range of products from reputed brands to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Moreover, the company offers quality products at wholesale prices to help small business owners sell the items for a larger profit margin.

Restock Canada buys Amazon liquidation pallets Canada in truckloads from retailers to ensure as many rebates as possible. Established in 2013, the company has been one of the top retailers of wholesale liquidation pallets. Restock Canada has gathered a huge clientele that includes several from their glorious time on marketplaces like eBay.

Another great advantage of the company is that they follow an extensive process of inspection and repair (seldom) to ensure customers get the best possible products. So, buyers can buy high-quality products from large e-commerce retailers like Amazon without breaking the bank.

If you’re a beginner in the liquidation industry and aren’t confident enough to participate in auctions, you’ll like Restock Canada. The company doesn’t support the auction format and provides liquidation pallets at a fixed, minimal price. Hence, neither does the company lose, nor do you!

Address: 909 Rue d’Upton, LaSalle, QC H8R 2V1, Canada

Phone: +1 438-808-7385

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VDC Canada

VDC Canada

If you’re looking for unopened, untouched, and unprocessed wholesale Amazon liquidation pallets, VDC Canada is one of the best liquidation stores for Amazon pallets catering to them. The company has been in the Amazon liquidation pallets Canada industry since 1996 and has a wide clientele from all over the world.

You can find merchandise from top e-commerce brands like Amazon, Target, Bed and Bath, Walgreens, and much more! Moreover, you can find products ranging from bath accessories, electronics, and office supplies to sports goods. Another advantage of VDC Canada is that the company sells over 12,500 every year to ensure you have a constant supply of inventory.

If you’re worried about the transportation and logistics of these pallets, worry no more! VDC Canada’s freight assistance team has years of experience in helping businesses grow. VDC Canada also buys back overstocks and returns from wholesalers and manufacturers making them a one-stop liquidation shop in Canada.

The company’s sales team has over 70 years of combined experience and ensures that customers get what they need. So, you can expect VDC Canada to take the time to understand your needs and deliver solutions accordingly.

Address: 120 Wellington St N, Thorold, ON L2V 5E7, Canada

Phone: +1 800-832-1611

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Liquidation Max Inc

Liquidation Max Inc - Amazon Liquidation Canada

Do you want to do business with a liquidation company that offers services after years of in-depth market research? Well, your search ends here! Liquidation Max Inc. Wholesale Liquidation & Online Auctions is one of the best companies in the Amazon Liquidation Canada industry. With years of experience and hundreds of partner manufacturers, the company ensures customers get the best possible offers.

If you’re a fan of auctions, you’ll surely love Liquidation Max’s online Ontario Auctions. You can also buy wholesale pallets from reputed e-commerce giants like Amazon. Another advantage is that customers don’t need to worry about shipping as the company partners with FedEx and other delivery agencies.

Liquidation Max is also widely popular for its offered ease of buying Amazon liquidation pallets Canada. If it is your first time using their website, watch the short online tutorial plugged onto the site itself.

Address: 4300 Wellington Rd S Unit # 4, London, ON N6E 2Z7, Canada

Phone: +1 226-503-3500

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Liquidation Deals

Liquidation Deals

Are you looking for a company offering Amazon liquidation pallets Canada in a range of sizes? Then, Liquidation Deals is the best store for you! The company offers a range of Amazon return liquidation Canada in different sizes. You can find these returned merchandise pallets in bulk like truckloads.

If you want to deal in a particular industry, you can check out Liquidation Deals’ packages under every section. However, the site offers miscellaneous wholesale Amazon liquidation pallets at a cheaper price. So, people and businesses dealing in a range of industries can take a bit of a risk and get merchandise at a lower price.

After all, these pallets are sourced from top global retailers and manufacturers like Bath & Body, Amazon, and much more! Other than buying liquidation pallets from Amazon and Target, one can also buy Courier unclaimed packages. Another advantage of Liquidation Deals is that their products are sourced from reputed manufacturers to ensure you get what you pay for! Get in touch with Liquidation Deals’ professional and helpful sales team to save money today.

Address: 79 Torbarrie Rd, North York, ON M3L 1G5, Canada

Phone: +1 647-544-1235

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Direct Liquidation

Direct Liquidation - Amazon Liquidation Canada

One of the top companies in the Liquidation Amazon Canada industry, Direct Liquidation Toronto has over 50 years of experience. The company employs an experienced sales team that specializes in finding merchandise, purchasing it, and retailing it at wholesale rates.  One can find great Amazon liquidation pallets Canada at affordable rates from the company.

Generally, Direct Liquidation Toronto helps customers liquidate their inventory of returned merchandise, cancelled orders, buybacks, insurance claims, and much more. The company also runs at least 5-8 auctions each month to ensure you get as many products as possible.

Their auctions are available both online and in live locations spread across Canada. Hence, it is really convenient for brands and individuals to purchase items from Direct Liquidation Toronto.

The added ease and flexibility make Direct Liquidation Toronto one of the best liquidation stores for Amazon pallets. Another advantage is that the company ships the auctioned-off pallets worldwide. Hence, Direct Liquidation Toronto has a wide range of completely satisfied customers from all over the world.

Address: 1885 Sharlyn Rd, Mississauga, ON L4X 1R1, Canada

Phone: +1 416-500-3944

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Amabec Liquidation

Amabec Liquidation

Do you need a large product catalogue to make choices and get goods at affordable prices? Well, you’re at the right place! Amabec Liquidation is one of the best companies in the Amazon liquidation pallets Canada industry. Moreover, the company is located at a very convenient location making it easy to import and export merchandise.

Amabec Liquidation is also located only 30 minutes away from the USA Chaplain border. Hence, the company can find the best possible deals on high-quality items for their customers. Moreover, Amabec Liquidation has partnered with the top retailers and manufacturers to bring the highest quality products to you.

They source returns, overstocks, and other excess inventories from their partners in both Canada and USA. The best part about Amabec is that their wholesale Amazon liquidation pallets are divided into categories based on their sources.

Thus, the company is transparent and eliminates any confusion you might have about the product. Another advantage is that Amabec Liquidation helps businesses from all industries and of differing sizes. We recommend booking an appointment with Amabec Liquidation’s expert team to ensure you can take your business to new heights.

Address: 1 Av. Liberté, La Prairie, QC J5R 3X8, Canada

Phone: +1 450-993-2121

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Canada Liquidation Sales Inc

Canada Liquidation Sales - Amazon Liquidation Canada

Canada Liquidation Sales Inc offers some of the best Amazon liquidation pallets Canada that contain returned, unwanted, and refurbished items. The company partners with the top brands, retailers, and manufacturers to bring in the best possible stock.

Moreover, Canada Liquidation Sales Inc’s team has years of experience in looking for opportunities wherever possible. Another advantage of Canada Liquidation Sales Inc is that their site is quite secure. This helps ensure that no one’s confidential information is at risk. Hence, people can access merchandise and source inventory without putting their credentials at risk.

Canada Liquidation Sales Inc doesn’t let customers access their current stock without signing up or logging in. Thus, the agency is one of the best companies in the Amazon liquidation Canada industry that helps people save costs while keeping their data secure.

Address: 46 Turner Crescent, St. Catharines, ON L2P 2H6, Canada

Phone: +1 905-327-9773

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Liquidation Center Wholesale

Liquidation Center Outlet

Do you want to find and stock electronics and appliances for your business inventory? Or, do you want to build a reselling business from wholesale Amazon liquidation pallets available at affordable prices? Liquidation Center Wholesale is one of the top Amazon liquidation Canada companies offering just-launched and new merchandise at wholesale prices.

Moreover, the company keeps on updating and upgrading its stock to stay relevant to customer needs. Hence, resellers and businesses can buy items from Liquidation Center Wholesale and sell them at a higher profit margin.

If you’re looking to offer repair services at affordable prices, Liquidation Center Wholesale can help you out. Other than offering Amazon return liquidation Canada products, the company also offers repair services for gaming consoles, mobile phones, and other electronic devices.

Address: 310 Hanna St E, Windsor, ON N8W 4W6, Canada

Phone: +1 519-566-1553

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Pure Liquidation

Pure Liquidation - Amazon Liquidation Canada

Are you planning to resell liquidation pallets from Amazon for better profits without much effort? Well, Pure Liquidation offers the best platform for resellers looking to utilize products from the top companies in the liquidation Amazon Canada industry.

The company strives on sourcing the best merchandise at the lowest possible prices. This allows them to set the prices of these pallets at wholesale rates which allows resellers to get great returns.

A prime advantage of Pure Liquidation is that it caters to all types of resellers – novices and experts too. If you haven’t received your reselling license, you can still buy pallets from Pure Liquidation. Hence, the company sells the best Amazon liquidation pallets Canada at wholesale prices to help set up your business while helping you manage your expectations.

Address: Woodward Ave, Thornhill, ON L3T 1G1, Canada

Phone: +1 647-960-6882

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Before you jump into the Amazon liquidation Canada industry, we recommend you know what to expect. It will already help you win half the battle with the proper strategy and management plans in place. You can expect some items to be damaged, others need a few parts and a repair, while some are in perfect condition. Keep in mind that these wholesale Amazon liquidation pallets come at a highly discounted rate.

So, even with the repair charges, you’ll be able to sell these Amazon return liquidation Canada pallets for a high-profit margin. A word of caution – always be wary of fraud sites and purchase only from the best liquidation stores for Amazon Pallets in Canada.

Reading other sellers’ experiences will help you understand the service you’ll receive and you’ll be able to keep an eye on it. We have also shortlisted the top 10 stores to buy Amazon liquidation pallets Canada to ensure you have the best possible experience. After all, the liquidation Amazon Canada industry is quite large and finding a suitable store can be quite hectic.

We hope the article helped you understand the industry and decide where to buy wholesale Amazon liquidation pallets from. Let us know about your experiences in the comments below and leave some suggestions for fellow readers!

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