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10 Best & Affordable Liquidation Stores in Bristol, UK (2024)

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Liquidation is the procedure followed by a  company when it determines to wind up or faces losses and the need to pay its creditors. In addition, the company’s assets and property are redistributed to creditors and owners. Liquidation is also known as liquidation or dissolution, but technically dissolution refers to the final stage of liquidation. In this article, you will find about the 10 Best Liquidation pallets in Bristol that suit your requirements. Liquidation is either compulsory or voluntary. The term liquidation is also used to indicate that a company seeking liquidation is willing to sell some of its assets. For example, a retail chain may want to close some stores. They can liquidate their assets to realize some amount.

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Now let’s see the best Liquidation stores in Bristol, UK:

Clearance Stock Supplies

Clearance Stock Supplies

They are one of the major companies in the United Kingdom. They have built a very good reputation in the past eight years, and deal with many wonderful UK, high street selling, liquidation pallets,  liquidation pallets in Bristol and other companies with extra stocks of any species. Clearance Stock Supplies’ team believes that their true, warehouse stressless approach is a key to success. 

How do they do it? 

Step 1 – They first contact and remove the articles associated with liquidation with their staff and keep them safe.

Step 2- One of their teams will contact you within 24 hours and discuss how they help. You will use the details of the activities you experience and advise how the best route for your liquidation can help. 

Step 3- They find the best way to handle the liquidation with the stock and their inventory. 

Step 4- Prices are negotiated and you are sent payment within 24 hours. 

Address: Blast Ln, Sheffield S4 7TA, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 114 321 1809

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KIRKS Insolvency

KIRKS Insolvency

This is one of the liquidation pallets in Bristol which arranges transport to collect goods as soon as possible, that you want to liquidate. You can build an excellent reputation for your reliable service and have a large storage area and a very fast transport solution, and if necessary, you can provide the stock the same day.

Some countries have different sales channels and are always looking for new customers. Whether you have a one-off propensity or want a closer and continuous job, feel free to contact them to see what they can offer! 

You can meet your needs by rebranding your inventory, selling on specific channels (exports, etc.), or quick turnaround. With more than 50,000 square feet of storage space, you can process any amount of inventory at one time. 

Therefore, if you want to dispose of excess inventory, customer returns, or inventory rejected by quality control, please contact them now. One of the best things is the staff they have and they will discuss how you people can together work to accomplish the goal.

Address: Kirks Insolvency, St Brandons House, 29 Great George St, Bristol BS1 5QT, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 117 332 3844

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Global Auctioneer

Global Auctioneer

Combines the traditional elements of an auctioneer with a modern e-commerce twist that makes the entire buying process as easy as a pea. They have over 10 years of auction, retail and e-commerce experience and combined them all to create the best auction process ever in the world (in our opinion!). Global Auctioneers brings together some of Europe’s most established retailers, manufacturers, and distributors to offer big deals to their customers. This is why they are one of the most popular Liquidation pallets in Bristol.

You can confidently bid on new inventory, assortments and returns. Electrical appliances, fashion, white goods, large and small electric appliances, household appliances, cooking utensils, etc. You name it, they sell it to the best bidders! 

Whether you’re an experienced bidder or a beginner trying to secure a real deal, Global Auctioneers has something for everyone. Buying from an auction house is not difficult at all, so they allow you to select your item in their catalogue as easily as possible for the highest bid. 

Why pay a very high price when you can get the same item for a fraction of the price? What are you looking for? Visit the auction room or bid online at the UK’s Premier Auction House. 


BritDeals - Liquidation pallets Bristol

BritDeals is a unique platform where you can find a variety of new products at wholesale prices. Unless stated in the manifest, all products they sell are new and at least 90% will be at the best of their state. They have been distributors of electronic products for 15 years. BritDeals are considered one of the best liquidation pallets in Bristol.

Expanded in February 2015 with the launch of Brit Deals, a B2B clearing platform. They are consciously grateful for others’ feedback and experience and are constantly making changes to their platform. The team behind BritDeals is proud to report that these changes are best suited to the needs of their customers. 

Today, BritDeals stands out as the most innovative and fastest-evolving online B2B liquidation pallets bristol and overstocking platform known by the most. They cater to shopping groups of all sizes, from small business owners to large retailers. It provides buyers with access to the best products on the market while providing essential business tools and outstanding customer service to keep their business growing.

With internet sales breaking new records, its journey isn’t the only one. They continue to develop their platform to work for the benefit of their customers. 

How do you shop at BritDeals? 

You need an active BritDeals customer account to shop at BritDeals. To become their client, you need to fill out their client application form and provide your business documents such as company registration, VAT ID, UTR number for only traders.

Address: 31 Rufford Ct, Woolston, Warrington WA1 4RF, United Kingdom

Phone: +441925394502

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Liquidation Auction UK

Liquidation Auction UK - Liquidation pallets Bristol

Thousands of UK companies go bankrupt every month when they run into a loss. Their supplies, stocks, tools, cars and office supplies are confiscated and auctioned to recover some of the taxes and money borrowed from financial firms. Liquidation Auction UK is one of the well-known liquidation pallets in Bristol. Most items will be sold to the winning bid on the day of the auction with no reserve price.

What does the Liquidation auction do?

The Liquidation Auction auction goods that are either surplus inventory, wholesale lots, government clearing, or confiscated by the IRS or financial firm to recover the money lost in the event of bankruptcy. These products can be anything. Electronics, tools, furniture, cars, bicycles, etc.

The bankruptcy auctions are held throughout the UK, from London to Scotland. Depending on the amount of inventory that is auctioned, these are auctioned on-site or at the auction house. You will always enjoy the great savings you can find on liquidation sales. Save hundreds or even thousands of recovered cars and assets. 

Online Auction 

There is no scarcity of online auctions on the Web, you will find them everywhere almost. You can bid on almost anything online, buy it, and deliver it to your address with just a few clicks. Online auctions are pretty similar to auctions, but in most cases, you will have to collect the items yourself. Most auctions can be found directly from the auctioneer’s website or advertising. Visit their blog page to see the latest auction blog.

Address: B C V A Baynton Road, Ashton under Hill, Bristol BS3 2EB

UK Liquidators

UK Liquidators - Liquidation pallets Bristol

UK Liquidators are a leading team of licensed bankruptcy practitioners, business recovery professionals, and professional liquidation advisors. They work with business leaders who are struggling financially to help them understand their bankruptcy, liquidation, and restructuring options. They provide free personal consultation to identify important details of a given situation and provide clear guidance on the full range of relevant topics.

If liquidation can be avoided,  experts can point out possible paths towards future feasibility and financial sustainability. However, if bankruptcy is unavoidable or liquidation is unavoidable, we can provide all the support and advice you need. 

The most common form of liquidation in the UK is the mandatory process of the company laid down and is usually required if a dissatisfied creditor successfully applies for liquidation to a company that is unable to meet its debt. Creditor voluntary liquidation (CVL) is generally preferable to compulsory liquidation from a board of directors’ perspective, but companies must perform voluntary liquidation. 

Another special form of liquidation is intended if the director decides to liquidate the solvent company. Voluntary liquidation of members or MVL is usually the most tax-effective way to liquidate solvent companies in the UK. Whatever the challenges you face as a business leader, if you are concerned about the possibility of bankruptcy or liquidation, Bristol’s UK liquidators will be happy to help, making them one of the best liquidation stores in Bristol. 

Address: St James Court, St James Parade, Bristol, BS1 3LH

Phone: 0117 322 6702

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East Bristol Auction

East Bristol Auction - Liquidation pallets Bristol

East Bristol Auction is a specialist auction space representing the Southwest. Opened in 2012, the company has grown into one of the most reliable auction houses in the country. At various specialty auctions and their monthly antiques and collectibles auctions, you are sure to find something to admire! 

Why choose the East Bristol Auction? 

Simply put, they provide their customers with an unbeatable range of services. Their marketing and online sales expertise means they can bring your items to the widest possible audience. With high-quality photos, detailed explanations, and in-house shipping and packing services, the goods will achieve the best possible price under the hammer. 

They are one of the top 10 auction houses in the country in terms of the number of online bidders they attract (saleroom.com analytics, 2018), and the items they sell are often international headlines. Their professional auction catalogue will be uploaded online for at least 2 weeks to give your item maximum exposure to bidders. 

Unlike other auction houses, there are no insurance, imaging or photography fees. All of these services are covered by the above fee rates. A complete breakdown of the terms and conditions of sale can be found on the shipping receipt.

Address: 1 Hanham Business Park, Memorial Road, Hanham BS15 3JE, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 117 967 1000

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William George Liquidation

William George - Liquidation pallets Bristol

They are William George, and they are trying to play fun and fair auctions. William George compiles the auction and creates an advertisement that is displayed and allows these renowned liquidation auctions bristol businesses to make their wonderful content.

They are trying to use their skills to bring them a wide range of 10 people (and some dog assistants), currently to bring them a wide range of telehandler gems jewellery products. They want to create an easy and exciting process as all users can. 

Why are we different? 

From the first day they offered 0% sales committees-and they do not want to change! What does that mean if it sells products at our auction? You will receive 100% of the hammer price! Buy some of the best deals-Sellers who can set prices that they can not be realistic and accessible to know what they have got, they are too greedy auction housing you have to give up most of their sales! 

Their Ethos

They are always proud of the interruption of the AgeLold industry using technology, innovation and creativity. Other auction houses don’t like us and they’re proud of it! Whether you’re selling for 0% commission or partnering with 2 million tasks to ban the sale of ivory from your site, it’s okay to do the right thing to stand out from the crowd. If you have any suggestions, please send them a message they would like to work with their customers, other like-minded companies and service providers to improve! 

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Affordable Liquidator

Affordable Liquidator - Liquidation pallets Bristol

Liquidating a business can be both stressful and overwhelming, but fortunately, they are there to help. 

  • Inexpensive liquidation
  •  Voluntary dissolution 
  •  Experts, industry-leading advice 
  •  Faster, easier, and more efficient service 
  •  Online discount 
  •  Free quote within minutes 
Ready to save time?

Please leave your phone number for private discussions about future options. One of the liquidators calls back for a non-obligatory chat.  If you or your company faces financial difficulties, they can act swiftly and respond immediately to your needs. They offer affordable, professional, realistic, and easy advice no matter what your situation is. Our licensed bankruptcy practitioners have extensive experience and provide fast and efficient services designed to reduce the stress and anxiety associated with financial problems. 

Why choose them? 

They are fully licensed bankruptcy practitioners in the United Kingdom. They see many businesses and individuals facing financial problems without their negligence. Whether you prefer to start trading again or end your business and continue your life another way, they can find a solution for you. Their affordable service means that you can afford to take the necessary steps to move forward while receiving bespoke professional service from an experienced team. 


Jobalots - Liquidation pallets Bristol

Jobalots (as seen on Channel 4’s Bidding Wars) is a UK-based company specializing in the trade of pallets, job lot boxes (mini job allots), wholesale, liquidation, surplus, and excess inventory. It operates in three warehouses in southern and western Wales, covering more than 50,000 square feet. 

Approximately 2000 pallet space. Their know-how and excellent relationships with various logistics companies allow them to send your orders quickly, efficiently and at the best possible price, which is reflected in their competitive price. 

Why should you choose them?

At Jobalots, they saw the opportunity to offer the most competitive margins for customer returns, order lots, clearances, overstocks, and overstocks while reducing retailer waste! With warehousing expertise and excellent collaboration with shipping and logistics companies, they can convert their savings into competitive margins. 

Where do you stand? 

A wide range of products is suitable for dealers, market sellers, buyers and car manufacturers. There is something for everyone as they sell- trade to trade the unemployed in all categories. If you haven’t purchased before, visit their terms of service page to see how they work and what you can expect when you purchase their product.

What can they do for you? 

Offers customer return pallets, job lot boxes, clearances, surplus and excess inventory with the most competitive margins in the industry. The job lot auction is perfect for anyone looking for a bargain! Are you interested in selling to them? Send them an email through your affiliate page and they will get in touch with you!

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Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Law (IBC)

The first and most important step in a company’s bankruptcy resolution process is to try to recover and reopen the entity as much as possible. This is usually achieved by creating and implementing a “solution plan”. But if that doesn’t work, liquidation continues. Interestingly, the IBC preamble makes no mention of Liquidation. Liquidation is only used as a last resort if a solution plan does not exist or the proposed solution plan does not meet the requirements.

Every business faces financial troubles at some point in time, some cope up some become unable to do so. If you cope up it goes good, if not it shuts down after the formalities of the procedure of Company liquidation. So, if you are in Bristol, UK and thinking about the solutions to get rid of your creditors, then you are at the right place.


Liquidation essentially eliminates the company and makes it impossible to do business. Unlike bankruptcy, where a company can start over after a  process, liquidation means that the company must be permanently shut down. For example, retailers may choose to partially liquidate, close poorly performing stores, and reallocate resources to more profitable locations. But it means that your business ends. So, This is our complete list of Liquidation pallets in Bristol.

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