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9 Best Stores to Buy Amazon Liquidation Pallets in USA

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Liquidation pallets have become one of the most sought-after goods. Many retail shops are converting themselves into Amazon liquidation stores. Amazon liquidation pallets provide great opportunities for many stores. They have great quality goods which can be sold for good prices. Moreover, it also allows many stores to get their hands on branded goods which would not be possible in normal circumstances.

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There is a wide variety of amazon liquidation pallets that you can purchase. Further, many companies sell these Amazon liquidation pallets. There are several pallets which you can buy for your store. These companies ship the pallets to your location and help you earn amazing profits. This article helps you choose the best Amazon liquidation companies. Using this list will help you to shortlist companies to buy pallets.

List of All Liquidation Stores all around the United States of America. 

Buy Amazon Liquidation Pallets in USA:


B Stock - Amazon liquidation pallets

B-Stock is one of the most famous liquidation companies in the world. People from all over the world use their facilities to buy liquidation pallets. They have made a name for themselves in this liquidation business. The company has top retailers from around the world working with them. You will find pallets from Amazon, Walmart, Target, GameStop, and others.

These companies work with B-Stock due to its amazing track record. They have become the gold standard in liquidation. Therefore, they are one of the best places to buy Amazon liquidation pallets. The company has a regular inflow of pallets. In other words, you will always find their inventory filled with new pallets. These pallets provide customers with great opportunities.

Moreover, the company sources all pallets directly from the retailers. There are no middlemen in the deal and the company handles all of the pallets by itself. You will find items of various categories in their Amazon liquidation store. This helps you to choose the pallets which you can sell quickly. It also reduces the chances of getting unwanted items. Further, you will find detailed listings on their website. You will get all the information about your pallet before you buy it.

They promise that there will be no surprises and you get precisely what you pay for. To buy liquidation pallets, you will have to register yourself on their website. However, it is quite a simple process. There are several auctions daily and you need to bid on the pallets you want. Once you have won an auction, the company will provide you with several payment options to complete your payment. Most importantly, you can use B-Stock to grow your business. You get access to some of the best Amazon liquidation pallets in the world.

Address: 1301 Shoreway Rd # 200, Belmont, CA 94002, United States

Phone: +1 650-610-8800

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Liquidation.com is one of the industry leaders in the liquidation business. This company sells a variety of items every day. They cater to a wide range of businesses all across the country. Therefore, you will find them selling many items that regular storage companies do not sell. They also cater to companies of different sizes. They have packages and pallets for all small and large companies.

As the company is very flexible in its offerings, it helps meet the demands of various industries. You can even find vehicles being sold in bulk by this company. All of these pallets are sold to customers around the world. They have a global clientele that they manage to satisfy through their services. Moreover, the number of clients keeps increasing every year. This is a testament to the amazing quality of pallets offered by the company. 

The company has established contacts with top companies such as Amazon, Walmart, and others. This allows them to bring the return and overstocked pallets directly from these companies. You get top-notch Amazon liquidation pallets. Further, their amazon liquidation warehouse is stocked with a variety of pallets from Amazon. You can bid for these pallets on their website.

The entire auction is very transparent. You will be able to easily bid for your pallets and get them shipped to you. Further, all the pallets have detailed information about the items present in them. This ensures that you only bid for those items which you want.

You will always have full information about the pallets before you place a bid. Above all, they have some of the best Amazon liquidation pallets. These pallets have goods from some of the most renowned brands in the country. You can get a good profit when buying these pallets from their Amazon liquidation store.

Address: 3300 Wood Dr #100, Garland, TX 75041, United States

Phone: +1 800-498-1909

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Via Trading

Via Trading - Amazon liquidation pallets

Via Trading is quite a famous company in the liquidation business. The company is all about providing better services than its competitors. The company claims to be the best option when it comes to getting liquidated goods. The liquidation pallets which they have managed to bring better results to thor clients. They work every day to help clients get the best results in this industry.

Their claims are backed by numerous positive reviews left by their clients. Moreover, the company says that buying their liquidation pallets leads to higher profits. They manage to bring pallets from famous companies at low prices. This allows them to price the pallets lower and helps you get better profits. You can sell these pallets very easily. They try to get the most value-for-money pallets available in the industry. This helps you to sell the pallets much quicker. 

You get to generate a lot of traction for your business. With these pallets, you can even set up a new business very quickly. This helps you to get many customers for your pallets. You find a large audience that wants these goods from your Amazon liquidation store. The company focuses on personalized services. They curate pallets to help you get the most out of them. You get amazing deals that many of the other companies cannot provide. They have a huge amazon liquidation warehouse.

You will find tons of pallets from Amazon stocked over there. They get their hands on the best pallets and send them to their customers. They have amazon liquidation pallets for all categories of goods. Therefore, they are The top choice for liquidation pallets.

Address: 2520-2540 Industry Way, Lynwood, CA 90262, United States

Phone: +1 877-202-3616

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MidTenn - Amazon liquidation pallets

MidTenn brings you the best-selling liquidated merchandise. They keep getting a lot of praise for their services. They have regularly ranked as one of the best places to buy liquidation pallets. The company tries to bring you pallets are the best price. They only buy premium pallets. The company pays extra focus to bring the best quality pallets to their customers. Y

ou will not find poor-quality pallets being sold by them. They ensure their quality standards are maintained at all times. Moreover, they sell liquidated pallets in several forms. Firstly, you can buy amazon liquidated pallets from them. Secondly, you can opt to buy pallets by truckload.

This is ideal when you want to purchase items in bulk. If you are a smaller business, you can even opt for their small lots. These are the best for small businesses that are trying to scale up and make a name for themselves. Most importantly, they can secure additional items for you. You can ask them to get you specific items. They will use their contacts within the industry to get you these specific items.

Address: 801 Steam Plant Rd, Gallatin, TN 37066, United States

Phone: +1 615-419-6262

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Direct Liquidation

Direct liquidation - Amazon liquidation pallets

Direct liquidation is one of the top names in this industry. They source quite a few liquidation pallets every day. The company has contacts with Amazon and others. They help you to bring out the best version of your store. The Amazon liquidation pallets can help you scale your business. Moreover, they can help you become the top Amazon liquidation store in your region.

They cater to both large as well as small businesses across America. A variety of liquidation stores across the country source pallets from them. You can sell the items from these pallets quite easily. This helps you to get quick profits. Further, selling these items quickly allows you to save up space in your shop.

The company prevents any middleman from intervening in this business. They source only top-quality packages from the best retailer such as Amazon. You can trust them to bring you the best packages in the industry. Most importantly, they have a good customer support team that helps you with any issues you face.

Address: 20200 W. Dixie Hwy #1007 Miami, FL 33180, United States

Phone: +1 305-514-0587

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Merchandize Liquidators

Merchandize Liquidators - Amazon liquidation pallets

Merchandize Liquidators have been serving clients for more than 20 years. They have created a great reputation for themselves. Throughout these years, they have been improving the pallets they bring to customers. They are direct liquidators. In other words, they source all pallets from the retailers and manufacturers themselves.

This removes the chances of getting duplicate products in your Amazon liquidation pallets. The company is located in Florida but they ship pallets to all locations in the US. Moreover, the company understands that profit is king. They ensure all of their pallets are priced fairly. It allies you to sell them easily and with a good profit. Buying pallets from them will help improve the profitability of your company.

Most importantly, you should try out all of their pallets. Selling different pallets will help you diversify your business and attract more clients. However, they ensure that quality is never compromised when bringing you a diverse range of pallets.

Address: 11201 Ed Brown Rd Suite B, Charlotte, NC 28273, United States

Phone: +1 800-218-9596

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Bulq - Amazon liquidation pallets

Bluq has one of the largest collections of amazon liquidation pallets in America. The company has been bringing amazing pallets to its customers for quite some time. The company lists new pallets for sale 3 times a day. In other words, you get to choose pallets from a mast moving inventory. Moreover, the company guarantees that they have accurate manifests.

Your pallets will only have those items that were listed during the sale. The company also categorizes its pallets based on category and condition. Knowing the condition of the items before buying the pallets helps you to get the best deals. It ensures that you do not overpay for the pallets. 

The company wants its customers to have full transparency. Therefore, they ensure that each pallet has pictures and other details attached to them when they go for sale. You can buy these amazon liquidation pallets from your pc or using their app. Their app allows you to place orders even when you are away from your home. Most importantly, they have made it very easy to buy pallets from thor amazon liquidation warehouse.

Address: 1001 G St NW STE 1200, Washington, DC 20001, United States

Phone: +1 844-311-2857

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888 Lots

888 Lots

888 Lots is a great liquidation company for businesses as well as individuals. They sell Amazon liquidation pallets in addition to selling individual items. Individual items are the best place for customers to shop. They can find useful products at heavily discounted prices. The company has great pallets as well. These pallets can bring you good profits.

Quite a few hidden gems are waiting to be discovered. The company has a great customer support team as well. You can get in touch with them regarding any issues you face. They are well trained to help solve any issues that you face. Above all, they have great prices. Their Amazon liquidation warehouse is filled with very affordable pallets. You can sell the individuals items from them with quite high profit margins.

Address: 1416 E Linden Ave, Linden, NJ 07036, United States

Phone: +1 844-888-5687

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Continental Wholesale

Continental Wholesale

Continental Wholesale has some of the best-priced Amazon liquidation pallets. They ensure their customers receive the best deal every time. The company follows the ideology of providing all of its customers with the best-priced Amazon liquidation pallets. They have set up an amazon liquidation warehouse to cater to the requirements of clients across the country. You will find some of the cheapest amazon liquidation pallets being sold by this company. 

Moreover, these low prices allow you to derive the maximin profit out of the pallets. You get to have a huge profit margin and it helps your business reach new heights. The company provides good quality pallets in addition to low prices.

They have not compromised on the quality. Further, the company also has fast shipping. All of the orders are shipped from their Amazon liquidation store almost immediately. In general, the company is one of the best in the industry and you should check them out. 

Address: 1292 Olive Ave, Hampton, IA 50441, United States

Phone: +1 641-456-3165

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These are some of the best companies in the business. They have been in the business for many years and earned tons of experience. Most of these companies deal with retailers directly. Therefore, you get authentic products at cheap prices. Moreover, most of the liquidation pallets are priced at a fraction of their retail cost.

This helps you to generate a good profit when you sell the items. You should check out all of these companies when you want to buy Amazon liquidation pallets. Most importantly, you should choose a company that suits your business model.

These companies differ from each other in some key aspects. You should choose the company which manages to meet your requirements. Above all, you will not regret choosing these companies when buying Amazon liquidation pallets. 

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