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20 Best Stores Like Target to Buy Branded Products (2024)

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One of the biggest discount stores in the world, Target was founded in Minneapolis in 1902. In its 1,868 locations across North America, Target sells inexpensive perishables, dry groceries, dairy, frozen foods, and a wide range of other things. To defend its market share from rivals, it must continue to perform at a high level for numerous additional years. However, with rising prices, even stores like Target is unable to provide under-budget customer experiences. Therefore, in this article, we are going to provide you target like stores that are affordable, along providing best customer experience. 

Stores Like Target:

Bealls Florida

Bealls Florida - stores like target

Bealls Florida is an American retail business with approximately 500 locations that was established in Bradenton, Florida, around 1915. Since its establishment in 1915, the family-owned firm has had its corporate headquarters in Bradenton, Florida, where it presently runs well over 550 stores under the brands Bealls, Bealls Outlet, Burkes Outlet, as well as Home Centric.

Additionally, the company also offers the sale of clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, home products, baggage, and kitchenware. Also, the pricing is on-point and the products are of top quality, making clients satisfied.

Big W

Big W

In rural New South Wales in 1964, the Big W chain of cheap stores like target department stores was established. They offer a huge selection of affordable, high-quality general retail products to Australian consumers. BIG W is a well-liked one-stop store for customers seeking outstanding design, brands, and value across the country.

In addition, it has everything from women’s, men’s, and children’s apparel and shoes to homewares, electronics, pet food, cleaning supplies, party products, toys, and books. They also think that their employees are the single most important factor in their company’s success, and they strive to give each one the tools they need to contribute positively, advance their careers, and eventually realize their full potential.


Debenhams - stores like target

With over 200 locations operating in 18 different countries, Debenhams is a prestigious global, multi-channel chain store brand with a rich British tradition. Further, it offers a special, distinctive, and exclusive combination of its own brands, major brands, and discounts to its clients worldwide.

In the UK, Debenhams ranks in the top five for both women’s and men’s apparel, and top 10 for children’s apparel. In terms of high-end health and beauty, it leads the market. Additionally, it is a top online supplier of high-end cosmetics, with over 200 million visiting customers per year.

Additionally, Debenhams has 130 stores across the UK, with locations on main streets, in supermarkets, and on retail stores.



An American retailer named RadioShack was first established in 1921 as RadioShack Corporation. It is among the biggest retailers of consumer devices in the country.

Furthermore, the shops offer two primary areas of items and services, including audio and video gear, communications satellites, desktop computers, as well as other electronic items, as well as phones and telecommunication equipment. Customers can get all sorts of gadgets here at cheap price, and the devices are guaranteed for their quality. 

J. C. Penney

J. C. Penney - stores like target

A midscale American dept store company with 667 locations in 49 U.S. states as well as Puerto Rico is operated by Penney OpCo LLC, conducting commerce as JCPenney and frequently shortened as JCP. Also, JCPenney features a collection of private as well as national brands that are of extraordinary quality with incredible value.

Further, it is among the largest retailers in the country for clothing, home, jewellery, and skincare products. Thus, visitors are going to get the best products at an economical range. It is a must visit place.



The world’s largest online marketplace for wholesale Chinese items, DHgate.com, connects foreign customers with Chinese wholesalers that provide comparable goods to those sold elsewhere at a lower cost. Over 30 million items are available on DHgate in a variety of categories, such as Clothing & Accessory, Computer & Networks, Electronic Goods, Toys & Entertainment, Health and Beauty, Handbags & Accessories, and more.

Further, get discounted pricing on popular items including wedding dresses, tablet computers, and cell phones, among others. In addition to offering a buyer protection plan, a safe return policy, expedited shipping, and deliveries, DHgate is dedicated to provide customers and businesses throughout the world a quick, simple, and secure purchasing experience.


Nordstrom - stores like target

A department store chain called Nordstrom sells designer clothing, accessories, as well as shoes. Further, tt emphasizes giving clients personalized experiences, which may involve online communication.

Due to subpar merchandise management, Nordstrom has been finding it difficult to compete in recent years. Nevertheless, it yet has a sizable consumer base, distinctive merchandise, as well as one of greatest omnichannel buying experience.



Fingerhut first appeared in 1948. Since then, they have assisted millions of individuals in purchasing a variety of goods, including jewelry, the newest electronics, furnishings, and beds, all with manageable low-rent installments.

In essence, it serves as the go-to source for middle-class consumers looking to establish, build, or restore credit through an independent banking alliance. Further, qualifying clients can choose from available credit and installment mortgages with flexible monthly financing options.

Also, customers who meet the requirements utilize their accounts to make shopping from a wide range of national companies at fingerhut.com for it all they and their families need.


Kohl’s - stores like target

With 1,158 locations, Kohl’s is the biggest chain of department stores in the US. It sells items such as apparel, accessories, shoes, mattresses, furnishings, jewelry, cosmetics, gadgets, as well as housewares. Further, Target and Kohl’s competed for dominance in the cosmetic goods market in 2020. One of Kohl’s leading brands, Ulta Beauty, and Target recently joined forces.

In response, Kohl’s tripled their sales in the category by collaborating with smaller independent beauty firms. Additionally, in 50 outlets, it has already begun piloting a business called the Wellness Market that sells tiny beauty care items.



A department store with a large assortment of beauty goods and top-notch fashion brands is called Macy’s. In 2020, its digital beauty sales increased by more than 75%, outpacing Stores like Target in this market.

Due to financial difficulties, the company might restructure and close 21% of its locations over the next three years. Further, the yearly sales of Macy’s were $24.5 billion in 2019. Furthermore, the firm has established with its products and management better than Target. Stores like Macy’s are a must visit for women and kids.

MandM Direct

MandM Direct - stores like target

A British online retail chain with headquarters in the UK is MandM Direct. Also, it was the second-largest online clothing store in the UK in 2010-s and only offers its goods available on the internet.

Further, it focuses in acquiring producer liquidation inventory and reselling it at a loss. They carry more than 150 brands, namely Puma, Adidas, Diesel, as well as Timberland. Customers will thereby receive the best at a reasonable cost.



An American chain of upscale department stores is called Bloomingdale’s. It is renowned for its creativity and taste in fashion. In particular, Bloomingdale’s provides modern developing brands, high-end luxury manufacturers, as well as sought private labels in a variety of categories, covering fashion, cosmetics, home, and much more. Therefore, customers who enjoy high-end fashion can get quality products at their store.

Also Check



Bizrate is among the biggest sources of authenticated consumer seller reviews and ratings, collecting over 25 million responses from businesses yearly. This information aids both customers and retailers in making informed choices.

The key offerings of Bizrate include the entire multichannel buying experience, encompassing call center engagements, mobile and online users, mobile and web purchasers, as well as in-store shoppers and buyers. Companies of all sizes can create world-class customer experiences, gather market intelligence, and draw more relevant traffic from leading search engines thanks to their free web fundamental offerings.


Dillards - stores like target

The largest fashion retailers in the country include Dillard’s. By providing customers with enticing options for clothing, cosmetics, and home goods that are complimented by top-notch customer service, the business focuses on combining style, facility, and value. Its retail locations contain a wide range of goods from both national and exclusive brand suppliers. As a result, Dillards offers its best to clients.


ThredUp - stores like target

The largest fashion resale marketplace in the world, thredUP, encourages a younger generation to buy used items first. The business has spent the last ten years reimagining the secondhand market, creating a platform and infrastructure that are now ready to drive the $50 billion secondhand market as well as herald in a more environmentally friendly fashion era. The company also sells affordable, relevant products on its website to the population of women and children.



One of the biggest American retail chains, Costco was established in 1983 and distributes its goods across North America, Europe, and Asia through warehouses and eCommerce platforms. The business provides all sorts of goods ranging from toys, furnishings, apparels to heavy equipment.

Customers must sign up for a Costco subscription and pay an annual charges to accessing its facilities in order to shop there. About 70% of Costco’s clients are businesspeople who buy in large quantities at discounted costs in order to increase their earnings. Further, only 30% of its customers are regular shoppers looking for exceptional discounts.

Also, nearly 90% of Costco’s customers renew their membership every year. Further, it shows how well-liked the program is. The membership program at Costco is the company’s largest competitive edge, making it a potent rival to stores like Target.


Littlewoods - stores like target

Littlewoods is one of the largest British retail businesses. It provides a huge selection of apparel and home goods. Additionally, it offers outlets offering discounts on a variety of high-quality goods. Further, the business offers products for both male and females. Additionally, customers can purchase diversity of items from their website or their stores at diverse locations.


Marshalls - stores like target

TJX Companies is the owner of the American chain of discount department shops known as Marshalls. In addition to its sibling firm, TJ Maxx, it also ranks among the biggest US off-price home clothing and family stores like target for clothes. ‘Your Surprise Is Waiting and Never Boring, Always Surprising’ are the business motto. Further, they provide huge discounts on items as well as clearance stocks to their clients.



Boscov’s is a 48-store, privately owned, creative department store chain with a revenue of at least $1 billion. Further, they are full-service department shops with headquarters in Reading, Pennsylvania, and cater to all of our clients’ family needs. They also have a broad selection of name-brand products, ranging from clothing for men, women, and kids to a full selection of furniture and home decor.

Boscov’s places a high value on providing excellent customer service, innovative promotions, and engaging events; as a result, they have a degree of client confidence that is practically unsurpassed by any other stores like target.



The American retail giant Kmart, originally known as S.S. Kresge Co., has a history of selling general products largely through cheap and variety outlets. In addition, they provide best liquidation stocks at extremely low pricing. Therefore, customers are going to get the best of all at this thrifty business. 


In sum, although stores like Target provides quality products at their outlets, but with rising prices, there is a dire need of alternatives for customers. Thus, this article covers the aforementioned top 20 best stores for you.

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