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Upstate Liquidator Review: Best & Comprehensive Guide (2024)

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A retailer named Upstate Liquidator offers everything from kitchen and bathroom supplies to luxury furniture, as well as home products and housewares. They provide a huge selection of brands and styles. Everyone may easily discover something that meets their needs in the store because of the wide variety of goods it sells at reasonable prices.

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This is fantastic news for anybody looking to purchase liquidation pallets in New Mexico. They take pleasure in offering exceptional customer service as well; they are open 10 hours a day, seven days a week, and have a staff of welcoming sales employees eager to assist you in finding the ideal piece.

If you’re like most people, you probably see a liquidator as a business that is tasked with disposing of companies and assets after bankruptcy has been declared. A third sort of liquidation is Upstate Liquidator, which focuses on offering luxury goods at steep discounts.

What is Upstate Liquidator?

The Upstate Liquidator is a business that provides excellent liquidation of second-hand things in good condition. This store sells a wide range of products, including furniture, appliances, electronics, and recreational equipment.

The Upstate Liquidator has been in business for over a decade and is considered one of the most respected firms in the country. This organization has the knowledge and resources to offer excellent services and products for sale. Furniture, appliances, electronics, and athletic equipment are among the best items to purchase from the Upstate Liquidator.

It’s crucial to know that the firm offers a large range of products, so you’ll be able to get exactly what you’re searching for. It is also crucial to know if the firm is respectable, so you can be confident that the things are in good shape and worth the money.

Why choose Upstate Liquidator?

Upstate Liquidator is a well-known internet liquidator. It has been in business for over 20 years and is regarded as one of the most reliable liquidators. They provide a wide range of items and provide free shipping on the majority of purchases. This business has an excellent return policy and is always prepared to work with you.

They provide a wide range of items and services, such as furniture and electronics. Upstate Liquidator is a major online liquidator that provides a wide range of products and services. The Upstate Liquidator is a second-hand furniture subscription service. For a few bucks a month, you may subscribe to the service and receive a package of old furniture every month. The furniture within the box will be somewhat worn and in a different format than you are accustomed to seeing. The firm is constantly on the lookout for new furnishings to add in its boxes.

They offer a specific section on their website where you can submit photographs of the furniture you want and they will try their best to find it for you. The organization employs a large number of customer support representatives who are always accessible to answer your queries.

Features of Upstate Liquidator

Upstate is a well-known online wholesale liquidation companies with a wealth of expertise in dealing with liquidation items. Upstate Liquidator sells liquidation merchandise in bulk and is one of the top liquidation companies in South Carolina to buy liquidation pallets. There are pallets, truckloads, container loads, and smaller lots for sale. Upstate Liquidator sells equities at fixed prices that customers may buy online.

One of the main reasons is that Upstate’s inventory is huge and contains extra items that are difficult to obtain at other liquidation wholesalers. Furthermore, they provide excellent prices to their customers by passing on savings.

Their stock is replenished 3-5 times every week. As a result, it is a good alternative for buyers to try their luck with these pallets. Because of Upstate Liquidator’s great customer service, many small companies and liquidation stores prefer to do business with them.

They provide tested and guaranteed items in the appliance market. Refrigerators, gas and electric dryers, gas and electric ranges, dishwashers, freezers, and other appliances are commonly found in the inventory.

Upstate Liquidators has a large assortment of lawn equipment that can make any yard look amazing. Whatever your project size, they offer everything you need, from lawnmowers to chainsaws.

You may be certain that your new item will perform well with their product, or they will repair it or offer you store credit for any defective things that do not meet your expectations.

Their selection contains both indoor and outdoor furniture that might work well in your location. The furniture collection often includes items such as bar stools, dining room tables, chairs, storage cabinets, decorative tables, sideboards, firepits, and so on.

Pros of Upstate Liquidators

Upstate Liquidator is great for small businesses that want to resell their inventory. Their products are of great quality and come with warranties. All of their products are tested before they are sold. Their truck fills their goods 3-5 times every week. As a result, you may receive your desired products at any moment and at a great price.

It includes friendly customer care representatives who can help you with your order and explain what you can anticipate buying. During the examination, if they discover that a product has no value, it will be recycled. Other items are wrapped and ready for sale to clients.

Another advantage is that you may inspect the items at the Upstate Liquidator warehouse. You have the option of personally picking up the stocks. The delivery options are likewise rather diverse.

Due to the fact that it deals with liquidation merchandise, Upstate Liquidator is really helpful. Along with helping clients make purchases, Upstate Liquidator also provides great bargains on overstock goods and top-notch customer support. These are the most crucial justifications for choosing Upstate

Cons of Upstate Liquidators

We talked about the advantages of doing business with Upstate Liquidator in the previous section. Let us now consider its negatives.

To begin with, Upstate Liquidator has many of the same flaws as the liquidation business. Yes, Upstate Liquidator takes efforts to protect the customer. However, there are serious faults in the concept of liquidation resale. Frequently, you will wind up with a pallet that makes little to no profit. Furthermore, this market has reached saturation, and competing with other liquidation merchants may be difficult.

Another major drawback is that you never know what you’ll get. Rather than specific items, you will almost usually be ordering a category of pallets. You can never be certain of your loss or profit as a consequence. In order to expect larger returns on your investment, it is advised that you always start small, gain some expertise, and then go forward by taking chances.

Alternative Sites for Upstate Liquidators



Quicklotz has relationships with merchants at reputable businesses, thus the cost of the goods is obviously reduced due to the volume of purchases. The items on Quicklotz are made available to customers at such a low price, endowing this marketing strategy with favorability. Quiclotz is dependable and provides access to more goods for less money.

It is located in the North Carolina town of Rutherfordton. Quicklotz does business in its home region and surrounding areas. Among the websites where products are sold are Amazon and Target. Truckloads of Amazon gift boxes filled with an assortment of goods totaling the cost of the boxes are available.

This is how the website functions. In order to bid, you must first check-in and create an account. Quickotz will then send you frequent updates about deals.

The pricing of the boxes paints an image of many for the same price, and Quicklotz is a terrific connection. This necessity is met by the website, which also exhibits dependability and effectiveness. Visit Quicklotz if you want a surprise you can rely on.


Bulq - Upstate Liquidator

BULQ is the vendor for items under liquidation. They simplify, make visible, and hassle-free the whole process of purchasing large inventories. Many of the best American retailers and other suppliers are directly partnered with them. Their objective is to provide fair prices for all of the accessible merchandise.

Products from BULQ are accessible in a range of circumstances. Before making a purchase, they want their customers to fully understand what they are purchasing. For further descriptions of the many conditions they give, see the section below. 

These products often comprise overstock items, closeout goods, floor models, reconditioned goods, and returns from customers. To guarantee they are completely functional, new products are professionally checked by BULQ.com-certified personnel.

Items that have not been inspected or tried are liquidation customer products. As a result, although some products are fully functioning and ready for market, others are not. Additionally, some goods could contain aesthetic flaws including dents, scratches, and aging marks.

They might show clear traces of wear and handling. The majority of the time, these products lack complete instruction manuals and/or extra components and accessories, such as batteries and chargers. The majority of uninspected returned items arrive in their original retail packaging, which may show wear.

BULQ.com experts thoroughly inspect Scratch & Dent products and determine that they have aesthetic problems and/or functional flaws. They can’t promise that these products will work properly. These goods may ship in non-retail packaging and frequently lack manuals, batteries, chargers, and/or additional supplies.


B Stock - Upstate Liquidator

The world’s top auction platform for returned, surplus, and other liquidation goods is provided by B-Stock. No matter the category, condition, or location, the company thinks that there is a high market for returned, surplus, and other liquidation goods.

They allow controlled transactions, fair market pricing, a smaller carbon impact, and a quicker sales cycle by directly linking this inventory to the appropriate business purchasers through a transparent sales platform.


If you want to save money while still helping the environment, the Upstate Liquidator may be the best solution for you. This is a firm that sells a variety of recycled-materials-based items. You may get everything from furniture to clothing to toys. This is a fantastic method to save money while also helping the environment.

Upstate Liquidator is a major service provider for customers wishing to decrease their belongings. So, whether you’re selling your entire house or just a few items, we can assist you in making the most of your experience.

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