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10 Best Liquidation Stores in Singapore in 2024

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A liquidation sale is a great way to replenish your household items, save money, and bring back those happy memories. If you love to shop, then the liquidation sale is certainly the right place for you at Liquidation Stores in Singapore. You can buy many old favorites at affordable prices and get ready to party in your home.

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All the products are carefully picked and checked by the employees of these liquidation stores to ensure they are 100% genuine products.

Also, there is plenty of consumer protection legislation that keeps you as a consumer safe from fraudulent products at least in Singapore where it is not uncommon to find fake branded items on sale.

The items available at liquidation stores will also be new in box and with a warranty. No need to go on a treasure hunt anymore! You can buy your desired item with confidence knowing that it is brand new and unopened.

And if you have been unable to find anything special or unusual when shopping online, shopping at liquidation stores is the perfect place to hunt down something you are looking for.

Liquidation stores in Singapore offer a huge number of products for sale at a fraction of the price. These items range from vintage jewelry, watches, and electronics to furniture that can be used in your home or office/cooler.

We got you a list of promised and trusted liquidating stores in Singapore providing the best services and quality products so that you don’t have to brainstorm shops to visit to find products satisfying your needs.

Here is the list of the most expensive and best liquidation stores in Singapore:



Probably your childhood favorite toy store, it provided you with so many opportunities to enjoy your childhood. With a wide range of toys in all sizes, you will get your hands on something that you always wanted to own.

Toys’R’Us is a part of Toys “R” Us Asia, a leading retailer of toys, games, leisure equipment and also education products. They have return and refund policies which will be of great help.

They offer a large range of quality local and international brands with innovative products intending to fuel children’s imagination and inspire learning through play.

Address1 HarbourFront Walk, # 02 – 182 3 Central, Singapore 098585

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Best Denki

Best Denki

Best Denki is one of the leading in the list of Singapore liquidations. Probably your favorite electronics store and with a wide range of items available, you will find what you are looking for.

There is a wide variety of items ranging from household appliances to car accessories which are very reasonably priced.

They provide a variety of features best described in 5’S’ those are Speed, Smile, Service. Selection and satisfaction. Focusing on enhancing both products and services they try to set their quality benchmark and improve customers’ lifestyles.

Address391 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238872


Hotlotz - Liquidation Stores in Singapore

This liquidation pallet in Singapore carries almost anything you can think of for your home and office. The furniture available here is highly affordable so that you can enjoy a new look in your office or home.

There is plenty of parking and the shop has a convenient location. With their auctions on full flex, items are hard to get so it’s advised to be updated on their products regularly. Hotlotz has an open door policy where both action regulars and new clients are almost welcomed.

AddressCendex Center #01-15, 120 Lower Delta Rd, Singapore 169208

Phone+65 6254 7616

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Acres advisory

Acres advisory Singapore Licensed liquidator and company liquidation

Acres advisory Singapore are the notable liquidator in Singapore and they have been raising the bar of the liquidation process.

Unlike other liquidators, they have introduced a new process and cut down the whole liquidation process time by 50% by setting up an online platform through which companies can sell their assets.

This will ensure that it is easier for the public to buy overstocked or surplus goods at an affordable price. They only take cash on delivery so bank transfer is not possible. You pay only after you get your desired product delivered to you.

Address531A Upper Cross St, #03-128, Singapore 051531

Phone+65 6535 0146

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Ardent Associates

Ardent Associates - Liquidation Stores in Singapore

Ardent Associates are one of the leading liquidators in Singapore established in 2008 by qualified CA’s of Singapore. They have been involved in some notable cases of liquidations, insolvencies, and real estate transactions.

Ardent Associates have worked with different clients and they can assist you in any complicated liquidation process. They are well trained to handle any financial crisis which is why they are on this list of best liquidation pallets in Singapore.

Consistently delivering excellent service, and uncompromised quality they uphold their values of integrity and professionalism.

Address30 Cecil Street #15-05 Prudential Tower, Singapore 049712

Singapore Liquidators

Singapore Liquidators - Liquidation Stores in Singapore

Singapore Liquidators has been in the property liquidation industry for a long time and they have acquired a great deal of experience in dealing with consumers, companies, and banks.

They can handle all your property-related needs so you can relax and get your business done when you visit their shop.

They offer fast recovery of your properties by collecting outstanding debts and they have managed to recover over $1 million worth of properties in the last few months. Making them one of the best Liquidation pallets in Singapore.

Their team consists of liquidation experts and insolvency practitioners licensed by the Ministry of Law providing efficient and personalized services including managing various stakeholders to businesses in times of financial distress.

Address: 7500A Beach Rd, #05-303/304 The Plaza, Singapore 199591

Phone: +6562940448

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Every day on Sales

Every day on Sales

It is a supermarket but it sells a lot of household items which are very reasonably priced. Items such as furniture, kitchen accessories, and other small home essentials can be found here.

Some electronic items are also available in-store but it does not carry such a wide variety as Best Denki since it is a hypermarket. With crazy sales and a variety of products, your shopaholic thirst will be quenched.

They host all kinds of sales from warehouse sales, promotions, and freebies to events and fairs providing the best services to customers, no wonder they are leading among the Liquidation Pallets in Singapore

Revolution Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Revolution Solutions is a liquidator based in Singapore that deals with insolvency, construction termination, business terminations, commercial real estate restructuring, bankruptcy, and corporate restructuring.

They have an experienced team of professionals and they can help you out in every way possible. They understand the property market and they know how to get your desired property back.

Why is there a need for liquidation stores?

Liquidation stores are needed because many companies which run into financial difficulties close down or get shut down by the government. In such a situation, the assets of the company will be sold to recover some of the dues.

Some people who have shopped in liquidation stores have tried to get their cash back by claiming that they had been duped into believing that they would receive an original product, only to find out later on that it is a fake. And thus, they have asked liquidators if there is any way they can get their money back.

MCL – Management Consultancy & Liquidators

These professionals have been well-trained to carry out debt recovery, asset recovery, corporate insolvency, and liquidation processes.

Their professionals are well-trained to handle any financial crisis which is why they are on this list of best liquidation stores in Singapore. MCL is well equipped to handle complicated liquidations and they can handle their insolvencies.

The process runs smoothly and in a timely manner, which means that you can get your desired items as soon as possible. Specialists in debt recovery, insolvency management, liquidation services, and corporate advisory and they have been offering their expertise for more than 15 years.

They have great experience in handling retail, wholesale companies, small and medium enterprises as well as manufacturing firms. They ensure that there is a smooth transition from one owner to the next one so that no time is wasted in the process of transferring ownership of a company.

ADR Global Pte Ltd

ADR Appointments have been doing consultancy services for companies (wholesale & retail) and clients in Singapore for more than 15 years making them one of the most trusted liquidation stores in Singapore.

They have the experience to take care of your liquidation needs and This type of liquidation can be responsible for handling all the claims relating to non-dischargeable debts.

They are well-equipped to handle all aspects of the liquidation process and they will complete their duties without any difficulties.

ADR has great experience in handling retail, wholesale companies, small and medium enterprises as well as manufacturing firms. They ensure that there is a smooth transition from one owner to the next one so that no time is wasted in the process of transferring ownership of a company.

They have been constantly reminding consumers about the following points before purchasing from a liquidation store:

Always make sure that the liquidation store is legitimate by checking their credentials and reputation. Check if the products are new and not used or refurbished.

Ask for a receipt with the name of the liquidation company and the item number that you have purchased. This can be an effective way of tracking your purchases in case you need to get your money back.

Many companies deal in buying and selling liquidation goods. Some might be reputable while others may not be as good as you think they are.

What are some things to consider before buying from a liquidation store in Singapore?

You may wonder why there are so many liquidation stores in Singapore, especially considering how expensive living is there. The reason is that there are both advantages and disadvantages to shopping at liquidation stores.

The advantages of shopping at liquidation stores include getting discounts for items. You would have bought anyway. Getting things you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten or have been able to get things that you can’t find anywhere else.

On the other hand, there are also disadvantages to shopping at these stores. Things could be broken, damaged, or even used. So be sure that everything that you are buying functions well before putting your money down. If the item couldn’t work well upon arrival (i.e. camera is broken), then you have much less time to complain about it and get a replacement for it.

One thing that’s good to know about this kind of store is that it sells the current season’s products at a discount. The items could be from clothing to appliances.

But they are all in great condition. And with very slight damage (at least better than they were in the store). Although you can’t expect too many deals when shopping there, you can still find some that will make your money worth it.

There are also other things to consider before buying anything from these stores.

Here are some things you can keep in mind for a better experience-

Think about whether you need it or not – liquidation stores don’t sell brand-new products. They usually offer the season’s items at a discount and then mark them as final sale (sale end date) after the deadline. If you don’t need something, then think twice before buying it. It might be a waste of money to get an item.

It is also recommended that you practice a little before buying anything at these stores because everyone has different needs and want so they might be better off shopping somewhere else if they can afford it instead of going to liquidation stores.

Think about the used versus new:

experienced owners of liquidation stores have stated. That the items they sell are all ex-stock. Meaning that they are no longer sold in their original branded boxes.

These products may be slightly damaged. But are still usable. It is a good idea to get yourself tested for any disease. And check for any defects before taking anyone else’s word for anything. Because you never know what you might find when you are checking things out.

Understand the time limit:

liquids are generally sold at much lower prices. Then they would be at retail stores. Because they will have to remain on sale until the deadline. If you miss out on an item then you will have to wait until the next liquidation sale. So think about how much they must sell out to buy something.

Ask for refunds:

if there’s something that you want then these stores will refund the money. If they don’t want the product. The only thing that they ask is that you pay the full amount of your purchase right away. Because it can’t be returned later.

If you are offered a refund, then do not agree to it. If you do not intend to buy the thing as soon as possible.Because it can be sold at any time before then, and sometimes even after the original deadline for sale was accepted.

Think about your budget:

liquidation stores don’t sell brand-new products at all. So you must leave your expectations at the door. You will have to understand that the prices are usually very low. Even when they are not reduced, so you might have to look elsewhere if there isn’t anything that entices you.


In conclusion, What are some of the most popular liquidation stores in Singapore? What are the most popular products at these stores? Which store is closest to my location? There are many questions that can be answered by clicking on this article.

Our 10 Best Liquidation Stores in Singapore! Hopefully, with all the information provided, readers will have an easier time finding their perfect store. There are many liquidation Singapore to choose from, but you must figure out which one is best for your needs.

A few things to consider are location, products sold, and whether or not you want a mousepad. If you want the best deal possible on your desired product, this post will help you find it.

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