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10 Best & Affordable Liquidation Stores in Victoria (2024)

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If you are looking for a list of companies in liquidation in Victoria then you are at the right place. We have compiled a list of some of the best liquidators and liquidation stores in Victoria, Australia. So, if you are looking for Victoria liquidation then you will find a bunch of good options. This list is also for anyone looking for liquidation stores in Victoria because a lot of the stores also hold auctions for people to bid on the liquidated assets. So, let’s get started.

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Here are the 10 Best Liquidation Stores in Victoria.



Pickles is one of the companies on the list that has years of experience. It started more than 5 decades ago in 1964 to create a marketplace that can be trusted and people can come together to buy and sell stuff. The company had understood that a lot of times solving complex problems with simple solutions is the way to go.

That’s why it has been able to gain good profit on the various assets. The team that works here is filled with people passionate about their job and ready to dive in and perform. Over the years, due to its quality services Pickles has become one of the leading companies when it comes to asset remarketing across various sectors.


  • Pickles can handle huge inventory. It has expertise in remarketing assets in industries such as cars, trucks, industrial assets, and salvage. If you want to repurpose or liquidate your assets you can reach out.
  • The company has grown a lot over the years and currently has 27 branches all over the country. But even though the company has grown and expanded it has stuck to its core principles of integrity, innovation, teamwork and excellence.
  • Pickles has top-tier clients as well. It works with the government both at the state as well as the federal levels, insurance companies, local councils, banks, fleet and lease companies and many non-profit organisations.

Address12/30 Toll Dr, Altona North VIC 3025, Australia

Dye & Co. Pty Ltd

Dye & Co. Pty Ltd

Dye & Co. Pty Ltd is a company that specializes in a few things. It is an accounting company that can help with turnaround, solvency and insolvency. Doesn’t matter whether you own a corporation or are just an individual, if you are experiencing financial distress or if you are a creditor looking for advice in recovering outstanding amounts then Dye & Co. can help.

The company also provides liquidation solutions. The team here is passionate about the work. Directors often involve themselves in projects from the very beginning and see the entire thing through. You will not see a shred of unprofessionalism from them. The company has kept an hourly rate and ensures that you get your money’s worth while working with them.


  • Dye & Co. Pty Ltd has a lot of experience in the Liquidation of inventories and assets. It understands that the liquidation of assets generally has an impact on various stakeholders. That’s why the company dives in from the get-go to ensure that the entire process is efficient and all the stakeholders get the best results.
  • Dye & Co. works towards understanding the company’s assets and evaluating its various affairs and the officers’ conduct.
  • Once all this is done the company will then start the distribution of the client’s assets to the various creditors ensuring that it is done on a priority basis.

Address: 165 Camberwell Rd, Hawthorn East VIC 3123, Australia

Phone+61 3 9818 8800

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Abbeys Auctions

Abbeys Auctions

If you are looking for liquidation auctions Victoria then you should take a look at Abbeys Auction. This is a company that has been in this industry for years and you can buy or sell to them easily. The company has a lot of items in its inventory. The inventory gets a batch of fresh stuff regularly, so you can often find quality items that you might need or want to buy for your home or office.

Many people use this company to buy some amazing items. Besides organizing auctions that you can partake in Abbeys Auctions helps different companies in downsizing, decluttering or liquidating. 


  • You can find a wide variety of services that the company provides. You can sell to them, buy from them.
  • If you feel that you need to declutter your home or office, or need any help in downsizing your property or converting your assets into capital then Abbeys Auctions can help you.
  • The company provides valuation and appraisals, relocation services, packing and transportation and commercial stock liquidation.
  • The company has years of experience in this industry. It has been serving the people and companies of Melbourne since 1969. You can rely on them in case you need their services.

Address80 Highbury Rd, Burwood VIC 3125, Australia

Phone+61 3 9898 2118

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Nook Vintage

Nook Vintage - liquidation stores in victoria

Nook Vintage is a company that has a decade of experience under its belt. The company sources a variety of items from different stores, estates and companies and then puts them out for auction or sale for the public to partake in. When you visit this store you will have a different kind of experience because the people here are passionate about what they do. It is from one of the most demandable liquidation stores in Victoria.

They enjoy taking customers on a journey and providing them information about the various items and helping them find the perfect one for them. You can find a variety of antiques in this store. So, if you enjoy such stuff you will find this store quite interesting.


  • Nook Vintage is quite popular among the folks here. It has been featured in various articles, shows and magazines including Time Out Magazine, The Block tv show etc.
  • The staff and the owners at this store are passionate about antiques. So, you can have a hearty discussion with them while buying some quality antiques to fit your home or office.
  • The website has a lot of information about the various auctions and sales going on. You can get a good idea about the inventory of the store. You can also visit the store.

Address378 Smith St, Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia

Phone+61 417 187 196

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StateLiquid8 - liquidation stores in victoria

StateLiquid8 is the next entry in our list of Liquidation companies in 2021 Victoria. This company has an eBay store that you can take a look at to check out the various stuff it has in its inventory. If you are looking for Victoria liquidation, StateLiquid8 can be one of the options to check out.

It is a liquidation stock clearance centre that gets stuff from a variety of sources.  It liquidates the assets of companies and buys surplus stock or inventory. StateLiquid8 deals in a wide variety of products so you are bound to find things that you are looking to buy at affordable rates.


  • StateLiquid8 has good experience in liquidating various inventories and assets. They have been doing it for some years now.
  • The company sources stock from companies that have filed for bankruptcy, government institutions, company buyouts, fisheries, insurance claims, storage claims, repossessions, the police and the Sheriff’s department etc.
  • You can expect to find a wide variety of items in this store. They sell computers and related parts and accessories, furniture, electrical goods, motor vehicles, mannequins etc.
  • If you are familiar with eBay and have used it before then you will find it easier to buy from this store because they have an eBay store they operate out of.

AddressFactory 5/355-365 S Gippsland Hwy, Dandenong South VIC 3175, Australia

Phone+61 404 801 966

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Casey Furniture Warehouse

Casey Furniture Warehouse - liquidation stores in victoria

Casey Furniture Warehouse is a company that sells a variety of liquidation furniture that has been sourced from different places. The company also organizes and holds auctions so if you are looking for a liquidation auctions Victoria when it comes to furniture then Casey Furniture Warehouse is a good option. 

Unfortunately, the auctions are cancelled for this year but you can still directly purchase the furniture you want. You can visit the website and check out the inventory of the store. 


  • Casey Furniture Warehouse offers all kinds of furniture for sale. You can get recliners, office furniture, couches, lounge suites, buffets, Armchairs, theatre room seats etc. 
  • You can get some good furniture at an affordable price range because the store sells ex-showroom and second-hand furniture as well as new ones. 
  • The store is open 5 days a week. It is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Address53 Abbott Rd, Hallam VIC 3803, Australia

Phone+61 3 9708 6626

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Australian Debt Solvers

Australian Debt Solvers

Being in debt causes a lot of stress and pressure. Coming out of such a situation unscathed may not be possible but there are liquidators and Debt Solvers that can make it easier for you. Australian Debt Solvers is a company that provides a variety of services that mainly revolve around helping clients come out of financial distress via various effective means.

The team and staff here are knowledgeable and are ready to help clients by providing them with efficient and effective solutions. One of the solutions that this company provides is liquidation. So, if you are looking for Victoria liquidation then you should check it out. 


  • The financial experts associated with the company are located in various places in Australia. Thus, you can easily get expert advice whenever you need it. 
  • The company not only advises on your difficult situation but also guides you in implementing strategies that can help you get out of it. 
  • Liquidation doesn’t have to be a harrowing experience. Australian Debt Solvers work with some of the best liquidators registered with the ASIC who can ensure that you get the best advice.

AddressLevel 2/10 Bridge St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Savemore Supermarket Clearance Centres

Savemore Supermarket Clearance Centres - liquidation stores in victoria

Savemore Supermarket Clearance Centres have a simple motto – why pay more when you can save more? Valid question, right? When you visit this centre you can find a wide variety of stocks that you can get dirt cheap. It is one of the best Liquidation stores in Victoria.

What’s the con, you ask? Well, virtually none i.e. unless you consider buying short coded, end of run, and superseded packaging a con. If you are okay with buying from a stock like that (which you should be) then you can get some awesome bargains. Many people visit this store to do regular shopping. 


  • This is the store to visit if you want to get some amazing deals on items of daily use. You can get as much as 70% off of the retail price of the products.
  • The store is open Monday to Wednesday and on Saturday from 9 in the morning to 6:30 in the evening. On Thursdays and Fridays, it is open from 9 to 7 and on Sundays, you can expect it to be open from 9:30 AM to 6 PM. 
  • You can buy groceries, and a wide variety of daily food items at less than half the cost. So, visit the store today! 

Address774 Princes Hwy, Springvale VIC 3171, Australia

Phone+61 3 9574 2593

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Australian Liquidation Services

Australian Liquidation Services - liquidation stores in victoria

Let’s end this list of companies in liquidation 2021 Victoria with Australian Liquidation Services. This is a company that provides a variety of services related to liquidation. It understands that going through such a process may be quite stressful. So, the company ensures that each of Its clients is treated individually and not thrown into a pile like a stack of files. 


  • The company has lots of experience in the field of liquidation. So, you can be sure to get quality services. 
  • The company ensures that the liquidation of your assets is done most efficiently and cost-effectively.

AddressLevel 6/287 Collins St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Phone+61 1300 177 714

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JTC Import Export Pty Ltd

JTC Import Export is a company that has experience in buying and selling surplus stock. This is a company that has been around for quite a few years and understands the ins and outs of the industry.  If you are looking to liquidate your stock then this is one of the better options you have.

The company is a wholesaler of surplus inventory and stock. With more than 6000 product lines JTC Import Export is a market leader in this industry. If you are looking for Victoria liquidation then this is the company that you should definitely take a look at. The list of companies in liquidation 2021 Victoria has to include JTC Import Export Pty Ltd.


  • This company has a large warehouse that has thousands of different kinds of items. You will be spoilt for choice if you are looking to buy Liquidation stock.
  • You can even sell your surplus stock and inventory to the company. It often buys toys, homeware, stationery, apparel, electronics, giftware, beauty products etc.
  • The website of the company is very well made. It has all the information about the different kinds of items being sold by the company. They have been categorized nicely as well.
  • The team at the company is very well trained and they are ready to take the queries and questions of the customers. So, reach out to them if you have doubts.

Address98-126 S Park Dr, Dandenong South VIC 3175, Australia


So, that was our list of some of the best liquidation stores in Victoria. One of the reasons why many people search for such stores is due to affordability. You can score some decent items without having to pay anything close to the retail value of the product.

Not only that, these liquidators are experts at liquidating assets and converting them to liquid money to either pay off debt or to add to the capital of the company. We hope you found some quality options for liquidation stores in Victoria, Australia. Let us know what you think of these stores.

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