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10 Best Stores to Buy Liquidation Pallets in Illinois (2024)

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Liquidation stores are unique types of thrift stores. They buy goods from auctions, liquidations, bankrupt businesses for cheap, and then move them away for cheap. The key to their success is quick turnover. They are always making stuff move and can provide some of the cheapest retail deals you’d ever find anywhere. The trick, however, is finding a store that you can trust regarding the quality and quantity of the merchandise. There are a few important factors that you need to keep in mind while selecting a liquidation warehouse to buy Liquidation pallets in Illinois.

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The whole concept of liquidation resale has kept getting more and more popular as a business idea over the decades. Everyone wants to try their hands at making big money and is getting into the business without any prior knowledge or experience. It is crucial to go for an experienced retailer for better value for money. 


Going for a company with a better reputation should be an easy choice to make. From reviews and testimonials, you can find out the general quality, quantity, and customer service to expect from them. 


Liquidations stores all differ from each other mainly on the basis of how much it costs to buy goods from them. Your set budget can be the best determinant to make your final decision with a liquidation store for buying liquidation pallets in Illinois. Liquidated merchandise is cheap by default but one of them is bound to offer deals better than the others.  If you are looking for liquidators in Illinois,

Best Liquidation Stores in Illinois:

Merchandise USA

Merchandise USA With over 38 years in the liquidation business, Merchandise USA is one of the most high-profile stores in not only Illinois but the whole of the USA. What began as an individual adventure in the late 1980s, is now a full-fledged business spread over more than 100K square feet all over the country.

The experience and reputation of Merchandise USA are unmatchable and so is the quality of the goods. Whether you want to buy merchandise in resale or want to liquidate your assets, they can do it all.

There is a wide variety of liquidated merchandise available for purchase at Merchandise USA. from jewelry to hardware to packages and even toys, you can find everything at the lowest prices here.

The list of products stretched way too long and it is better to give their website a visit to see if what you want is on there. You can only place an order that is at least worth $1500 as they do not sell individual items and understandably so. 

Merchandise USA can be reached through mail, phone, fax, or even a visit to their physical store. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they allow customers to book virtual meetings on Zoom as well.

Address3021 W 36th St, Chicago, IL 60632, United States

Phone: +1 888-757-0060

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Rogue Liquidation

Rogue Liquidation - liquidation pallets illinois

Rogue Liquidation is a liquidation that is based in Illinois and has been operating throughout the USA for years now. Ran by a couple of husband and wife, Rogue Liquidation offers you plenty of options to buy items individually or in mass, all at the cheapest prices. 

Rogue Liquidation works in a partnership with Prime Finds to acquire estate and merchandise from liquidations and close-outs for resale. 

There are three ways you can buy goods from Rogue. First off, you can participate in their live auctions to bid on items alongside other potential buyers. The website hosts live auctions every Tuesday of the week. Bids work in increments of $50 and only registered users can partake.

If you do not want to participate in auctions, you can order a full truckload or individual pallets. They are one of the best sources of liquidation pallets in Illinois.

Rogue always labels its products so you know what you are getting into.  Customers can always visit their warehouse to personally check on items they are looking for. 

You can order pallets online too as they have a delivery service operating across various states. The pallets are pre-packaged and nobody at the Rogue goes through them or alters what’s inside them.

Address309 S Staley Rd Ste B, Champaign, IL 61822, United States

Phone+1 217-590-5474

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Shorewood Liquidators

Shorewood Liquidators - liquidation pallets illinois

Shorewood Liquidators is a reselling company that works mostly on the movement of liquidated or returned merchandise pallets of various retailers from all over the country.

They mostly sell through online auctions hosted on their website which any registered user can participate in. Outside of the quality of goods, for their fast shipping and responsive customer support, Shorewood deserves to be mentioned among the best liquidators in Illinois.

Address21460 SW Frontage Rd, Shorewood,c 60404, United States

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American Liquidation

American Liquidation - liquidation pallets illinois Based in Illinois, American Liquidation Inc. is one of the most prominent liquidators in Chicago. They specialize in acquiring overstocks and excess merchandise from a wide range of industries. A majority of the merchandise you find here has never been used and is in a brand new stage as they never made it to their designated outlets.

If you are looking for a place in Illinois for liquidation pallets of high quality, your search might just end here. The company is not limited to just a specific type of merchandise which makes it even better.

From building materials to clothing to sporting goods, you can buy everything wholesale here. American Liquidation keeps it simple and you just have to contact them to get information on the type of deal you are looking for.

Address936 Moen Ave #1, Rockdale, IL 60436, United States

Liquidation Midwest

Liquidation Midwest - liquidation pallets illinois

Liquidation Midwest is one of the most highly rated liquidation companies in Chicago. It is one of the most well-known companies to buy liquidation pallets in Illinois. They buy merchandise from sources that are going out of business or simply want to free space by getting rid of excess items. In return, the goods are resold wholesale for cheap without any changes.

They have been working in Illinois, selling liquidation pallets and even truckloads for years. You can buy specific pallets that belong to names like Lowe’s or Walmart as well.

Address9114 S Virginia Rd Suite 101, Lake in the Hills, IL 60156, United States

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Windy City Furniture

 Windy City Furniture - liquidation pallets illinois

There are a lot of used stuff stores in Illinois. Some good and bad. You can’t just go to any store and think you could find what you want. There have to be some criteria to make sure that your money isn’t wasted. This is where Windy City Furniture comes in.

Windy City has been the place to go to for the people of Illinois and the whole of Chicago for years now. Their spotless reputation among the hundreds who trust them makes Windy City a top-tier option.

Windy City Furniture belongs to a family responsible for keeping the liquidation business running through four of their generations. They have been buying close-outs and selling them for cheap since 1930. Having worked with a lot of prominent hotels all over Chicago.

The quality of the goods you get from here is undeniable. Their website has listed the names of some of their top projects and includes names like Holiday Inn Express, Four Points, and Marriott Courtyard among many others. If you want high-quality furniture at an all-time low price, this is where your search ends. 

If you want to deal with WIndy City Furniture, you can simply contact them or directly pay them a visit. The store is open Monday to Saturday, and you don’t need to have an appointment to get into things.

Address2221 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60616, United States

Phone+1 312-225-9777

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Fort Pitt Furniture

Fort Pitt Furniture

If you are looking to buy wholesale furniture for cheap, Fort Pitt is the one to consider.  They have been acquiring liquidations and close-outs from some of the best hotels in Chicago for years. The list of the major hotels they have worked with includes names like Four Seasons, Park Hyatt, Ritz Carlton, and more. 

Fort Pitt has become a mainstay name in Illinois and is very selective and careful with who they buy furniture from. It practically guarantees you get premium-quality furniture. You can visit their outlet to have a look for yourself which is only open on Fridays and weekends. 

They keep uploading the available furniture onto their Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get automatic notifications of the latest arrivals and deals.

Address5150 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, IL 60644, United States

Phone+1 773-261-3148

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Bingo Liquidation

Bingo Liquidation

Bingo Liquidation is a liquidation company known for buying and selling high-quality merchandise around Illinois and other regions. With our thousands of premium products to buy individually or wholesale, Bingo is like the thrift shop of your dreams. From umbrellas to crockery to toys to hardware, they have got everything covered. 

All of their products come from liquidations or overstocks and they guarantee to provide 40-50$ cheaper prices than retail. They are open from Monday to Saturday, and you can either visit your local store or simply give them a call. Shipping is supported across multiple areas as well.

Address12137 Rhea Dr unit B, Plainfield, IL 60585, United States

CR Liquidators 

CR Liquidators 

CR Liquidators have been slowly but steadily making a name as one of the leading liquidators in Illinois in recent years. They might not be the oldest name around but their hard work and commitment have surely brought them the success they deserve. 

CR can get you the cheapest wholesale merchandise without any compromises on the quality. They only work with top companies and you’ll mostly find big brands in the goods you receive.

From pallets to individual items, you are free to look for what you need. They also ship items through freight for when there is a need. There is also a 30-day refund policy available and all you need to do is request a return through email.

Address2994 J David Jones Pkwy, Springfield, IL 62707, United States

Southern Illinois Liquidation

Southern Illinois Liquidation

Southern Illinois Liquidation is a liquidation warehouse in Illinois that exclusively operates in the region and resells items acquired from top retailers.

Their client list includes some major retailers with a good reputation that guarantees quality. To get more details about the service and deals, you can either contact the company or visit them personally. The outlet is open every Tuesday to Sunday and stays closed on Mondays.   

Address468 Coal Rd, Elkville, IL 62932, United States


Going for a liquidation store is a great way of bringing in loads of stuff at the lowest price point possible. You are nearly guaranteed to recover your investment and might end up making big profits as well.

Finding a liquidation warehouse in Illinois is easy but the hard part is deciding if it is the best option available. You can save time with this list of the top stores you can find across Illinois.

All of them have made a name for themselves by helping people all over Illinois get furniture, hardware, and whatnot for years.

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