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10 Best Stores to Buy Liquidation Pallets in Kentucky (2024)

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Shopping in malls, or shopping for items online sooner or later gets boring. For those who love to shop and get hold of new and exciting items at amazing rates Kentucky Liquidation stores will be a great way to explore. If you shop in any of the below-mentioned locations you’ll surely return home with bags full of goodies and you can buy Liquidation pallets in Kentucky from these stores as well. 

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Not just for shopping lovers but for those wanting to start their business, liquidation in pallets Kentucky can prove to be a very profitable option to purchase goods from. You can usually find anything and everything in Kentucky liquidation stores. From hats to shoes, all types of products are available. The best part is that all these items can be purchased at affordable rates within your budget. 

They ensure quality and quantity both and that’s a great characteristic of liquidation stores. As a bonus, you get a discount! Isn’t it great? Another amazing thing is that almost all of the Kentucky Liquidation stores have an online presence so you can check their online stores before visiting offline. 

You don’t have to stress about finding a good store in Kentucky, we did that for you. Here is a list of 10 liquidation stores in Kentucky. All of them have unique characteristics and great services, they all ensure high quality and low rates. 

Best Liquidators in Kentucky:

KY Liquidators

KY Liquidators: Liquidation pallets Kentucky

The tagline of Kentucky Liquidators is “everything under the sun” showing that here you can find whatever products or goods you are looking for. The best part is that as everything is available in one place you don’t have to run around wasting several hours checking all items on your shopping list. Their main focus is on furniture and household items but they maintain a pretty huge inventory which includes clothes, jewelry, belts, and even items for children. 

They ensure high quality of products; all items go through a series of checks to make sure that all products are perfect and working. You can go through their website before you visit their store offline. This way you can get a better idea of their pricing and products. Their website consists of a really good collection of indoor games at affordable prices. They always keep their inventory up to date and keep their collection trendy at all times. Kentucky Liquidators is one of the best Liquidation Pallets in Kentucky.

Address: 3179 Irvine Rd, Richmond, KY 40475, United States

Phone: +1 859-369-3729

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Southern KY Liquidation

Southern KY Liquidation: Liquidation pallets Kentucky

Southern Kentucky Liquidation focuses on customer satisfaction and to ensure happy users they provide quality products at affordable rates. A great feature about their services is that they host a bidding sale every night at 6 p.m. They also launch several giveaways and provide free items for their customers. Their team has one goal which is to provide all customers with the best services.

Their website is a great tool for understanding their work and contacting them easily. They have a huge collection as well just like the number of positive reviews online for them. During festivals, they add separate special inventories like trees and ornaments on Christmas and beautiful themes decorations on Thanksgiving. 

Their Facebook page is usually used for regular updates and sales. Biddings are also held on their page along with giveaways and several offers. Before you decide to visit their store you can check their collection online on their social media platforms like Pinterest. This way you’ll know about their products and will get a better idea of whether your requirements can be fulfilled or not.

Address: 206 Industrial Dr, Glasgow, KY 42141, United States

Phone: +1 270-407-0146

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American Freight

American Freight: Liquidation pallets Kentucky

With three hundred plus 5-star reviews online and a total of 5 out of 4 stars, American Freight is known to be one of the best liquidation pallets in Kentucky. They mostly deal with furniture, mattress, and appliances. Might seem like their collection is small but you are mistaken here.

They have a wide range and huge collection of furniture. From recliners to furniture for bedrooms, they have it all and everything is available at affordable rates. They have several categories just when it comes to mattresses, like types of comfort, sizes, sets, and even several accessories for beds. Isn’t it amazing? 

This is not it, their range of appliances is wide as well! With several types of refrigerators, dishwashers, cooking appliances, and whatnot. Whatever you need you’ll get! They also have rugs and closets, and even outdoor furniture for your beautiful gardens. If you’re planning to open your store furniture, American Freight will surely be your best friend.

Address: 7102 Turfway Rd, Florence, KY 41042, United States

Phone: +1 859-371-3111

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LL Flooring

LL Flooring: Liquidation pallets Kentucky

Lumber Liquidators is the world of flooring solutions with a wide range of options and services. Everything that you need to make your floors look beautiful and elegant can be found here at LL flooring. It is known to be one of the best liquidation pallets in Kentucky that focus on flooring solutions.

They aim at bringing your vision to life. LL Flooring is proud to have one of the industry’s largest stocks of pre-finished and unfinished hardwood floors, and they only buy from sellers who use sustainable harvesting methods, allowing the timbers to heal and re-grow more quickly. 

Their collection is huge, consisting of various types of materials such as bamboo, hardwood, lamination, and every other material ever used for flooring. Their collection is not the only great thing about their work, LL flooring offers great deals and prices that are affordable and budget-friendly. You can visit their store and get free samples that you can use to match your walls and check whether or not they will look good.

Address: 7800 Connector Dr, Florence, KY 41042, United States

Phone: +1 859-918-9961

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Fleet Vehicle Disposal

Fleet vehicle disposal and commercial liquidations

They have been in the market since 1955! Their team has expertise when it comes to power plants, solar installations, and even props and cars for film shooting. They have a big collection, with big here it means they can arrange up to one hundred trucks if needed! And all of this is provided for customers at super affordable and low rates.

They have licensed automobile dealers. With nine regional offices and dozens of satellite locations across the Continental United States, they serve the needs of business and industry. They host regular auctions and bidding wars which are attended by several people. Customers eagerly wait for the auctions held by them. Sometimes they auction cars used in famous movies and tv series as well which fans love to purchase. 

If you are planning to start your own business in the niche of automobiles or vehicle disposals. This is the right place for you. All your requirements will be taken care of.

Phone: +1 888-255-3933

911 Liquidators

911 Liquidators: Liquidation pallets Kentucky

It is a surplus store which has all types of goods and products available. From beautiful decoration items for your house to gorgeous clothing items, 911 Liquidators have it all. They also have electronic items, furniture, and even paintings. If you are looking to start a small business or want to reseller goods, purchasing items in bulk from 911 will be beneficial for you.

Looking for quality clothes under your budget? Don’t look anymore, make a stop at 911 Liquidators, and your search will be over. They have a huge collection of apparel and footwear which you can check out and purchase good quality items in bulk at low rates.

Address: 15960 Fort Campbell Blvd A, Oak Grove, KY 42262, United States

Phone: +1 270-439-6598

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London Liquidators

London Liquidators are based online as well as offline. You can buy goods through their website or the Facebook page as well as by visiting their store offline. They believe in high-quality products at extremely low rates. They often run sales and deals on their Facebook page for their followers. If you’re looking to start an online business they would be of great help to you. 

You can check their online Facebook page or contact them directly for inquiries related to business deals. For purchasing products for yourself you can surely check their offline store, you’ll certainly come back with a truck full of bags.

Address: 1034 E Laurel Rd, London, KY 40741, United States

Phone: +1 606-260-8168

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Strike a Bargain Liquidation

This is one of the best liquidation pallets in Kentucky with a great presence online. They sell almost anything and everything on their Facebook page. Strike a Bargain Liquidation also run several markets and workshops where they sell their amazing quality goods at low rates.

They have the smallest things like cases and protection screens for the Apple watch to the biggest furniture pieces available. Strike a Bargain Liquidation often provides heavy discounts like up to 35℅ and sometimes even fifty percent! Not just quality and quantity but they also ensure that their products are elegant and attractive looking. 

Along with all other characteristics they focus on giving the best to their customers. Their services are excellent and their reviews online are super high too, just like their quality of products.

Address: 751 Portland Ave, Bardstown, KY 40004, United States

Phone: +1 502-203-4842

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Northern KY Liquidation

Northern Kentucky Liquidation is last on our list of 10 Liquidation Stores In Kentucky. It might not be the best but it surely is one of the highest-rated Liquidation pallets in Northern Kentucky. They have a variety of items available in their store. They ensure excellent quality of items and the prices aren’t very high.

Choosing Northern Kentucky Liquidation will be a great way to gain profits if you are planning to start a new business. You can easily purchase items in bulk and resell them. They have all types of products and goods available for you to purchase. If not for business purposes you can purchase goods for yourself at low rates. 

Address: 330 Weaver Rd suite 700, Florence, KY 41042, United States

Phone: +1 859-907-2992

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Kentucky Liquidation Pallet

Their company has been in the liquidation market for a very long time and hence has experience. They haven’t let down any customers and are known to be one of the most reputable and trustworthy Liquidation Pallets in Kentucky.

They are amazing retailers and liquidation wholesalers but they also sell their products in direct flea markets. From A to Z all products are available in their inventory, items like cosmetics, furniture, toys, decorative showpieces, tools, and even electronics.

If you check their website you’ll see a wide range of available items. You can easily contact them about your requirements and their team will surely help you and guide you with what’s best for you. If you want to start a business, taking products from Kentucky Liquidation Pallet and Truckloads will be profitable for you. 

Even if you want to purchase items for personal use you can easily find whatever you need. They also sort all items to ensure fast and high-quality services for all customers. The prices they offer are super affordable and budget-friendly. This is one of the best liquidation pallets in Kentucky.


Wrapping it up

Today’s world is harsh and cruel when it comes to high levels of competition in the business and retail departments. Every retailer or businessman aims to stay one step ahead of another in terms of selling their goods.

Even though most of the liquidation stores sell the same types of products they have to be better than one another to ensure that people buy from them. If you start your own business you must ensure that when you resell items the prices that you set are economically friendly and affordable for others. 

It makes no difference if you are a business owner or an individual consumer; you must be clever and quick. And shopping at liquidation stores is the ideal way to invest your money in the twenty-first century. Liquidation in Kentucky is a great way to start businesses and further make investments as they provide high-quality products at extremely low rates.

The greatest way to buy stock in the twenty-first century is to buy liquidation pallets in Kentucky. You can also attend auctions, tour locations, and visit warehouses and retailers at your leisure to assess quality and rates. Comparing prices across different liquidation stores can also be beneficial. 

This list contains the top liquidation stores available right now in Kentucky. They are all well-rated and experienced in their specific fields. Whether you are shopping for yourself or to start a business the stores and their teams will be of great help. 

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