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10 Best Stores to Buy Wholesale Liquidation Pallets in 2024

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The demand for liquidated merchandise has been quite on a rise recently. As a result, there are great opportunities for resellers and retailers out there to make huge profits. You can source liquidation pallets and then sell merchandise in smaller quantities and sell them at a bit increased prices to final customers or other small retailers. The whole point is to ensure the best profit margin. It can only happen if in the first place you’re able to source the best quality pallets from wholesale liquidation Stores at the lowest possible prices. These days, there are tons of places to choose from and from where you can source pallets for your needs. 

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However, most places either cannot provide quality merchandise in the pallets or have deals and pricing that aren’t very profitable. Well, if you’re only starting, it may be a bit challenging for you to know which place to head to. You’ve come to the right place and we’re here to help you know about the best places out there. 

Best Places to Buy Wholesale Liquidation Pallets:



Let’s start this list with Quicklotz, the best place to get liquidation merchandise from. Quicklotz is unlike any other random or new companies out there. They have been in the business for the past 10 years and have got quite an unbeatable reputation in the market. In this time span of 10 years, they have completed more than 1 million orders worldwide.

They have delivered top-notch liquidation merchandise and services to more than 150K customers worldwide. Quicklotz’s majority of customers are from the USA and other customers are spread across 120+ other countries around the globe. If you want to source the best wholesale liquidation merchandise that helps you make big profits, then Quicklotz is best.

There’s hardly any better option out there than Quicklotz. We say so because, over the years, they already have enabled thousands of their clients make big profits. One more fact that makes Quicklotz one of the best places out there is that they have direct contact with large manufacturers, retailers, brands, etc. worldwide.

Hence, they have the best stock and inventory of liquidation merchandise. You can rely on them to source the liquidation merchandise in boxes, pallets, truckloads, and containers at the best prices. With Quicklotz, you can either choose to buy wholesale liquidation pallets from their outlets or even go for buying the pallets in bulk online. 

MidTenn Wholesale

MidTenn Wholesale - Wholesale Liquidation Pallets

If you are looking to source the top-selling liquidation merchandise at the best prices, you need not look any further. MidTenn Wholesale is the place you should head to without worrying about anything or any second thoughts. Here, you can buy pallets of top-selling wholesale liquidation merchandise at some of the most affordable prices.

Apart from pallets, MidTenn Wholesale also offers customers to buy these merchandise in smaller lots, truckloads, and even single SKUs. There are reasons that MidTenn Wholesale is a lot better option than most of the other companies out there. Firstly, they never ever cherry-pick products and sell products directly to final consumers.

They make sure that they only sell to retailers and help them earn huge profits. Secondly, they offer retailers the option Tell us to let’em know the products they’re looking for. MidTenn then ensures that they can deliver exactly the same products as per the needs. Thirdly, they’re well-known for 100% accurate manifests and also for their guarantee of full refunds or credit.

Fourthly, unlike other places out there, here, you don’t need a 6-figure budget to source top-notch products. Here, you can make an order with any amount and it need not be a 6-figured amount. Last but not least, MidTenn provides the best-in-class customer support in the market.

So, in case you got any queries or even just want to talk about your specific needs, you can easily get in touch with them. You can reach out to them via Facebook, email, phone, or text message.

B Stock

B Stock - Wholesale Liquidation Pallets

Next up, on this list of best places to buy wholesale liquidation pallets, we have B Stock. B Stock is also second to none when it comes to sourcing the best liquidation merchandise from the market. Irrespective of whether you have a small business or large retail business, you can rely on B Stock. 

We say so because they are well-known for empowering businesses all around the world with their top-notch products and services. At present, over 1,000+ businesses worldwide rely on and source their liquidation merchandise from B Stock. 

You automatically know that a marketplace is absolutely genuine, legit, and trustworthy when you can source merchandise from the world’s leading retailers from there. Well, this is exactly the case with B Stock. 

Walmart, Amazon, Game Stop, Land’s End, and Costco are some of the many world’s leading retailers that work with B-Stock. Hence, with B Stock, you’ll often be able to source pallets from these leading retailers. At B Stock, the best part is that you can source liquidation merchandise across all lot sizes, product categories, and price points. 

Not just this, from detailed listings to itemized manifests, you’ll always know the quantity and won’t experience any sudden surprises. Here, there is no involvement of any middlemen. As a result, this allows you to buy directly from retailers through their official liquidation marketplaces. 

In addition, at B Tock, you get a dedicated customer service team and education center. You can make optimum use of this offering to solve queries, doubts, and most importantly, grow your business.

Merchandize Liquidators

Merchandize Liquidators

If you’re looking to start your business as a reseller or retailer, then Merchandize Liquidators is another great option to consider. You can definitely consider Merchandize liquidators to buy some of the best liquidation wholesale pallets. 

The pallets that you get to buy at Merchandize Liquidators include a wide range of liquidated merchandise sourced from top retailers. Here, you can be sure of getting high-quality liquidated merchandise from internationally renowned brands.

The thing that makes Merchandize Liquidators better than other places out there is that here you get to buy pallets at some of the most competitive prices. The prices of the pallets are kept quite low to guarantee that resellers or retailers get to make good profits. 

So, you can further sell the merchandise at prices that your customer will find to be reasonable and appealing. Not just this, as the prices of pallets are quite low, you can even go for trying pallets of all the categories one by one. This way you’ll be able to find the right pallet for your business.

The categories for liquidation merchandise you get to see here include liquidation pallets, truckload liquidation, and clearance pallets. Also, Merchandize Liquidators is a great place to head to if you look to buy Amazon pallets.



Bulq is one of those few places out there you can head to without any second thoughts irrespective of your liquidation business needs and budget. Groupon, Bed Bath & Beyond, and others are some of the retail partners of Bulq.

Hence, you can be free of any kind of worries and be assured you’ll get only branded and high-quality merchandise. Here, you get a wide range of merchandise categories to choose from. The categories include computer & office, toys & baby, home & garden, apparel & accessories, consumer electronics, and general merchandise.

Not just categories, but at Bulq, you can also source pallets by condition and lot size. Bulq remains the number one preference of thousands of resellers and retailers worldwide when it comes to sourcing liquidation pallets. The reason for this is that Bulq maintains absolute transparency with its customers. At Bulq, merchandise in wholesale liquidation lots comes with proper pricing details, condition, photos, and packaging in boxes.

You can rely on Bulq for quite a few reasons. Here, new wholesale liquidation lots are listed 3 times daily. As a result, you always can find new and fresh pallets for your needs. Here, you also get accurate manifests, guaranteed refunds, and easy & full-service shipping. Also, just like the aforementioned companies, Bulq has a dedicated customer care team and offers strong customer support.

GENCO Marketplace

GENCO Marketplace - Wholesale Liquidation Pallets

The next place that you can head to for liquidation wholesale pallets is GENCO Marketplace. GENCO is one of the biggest marketplaces for liquidation merchandise out there. We say so as they have a record of selling more than $2.5 billion worth of products annually. They are one of the most legit and reliable sources out there.

This is the reason that thousands of wholesalers, discount retailers, online sellers, flea marketers, and other entrepreneurs from all around the world rely on them for their pallet needs. At GENCO Marketplace, you get to buy pallets of liquidation merchandise that comes directly from top retailers that too at 70%-90% off.

You get to buy pallets that mainly include retail returns from major retailers like The Home Depot. Here, the merchandise is sorted into a range of popular categories. Also, at GENCO Marketplacethere’s very minimum risk involved in buying pallets. This is because most of the lots available are fully manifested. 

Not just pallets, but you can also rely on GENCO to source your liquidation merchandise by carton or truckload. In addition, you can get insider tips from our Buyer Resource Center. To get started at GENCO Marketplace, you will need to first register yourself online on the website.

American Merchandise Liquidators (AMLINC)

American Merchandise Liquidators (AMLINC) - Wholesale Liquidation Pallets

Next up, we have American Merchandise Liquidators or AMLINC on the list. The best part about AMLINC is that here, you’ll be able to find deals and offers quite often. Hence, we would suggest you visit their website and sign up for their newsletter. Well, to do so, all you’ll need is to provide your first name, last name, and email address.

Other benefits or features you get from sourcing merchandise from AMLINC include nationwide shipping, financing facilities, At AMLINC, you get a wide range of liquidation merchandise categories to choose from.

The categories include tools & equipment, baby & toys, home furnishings, home improvement, homeware & appliances, sports & outdoors, clothing & footwear, electronics, grocery, health & beauty, jewelry & accessories, office furniture & supplies, and general merchandise. Not just pallets, but you can also buy merchandise by truckloads and lots.

If you are in the liquidation business, then you’re in luck as AMLINC provides a support manual for resellers and retailers out there. The manual provided includes a lot of useful and valuable information. You can rely on it to improve your knowledge of how to buy and sell your liquidation merchandise. 


Liquidation com - Wholesale Liquidation Pallets

Next up, we have Liquidation.com on this list. Well, Liquidation.com is quite a popular place out there for liquidation pallets. Hence, we’re quite sure that you must already have heard or come across them. If you are looking for sourcing branded liquidation merchandise, there’s hardly any better place than Liquidation.com for you.

Here you will find a wide range of liquidated merchandise from brands or big retailers. The names include Amazon, Lowes, Titan, Almo, Wayfair, Home Depot, Sony, Bed Bath & Beyond, Hanes BrandsFerguson, and the list goes on. You get to buy merchandise from top brands like Dyson, Magic Chef, Ryobi, Dewalt, and more. 

At Liquidation.com, you can buy liquidated merchandise by lot size. You get three options to choose from, which include truckload, pallets, and packages. Well, if we talk about pallets, you get a number of categories of merchandise to choose from. The categories include computers & networking, consumer electronics, housewares & lighting, clothing & accessories, general merchandise, tools & machinery, etc. 

To get started, we would first recommend you to visit their website, go through all the necessary details, and at last, register yourself. Liquidation.com has got its warehouses located in multiple locations in the US. So you can look for these locations and even go for visiting them.

BlueLots Liquidation

BlueLots Liquidation - Wholesale Liquidation Pallets

BlueLots is a B2B marketplace out there you can count on to source liquidation wholesale pallets for your budget and needs. It is one of the best places out there for small businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals, or anyone looking to make additional profit by sourcing bulk liquidation inventory and reselling it. There are reasons why we say so.

Some of the top investors in the world back BlueLots. Also, some of the largest retailers, wholesalers, and closeout suppliers in the world sell their merchandise to BlueLots. So, Firstly, the quality of the liquidation pallets you’ll find here will always be of high quality and authentic.

Secondly, you’ll be able to source liquidation pallets at quite an affordable and economical price. It’s no surprise that BlueLots has millions of customers worldwide and quite some heart-warming customer reviews on its site. At BlueLots, new products are listed as well live auctions keep on happening daily.

As a result, the inventory also keeps changing quite frequently. Also, deals and special offers are quite frequent to be seen. Hence, we would suggest you sign up for their newsletter to get all the latest updates directly in your mailbox. 

Via Trading

Via Trading - Wholesale Liquidation Pallets

Last but not least, we have Via Trading on this list. Via Trading specializes in selling liquidated merchandise of famous brands at deeply discounted prices to customers in cases, pallets, or truckloads. Not just this, Via Trading also specializes in offering personalized services to its clients.

It is also quite well-known in the market for helping its clients in reselling or retail business and helping them earn higher profits. This is a great place you can straight head to for buying deeply discounted wholesale liquidation lots

Over 42K+ businesses and individuals rely on Via Trading for their liquidation needs. In addition, Via Trading has completed over 317K+ transactions and has shipped to over 129+ countries. The retail value liquidated is approximately $8 billion. 

At Via Trading, you can either visit their warehouse to shop in person or can even shop online. Irrespective of which option you go for, you’ll be always attended by a dedicated Account Manager. The manager will help you find the right products for your business budget and needs. 

Also, Via Trading is well-known for the shipping facility it provides to clients. They ship orders almost everywhere in the world between 24-48 hours. If you want to save n the shipping costs, they also allow you to pick up your order from their warehouse.


So, these were our top picks for the 10 best places to buy wholesale liquidation pallets. You can head to any of these aforementioned options as all of them are legit, genuine, reputed, and reliable. All these places have pretty amazing ratings as well as heart-warming reviews from customers worldwide. 

We also hope that this list was successful in helping you find the right place for your liquidation pallets budget and needs. Also, we would like to remind you to bookmark or save this article for the future.

You can check our space for more such related articles. Lastly, if you know of any other place that you would like us to review or have any queries, you can feel free and reach out to us. 

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