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25 Most Elegant Stores Like Anthropologie in the USA (2024)

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Anthropologie has a large elegant assortment of apparel, shoes, fitments, beauty products, furniture, home goods, garden items, and more. Stores like Anthropologie is a peculiar full-lifestyle shopping destination. In the fall of 1992, the business made a presentation for its first location in Pennsylvania. Today, there are more than 200 outlets throughout the world.  Despite having an idiosyncratic sense of style and disposition, Anthropologie is a member of the URBN family of international consumer stripes. 

Anthropologie prides itself on its relationships with people who value self-expression and seek ingenuity and knowledge. And have to experience with unbridled curiosity. They are in unceasing communication with the creative community.

Stores Like Anthropologie

The Reformation

The Reformation - Stores like Anthropologie

The individuals who create the clothing are referenced above anything else. Poor working conditions are too recurrently endured by garment workers. Because of this, they inaugurated their factory in Los Angeles, where they collaborate with staggering individuals from all around the world.

These stores like Anthropologie are in charge of establishing an unscathed, wholesome, and just workplace for the teams. And for all of the supply chain’s workers. They achieve this by collaborating organizations in the sector.

Such as the Fair Labor Association and conducting on-site social responsibility audits. And committing to guaranteeing that employees have a voice within the company.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch

In addition to being more environmentally friendly than other items, Tory Burch clothing also happens to be quite cherished. They use recycled deadstock textiles, low-impact products, and upcycled old garments to manufacture everything.

Products for Tory Burch are create, photographed, and distribute from locations in Los Angeles. Some of the products are also made in LA, with the remaining segments coming from partner manufacturers with a commitment to sustainability.


ThredUp - Stores like Anthropologie

Their hankering for continual novelty has cost the environment too much. By giving used clothing a second chance, secondhand shopping modulates the cost of fashion. Resale brings these clothing stores like Anthropologie much nearer to a world of circular fashion.

Every year, more than 100 billion garments are made, which is twice as many as 15 years ago. 95% of the clothing that is disposed of or burned might be reused or recycled, yet 73% of it is.



No matter the technology or aptitude, Francesca’s is dedicated to offering a website that is accessible to as many people as viable. They strive to adhere to all laws, including level AA of the WCAG 2.0 accessibility criteria.

Any Francesca policy, practice, or process does support the values of respect, independence, inclusion, and equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities.



By treating people with decorum and freedom in mind, Madewell is dedicated to providing splendid customer service to all of its clients. They fervently believe that all customers should have equal access to products and services.

And to let them take advantage of those services in the same locations and in ways that are equivalent to other customers. Because they believe in integration and corresponding opportunity.

One Teaspoon

One Teaspoon - Stores like Anthropologie

One Teaspoon’s peculiar recipe is and will continue to be a legitimate success story that has been validated on a global scale. With a spirited conviction that one small teaspoon of “fantastically rebellious, sex-infused, old-school rock and roll glamor” goes a long way.

This perception is distinctive in that it emphasizes how you feel as much as how you look. It also honors “one” as an inclusive community and collective; all together as one.

FP Collection

FP Collection

Celebrities, musicians, models, and influencers all adorned it. And with each new season and chapter, it has seen its journey deepen and become more powerful than before. They have the help of a group of creatives and designers who have worked together for more than 20 years.

These people aren’t afraid to push the envelope through the lens of their distinct rock ‘n’ roll spirit. They stay true to their core principles and the epitome of rebellious cool. FP Collection has become a global powerhouse that is sold in more than 40 countries and is praised all over the world.

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Tularosa - Stores like Anthropologie

Tularosa is an iconic leader and developer of casual luxury. They emerged from humble origins in Australia after twenty years of unmatched fashion brilliance and a propensity for breaking boundaries.

Devoted followers have come to expect an ongoing devotion to eclectic design inspirations. These designs are both edgy and wearable, styles that transcend fads, and an unorthodox interpretation of traditional denim shapes and fits. You can go from “those” famous shorts to luxurious ready-to-wear pieces.

Shop Doen

Shop Doen

At Doen, they’re devoted to creating premium items using prudently sourced materials. The products are produced by manufacturing partners chosen for a variety of vindications. Such as their governing values, quality and craftsmanship, and proximity to local methods and raw materials. 



Sustainability and moral behavior are at the nucleus of the Cleobella brand. Traditional extraction methods are used to create the outlines while upholding the highest ethical standards. These wholesale clothing stores like Anthropologie are firmly rooted in partnerships with independent artisans across the globe.



Retailers from all over the world, such as Barneys New York, Intermix, and Selfridges, carried the line throughout its preliminary seasons. In their enlarging lifestyle brand WAYF, Fisher applies the design notions that served as the cornerstone of this first collection.

WAYF is now offered at stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Shopbop, and Revolve. It is the quintessential addition to any fashion-forward woman’s wardrobe.

Farm Rio

Farm Rio - Stores like Anthropologie

They are a group of Brazilian artists from Rio de Janeiro who reinforce the notion that jubilation exists. Creating conscious cultural movements since 1997, they are more than just a brand. They are based on positive dynamism and charming frequencies.

These Anthropologie-like stores think that the sun’s rays can enlighten the spirit. They support all the hues and forms that nature bestows upon the senses, both visual and temperamental. They support and respect regional culture.

Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson’s collection has stretched from a small number of trend-setting boutiques and received preliminary support from Barneys New York. Retailers in the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia have also clutched the collection.

Natural materials, exquisite finishing, and ease of fit and form serve as the cornerstones of each of their collections. They have never faltered in their unrelenting attention to the construction elements that have come to be the brand’s trademark.


ChicWish - Stores like Anthropologie

ChicWish is the most revered apparel and lifestyle brand in Brazil with more than 20 years of continuation. Katia Barros and Marcello Bastos, the company’s creators, gambled on developing a clothing line that retains Rio’s blazing colors and feminine attitude. They did this in 1997 at a tiny non-aligned fashion market called Babilonia Feira Hype in Rio.



Outlined for the stylistic discrepancy in Paris, Stockholm, and Los Angeles. Each of the sketch studios has an idiosyncratic expression that reflects the distinctive styles of the city in which it is headquarter. You’ll discover curated serendipity in the shops.

These Anthropologie like stores embolden you to unearth your sense of fashion. And find inspiration for putting together your entire look. From clothing, shoes, and accessories to skincare and makeup, both physically and digitally.

Amour Vert

Amour Vert

Their perseverance is in artisanal components, ethical supply chains and unalloyed and low-impact materials. They have thoughtful packaging, and circularity and they fervently believe in a prolonged future. They are adamant that they will arrive at sustainability even though it is a journey without a clear endpoint.

These people consider every choice and make it with purpose. from the certification of fabrics and fibres to the use of solely compostable or recyclable packaging. All of the samples are hand-drawn, cut, and sewn at their Atelier headquarters in San Francisco, California. They work with artists to produce original prints.

World Market

World Market - Stores like Anthropologie

Customers lined up and loaded up as crates were unload. In 1958, they modified their shiploads into a shop front on San Francisco’s renowned Fisherman’s Wharf. It rapidly became a draw for people looking for idiosyncratic and handcrafted goods from all over the world. 

These furniture stores like Anthropologie still travel the globe today looking for one-of-a-kind artisan products and handicrafts. Also, global food favorites, and design notions for furniture and home accents. They certify that their items are unoccupied to everyone who wants to personalize their home and peculiar occasions. They still place a priority on value and affordability.


Marchesa - Stores like Anthropologie

Their aesthetic is instantly recognisable in them. Customers can relax and take in the resplendent surroundings in the exuberant and inviting lounging area. And every Marchesa accessory, even the crocheted hangers, is craft by hand. 

In the fall of 2002, they established their first store in Paramus, New Jersey. These furniture stores like Anthropologie currently have boutiques all across the United States and Canada, and that number will only increase.

Boden USA

Boden USA

That was 1991, and British catalogs for trendsetting people who sympathize with fashionable clothing weren’t exactly a “thing” back then. After 30 years of wacky, astounding and exhilarating growth, Boden is still a family-oriented business today.

His wife Sophie, his three daughters, and Johnnie’s feisty female sidekick Sprout the dog are the women he values above all else. Sophie was the one who first encouraged him to pursue his dream.

Dorothy Perkins

Dorothy Perkins

Customers will be able to tell which products are assisting them in meeting their material ambitions. They scrutinize the READY FOR THE FUTURE strapline on their websites because all of their brands adhere to the same rules.

To prove the sustainability communications at the product level, they have a formidable compliance framework in place. The product is constructe from more than two fabrics, stuffing, or an outer layer. At least 20% of the finished item should be more sustainable in terms of weight or coverage.

Free People

Free People - Stores like Anthropologie

Free People lost their youthful stigma to become a more urbane, modern company. This made it attainable for women in their 20s to appreciate the apparel collection that complemented their intelligence. Also, creativity, and originality while maintaining its excellent quality and affordability. 

They specifically aimed to speak to a 26-year-old woman who is penetrating, creative and opulent in all facets of who she is. Also, free-spirited and adventurous, kind to tough to tomboy to romantic.



They think that their platform, combined with their potent operations, is an active REVOLVE community. The sturdiness of their brand enables them to effect positive change. Sustainability, array and inclusion, supply chain, and community are the four main pillars of the social repercussions agenda.

In the coming years, they anticipate continuing development. These home stores like Anthropologie are companies that are continually developing and learning about impacts.


Shopbop - Stores like Anthropologie

A curated orbit of fitments from more than 1,000 well-known designers is unoccupied for women and men on Shopbop. They are the world’s leading online shopping destination for style ingenuity and discovery.

These home stores like Anthropologie offer top-notch customer service and quick and free delivery worldwide. Also, free returns inside the U.S. and Canada, daily debuts of new products, captivating editorial content, and style advice. Shopbop is a member of the Amazon.com Inc. corporate family.

Ted Baker

Ted Baker

After starting in Glasgow as a reputable shirt expert, Ted Baker swiftly rose to the top as the go-to retailer. Since the beginning, Ted has maintained a very idiosyncratic, unwavering focus on quality, attention to detail, and a quirky sense of humor.

The first stores used to offer a laundry service for each shirt purchased. They earned the rapidly expanding brand the moniker “No Ordinary Designer Label.” His personality is ingraine in every product make under the Ted Baker brand.

Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn - Stores like Anthropologie

These stores like Anthropologie are devoted to living in a way that respects Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. Each of them is a component of a larger whole that is interrelate and they are all interdependent.

To the advantage of all, they strain to coexist harmoniously with the natural world. The hope is that the rituals encourage people to recognize and revere their inborn bonds with one another and the natural world.


Creative people that wish to be and seem like themselves are the target market. They dress with a phantom of adventure and approach home harmony and interior blueprint thoughtfully and personally.

Although they appraise their sense of style, they don’t follow trends. They seek innovation from the community as well as from their clients to surpass their expectations in novel ways.

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