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California Closeouts & Liquidations Review: A Complete Guide

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Gone is the time when people threw away waste stuff. Now people have become more concerned about even the littlest thing they scrap. Not only is it about being environmentally friendly but it also entails that people have learned to be more conscious in everything they do. In this article, we will be completely reviewing California Closeouts & Liquidation Store for you.

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Even the waste is worth a penny. Now imagine how much the old furniture, vehicles and clothes will fetch you. In this article, we will be discussing something very unique. Something which is not known to many people- “Liquidation store Reviews”. Liquidation stores are basically companies that buy the excess stock of famous brands or small retailers at a very low price.

There are certain stores that also accept old stuff but in a good condition from people and refurbish it and send it to people. There is nothing wrong with buying stuff from such stores. Not only will they give discounts but they will also provide you with quality products. You can find most of the famous brands in their shops.

There are some people who only buy liquidation pallets from liquidation stores. In this article, you are going to read some great reviews on one such liquidation store in California and some alternative options that you can try.

What can you find in the California Closeouts Liquidation Store?

California Closeouts

California Closeouts is a liquidation store in Commerce, California. It is open Monday through Saturday from morning 9 am to 6 pm in the evening. It is one of the best liquidation stores you will find in this entire region. They keep lots of stuff in their stores like- Clothing, electronics, Health and beauty products, Food items, grocery stuff and baby products.

Once you visit them you will see all kinds of amazing varieties of things that you cannot resist. The best part is the discount. They have discounts every day all through the year. Some people wait to get discount coupons before shopping to get discounts on supplies.

Nevertheless, at this store you will need no coupons.  Whatever price retailers are offering you, they will offer you at least 50-80% less of that. The California Closeouts Liquidation Store has been in the liquidation segment for more than 30 years. Moreover, they have delivered the best services to the customers and never compromised on the quality of products.

With a shocking inventory of 15000+ goods, they have a shocking amount of variety. For all the bargainers, this store is the place that you will fall in love with. Even if you visit them daily they will offer you something new and exciting.

Why should you choose California Closeouts Liquidation Store?

There are plenty of reasons why you should go to the California Closeouts Liquidation store. Number one being the fact that their inventory is so huge and contains the following stuff:

  • Auto Parts
  • Bed and bath products
  • Clothing items
  • Electronics
  • Grocery
  • Baby products
  • Cleaning items
  • Health related supplies
  • Decorations
  • Kitchen supplies
  • Stationery and office products
  • Appliances both big and small
  • Sports items
  • Books
  • Toys
  • Games, etc

Number two being the location of the store. It is located in Commerce, California. It is a great area in the city. Everything is nicely organized in a very big warehouse-like area. The website of the store has its contact information that customers can use.

Number three is that they also have an online store i.e online Ebay store. An online marketplace where you can buy everything which was available in the offline store. Lastly, the price of the goods.

Here at California Closeouts Liquidation store you get all the goods at huge discounted prices. There are discounts daily. Discounts are as heavy as up to 80%. Great deals are offered and people can make use of them from time to time to get supplies at the best prices.

Features of the store:

In the California Closeouts & Liquidations Review it is time to talk about some of the features of the store. The store located in Commerce, California is a favorite place for all bargainers.

Some of its most attractive features include- the rich and urban location of the store, the amazing list of endless and over 15000 item inventory, the price points of the goods, the amazing discounts offered daily which reaches 80%, their online stores and customer friendly website.

They have a complete dedicated website that will inform you about the recent discounts going on. Any major changes, any new product introduced. All these features make the store a must go to option for all the people living in California, especially in Commerce.

Pros and cons

California Closeouts Liquidation Store is a great option when it comes to buying liquidation pallets. But this does not mean it is the perfect place for everyone.

Let us discuss some of the pros and cons of the store, so you can decide for yourself if you want to visit it or not.


  • The location of the store is great.
  • The variety of inventory and options are huge.
  • Prices of all goods are affordable.
  • There is no minimum purchase price to get discounts. You get discounts on anything you buy however big or small.
  • They also offer delivery options for the locals.
  • The store remains open for all the people.
  • They have a mega liquidation sale where they provide 80% on all the items for 4 days 4 times in a year. This is their most hit sale period. People from little far off places also come to avail the benefits of this.


  • The store is ideal only for people in Commerce, CA. For other locations visiting the store can cause extra traveling expenses.
  • Even though prices are good, the quality is sometimes inferior to retail goods.
  • If you are late in reaching the sale, you will only find leftover goods which are not so good.
  • Actual branded goods are definitely superior to these products in terms of quality.
  • You will not find most saleable items of a brand in liquidation stores as they only keep overstocked inventories of brands.
  • If you can afford to buy from retail then liquidation stores are not the right option for you.

It is evident that for people who love bargains and price is the main factor then liquidation stores are best for them. Others can try retailers and brands. It is obvious that not every person understands and appreciates liquidation stores.

But they should check out the California Closeouts store once, they will understand what they are missing out.

Some alternate options that you can try:

If California Closeouts Liquidation store is in your cons list then here are 3 alternate options that you emphasize on:


Quicklotz - California Closeouts & Liquidation

Quicklotz is probably the best alternative to California Closeouts. This store is spread out in such a huge area that you will often see people lined up. The store is so big that it contains everything one might need. From liquidation pallets to amazing clothing pallets, accessory pallets and what not.

This store is a must visit. You can check the images on their website and see how interesting everything looks. You are going to save a lot of money because they have plenty of resellers. If you have not visited Quicklotz then you are missing out on great deals.

Direct Liquidation

Direct liquidation - California Closeouts & Liquidation

Direct Liquidation is also a great alternative to the stores above. It has great deals on furniture. It conducts online auctions for people. Moreover, this liquidation store also buys stuff from Amazon.

You can imagine the reach of the company and the quality of the products here. Prices are so affordable and amazing at Direct Liquidation. If you wish to know more about them you can check out their blogs and participate in their online storage auction.

This store is mostly famous for its hardware and furniture variety because people do not find it at such great prices anywhere else.

Mid Tenn Wholesale

MidTenn Wholesale - California Closeouts & Liquidation

The last alternative to California Closeouts is Mid Tenn Wholesale. This store is not meant for end consumers. It is specially designed for retailers. Mid Tenn as the name suggests is a wholesale liquidation store which supplies retailers.

All retailers can place orders with them and they will provide best prices and deliver the goods. There is no restriction on order size.

Retailers can order a big lot or place orders in mini lots. Certainly, they will deliver each order without complaints. Retailers can connect with them for more information.


Many wholesale liquidation companies have entered the market now. Most importantly, it is now a tough competitive market for all the new liquidation companies. One such competitor is California Closeouts store in California.

Like, who does not love buying at low prices with quality products, right? Even the people who prefer brands get a little excited with the discounts of the liquidation companies.

So, why not check out the liquidation stores in your vicinity to see if you find something that is worthy. Without a doubt, you visit once, you will wish to visit again and again and there will be no stopping.

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