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10 Best Liquidation Stores in Denver in 2024

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The rising prices of goods, it has become difficult for customers to find good deals. The majority of the retailers are cutting down on the discounts they provide Liquidation Stores in Denver. The increased cost of goods is making it a burden for many people and they are unable to buy the goods which they wanted.

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Liquidation stores help to solve this problem. Many Denver liquidation stores sell goods for a fraction of their retail prices. Denver furniture liquidators help you to buy furniture for prices you could not have imagined. 

These liquidated goods are overstock items and those which have small damages but can be purchased for very cheap. These goods provide you with an alternative to downgrading. You can get the same product you wanted but for much cheaper than the retail price.

We have compiled a list of the best liquidation stores in Denver. We have covered lumber liquidators in Denver and other types of liquidation stores in Denver. This list serves as your guide to finding liquidated goods in Denver.

Here is the list of the 10 Best Liquidation Stores in Denver-

Big Lots

Big Lots

One of the first companies that should be in your consideration is Big Lots. They are one of the best-known Denver liquidation stores. Biglots operate in their unique way. The company secures liquidation pallets in Denver and then sells the items to their customers.

While they are in the business of selling liquidated goods, they ensure that they still meet their quality standards. Most of the items sold by them are overstock products. These products can be acquired for a small price and thus allow them to sell these to you for ridiculously cheap prices.

They are known for selling some of the best quality liquidated furniture you will find in America. They are a big chain and thus utilize their connections to find you quality furniture for cheap. Big Lots. have liquidated furniture which fits all of your requirements. 

When you sign up with them you become eligible for additional discounts. These additional discounts are a great way to save even more money than you are doing right now. One of the reasons for their success is their easy delivery and pickup options. Most of the furniture they sell can be delivered and picked up on the same day.

The lack of a waiting time helps their customers to get the furniture they want without any delay. If your order value is more than $59 they deliver it for free as well. Their well-developed online store helps customers to shop from the ease of their homes.

All of their inventory can be purchased online. You should also keep an eye out for their weekly deals and clearance sales. They are among the top Denver furniture liquidators and are always working to get you the best prices on the products they sell.

Address7475 E Iliff Ave, Denver, CO 80231, United States

Phone+1 303-755-4127

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Bud’s Warehouse

Bud’s Warehouse: Liquidation Store in Denver

Your search for stores selling liquidated goods in Denver will lead you to Bud’s Warehouse. Bud’s Warehouse is a local name in the Denver community. The majority of the people residing in Denver know this company and the offerings they provide.

This company identifies itself as a home improvement company. This means that they sell all of those items which you could require in your house. The company claims to be one of Denver’s best home improvement outlets. The services which this company provides match the claims which it makes.

They have managed to set up supply chains of liquidated goods that they sell to their customers for cheap. A majority of the goods have been obtaining through liquidation chains or have been donating by local residents and developers. 

Their store is open 6 days a week and they aim to be among the top Denver furniture liquidators. The company sells the majority of its products for less than 75% of the retail price. The price points they offer on some of the goods cannot be matched by some of the other Denver liquidation companies.

They get new products daily. All of the new inventory that they get is updated on the website by afternoon. Their updated website is great to keep a track of all of the new items which get added to their shop. Many consider them to be the best liquidation store in Denver. They have daily and monthly newsletters.

The daily newsletter keeps you updated on what products are brought to the warehouse daily. The monthly newsletter provides you with a coupon that allows you to make additional savings. If you have been looking for liquidation stores in Denver, then Bud’s Warehouse should be one of the stores you visit.

Address13280 E Mississippi Ave, Aurora, CO 80012, United States

Phone+1 303-296-3990

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RoseMary’s Baby Bookstore

RoseMary’s Baby Bookstore

As the name suggests this company is a book store. When you talk about liquidated products you think about furniture, clothes, appliances, and other items of that nature. This company has taken the meaning of liquidated goods to another level and has made it applicable to books.

The company finds used books ad fills their bookstore with them. If you are an avid reader you know how costly some books are. You have to spend a lot of money to buy them and get them delivered to you. If you are living in Denver, Rosemary’s bookstore can become a suitable option for you. They have several patrons who bring their books to the store. 

The owners check the book for damages and only put them up for sale if they are of a decent quality. The company says that all of their books are only gently used and do not have any major signs of wear and usage. They are a family-owned business with 3 generations helping run the business.

The store even allows you to bring in your books to sell to them. If they are in usable condition, they give you store credit. They are a Denver liquidation company for books and take pride in their work. If you love reading books, visit them to find an amazing shop filled with books which you love.

Address1430 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood, CO 80232, United States

Phone+1 303-986-8799

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Office Liquidators Denver

Office Liquidators Denver

Office Liquidators Denver stands on the top of the list when looking for lumber liquidators in Denver. They are one of the primary Denver furniture liquidators. Whenever an office is shutting down they have to sell their furniture and other goods. In this case, this company is call to perform the task of liquidation.

They buy furniture from these offices in bulk and then sell them in their store. Since they sell you liquidated furniture you get great pieces of furniture for quite cheap prices. They are committed to providing their clients with the best-liquidated furniture and they have established a system of checks to ensure that. 

The furniture they buy is checked to ensure they are of good quality. The furniture is sold by them in their liquidation store in Denver. The majority of the furniture sold by this company is from some of the top furniture brands. You get to own branded pieces of furniture for cheap when you shop with them.

If you are looking to make upgrades to your house or your home you should consider buying the furniture sold by them. Office Liquidators Denver allow you to make great upgrades to your existing furniture for cheap. They ship the products you want quickly as well. They use reputed delivery services which ensure your products are deliver to you on time.

Address445 Bryant St Suite #8, Denver, CO 80204, United States

Phone+1 303-900-7223

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Black Fridays

Black Fridays: Liquidation Store in Denver

Black Fridays Store is one of the top players in the liquidated goods segment in Denver. They stand true to their name and try to provide all of their clients with better sales than what you get at Black Friday sales. Their name is inspiering by the fact that they provide their clients with great deals and help them save a lot of money through their sales.

This company buys liquidation pallets in Denver. They buy truckloads of goods and then list the items for sale in their shop. The company ensures that their clients get new goods every week.  They restock their inventory every Friday and you have a new selection of products to choose from. 

They have connections with the top retailers in the country and get products in bulk. The discounts they provide cannot be match by the major retailers in the country.  With an addition of more than 50k products every week you have access to new goods whenever you decide to visit them.

When looking to get the best discounts in Denver, it doesn’t get much better than this store. The services offered by this company make them eligible to be one of the top Denver liquidation stores. You should visit their store to have access to all of the options. Their store is open all days of the week except for Thursdays.

Address1200 S Abilene St Unit B, Aurora, CO 80012, United States

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Habitat Denver ReStore

Habitat Denver ReStore

The world of liquidated goods is something which this store has mastered. When you shop at Habitat Denver ReStores you not only get great discounts but manage to contribute to a good cause as well. This shop has liquidated and used goods. They are mainly know for providing great discounts on appliances furniture and more.

What separates this store from others is that by shopping at this store, you are helping a charitable cause. All of the profits made by the company when selling their goods are donate to the Habitat for Humanity’s Homeownership Program for low-income families. Every buck that you spend at their store helps people in Denver. 

The fact that buyers are being able to help the communities in their city while getting great discounts is a big reason for the popularity of this Denver liquidation store. By signing up with their savings program you can save up to an additional 35% each month.

They have a very informative website that helps you to keep a track of all of their upcoming inventory and sales. The majority of the products sold the store are gently uses goods. Sometimes you can even find new items sold for cheap. They are one of the Denver furniture liquidators who are making a real difference to the communities in Denver. Visit them to get amazing discounts while helping fellow residents of Denver.

Address70 Rio Grande Blvd, Denver, CO 80223, United States

Phone:+1 303-722-5863

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Goodwill Outlet World

Goodwill Outlet World: Liquidation Store in Denver

Goodwill Outlet Stores take the liquidation game to the next level. Many people mistake them for a normal liquidation store. They are a top liquidation store in Denver that has decided to do things differently from what is done by others in this industry.

This company has taken the concept of liquidation pallets in Denver and given it a small-scale nature. This small-scale nature allows their clients to buy the products for cheap. They take the products they have and sort them into blue bins.

These blue bins have different items which are categorized by type. These blue bins have a large variety of goods. You can see the items a bin has and purchase them. The items keep getting rotates every half an hour to keep the products moving and the inventory fresh.  

The company has tried to provide their customers with the best deals on a variety of items which they sell. These sales allow you to buy products for unbelievable prices. They sell most of their products by weight. They have a fixed rate per pound for different products.

This Denver liquidation store is extremely useful if you are buying products in bulk. Buying products based on their weight is useful when trying to save money. You should look to visit their store and see the variety of products they are selling. As the product keeps changing constantly, you will have access to new products every time you visit their store.

Each visit to their store allows you to buy products that help you save thousands of dollars. They have a list of the different rates of each product mentioned on their website. This keeps the entire process very transparent. By spending some time in their store you can get some absolute bargains in clothing, furniture, utensils and more.

Address4355 Kearney St, Denver, CO 80216, United States

Phone+1 720-496-2195

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H&E Used Furniture

H&E Used Furniture: Liquidation Store in Denver

H&E Used Furniture is one of the Denver furniture liquidators. They service the area of metropolitan Denver. The company sells top-quality furniture. They sell used furniture but still manage to provide great quality. All of the furniture sold by them have only lightly used.

They have minimal signs of usage and you will not be able to tell the difference unless you looked very closely. They manage to buy furniture from overstocked sellers as well. These furniture pieces will add a statement of class to your house and help to improve the stature of your house. 

The company claims that they are the first store you should visit when furnishing your house. The deals they provide allow you to get furniture for very cheap prices. The majority of tier customers cannot believe the prices which they offer. They offer additional discounts as well which reduces their prices by a lot.

When you mention that you have visited their website during checkout you can save an additional 10% on the value of your purchase. From sofas to decorative pieces you will find all of it in their store. Visit their store to add some amazing pieces of furniture to your house.

Address2200 S Monaco Pkwy, Denver, CO 80222, United States

Phone:+1 303-388-4248

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Treasures Outlet

Treasures Outlet

Treasures Outlet allows you to find real-life treasures in the form of amazing deals on their liquidated products. While this company sells a variety of liquidated goods, they specialize in vintage and antique items. They have a talent for finding amazing pieces and then selling them to their clients.

All of their prices are carefully select to ensure that their clients have a great experience when shopping with them. They try to give you the lowest prices in Denver while maintaining their profits. Thousands of their clients have attested to the good quality of goods they provide. You should visit their store to see for yourself the amazing quality of goods they have on display.

Address4949 Lowell Blvd, Denver, CO 80221, United States

Phone+1 303-561-4949

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Angel Heart Estate Sales

Angel Heart Estate Sales: Liquidation Store in Denver

Companies that conduct estate sales help people to sell unwanted things in their houses while providing buyers an amazing opportunity to grab items for cheap. Angel Heart Estate sales are one of the most trusted names when it comes to conducting estate sales.

They have a team of experts who work hard to list and sell all of the items they get while conducting their estate sales. The members of their team have extensive knowledge of the field and help their clients get full value for money. They are one of the most professional Denver liquidation stores for estate sales. Their clients describe their services as some of the best in the field of estate sales. 

The company keeps updating its clients about the sales they have on their website. You should check their website regularly to get information as to when the next sale will be conduct. They do not have a physical store but conduct the sales on the estate which they are clearing.

You will have to make your way to the different properties where they conduct the sales but it is completely justified. You have a great chance of finding great deals on furniture, appliances and you can even find some vintage items.

Address: North- West Denver, United States

Phone: +1 720-877-3186


This list should serve the purpose of helping you find the best liquidation store in Denver.

The stores on this list have been in business for many years and have earned a lot of reputation in their respective fields of Liquidation Stores in Denver. If you want to maximize your saving you should visit these stores and nab the best deals they have on offer.

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