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5 Best & Trusted Pawn Shops in Roanoke, Virginia (2024)

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Pawn shops are useful for a large number of reasons. They exist in some form or shape all over the world. While they originally began to exist so people could pawn off their jewelry or other valuables for some quick money, they are now open to buying any item of value such as clothing, electronics, and virtually any other kind of item. While pawn shops are great places to go to for some quick money in exchange for your valuables, they are also decent places to approach if you want to buy some items of value too. It’s like thrift shopping but safer, as you can be sure that the items you are buying are original since the shop owners are involved in the transaction too. In this article, we will list the best 6 Roanoke VA pawn shops.

These pawn shops in the Roanoke area of Virginia are great destinations for buying, selling, or exchanging your valuables. Check out the rest of this article for our recommendations. 

What do pawn shops do?

Pawn shops mainly let you sell or “pawn” your belongings that have value to them for decent prices. They are reliable places to approach if you need to quickly get rid of those items or are in need of quick money. It’s a faster process then finding someone who wants to buy it yourself. Of course, you can also purchase items that have been pawned off for good deals.

Some Roanoke pawn shops VA also give out loans in exchange for collateral, usually in the form of jewellery. Pawn shops have existed for centuries and they have evolved with the times. You can even pawn off or purchase electronics, clothing, and other valuable items at Roanoke VA pawn shops. 

Pawn shop dealers have skilled ways of determining if the items you are bringing to pawn off are fake, damaged, or not worth the price. Some pawn dealers are also skilled at determining if the items you bought them could be sold for more than you initially asked for, so be weary. Anyway, check out the rest of this article for the 6 best Pawn shops in Roanoke, Virginia. 

Pawn Shops in Roanoke, Virginia

The Pawn Shop

The Pawn Shop - pawn shops roanoke va

This Roanoke VA pawn shop is located on Clove Lane in Cloverdale. This location is open all days of the week, while the timings change. Their Orange Avenue location is open only on Sundays. They claim to provide a guarantee for every item they sell.

They also are happy to purchase items you want to pawn off, and they even provide short-term loans on items such as jewellery, electronics and gadgets, firearms, tools, musical equipment and instruments, and so on. The pawn shops are quite well known and well established in the area and are known to offer short-term loans as well, which is not very common in this area.

They are skilled at pawning and buying jewellery, which you should definitely keep in mind if you are looking for a pawn shop in Roanoke VA to sell your jewellery. But we recommend their services for other items as well, such as gadgets and electronics, tools, etc.

Address: 602 9th St SE, Roanoke, VA 24013, United States

Phone: +1 540-345-7296

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Cash Converters

Cash Converters

Cash Converters calls themselves the Roanoke VA pawn shop that is the one-stop pawn shop. They are willing to purchase any item you want to pawn off, on the spot. Right after they test or verify the item, you can get your cash without waiting. If you are looking to purchase any item, you can place the order on their website and pick it up from one of their store locations, which is on Williamson Road in Roanoke.

Another unique feature they offer is that you can approach them for a free appraisal of any items you want online. They also offer easy and quick pawn loans which are subject to Virginia State laws. Collateral of the goods you are providing is necessary, and you can get the loan instantly after they appraise the product or item.

Address: 5417 Williamson Rd, Roanoke, VA 24012, United States

Phone: +1 540-400-0772

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Gold-N-Pawn - pawn shops roanoke va

Gold-N-Pawn is located on Peters Creek Road in Roanoke. They are open all days of the week. While they don’t have their own website, they are registered on People’s Pawn, which lets you shop online. They also offer delivery services at a fee. At this Roanoke pawn shop VA, you can pick the items up from the store as well. Y

ou can also take out short-term pawn loans with them. For more information about their loans, and for information about items you want to pawn off, contact them on their telephone number.

Address: 2362-D Peters Creek Rd NW, Roanoke, VA 24017, United States

Phone: +1 540-562-0776

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Roanoke Pawn

Roanoke Pawn

Roanoke Pawn is a pawn shop located on Carver Avenue. They have been operating for about eight years now and are quite reliable. As they are an independent store, you can trust them to give you efficient service and honest guarantees.

They offer buy, sell, and trade services so customers can even trade one item for another that they have on offer. They offer cash loans as well provided that the items that you offer as collateral are of similar value to the cash loan required.

In addition to this, Roanoke pawn shop VA also sells many of their items online. From appliances, instruments, power tools, firearms, and more, you can place an order for an item that you like online. You can have it easily delivered to you as well.

Address: 426 Carver Ave NE, Roanoke, VA 24012, United States

Phone: +1 540-362-7296

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Family Pawn

Family Pawn

Family Pawn offers mainly three services – cash for gold, sale of pre-loved items, and pawn loans. You can buy their pre-loved items on sale for great deals. Their cash-for-gold service is applicable on any jewelry and on quick verification, you can get your money. Pawn loans are available as well with collateral, and is a very fast and easy process.

In their inventory, they mainly have jewellery, electronics, firearms, tools, silver, and US currency. They also have listings on ebay and Craigslist where you can buy any items they list with the guarantee that it is original.

This Roanoke pawn shop VA specializes in firearms and even allows you to take loans on firearms. You can find their firearm listings on the website of Gun Broker. This Roanoke VA pawn shop are located in Salem in the Roanoke Valley.

Address: 231 W 4th St, Salem, VA 24153, United States

Phone: +1 540-389-9177

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These were the five best Roanoke VA pawn shops in Roanoke, Virginia. All of the pawn shops we have recommended offer cash or pawn loan services, cash for gold service, trading options, and regular buying or pawing options as well. The ones we have recommended are reputed pawn shops Roanoke VA that are trusted by many people living in the region.

We are sure that you will be satisfied by the service of any stores listed above. You will also surely find quality items that will interest you if you are looking to shop. With their pawn facilities, you can get good deals with less hassle and wait times as well. Check out any of the stores that we have recommended on their websites that are linked. 

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