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Go Liquidator Review: An Elegant Guide & It’s Features (2024)

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Liquidating goods has become quite a common practice these days. Individual homemakers, retailers, and even middlemen or wholesalers are aware of the capacity that liquidation businesses hold in terms of profit. However, this has led to the sudden crop-up of hundreds of liquidation services. This could make it difficult for a buyer to understand which firm to trust for purchase. Go Liquidator is a very famous liquidation service.

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For people who would like to know more about this firm, our Go Liquidator review should be of great help. If you wish to buy liquidation pallets from this company, we recommend carefully reading the specifications listed further- 

What is Go Liquidator? 

Go Liquidator

Go liquidator store comes among the high-ranking wholesale liquidation companies in Miami, Florida. Gold liquidator includes third-generation business entrepreneurs. They are a member of the US Chamber of Commerce and Exports Association of the USA. Their list of customers includes names like Soriana, Grupo Exito, City Club, Carrefour, Zulily, and many more.  

Altogether, they have a total catalog of over 600,000 customers. Also, they include more than 10 product categories and more than 100,000 liquidated products. Their services are spread out all across the globe, including Latin America, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Their highly ethical, core value system of conducting business has made them a giant name in the international market.  

About their Products 

Their categories of products include clothing for men, women, kids, etc. This liquidation store also offers shoes, accessories, beauty and care, general merchandise, etc. Also, you can get liquidation pallets for furniture, kitchen items, home appliances, and more. They have a very wide range of hardware and tools products that can come in use as well. 

Their high-demand pallets are always listed on their website. These can include batches of expensive accessories from brands like Levis, Steve Madden, Skechers, timberland, etc. High-brand pallets like these can start from $2500.

If you are looking for items related to children, babies, or toddlers, then you will find quality liquidation pallets from $34,000. Notably, the original retail price of these products goes as high as $112,972.08. Hence, you will be saving almost 70% in comparison to the retail price. 

The list of liquidation pallets is, honestly, endless. If you go to their website, you will find over 13 pages listing different types of liquidation goods. This can also include single-unit products like beachwear at about $4.80. The clientele includes micro-entrepreneurs and large corporations. Moreover, the products are in good quality and condition. Their sources include store surpluses, customer returns, online sales, etc.  

Personal care and grooming products are currently listed at $10,900. , all of these come from highly well-known brands like Tresemme, Neutrogena, Angel soft, Dave, Colgate, etc. Furthermore, you have the option to buy either new products through store stock or customer returns. 

Categories of goods include- 

  • Store Stock 

Store stock usually only goes on to display, but is never bought. The signs of wear are very few. For instance, defective packaging, stain, dirt, etc. This product can have the logo of the original store, anti-theft sensors, store discount labels, etc. 

  • Returns 

These returns include both online as well as in-store customer returns. Online returns are usually much higher in quality markings. Many people return products simply because they change their minds. Additionally, some products are delivered to the wrong people, or they fail to meet the expectations of the customers and are returned.  

The liquidation industry divides these products into grades A, B, C, and D. Grade A is unused. They will have some sign of wear or use, but performs perfectly with minimal repair. Grade C will require a little more repair and grade will require maximum repair. 

  • Inventories and Surplus 

Sometimes companies and manufacturing units create products over their market demand. Such items come under surplus inventory and are as good as new.

Sometimes customers create suppliers themselves by canceling orders even before delivery is complete. It is hardly any shortcoming to inventory surplus. Notably, the only thing that we can point out is that some people may find these items to be ‘out of trend.’  

  • Irregular Products 

Certain products come under the label of irregular or defective. This usually occurs during mishandling at the transportation stage. The defects can be very minor, for instance, loose threads, missing buttons, stains, etc. Additionally, these can have missing parts or dents, scratches, or functional problems.  

  • Refurbished or Remanufactured Products 

This category includes products that do not pass the quality check within the manufacturing unit itself. Hence, they are sent back for correction and further improvement. Some of these also make their way to the liquidation industry.

When you purchase these products, you might not get their original packaging and they might not include complimentary accessories, items like batteries, etc. 

How to Buy? 

The buying process or the transactional process is very streamlined. To begin, go liquidator itself sends you offers through e-mail or your social media profile. Of course, you will have to subscribe to their website or their Facebook page.

You will get regular updates on sales or auctions. Moreover, you can choose the offers or categories of your particular interest on their website. It is not compulsory to exchange your information.

However, if you wish to stay in direct contact with their representatives, then you can easily add your contact details in a manner you find safe. In most cases, customers prefer to stay in touch with the company representative through their e-mail.  

Your final offer will be between you and the representative seller from the Go Liquidator team. The company will send you a Proforma invoice that includes all payment-related information.

Following this, the shipment and its delivery can be the responsibility of the GO liquidator itself. On the contrary, you can choose to cut additional prices and transport the shipment via your means.  

Buy in Person 

For the best experience, we recommend that you visit their showroom in Miami. This way you will get the opportunity to get in touch with one of their advisors and professionals. This makes it easier to customize their offers and recommendations to fit your specific needs. Make sure to get in touch with them and schedule an appointment before visiting their office.  

If you visit their office, there is a high chance that you will get better offers and discounts. Moreover, you can clear any doubts that you have about the quality of their merchandise. Altogether, the selection process becomes much easier when visiting any merchant office.  

Why Choose Go Liquidator? 

  • Global Recognition  

First and foremost, the primary reason to choose GO liquidators will be their international reputation. They are known for high-quality goods that come with the lowest possible liquidation prices.

Also, they are notable for their transparency and Customer friendly work ethic. Go liquidator has a rating total of five stars on Google. Even on LinkedIn, they are ranked seven among global and international liquidation providers.  

Their high reputation also comes because of their flexible transaction methods. From types of gold, and modes of payment, to modes of shipment, everything is customizable as per your needs.

Let us highlight again that their customers include well-known international brands like AVON, City Club, Zulily, Giftland, Hipermaxi, Tiendas Reka, and more. From Sandy. 

  • Highly Responsive 

Perhaps the best feature of the site is its accessibility. Go liquidator has appropriate and active representatives on different social media, including Facebook and Instagram. If you subscribe to their page on Facebook, you will get daily updates on their new sales, offers, discount pallets, etc.  

You can easily get in touch with them through WhatsApp or over the phone. Also, you can visit their office at 6500 NW 72nd Ave Suite #101; Miami, Florida. Their working hours are from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM between Monday to Friday EST. 

  • Great Customer Support 

Also, they have an active and responsive customer service as well as a sales representatives team. They have personnel who speak English, Spanish, French, and also Arabic. along with WhatsApp and phone, you can reach them via social media or their official mail.  

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Mode of Purchase 

Go liquidator accepts payments through credit cards, cash, and even bank transfers. They are very flexible about the minimum amount that you have to purchase within a category. If you become a qualified client, they also offer credit as well as financing methods. 

Retail or expansive businesses may purchase by container or trailer that have 20 or 40 feet high cubic capacity. Also, they have liquidation pallets, especially for small entrepreneurs. Within this category, the minimum purchase is 1 pallet. Hence, you will be able to consolidate different categories within a single order. Going one step further, they also have options for micro-entrepreneurs. But in this section, they required you to purchase only 250 units per category or package. 


If you are looking for a safe place to start your own wholesale liquidation business or to make more profit out of your sales, then Go Liquidator should be at the top of your list. In comparison to often quoted companies like QuickLotx, BulQ, etc. Go Liquidator has more diverse, affordable, and profitable goods to offer.

They offer amazing flexibility in terms of minimal purchase, mode of purchase, shipment delivery, payment methods, and a lot more. With great Google ratings and over 60,000 satisfied customers, Go Liquidators gets a massive thumbs up! 

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