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7 Best Liquidation Stores in Windsor For Amazing Deals

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One of the best ways to save some money on your daily budget or to make more profit is to buy liquidation goods. You can buy some quality liquidation goods from different liquidation wholesale businesses and many manufacturers and retailers who are looking to liquidate their merchandise.

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There are so many goods manufactured and produced these days to meet the growing needs of people. Not all of them will reach consumers for a lot of reasons. There are many liquidation companies in Canada that know how to secure these goods at good discounted rates and then resell them at much less than the original price. Today, we will be looking at Liquidation Stores in Windsor.

So, if you are looking for liquidation stores in Windsor and want to buy liquidation pallets in Windsor this list is for you. We have picked some of the best liquidation stores in Windsor Ontario that offer goods at discounted rates. Let’s get into it.

Here below is the list of Best Liquidation Stores in Windsor:

Liquidation Center Outlet

Liquidation Center Outlet: Liquidation Store in Windsor

Liquidation Center Windsor can be found on Talbot Road in Windsor. It is a popular liquidation center where you can buy all sorts of goods at attractive rates. This is one of the liquidation centers in Windsor that you can visit to get decent deals on useful products. Whenever new generation items such as electronics and clothing merchandise hit the stores the older generation stuff doesn’t attract more customers. So, many companies just choose to liquidate them. Liquidation Center Windsor is one of the companies that secure those goods and then sell them to consumers at a discounted price. 

The store is mainly known for its electronic items, gadgets and smartphone and computer accessories. People often search for electronic merchandise and these liquidation stores can be quite profitable as they often cost way less. Many liquidation retailers buy liquidation pallets in Windsor from big retailers and wholesalers. Besides merchandise, the shop also doubles as a repair shop for PC, laptops and smartphones. The quality of the goods is quite good. You can find some useful things here that can work well. So, if you need something fixed you can visit the store and have a chat with the in-house technician.

Address: Liquidation Center Outlet is located at 1555 Talbot Rd Unit 508, Windsor, ON N9H 2N2, Canada.

Phone: +1 519-250-5554

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Amazing Bins

Amazing Bins: Liquidation Store in Windsor

Finding a nice store where you can buy all sorts of merchandise at affordable rates is a dream come true, right? Amazing Bins is a liquidation store that has a wide range of merchandise that you can purchase for daily use. The store keeps restocking its buns regularly.

Every week you will find new items in the store. That’s because the store gets fresh batches of Liquidation merchandise every Friday. These merchandises come from Amazon and other big retailers. These are basically Amazon returns and shelf pulls. 

The idea is pretty simple. The company first stocks up its shelves on Friday. This is the day when they have a bunch of new items and the demand is high. On Friday, you are more likely to find the things you are looking for. The rate is the highest on Fridays. As the days progress the prices keep dropping until the next Friday when they restock their inventory.

You can visit the store every week and find many items that you can use daily and at huge deals. The store is often quite crowded since people are lining up to buy items of their choice. If you are looking for a Liquidation store in Windsor this is one of the options.

Address: Amazing Bins is located at 1365 Tecumseh Rd E, Windsor, ON N8W 1B9, Canada

Phone: +1 226-350-9885

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BDL Shopping Center

BDL Shopping Center: Liquidation Store in Windsor

Sometimes you need discounts and deals to meet your budget constraints. It’s not easy to always be on a budget. That’s why when you find stores that offer you great deals you should try them out. This way you not only get good items but also save a bunch of money. BDL Shopping Center is a discount store on Wyandotte Street.

The store sells merchandise at highly discounted rates. The specialty of BDL Shopping Center is items from American brands. So, brands that don’t really come to Canada or sell in the country are liquidated and then sold at this store. So, you do find a bunch of items that are useful but at good rates. 

Unlike some of the other stores on this list, the rates are not that cheap. Also, different items have different rates. Keep some time in your hand while visiting this store as you might need to sort through some stuff to find things that are good but also in your budget. From stationery products to clothing and accessories to outdoor items etc. you can find a whole variety of items here. They often have some nice collections. So, do check it out if you are looking for some discounted merchandise.

Address: 8380 Wyandotte St E, Windsor, ON N8S 1T6, Canada

Phone: +1 519-915-5212

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Factory Direct

Factory Direct: Liquidation Store in Windsor

Do you like buying usable items at a discounted price? Then you will like Factory Direct. It is a liquidation store chain in Ontario that has been selling merchandise to wholesalers, retailers, and consumers at cheaper rates. You can get your hand on some useful merchandise in this store. The company started back in 1995. Thus, it has been in business for nearly three decades. Due to its business model and quality of goods the brand name caught on and soon more people started dropping in their nearby Factory Direct to buy stuff. 

From kitchen appliances to household products to gardening equipment to electronics to computers and accessories and much more the store sells all types of products. The low price of the items is the main attraction here. Some of the items can go for as low as 80% off their original price. That’s a big discount if you ask me. The company has around 17 stores in Ontario and if you are looking for one in Windsor you can check out the one at Huron Church Road. You can buy items in bulk as well. This way you can resell them and make a profit.

Address: Factory Direct is located at 1500 Huron Church Rd #3, Windsor, ON N9C 3Z3, Canada.

Phone: +1 519-946-0283

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Estate Sellers

Estate Sellers

Now, generally, there are a couple of types of liquidation goods that most people can get their hands on. One of them is big retail companies and manufacturers liquidating their inventory and the other is estate liquidation. Estate Sellers Company falls under the second category. This company has good expertise and experience when it comes to estate liquidation.

Whether a company is going under or planning to downsize or somebody is going through a divorce and needs to liquidate their estate these guys can help them. So, how does this help us, the buyers or the retailers of liquidation goods? Well, we can always drop by their warehouse or take part in the auctions to secure some decent items at good prices. 

When you liquidate a business or an estate you are trying to get as much value out of the items as possible but also the price is generally going to be much less than the original price of the item. That’s a given. Even if many of the items are in pristine condition you can get some good rates.

Also, when there’s an estate liquidation of a house there are many items which can come under the antique category and may fetch high prices in the right market. So, check out the Facebook page of Estate Sellers to keep tabs on when they hold an auction and which items are up for sale.

Address: 1025 Martin Ln, Windsor, ON N9J 2R2, Canada

Phone: +1 519-791-3302

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Auction Haeus and Liquidation Centre

Auction Haeus and Liquidation Centre – AHLC is an auction house and liquidation center in Windsor. You can find the center at Walker Road. Now the company operates mainly in two different ways. One is the auction that often takes place online and the other is the store where you can drop by and get items at good discounted rates.

The center has a website that you can visit. It doesn’t have a lot of information on it but you can keep tabs on different auctions that are being held. You can even join the mailing list of Auction Haeus and Liquidation Centre via the website. This way you can get mail notifications when there’s an upcoming auction. 

We have linked the Facebook page of the company. You can like and follow the page if you want regular notifications on things that are in stock. The company will often post items that they have in the store and mention the discounts they are offering. Based on that you can drop by the store and see if there is any stuff that you can buy. The range of items that the center sells varies from electronics to toys to gadgets to household items etc. 

Address: Auction Haeus and Liquidation Centre is located at 3419 Walker Rd, Windsor, ON N8W 3S2, Canada.

Phone: +1 519-816-8357

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BigBinz Liquidation

People looking for decent liquidation stores Windsor has to offer will be delighted to know of BigBinz Liquidation. It is a liquidation store in Windsor that one can visit for attractive deals on different items. This is a popular store which sells products at highly discounted rates. It can help you save money thus helping with your budget constraints.

The store regularly has new items and you can keep a tab on their Facebook page to know about the latest deals and new stocks. BigBinz Liquidation has fully adopted social media marketing. You can find their profiles on Instagram and TikTok as well under the username @bigbinzliquidation. 

The price of the items at the store is generally fixed for the day. The price is the highest on Thursdays. That’s when the store probably receives the new stock. On this day, the price is $20.

The price keeps decreasing every day. On Friday everything costs $15 and on Saturday and Sunday, everything is $10. On Monday, the price per item drops to $5 and on Tuesday it drops to $2. The store is closed on Wednesdays. The store is famous for selling Amazon liquidation items. So, if you are looking for some quality goods at decent prices this is it.

Address: 1014 Wyandotte St E, Windsor, ON N9A 3K2, Canada

Phone: +1 519-977-7877

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So, these were some of the liquidation stores in Windsor where you can buy items and save some money. All the stores that we mentioned either have a website linked to them or a Facebook page.

Most of the stores regularly advertise the items they have in stock and the deals they are running. Try to follow these companies on social media platforms and you will be aware of good deals on items that you want to buy. 

Some of the stores even allow people to purchase in bulk and resell the items. Most companies will get a refill every week. So, you will often find most items on the day that they refill the inventory.

One of the companies we mentioned is an estate liquidator. There are many companies like this as well. You can get good deals on many items via these companies as well. There are auctions held online or at specific locations.

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