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10 Best Stores to Buy Liquidation Pallets in Nevada (2024)

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If you are looking for liquidation pallets in Nevada or want to buy liquidation goods at an affordable price then you are at the right place. We have compiled a list of liquidation stores in Nevada that provides quality liquidation in Nevada. You can get high-quality merchandise at discounted rates from these stores. Most of them are in Las Vegas. So, if you are looking for liquidation in Las Vegas then this list will help you as well.

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Best Liquidation Stores in Nevada:

Las Vegas Liquidation Pallets

Las Vegas Liquidation Pallets: Liquidation Pallets in Nevada

If you are in the search for some decent liquidation pallets in Nevada then you may find Las Vegas Liquidation Pallets a bountiful option. As a company, its main motto is to provide the best services to its clients, whoever they may be, consumers or resellers.

The company has understood the fact that if they can earn a customer for life then they are better off than just trying to sell something off to someone for that day. So, you can expect to receive quality customer service along with the liquidation pallets. This company fulfills the need of people looking for liquidation in Nevada.


  • The company claims to be the number one provider of Liquidation in Nevada. It claims to be one of the best liquidation stores in Nevada.
  • The company promises that when you shop for liquidation pallets at its store you can rest assured that you are getting good-quality pallets at a very good rate.
  • The company always has tons of options to choose from. They have 200 to 400 pallets regularly in their inventory. So, you can easily find stuff you are looking to buy.
  • Whether you want to buy small lots in the form of pallets or boxes or you want to go big and order multiple truckloads of stuff, Liquidation Pallets in Nevada has got you covered.

Address: 3201 Sunrise Ave #1, Las Vegas, NV 89101, United States

Phone: +1 725-227-8498

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Liqui Depot

Liqui Depot

Up next, we have Liqui Depot. This is the perfect place to find some quality liquidation pallets in Nevada. The company does quality control and promises that if you buy pallets from them then you will not be disappointed.

It provides you with a bunch of different choices for pallets which can make it easier to find the kind of stuff you are looking for. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned player of this industry or are new to the game the company treats similarly by offering the best liquidation in Nevada. So, you can shop for a bunch of things without constantly thinking that these guys are ripping you off.


  • There are multiple pallets to choose from. Whether you want to buy electronics, toys or appliances or you want to buy decent clothing for men and women you will find that there are pallets for various needs.
  • The company also sells Walmart liquidation pallets. If you want to buy pallets that have been sourced from top retailers then you might find the Walmart pallets useful.
  • Their company is located at a very convenient location. You don’t have to travel to an obscure location and enter a dingy warehouse to buy liquidation pallets in Nevada. 
  • The company wants to treat its customers right. Give them a call if you have any queries.

Address: 3700 W Desert Inn Rd Suite A, Las Vegas, NV 89102, United States

Phone: +1 702-381-3903

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All American Liquidation

All American Liquidation

If you want to liquidate your estate and get a fair price for all the items then hiring a professional liquidation company can be a good choice. All American Liquidation and Estate Sales is a company that has a lot of experience when it comes to the liquidation business.

They have helped many clients with estate sales. The company works out of Las Vegas. If you want to buy items at a cheaper rate or in a Liquidation auction then you can follow them. You can buy liquidated items when they conduct an estate sale. Visit the website to know more.


  • The company promises that when you work with them you can rest assured that the company will handle everything professionally and once all the transactions have been done you will get the money in due time.
  • Sales happen almost every week. The company keeps updating the schedules of the past and upcoming sales on the website. You can easily book a sale if you are looking to buy liquidation goods.
  • The company has 16 years of experience in Liquidation and estate sales. So, you will get decent services from them.
  • The company has a reach of thousands of Liquidation and estate sale enthusiasts. This means you will be able to easily liquidate your estate.

Address: Address: 6957 Emerald Springs Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89113, United States

Phone: +1 725-780-6030

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Bulldog Liquidators

Bulldog Liquidators: Liquidation Pallets in Nevada

It may save a lot of money if you start buying certain items from liquidation or discount stores rather than normal retailers. Bulldog Liquidators is a Liquidation store in Nevada. The company sells a bunch of different items that can be used by people in their daily life.

Many of the products sold here are top-quality that you would expect to find in high-end retail stores. The best part about all this is that you don’t have to pay the retail price for these items. All the items are available at a heavily discounted price. So, visit the store if you want some goodies at a lower price.


  • The company works towards maintaining the quality of the goods they sell. All the items go through tests and inspections to make sure that they meet the quality standards.
  • As mentioned before, you don’t have to pay the full price for these items. These items are available at a discounted price. The discount can range anywhere from a decent 40% to a whopping 80%.
  • You will find branded items that are available in high-end stores at Bulldog Liquidators.
  • The inventory gets new items every week. So, do expect to find fresh items regularly.

Address: 3265 E Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas, NV

Phone: +1 702-433-8200

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Liquidity Services is a big corporation that has a lot of experience in the liquidation industry. You can find many branches of this company all over the States. The company is the largest e-commerce marketplace platform when it comes to transactions related to surplus assets.

The company has completed over $9 billion worth of transactions. This means that it is constantly in business and you can’t stay in business unless you provide good results. The company promises to deliver quality goods from some of the top retailers. This is one of the companies which sells liquidation pallets in Nevada at a discounted price and make a profit reselling them.


  • This is a huge corporation that follows all the standard protocols and delivers quality goods that meet the industry standards.
  • The content has had over 4.7 million buyers and around 15k corporate and government businesses or institutions who have sold via them.
  • You can find Liquidation pallets from Amazon, Walmart, Target etc. So, if you were looking to source some quality goods from those stores check out this site.

Address: 3010 E Alexander Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89115, United States

Phone: (800) 498-1909

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Tokyo Discount

Tokyo Discount: Liquidation Store in Nevada

Tokyo Discount, as you can easily guess from the name, is a discount and Liquidation store to buy all things Japanese. This is a popular store in Nevada and people in Henderson or Las Vegas often drop in here to buy some decent merchandise without having to pay a fortune.

From soft plushies to toys, to electronic items to apparel, you will find a variety of items in this store. The store has gotten great reviews and is a fun place for geeks who love Japanese culture, anime, and merchandise.


  • Will fulfill your need to buy quality Japanese merchandise without paying too much. You get decent items at a discounted price.
  • The company has been in business since 2005 and since then has been attracting hundreds of customers who want to buy Japanese goods.
  • If you want you can buy stuff online as well. Visit the website to check out the inventory.

Address: 1300 W Sunset Rd #301, Henderson, NV 89014, United States

Phone: +1 702-570-5604

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The Liquidators

The Liquidators: Liquidation Store in Nevada

The Liquidators is a company for people that are looking for liquidation furniture. This store liquidates furniture from manufacturers and various other sources and then sells them at an affordable price. The company sells to general consumers as well as businesses like hotels and restaurants.


  • The team here is quite experienced and ensures that you get quality services when you decide to buy from them.
  • The inventory gets fresh stuff regularly. So, you can often find a lot of new furniture.
  • The company has a huge inventory of different types of furniture. Visit the website to learn more.

Address: 4520 Arville St Suite A1 Las Vegas, NV

Phone: +1 702-207-6448

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Direct Wholesale and Printing

If you are looking for tools and appliances like air compressors, power tools, home improvement items at a discounted price then Direct Wholesale and Printing might be the right choice.

The company sources quality tools from big department stores and offers them at a wholesale price. If you need some tools without having to pay a lot of money then check out the Facebook page of this company.


  • Top-quality tools from big department stores are available at affordable rates.
  • The quality of the tools is pretty decent. You can use them for all your tools-related projects.
  • The company also provides printing services like posters, banners, wedding photos etc.

Address: 3625 W Harmon Ave, Ste E Las Vegas, NV

Phone: +1 702-768-2245

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Liquidation Center

Anyone looking to buy different kinds of items and merchandise for cheap can visit a nice liquidation store and get their needs fulfilled. If you are in Nevada and are searching for a nice store to buy some cheap items then you might want to check out Liquidation Center.

This is a Liquidation store in Nevada that many people use regularly to buy different kinds of merchandise without having to pay too much. This is one of the best discount shops in the area and has got some good reviews. They have a Facebook page that you can check out. You will find more information there about the merchandise being sold in the store. They also have a Twitter handle viz. @LiquidationLV.


  • There are 100s of different items to choose from. You will most likely find the kind of stuff you are looking to buy. So, go to the store and browse through their inventory.
  • If you are looking for cheap goods to buy then this store is perfect. All the items in the store have large discounts on them. You can get 30 to 80% off on the retail price of the items.
  • The company maintains the Facebook page quite well. You can find information about the inventory and new items regularly if you follow them on Facebook. You can also follow them on Twitter.
  • The store is open from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening.

Address: 6015 S Rainbow Blvd Las Vegas, NV

Phone: +1 702-433-3246

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Wild West Liquidators

Wild West Liquidators is a company that provides Liquidation Las Vegas. This is a Liquidation store in Nevada that a lot of people use to buy different kinds of items. Unlike many of the other companies on this list that have been operating for years, Wild West Liquidators started in 2019. This is a family-owned and operated business.

So, if you are looking for a Liquidation store run by locals then you are at the right place. The company ensures that you get the best stuff possible at the most affordable rates. You will be able to find a bunch of things in their inventory. The company does not have a website but you can check out the Facebook page for regular updates.


  • This is not a mega-corporation. It is a local store that is a family-owned and operated business.
  • The company had a variety of stock in their inventory. You can find quality tools, electronic items, clothing and accessories, footwear etc.
  • There are amazing discounts on all the items. You can get all the items related to your daily needs at a very affordable price.
  • There are regular updates on the Facebook page for the company. You can follow them there and get updates on the fresh items in the inventory.

Address: The store is located at 1526 Pittman Ave., Sparks, NV

Phone: +1 775-378-9868

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So, these were some of the best options for liquidation stores in Nevada. So, if you want to buy liquidation pallets in Nevada or some quality liquidation merchandise you can visit these stores. We hope you found some decent options to choose from.

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