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10 Best Stores to Buy Liquidation Pallets in Kansas City (2024)

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The liquidation industry has experienced huge growth in the US, due to the constant upscaling or downsizing of companies. Also, many people shift into new houses and liquidate their old assets. In such a situation there has been a rise in liquidation stores in Kansas City. These goods and assets are liquidated using box lots, truckloads, or liquidation pallets in Kansas City. These liquidated goods have great demand, as they can be bought at extremely cheap rates. This makes it very affordable for customers to buy goods from liquidation warehouses or liquidation stores in Kansas.

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These deals include sales of furniture, household goods, electronics, branded products, etc. Many a time these goods are not in good condition or have small product manufacturing defects. Hence checking liquidation pallets in Kansas before buying is extremely important. There are many liquidation stores and finding the best liquidation pallet in Kansas can be a difficult task. This is why we bring you the list of 10 Liquidation Stores in Kansas.

Here below is the list of 10 Liquidation Stores in Kansas:

Trabran Liquidators

Trabran Liquidators: Liquidation Store in Kansas

Trabran Liquidators are very well-established estate liquidators. Their products include some of the best quality furniture sets. These furniture units are made up of high-quality wood and are in great condition. Trabran Liquidators check each and every good before buying it.  This close inspection ensures a great range of products available in their store.

Their products include tables, chairs, sofa sets, desks, drawer units, rugs, mattresses, and many more products. You will get innovative designs and color availability. Besides that, their price range is very affordable. This liquidated furniture usually belongs to Ashley & Coaster or Corsicana brands. They buy these branded liquidation pallets in Kansas City.

Their price is decided to fit all types of budgets. They are open seven days a week. Their store has a lot of consumer traffic and people have given excellent reviews for their services. So if you wish to buy branded good quality furniture at cheap rates, then Trabran Liquidators is a great option for you. This makes them one of the best liquidation stores in Kansas City.

Address: 5620 State Ave, Kansas City, KS 66102, United States

Phone: +1 913-334-3131

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Midwest Liquidation Services

Midwest Liquidation Services

Midwest Liquidation Services not only carry out estate liquidation but also practice estate sales, online auctions, and asset liquidation. They are experts at carrying out estate, business, as well as farm liquidations. They have been providing this service for the past several years in Topeka Kansas.

Their team is extremely professional and is the best at what they do. They analyze the property and then decide whether to auction it or carry out traditional sales. The best part about them is that they offer free consultation and bring in the best rates.

They sell all types of furniture, electronics, antiques, household items, unwanted goods, as well as property. So, if you are planning to liquidate your assets and estate, then Midwest Liquidation Services will help you do it.

Address: 7127 SE Forbes Ave, Topeka, KS 66619, United States

Phone: +1 785-748-2333

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Buy It Now Bargains

Buy It Now Bargains: Liquidation store in Kansas city

Buy It Now Bargains is a very well-known liquidation store in Kansas City. People visit this store for amazing offers and deals. They offer a variety of products and that too at half prices. Their merchandise keeps on changing and is renewed daily.

Their inventories are refreshed and new branded products are added every week. They buy box lots and liquidation pallets in Kansas from all the big established brands. They are open three days a week, from Thursday to Saturday.

Their company claims to sell all of their products half of the original market price. Their products include clothes, beauty cosmetics, healthcare products, medicines, electronics, toys, pet supplies, baby products, bags, footwear, house essentials, fitness equipment, and sports gear.

Buy It Now Bargains’ customers are always happy and satisfied with their deals. This is the reason they experience high number of sales. They have received five-star ratings which makes them one of the best liquidation stores in Kansas City.

Address: 6260 SW 9th Terrace C, Topeka, KS 66615, United States

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Retail Rebel

Retail Rebel

Retail Rebel has a very big liquidation warehouse in Kansas City. They carry out regular sales and offers at their liquidation warehouse. Their merchandise has high demands and gets sold very fast. They sell box lots as well as liquidation pallets in Kansas city.

This is why you will always find new stock or merchandise in their store. They are a local wholesaler and retailer company, that tries to deliver the best shopping experience to their customers. Their rates are very affordable and have products of top-notch quality.

They have two stores in Kansas City where you will find some of the most amazing deals on various products and goods. Their merchandise usually includes cell phone accessories, covers, electronics, bags, purses, jewelry, appliances, home essentials, décor, and many more discoverable items.

They have received top reviews and five-star ratings. Their outlets are open seven days a week. You can definitely pay a visit to their liquidation store in Kansas in your free time. 

Address: 4301 State Ave, Kansas City, KS 66102, United States

Phone: +1 913-242-7910

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Busy Beever

Busy Beever: Liquidation Pallets Kansas city

Busy Beever is an auction company in Kansas City. They carry out regular auctions and bring in the best deals for your customers. You can literally ask them to sell anything and they will get it done for you. Their weekly auctions include estates, vehicles, jewelry, antiques, sports or fitness equipment, machinery, and much more.

They are the experts at liquidizing estate assets. If you are shifting your base and wish to sell all the assets, then Busy Beever will help you get the best deal. They also offer free consultation and provide you with a prior price estimation.

They have completed many successful deals and have tremendous experience in the estate auction industry. If you have assigned them the task of liquidizing all the assets, then you can simply sit back and relax. 

Address: 8101 College Boulevard, Suite 100 PMB #74, Overland Park, KS 66210, United States

Phone: +1 816-820-1124

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Green Frog Estate

Green Frog Estate: Liquidation Pallets Kansas city

Green Frog is an Estate as well as commercial liquidation company in Kansas. They have been operating in this industry for the past several years. They have a considerable amount of experience in downsizing deals, estate liquidation, office liquidation, as well as industrial relocations.

The best part about them is that they carry out deep research for every product. This helps them bring in amazing deals, thus maximizing the profit for their clients.

Their main goal is to maximize customer satisfaction and bring value to all the liquidated goods. They mostly deal in house items including furniture, electronics, machinery, small goods, antiques, decorative pieces. You can simply keep a track of their upcoming sales on their website and grab amazing deals.

They carry out regular estate liquidation auctions as well as house sales. They have received some of the best reviews from their clients as well as buyers. So, if you are planning to downscale or move out of your estate, then Green Frog Estate Liquidation is just a call away.

Phone: +1 913-787-6335

Brown Button Estate Sales

Brown Button Estate Sales

These are services for luxury estate sales and expensive product auctions. It has often come to notice that it is hard to find buyers for expensive products. Brown Button Estate Sales has made this process easy by tapping buyers through their vast consumer networks.

They sell all the necessary estate assets very quickly and bring you amazing deals. Their team is very professional and is an industry expert in carrying out estate liquidation. They have won several awards for their amazing performance. They carry out weekly online auctions.

You can keep a track of it on their website and get some amazing deals on luxurious products. They offer a free consultation to their clients and give them the best advice. So, if you wish to buy luxurious goods at a good enough price, then the Brown Button Estate auction is the right place to visit.

Address: 901 Woodswether Rd, Kansas City, MO 64105

Phone: +1 913-815-0505

Depot Daddy

Depot Daddy: Liquidation Pallets Kansas city

Depot Daddy is one of the best wholesale liquidation services in the market today. They have top-quality products at extremely cheap rates. They also offer a huge variety in their merchandise. Depot Daddy has become the one-stop shop for all the wholesale merchandise. Unlike any other service, they practice at-location pick-up for liquidated goods.

They bring in the best offers for their customers and carry out profitable deals. Their liquidated goods arrive in liquidation pallets, truckloads, as well as box lot deals. They carry out online auctions throughout the week. They claim that around 80 percent of the liquidated goods that they sell are in excellent condition.

Their customers are very satisfied with their services and have given them the best reviews. So, if you wish to sell your goods or buy liquidated goods, then Depot Daddy should be your go-to place. They are experts and have some of the best liquidation pallets in Kansas City.

Address: 1534 Burlington St, North Kansas City, MO 64116, United States

Phone: +1 816-343-8707

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Vintage Monkey Sales

Vintage Monkey Sales: Liquidation Pallets Kansas city

Last but not least we have on our list Vintage Monkey Sales. They are the best at carrying out estate sales and liquidation. Vintage Monkey Sales takes full responsibility for the deal and is involved from the start till the end. They are a very well-established company, with more than 15 years of experience in estate assets liquidation. Their company provides a free consultation to their client and suggest some great options to close estate deals.

They research each and every product in detail and estimate sale values. Their sales usually last 3-4 days depending upon the sale size. You can keep a track of their upcoming sales on their website or social media handles. They run some of the most amazing offers on house furniture, home appliances, home décor, electronics, and many more such items.

Their prices are very affordable for the buyers. Also, they close profitable deals and make their clients happy. This way they have been proving their capability for the past many years. This makes them one of the best liquidation services in Kansa City.

Address: 4225 W 107th Streetm P.O Box 1112, Overland Park, KS 66207

Phone: +1 913-707-9238

Bullseye Bins

Bullseye Bins is another great liquidation outlet store in Derby, Kansas. They buy box lots, truckloads, as well as liquidation pallets in Kansas city from companies. These products are usually excess production items or returned from customers.

They offer amazing discounts at their store and always have a huge variety to offer. Their customers wait to grab their hands on one of Bullseye Bin surprise pallets.

These pallets have books, cosmetics, toys, appliances, electronics, clothes, home services, decorative pieces, antiques, and other interesting items. Bullseye Bins is known for its amazing customer service and also its price range.

Their team is very polite and will deliver you the best shopping experience. Also, their pallet deals will save you money as well as time. So, if you wish to buy liquidation pallets in Kansas, then Bullseye Bins is the perfect place for you.

Address: 1906 Johnson Dr, Derby, KS 67037, United States

Phone: +1 316-272-5282

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This was the list of 10 Liquidation Stores in Kansas. These are some of the best liquidation stores and services in Kansas City. Their box lots, truckloads, wholesale units, and liquidation pallets include some of the best merchandise at affordable rates.

These are trusted and highly reliable services. We hope this list was helpful for you. Save it for future reference. If we have missed any good liquidation stores in Kansas City, then feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below. Also, make sure you visit our space for similar recommendation lists on different interesting topics.

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