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20 Most Cheapest Stores Like Aritzia (Quality Products)

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It goes without saying that a well-rounded wardrobe requires classic, useful staples that can be used for years, which is why women have developed an obsession with Aritzia, a Vancouver-based retailer. Most people shop at Aritzia while looking for well-made clothing because of its reputation for high-end, well-made basics. The Super Puff coat, silk slip dresses, teddy coats, and jumpsuits are some of the brand’s trendier items. Customers who believe they already possess all of the brand’s necessities find solace in the knowledge that other stores like Aritzia, offer comparable styles at comparable or lower prices.

The stores listed below will therefore be a wonderful fit for all Aritzia lovers, whether you’re sick of always being on the waitlist or you want to visit a few new brands to diversify your wardrobe.

Best Stores Like Aritzia:

The Frankie Shop

The Frankie Shop - stores like Aritzia

Drevet developed The Frankie Shop, which is one of the other stores like Aritzia and the “older sister” brand of Pixie Market. Its devoted fan base, which includes celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Hailey Bieber as well as influencers and even editors, can be credited with the cool-girl destination’s impeccable execution of opulent fundamentals. 

Since 2014, the company has become popular among those interested in fashion, and it has locations in Paris and the Lower East Side of New York City. You can shop on the retailer’s website and on Net-a-Porter if neither of the cities is close to you.



Lichi is a fashion store like Aritzia that brings together a large group of girls who are passionate about fashion and a dedicated staff of professionals. Germany, the geographic center of Europe, is home to the Lichi design studio. Every week, the brand is committed to creating dozens of new clothes and accessories inspired by the hottest trends.

The Lichi girl embraces high fashion and appreciates our perspective on the most recent in-vogue styles, which are reflected in our stylish yet practical clothes that will definitely upgrade every girl’s collection.



One of the top brands in women’s apparel in the United States is Ann Inc., which owns Loft. Currently, Loft runs more than 650 locations in the US, Canada, and Mexico. For both work and home, Loft is renowned for its distinctive line of “more laid-back” clothing.

Women’s “upper-moderate” priced apparel, accessories, and footwear are offered at Loft Stores. Because of this, Loft sometimes has a higher price than Aritzia. It would be difficult for you to leave a Loft store without purchasing something.



They are dedicated to offering their consumers the best collections; their exquisitely crafted pieces feature a perfect polish, sturdiness, and a distinctive contemporary style.

They are forward-thinking clothing stores like Aritzia that offer state-of-the-art goods to suit the contemporary lives of our clients. In the past 10 years, they managed a global pandemic and launched their first flagship shop in Chelsea.

Frank and oak

Frank and oak - stores like Aritzia

A Canadian company called Frank and Oak, which emphasizes sustainable clothes, is one of the cheaper stores like Aritzia. All new plastic and polyester are removed from the supply chain, allowing for the production of everything using recycled resources.

This brand is renowned for its fitted basics that maintain their shape after numerous washings. They use eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing practices to create 78% of their products.

The design team is constantly raising the bar to find and produce items that have the least negative influence on the environment. They create long-lasting items that combine classic design with useful elements that assist build the foundation for better living.

Amour Vert

Amour Vert, which translates to “Green Love” in French, is a sustainable business with headquarters in San Francisco. This brand is committed to the fundamentals with a modern touch, just like other stores like Aritzia.

Aritzia offers structured and fashionable necessities, while Amour Vert has a lighter vibe akin to Anthropologie. Another benefit is that this brand truly cares about the environment and floral arrangements. To produce original prints, they work with artists.


Kotn - stores like Aritzia

This Canadian company sells gender-neutral clothes created in the Delta using sustainably sourced 100% Egyptian cotton, similar to other stores like Aritzia. Affordable shopping options include comfortable separates, matching sets, socks, and even undergarments.

They currently have the fourth-highest B Impact Score among garment brands in North America and are a certified B Corporation that was chosen as Best for the WorldTM.



Sisters Margaret and Katherine Kleveland and an incredible group of founding partners, including Hilary Walsh, Katharine Hall, Phoebe Dean, Hilary Tisch, Allie Furlotti, and Courtney Santry, established DEN in Los Angeles, California, in 2016. Their staff has been the inspiration and drive behind all they do at D’EN since the beginning.

Their corporate headquarters are in Los Angeles, California. The goal of DEN is to produce long-lasting, gorgeous collections while promoting women-identifying individuals throughout their company, supplier chain, and the local community.


Rag-bone - stores like Aritzia

Rag & Bone is a New York-based brand known for fusing British traditional design with modern styles. This has made it possible for Rag & Bone to dominate New York wardrobes with its daring yet modest designs.

Rag & Bone produces a variety of classic looks with their simple designs and distinguishing forms. Their products are long-lasting. They come in a range of fits, allowing you to choose the one that is ideal for your requirements.



COS, which stands for “Collection of Style,” is a leader in the field of classically styled clothing. With their fine craftsmanship and creative designs, this firm creates clothing with the purpose of having it last past the season.

Although Cos is all about wardrobe basics, there is much more to this brand than that. They demonstrate a great commitment to sustainability by, among other things, using reused fabrics and high-quality, sustainably sourced resources in the creation of their products.

Local European

Local European - stores like Aritzia

Look no further than Local European if you prefer your fundamentals with a dash of edge. According to its website, the Los Angeles-based company also produces contemporary items like cargo trousers along with “timeless silhouettes with modern twists” (which will be everywhere in 2022). 

This brand provides everything you need to create a trendy capsule wardrobe, from cozy sweatpants to going-out outfits. This store like Aritizia creates its premium necessary items with durability in mind.

Also Check

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor

Romanticism Redefined serves as the inspiration for the apparel brand Rebecca. Every piece is infused with meticulous touches to create a definitely beautiful manner of dressing that defines romance for the present. They provide delivery of your order to your house, place of business, hotel, or curbside to your car to provide the safest and most convenient experience. A wardrobe curated by professional stylists based on your choices can be sent to you to try on in your most comfortable and convenient environment. Keep what you cherish. You may easily send anything that didn’t work out.



The LA-based brand was created in 2015 by Sarah Staudinger and George Augusto with the belief that fashion should not only empower women but also be affordable. But design is what STAUD is all about.

Consider meticulous attention to detail, a natural distaste for the ordinary, and a feminine aura that is both alluring and self-reliant — all while, of course, making room for the occasional beach excursion or a trip to the mushrooms (or both). Staud is what happens when you find your style if fashion is the never-ending search for it.



The best source for breezy, beachy clothes with the laid-back atmosphere of its California heritage is Pacsun (which stands for “Pacific Sunwear”). PacSun has a Unisex range of clothes in addition to Men’s and Women’s, curated without a single gender in mind, offering goods that “any youth can express themselves through.”

It’s also one of the customers’ favorite places to buy inexpensive swimwear because there are so many different styles that are perfect for balmy beach days.


Dresslily - stores like Aritzia

In this market, Dresslily has been active for over 7 years. The website’s major goal is to offer stylish, comfortable apparel for ladies of any shape and size. The business states that it has more than 14.7 million registered users.

It has gained popularity for offering high-quality clothes at reasonable costs. Numerous collections in a number of categories are available on the website. It includes everything from common tops, shorts, skirts, and trousers to swimwear, lingerie, and sleepwear. So, if you’re looking for more affordable stores like Aritzia, look at this website.



Everlane, one of the most reasonably priced stores on this list, comes next on our list of stores like Aritzia. Even though Everlane isn’t as well recognized for its sustainability, they have a few categories that specialize in more morally conscious, organic clothes. They have an extensive selection of simple yet distinctive apparel.

Everlane features a variety of clothing, ranging from loungewear to formal dresses. This is quite similar to the classy, basic aesthetic that we admire at Aritzia. Don’t forget to visit Everlane if you enjoy shopping at Aritzia because it will be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe.


Simons - stores like Aritzia

Since 1840, they are obsessed with fashion! They are renowned for supplying the most sought-after trends and looks from the world’s design capital. They deliver a level of service unmatched by any other store in the fashion industry.

Today, its more than a dozen locations are a brilliant tribute to architecture, art, attentive service, and a shopping experience like no other. To create timeless, high-quality cheap clothing, they collaborate with verified and certified ethical manufacturers.



Theory is happy to collaborate with companies to provide employees with special member advantages to build the ideal wardrobe. From the perfectly tailored suit to business casual attire, their stylists make constructing the ideal wardrobe simple.

They have also prepared to walk staff members through the newest collections piece by piece. You can spend up to $1,000 on both physical gift cards and digital gift cards. E-gift cards are the ideal last-minute purchase. As they are delivered right to the recipient’s email inbox.



High-end design and construction that lets the wearer shine through are at the heart of the Commense philosophy. They provide both modern womenswear designs and a solid base of enhanced necessities every season.

 They strive to inspire women to live artistically and opulently because they believe that great design can transform. Commense embodies a chic sensibility with innovation at its core. It is timeless, modern, and crafted with an unexpected edge. The design teams work at a pace that will provide you with continual delight.



Since this brand is known for its sophisticated viewpoint and high style. They match it with a considerate price point that balances quality and accessibility. It made each item with cutting-edge design and adaptability in mind. 

They are always striving to create a more responsible Modern Citizen. Their brand Intends to be accessible, adaptable, and contemporary fashion with a luxurious sense.


Overall, there are many stores like Aritzia where you may find the stylish, current necessities needed to create any ensemble. You’re likely to find the next brand that speaks to you on this list. This includes contemporary, dress-focused websites like Shopdoen as well as high-quality, environmentally friendly businesses like Everlane. 

These stores are perfect for you if you have to believe that fashion is most appreciated when it is in its most understated and elegant form. You’ll be drooling over them in no time. These brands will brighten up your wardrobe because they are ethical, creative, sustainable, and always fashionable.

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