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10 Best Liquidation Stores in Newcastle in 2024

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Liquidation stores in Newcastle are a great place to find bargains when shopping. Many liquidators in Newcastle have liquidation businesses in various industries. Shopping at liquidation Newcastle stores can help you save a lot of money each month. There are top-quality goods available for cheap. Many of these liquidated goods stores sell branded products. You get the quality of brands at major discounts. The prices offered by these liquidated stores can hardly be matched by others. If you are to buy liquidation pallets in Newcastle or other liquidation goods you should look to find trustworthy stores.

We have curated a list of the 10 Best Liquidation Stores in Newcastle.

B&M Home store

B&M Home store - Liquidation stores in Newcastle

B&M Stores are a chain of stores in the United Kingdom. The store represents getting the best value for your money. This chain was formed with the idea of letting customers get the best deals for the money they spend in the stores. There are many retail stores in the UK.

The vacuum created by the lack of liquidation stores in Newcastle and the United Kingdon has been filled by B&M stores. Their stores are located throughout England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. This brand has established its dominance in this region.

They stand for providing their customers with the best deals for the price they pay. They are one of the oldest stores and had started liquidation business in 1978. Since then they have increased in their stature.

They have expanded the areas which they serve along with the types of products they sell. Currently, they have more than 700 stores.

They fully utilize their connections in the liquidation industry to find you the best deals. Having a mixture of different brands allows you to have variety when shopping at their stores. They have a huge list of customers who visit their stores daily to find great products at amazing prices.

The chances of you not finding the products you are looking for is very less. Their website provides you with all of the information which you could require. They have all of the best deals listed over there along with any other information you could require.

You have to visit their store to understand the sheer amount of products they keep over there. They are one of the top liquidators in Newcastle who offer you branded items for cheap.

Address: Units 4+5 St James Retail Park NE5 2SF, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 330 838 9482

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Boundary Outlet

Boundary Outlet - Liquidation stores in Newcastle

There are times when you want to step up your fashion game but cannot buy the latest designer clothes. Boundary Outlet helps you to change that. Buying designer clothes do not have to burn a hole in your wallet.

Designer and branded clothes have always been thought to be expensive. Boundary Outlet wants its customers to own the best designer brands for less than 60% of their retail prices. They are one of the best liquidators in Newcastle for branded clothes.

While the liquidated designer clothes are one of their most selling items, they also have liquidated furniture and houseware. While you may not get the latest clothing drops, you get quality products for prices that you could not have imagined.

The liquidated goods they sell mostly comprises overstocked items. They secure these products for great prices which allows them to offer you the best deals on their merchandise.

The shop aims to provide a complete shopping experience. They have their cafe which is available in the store. This cafe provides you with god quality home-cooked meals and drinks. This serves as a great place to take a break from shopping. They have integrated technology with their store as well.

They have their app. This app keeps you updated on everything about their store. When you sign up for their application you can get an additional 10% discount which allows you to save more money. The store provides all of its customers with a delightful shopping experience.

The addition of the cafe is a nice touch which shows that they keep the needs of their customers in mind. You should look to visit their stores to get some designer clothing or other discounted items for yourself.

Address: Park Ln, Shiremoor, Newcastle upon Tyne NE27 0BS, United Kingdo

Phone: +44 191 297 2420

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Poundland is one of the most unique liquidation stores in Newcastle. They started as a store that used to sell the majority of their products for a pound. This however limited the goods which they could provide for their clients and the range of clients they could cater to.

The company has changed a lot since 1980 and they have changed for the better. Today, Poundland is one of the leading liquidators in Newcastle and the United Kingdom. They have hundreds of stores and provide service to more than 7 million customers a week.

Poundland have a customer-centric approach which makes them very famous. They try to source all of the products which their customers want.

They have diversified into many new sectors of goods. This helps them to provide their customers with a wider range of goods and better service. They have recently entered into a partnership with PEP&CO which is a chain of clothing stores.

This partnership has allowed Poundland to provide its customers with clothes at discounted rates. You get a good selection of clothes from PEP&CO but the low prices of Poundland.

PEP&CO has their home range as well which is a great place to shop liquidation goods in Newcastle for your house. The company stays true to its ideal of spending little but getting more.

Address: 94-96 High St, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Newcastle ST5 1QF, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1782 634987

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TJ Huges

TJ Huges

The best way to define TJ Huges would be a massive store with goods that fill up every corner. The store uses its spaces very well and has managed to store a huge collection of goods.

The company gets its products from suppliers all across the country and you will find products here that other retail stores might not have. The large collection of TJ Huges allows you to shop for all of your necessities and needs under a single roof.

The company says that once you visit their store you will not have to visit other stores as they will have all of the items which you need.  They have a well-trained staff who can assist you with finding the best products you need.

Their staff are knowledgeable and help provide a great shopping experience every time you visit them.

The store has committed to providing its clients with more than 70% off the retail prices. They rank among the top liquidation stores in Newcastle due to their focus on lowering the margins and getting you superb deals.

They use their website to update their customers on the inventory they have and the prices. You can find the prices beforehand. The website is great to check whether the store has the items you need and what the prices of those items are.

The brand has a customer support team as well. This team is always there to help you with your queries and assist you in your shopping. They have a delivery facility as well. They are one of the few liquidators in Newcastle who provide this facility.

Address: 86-92 Grainger St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5JQ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 191 222 0017

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At the first glance, Poundstretcher looks like one of the regular liquidators in Newcastle.  With a closer inspection, you can see they are special in their unique way.

They are the only liquidated goods store in Newcastle for pets. They sell all of the normal goods found in liquidation stores but have a special pet segment as well.

You will find great pet supplies sold for the minimum prices possible. Since they are a nationwide chain they can source products at the lowest rates. This helps them to give you the best rates in the entire country.

The company is motivated by its commitment to getting the best rates for its clients. They have a great team of people who help you have a good experience when visiting their store. Their staff is friendly and always lets you know about the special offers they have running in the store.

They are a liquidation Newcastle store that truly cares about their clients. Poundstretcher allows you to make great savings and remain within your budget.

You get to buy goods from the best of the brands while not exceeding your budget. You will never have to stretch your budget when doing your shopping at Poundstretcher.

Address: 72-79 Clayton Street, Newcastle, NE1 5PY, UK

Phone: +44 191 222 0017

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Army and Navy Surplus store

Army and Navy Surplus store

Army and Navy Surplus store was one of the first stores to be established in Newcastle in 1950. They operate intending to make clothes and other goods affordable for their clients.

Throughout their years of service, they have maintained this commitment. They have managed to establish connections with quality manufacturers. Army and Navy Surplus stores are the masters of buying goods in bulk and using their connections to secure the best deals.

They even buy liquidation pallets in Newcastle to get the best products for their clients. They have a massive store that is filled with camping gear and other clothing items. Their stock of outdoor shoes is one to keep an eye out for. They are a family business that has worked hard to get to where they are right now.

They have unmatched professionalism and dedication towards their work which makes them stand out. The company keeps trying to clear out stock to make room for new products this allows you to buy most of the products at great bargains.

Their camping equipment is of the highest quality. You will manage to save a lot of money when buying these types of equipment from them for your next camping trip.

They have a mixture of both new and second hands goods for you to choose from. Their online store provides a good customer user experience and makes it easy to purchase their products.

Address: 52 Pilgrim St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6SF, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 191 261 6474

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OneBelow stands as the youngest liquidation Newcastle store. They have recently opened up for business and are making huge waves in the liquidation business.

They try to bring something to the table. The company claims they have a shopping experience which you will not be able to resist if you visit their store.

They have a catalog of more than 5000 different products which makes them a good location to shop at. The company is trying to compete with the heavyweights in the business and thus offer low prices.  You can try them out and get a feel for the products they sell.

Sahota Discount Store

Many people have the preconceived notion that liquidation pallets in Newcastle and liquidated goods are not of good quality. This notion has been proved wrong time and time again by the Sohota Discount store. They do bring you liquidated goods but it’s of top quality.

The quality of goods they provide is a big selling point for their store. They show that liquidated goods can be of great quality as well. Ensuring great quality does not compromise on the discounts they give to their clients.

The company updates its clients about all new inventory through its Facebook page. They have seasonal discounts as well which drives the prices of the products they sell to a new low.

When talking about liquidated food items, the Sahota Discount store is one of the best places for liquidation in Newcastle. They have a great selection of beverages which is loved by their customers.

This selection comprises both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks which are available for very low prices. The company also acquires food items from places around the world.

They have good items from the Uk but ensure they have a steady supply of products from Australia and other countries as well. All in all, they are a great place to shop for food and beverages in Newcastle.

Address: 65 Allendale Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 2SX, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 191 265 0388

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Surplus Stock and Factory Fabrics

No one does liquidated furniture in Newcastle better than Surplus Stock and Factory Fabrics. The company stands as one of the pillars of liquidated furniture in Newcastle.

They understand this industry better than their competitors. This allows them to provide their clients with the best experience when shopping at their store. Furniture can be bought at the best prices at their store. These prices cannot be matched by even the biggest retailers.

Furniture and fabric pieces are brought from the best companies in this business. They are among the only stores which do liquidation in Newcastle at these low price points.

To maintain the top quality in all of their products they do not buy any damaged liquidated goods. All of the goods they buy are only overstock and surplus products. Great quality at great prices is what the company promises and manages to provide.

The company accepts all major credit and debit cards. They try to make your experience with them a pleasurable one. They are very active on their Facebook page and you get all updates of new products over there.

You can contact them to even get the products you buy delivered to your house with their fast delivery services.

Address: Princess Way, Prudhoe NE42 6HD, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1661 836717

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JFT Mega Discount Warehouses

JFT Mega Discount Warehouses is the perfect store if variety is something you are looking for. The variety they have is something out of this world. They have managed to bring out the best products available in Newcastle for absolute bargains.

Variety is something you will never find lacking at their store. Many clients complain that liquidation stores in Newcastle do not have the variety they would like. JFT has tried its best to change this idea in the minds of the people.

Their warehouse is stack with goods that you can get for a steal of a deal. They have seasonal clearances as well. These clearance sales are the perfect time to shop with them.

They manage to take prices to rock bottom as a means of cleaning their warehouse. Try to visit their store to find branded products for some of the lowest prices.

Address: unit S2, Second Ave, North Shields NE29 7SY, United Kingdom


These stores are the best when it comes to liquidated gods. They have been in business in Newcastle for some time and have made an impact in the community. This list of the top liquidation stores in Newcastle helps you to identify the stores which would be ideal for you.

Some stores have their specialties in clothing, food and beverages, gear, and more. Liquidated goods give you great value for money and these stores have the best-liquidated goods for the cheapest prices.

We believe that these shops should be on your radar when you are going out to shop things for yourself and your house.

Newcastle has a good selection of liquidation stores and this list helps you to find the best ones. You should make good use of the availability of these stores in your city.

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