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10 Best Liquidation Pallets in Alabama for Quality Stuff (2024)

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When individuals hear the word, “liquidation” they usually assume it to be out-of-business sales, wherein the company is selling its stocks at a very low price and while liquidation of the inventory could indicate the end of operations, it could also mean the reverse logistics plan. For upcoming retailers, vendors, online resellers, and even discount store owners, liquidation pallets Alabama provide an excellent opportunity to make a profit, and usually, when a company chooses to liquidate its surplus inventory, the pallet liquidation Alabama is sold at a heavy discount and the buyers can buy this merchandise for a low price and gain a profit.

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Here below is the list of 10 Best Liquidation Stores in Alabama:

Orotex North America Inc

Orotex Liquidation

Orotex North America Inc has been in the liquidation industry for more than two decades and their company is known to be reputable, trustworthy and reliable. They have a great assortment of liquidation pallets Alabama, and even cater to international clientele with their high quality Alabama liquidation products. Orotex North America Inc tries their best when it comes to catering to the needs of their customers by shipping and packing in bales, gaylords or boxes.

Being one of the best liquidation stores in Alabama, they make sure that by the time the goods are ready to leave their inventory, it is in accordance with the client’s orders. Their motto is to make sure that their clients are happy and their vision is only fulfilled by their hard working staff who go out of their way to make sure that the merchandise is delivered with regards to the order of the client.

Orotex North America Inc makes sure that they provide highly responsive customer care and the best quality merchandise to their customers. They offer a number of payment options, namely credit cards, bank transfers and so on. This liquidation stores in Alabama also caters to small and large buyers with the merchandise alike, they make sure that they provide the best services

Address: 325 E 10th Ct, Hialeah, FL 33010, United States

Phone: +1 305-887-1486

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North Dallas Warehouse Equipment

North Dallas Warehouse Equipment

North Dallas Warehouse Equipment Inc is in the Alabama liquidation industry for over three decades and has earned their reputation for offering high quality liquidation pallets Alabama at great prices. This liquidation stores in Alabama will go out of their way to make sure that they get your orders out on time in excellent condition and is known to have high ratings for their services and quality of their merchandise.

North Dallas Warehouse Equipment Inc provides a huge quantity in their liquidation Pallets Alabama and offer their customers a high quality system at low costs. Not only do they design and supply the storage systems of the warehouse but they also install these systems in accordance to your products or pallets.

They have several payment options that cater to the budget of their clients and offer excellent quality pallet liquidation Alabama at heavily discounted prices. North Dallas Warehouse Equipment Inc also buys merchandise from you and even sells refurbished products.

Address: 2203 Joe Field Rd Dallas, TX, 75229-3326 United States

Phone: (972) 241-9177

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A and A warehouse solutions

A and A warehouse solutions

A and A warehouse solutions are one of the best liquidation stores in Alabama that specializes is refurbished storage systems and equipment that handles materials. They are also the nation’s leading distributor’s when it comes to liquidation pallets Albama and their extensive surplus inventory changes on a day to day basis.

A and A warehouse solutions has more than 15 acres of second-hand equipment that they sell at low prices to contact them, you can call or email them. They have more than ten thousand clients that allow them to move any equipment they are looking for. Their staff are highly professional and seasoned, and will go out of their way to serve their customers.

Address: 746 Sanderson Ln, Courtland, AL 35618, United States

Phone: +1 256-637-9006

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The Liquidators LLC

The Liquidators LLC

The Liquidators LLC is one of the liquidation stores in Alabama that specializes in refurbished and new restaurant equipment. This Alabama liquidation company that started in the year 1977 was a family business and has a long relationship with many restaurant chains that allows them to source a wide variety of equipment at low prices.

The goal of The Liquidators LLC liquidation stores in Alabama is to make sure that they provide quality equipment at affordable prices.

Address: 1000 15th Pl SW, Birmingham, AL 35211, United States

Phone: +1 205-251-4893

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Sell Your Toys Now

Sell Your Toys Now - liquidation pallets Alabama

What started off as collecting toy collectibles online, now has turned into one of the most successful liquidation stores in Alabama and with the owners four decades’ worth experience in the retail industry, there was no doubt that this Alabama liquidation company would be a success.

Sell Your Toys Now also helps in finding homes for your toy collection and they also buy toy collections from their buyers. Not only do their offer reasonable prices but they also provide cash for your toy collection.

Phone: +1 866-669-869

Global Liquidators

Global - liquidation pallets Alabama

Global liquidators are one of the best liquidation stores in Alabama that specialize in closeout fine jewelry. The owners of this Alabama liquidation company- the Jones brothers have been in the liquidation industry for more than two decades and are constantly changing their inventory of liquidation pallets Alabama. They have an extensive inventory and offer great deals and affordable prices for the pallets liquidation Alabama.

Address: 2798 John Hawkins Pkwy #124, Hoover, AL 35244, United States

Phone: +1 205-682-0779

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American Merchandise

American Merchandise - liquidation pallets Alabama

American Merchandise liquidators offer the best prices for the liquidation pallets Alabama and their pallet liquidation Alabama includes both branded and non branded products. This Alabama liquidation company has an amazing customer retention rate and they offer liquidation pallets at cheap rates and have highly responsive customer services.

Address: 15884 AL-59, Foley, AL 36535, United States

Phone: +1 251-970-1100

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B Stock - liquidation pallets Alabama

This Alabama liquidation online market place makes sure that the business to business model of business, wherein buyers have access to liquidation pallets Alabama makes them one of the trustworthy and popular liquidation stores in Alabama. They make sure that their customers gain profits by decreasing the prices of their liquidation pallets Alabama.

B Stock makes sure that all their processes are transparent and supplies pallet liquidation Alabama from various industries like apparel, accessories, furniture, beauty and so on.


The liquidation pallets Alabama are shipping all across the nation from inventories used at small businesses and being one of the best liquidation stores in Alabama, QuickLotz sells a lot of liquidated merchandise in pallets liquidation Alabama. They cater to various industries and have mixed liquidation pallets in Alabama as well.

This liquidation company specializes in branded merchandise as well, such as Walmart, Target, Amazon, Home Depot and even Costco. QuickLotz assures the high quality of the goods that are selected to be in the pallet and their auctions start at very low and minimal prices, while they even offer low shipping costs that will fit into everyone’s budget. They make sure that they offer flexible payment options that will also help buying the liquidation pallets Alabama.

Mid Tenn

Mid Tenn is one of the liquidation stores in Alabama that ensures their clients make profit and grows their business. This Alabama liquidation company offers liquidated goods from major retailers at heavy discounts and reasonable prices to their clients. Mid Tenn also guarantees the quality of the liquidation pallets Alabama and the shipment of the products at a moment’s notice. 

Their clients also have the option to tour their inventories and chose the liquidated merchandise at their desire. Popularly known for their customer service, they also have a wide variety of liquidation pallets Alabama to choose from and you can contact them through email.

Which brings us to the question, how to buy liquidation pallets in Alabama?

The process to buy liquidation pallets Alabama- 

The whole process to buy Alabama liquidation pallets is extremely simple. Most of the time, buyers tend to search for trusted and reputable liquidation stores in Alabama or online auction sites like QuickLotz. Most of the online liquidation stores in Alabama need the buyers to register themselves as an authorized buyer and with their resale certificate, they just need to apply to particular market places they are interested in like Amazon and Walmart.

A liquidation company is a business that purchases the goods at a heavy discount and resells them to the public, making a tidy profit. Among these goods that are purchased, there are several brand name products from companies and businesses whose names are extremely popular among consumers.

Due to the nature of liquidation, making money (profits) is possible because there are more and more individuals considering to start their own liquidation stores in Alabama. There are a number of ways that individuals can start their own Alabama liquidation business, such as purchasing merchandise to liquidate and buying assets when the company is closing down.

There are several benefits when it comes to buying merchandise from liquidation stores in Alabama. Not only do you get liquidated goods at a discounted rate, but you also find that the shipping charges are vastly reduced. 

This allows you to choose your own selling price for the products you got from the liquidation pallets Alabama you bought, which helps your reselling company grow and make profits. The liquidation business can also work as a side hustle for individuals. There is a wide variety of liquidated merchandise available and they are often goods from branded and major retailers like Walmart and Amazon. 

The main three steps to follow when you are about to start your own liquidation stores in Alabama-

The First Step-

begin with, you need to analyze the amount of money you can invest in your Alabama liquidation business because you will need the capital for your start up business to make your store work. And while you do not need an exorbitant sum of money to start your liquidation business, you will need some amount of money readily available to buy your first inventory. 

The Second Step-

Opening your successful liquidation stores in Alabama is that you need to be motivated enough to track a trusted and worthy liquidation wholesaler or even an online auction site that fits in your budget in order to buy returns from the major retailers.

Several individuals choose to find an industry of merchandise and prefer to understand how the niche works before deciding to jump in too deep. It is common knowledge that you need a sense of what you are going to sell and it is easier to sell a new inventory stock until you have familiarized with the process of liquidation and reselling.

To source the liquidated merchandise, you have to make sure that you choose a trustworthy company, and before anything, you have to make sure that you have resale certificate. Now that you have your resale certificate, you will have to choose the merchandise that you would like to resell.

While most of the liquidation pallets Alabama are from the major companies like Target, Amazon, Home Depot and Walmart, several market places use an auction based format to sell the pallet liquidation Alabama.

The Third Step-

The last step in the process of buying liquidation pallets Alabama is that once you have acquired the surplus inventory, you choose to resell your merchandise at the price you would like to sell it.

Choosing online liquidation stores in Alabama helps in not only keeping your business local but also reducing the shipping costs. So, which are the 10 liquidation stores in Alabama that you need to buy from?


These were 10 liquidation stores in Alabama that cater to several industries and provide the best offers at affordable prices. These liquidation stores cater to the needs of their clients and provide the best quality liquidation pallets Alabama at heavily discounted rates that will also make sure that not only are their customers able to make profits but also grow their business.

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