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5 Best & Popular Pawn Shops in Springfield, MO (2024)

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Everyone’s motivation for visiting a pawn shop varies just a little. Maybe you need to pawn something because you’re having financial trouble. Or perhaps you’re looking for a great price on gadgets, jewelry, or anything else. There are many pawn shops in Springfield mo, so whatever your motivation, you can find one. Which one should you go to, though? Some of the pawn shops in Springfield mo have been compiled here.

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These shops are known for their excellent customer service, reasonable prices, and selection of goods. However, before we dive into our best 5 Pawn shops; let’s get to know a bit about pawn shops in general for newbies.

What is Pawn Shop?

A pawn shop, also known as a pawnshop or pawnbroker, is a place of commerce where customers can get loans for money in exchange for bringing in valuable objects to be left with the pawnbroker. Jewelry, gold, watches, cameras, musical equipment, televisions, and pcs are a few examples of the things that a person could leave behind.

The “collateral” refers to the assets that individuals leave behind. If the borrower repays the lent funds plus interest, they can obtain their valuable piece back from the pawn shop. Interest functions as a kind of fee for utilizing another person’s money for a specific amount of time.

The pawnbroker can take legal action against the individual who took out loans from them if they don’t pay back the loan and interest within the predetermined amount of time.

How to Choose a Reputable Pawn Shop

You should carefully select the pawn shop if you intend to buy, pawn, or sell products. The following points should be kept in mind:

  • Rates
  • Opinions of clients
  • Public image
  • Testing of products
  • Licenses
  • Location and comfort

To learn more about the pawn shop’s background and services, you might also wish to look at its website. Since not all pawn shops will accept the kind of goods you want to buy or pawn, consider that. For instance, while some concentrate on gadgets, others concentrate on gold and other valuables.

Top 5 Pawn Shops Springfield, MO

Eagle Pawn & Jewellery

Eagle Pawn & Jewellery - pawn shops springfield mo

Cory Loftis as well as Adam Gier launched Eagle Pawn & Jewelry in November 2012. They both opt to construct a store that resembles a retail establishment rather than a standard pawn shop because they thought Springfield might benefit from having a rather more up-to-date pawn shop.

Therefore, Eagle Pawn & Jewelry is the outcome, although it’s big, bright, tidy, and structured. This pawn shop feels like the rightful location to be whether you’re seeking a real bargain on a used guitar, the best value on a wedding ring, or the ideal new firearm.

Furthermore, Cory Loftis has worked in the retailing as well as pawn industries for more than ten years, plus his family has done the same for more than thirty. Thus, Eagle Pawn & Jewelry owner Cory wants to concentrate on the values that have helped his family provide excellent service to the Springfield region for so years.

Additionally, the way a pawn function is that you bring the product(s) you want to use as security into the business, and an employee of Eagle Pawn evaluates them to see if they are valuable enough to secure the loan you need.

Additionally, the borrower has the option of repaying the loan in whole by the due date or just paying the finance charge to prolong it by another 30 days. Every pawn loan has a 30-day term and a 20% finance fee.

Finally, the place also has a jewelry store to get your accessories for yourself or anyone. Further, their auctions are on eBay, and you can connect with them with your queries through the drop box on their website.

Address: 1400 W Battlefield Rd, Springfield, MO 65807, United States

Phone: +1 417-823-3984

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Next Level Pawn

Next Level Pawn - pawn shops springfield mo

Next level Pawn Shop is another known pawn shop in Springfield mo. It buys and sells guns of different types, gold, games, as well as jewelry, and so on. This shop is extremely well-known for video games and valuable toys. Since they are pawn shops, they provide loans in exchange for collateral and have a time period to return it as well.

Further, since guns are legal in the United States, this place is a gun heaven for people who love shooting in general. In addition, they provide lots of discounts on their products. Thus, they are well-adored by people as pawn shops.

One can also purchase products through their website too. They can also visit the pawn shops in Springfield mo, or connect with them through the given e-mail id on the website. In case, you need clarity on products, you can check their blogs which are extremely helpful for viewers. A variety of items and their reviews are covered by the shop on their portal.

Address: 738 S Glenstone Ave, Springfield, MO 65802, United States

Phone: +1 417-888-0909

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Family 1st Pawn

Family 1st Pawn - pawn shops springfield mo

Family First Pawn is a pawn business in Springfield that is family-own, neighborhood-focused, roomy, secure, and safe. They are here to lend you money against your possessions and support you as you make every effort to get them back.

By extending a loan in an amount sufficient to cover your needs while yet allowing you to pay back your possessions.  Furthermore, they are unique in that they have a shop that is extremely safe and has 16 outside-monitored security cameras.

They will keep the pawn goods secure until you are ready to pick them up. They also have an enormous amount of space.  Even the largest objects you would want to pawn can fit in the 7200 sq. ft. warehouse as well as a 1-acre security-fenced, lit concrete lot.

Furthermore, they are currently providing full-service jewelry restoration in their shop. Additionally, the best part of this shop is they provide loans on nearly any item.

If you find any item being overprice in range, you can even request for reduction which is a huge plus point about this pawn shop.

In regards to loan rules, the loan may be repaid at any point throughout the period of 30 days for the original amount borrowed plus service and interest fees. Finally, you can purchase their items on eBay, and gunbroker.com.

You can visit their shop, or connect with them through the mail, or the phone number given on their website. Also, you can drop your queries on their drop box on their website. 

Address: 1579 US-60, Republic, MO 65738, United States

Phone: +1 417-732-5111

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JS Gun & Pawn

JS Gun & Pawn - pawn shops springfield mo

Ammunition from well-known producers is available in big quantities from J and S Gun & Pawn.  Further, they also have the tools you need to reload your weapons. Other pawn stores don’t carry the distinctive ammo from various manufacturers that you’ll find here.

In addition, they have 3 years of experience at shooting shows and also have a background in law enforcement. Each year, they go to training sessions, gun shows, and conferences to stay current on the pawn market.

You can rely on them for weapons evaluations. Further, they also offer affordable gun cleaning services. The company is run and owned by a family. Also, they offer a warranty from the maker.

In addition, a wide range of cheap products is available for pawns, including jewelry, coins, guns, gadgets, handling equipment, sporting equipment, and more. As a result, they loan, purchase, sell and exchange a variety of goods.

Additionally, they provide retail sales of both original and used firearms in addition to ammo, knives, as well as scopes. You can browse their selection of weapons on Gunbroker.com.

Also, J and S Gun & Pawn pledge to offer extremely reasonable rates to gun enthusiasts. Professionals of the military and police enforcement are also eligible for Discount coupons. They offer low-cost transfers of weapons purchased from other FFL dealers.

In addition, these transfers are available free to individuals of law enforcement agencies. One can connect with them by visiting their store, or website, dropping mail, or by calling the number on their website.

Address: 4191 S Scenic Ave, Springfield, MO 65807, United States

Phone: +1 417-848-4653

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Gold Exchange Pawn

Gold Exchange Pawn

One of Springfield’s leading sellers and buyers of gadgets, gold jewelry, automobile stereo, and other stuff is Gold Exchange Pawn. From novice enthusiasts to experienced traders, they offer dedicated services to clients. The Gold Exchange has over three decades of experience offering dependable, expert services, and it continues to do so.

They are extremely well-experienced when it comes to jewelry, and also provide repair services. The staff is extremely reliant and diligent and provides answers to all questions. Further, they are a family owned business and are one of the best in Springfield. 

In case, you would like to get in touch with them, you can visit their pawn shops in Springfield mo. They have two stores there, that is, One in the west and the other in the east of Springfield. Further, you can get in touch with them through the phone number provided on their website.

Address: 1211 W Battlefield Rd, Springfield, MO 65807, United States

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Only a small portion of Springfield’s numerous pawn shops are those mentioned above. What you would like to purchase, sell, as well as a pawn, and where you reside and work will probably influence which one you select.

There are a ton of fantastic pawn shops to take into account, so this list is by no means exhaustive. Prior to pawning anything, take the time to read reviews, compare pricing, and verify licensure.

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