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10 Best Stores to Buy Liquidation Pallets in Northern Ireland

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Liquidation stores are the best way to find quality goods at cheap prices. Liquidation in Northern Ireland has gained a great boost. Northern Ireland has some of the best liquidation stores in England. These stores are simple discount shops and have great deals on used goods. These goods include electronics, furniture, small goods, household items, home décor, and other useful items. Also, there are some companies in this industry that carry out liquidation auctions in Northern Ireland and you can buy liquidation pallets in Northern Ireland.

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It is very important for you to check the quality of these goods. Many a time they turn out to be defective and damaged. Finding top-quality goods in liquidation pallets from Northern Ireland can be a difficult task. You need not worry as we bring you the list of 10 Liquidation Stores in Northern Ireland.

Liquidation Stores in Northern Ireland:

Furniture Clearance Centre

Furniture Clearance Centre: liquidation northern ireland

Furniture Clearance Centre is one of the best furniture liquidation stores in Northern Ireland. They have a wide range of liquidated furniture goods. Their furniture collection includes sofas, chairs, tables, desks, drawers, beds, wardrobes, mirrors, stools, dining tables, and TV units. They buy excess production or customers return goods from some of the best companies in the market.

Furniture Clearance Centre also have their own interesting range of products. They have a dedicated support team. This team will assist you with your purchase and order on their live chat option. The best part about them is that they offer free fast delivery to your home. Their prices are extremely affordable and will save you a lot of money. Furniture Clearance Centre’s staff is very professional and they will help you find a furniture piece that will best suit your home décor.

Their prices are incredible. Also, they offer great discounts to their customers. Besides that, they have received the best reviews and five-star ratings from their customers. So, if you wish to save your valuable time, money, as well as effort, then they are one of the best liquidation stores to buy liquidation pallets in Northern Ireland.

Address: Unit 1, 7 Washing Bay Rd, Coalisland, Dungannon BT71 4ND, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 28 8744 9008

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B&M Stores

B&M Stores: liquidation northern ireland

B&M Stores have some of the top brand products at extremely low rates. They promise big savings to their customers. They buy liquidation pallets in Northern Ireland from some of the top brands. These pallets have exchange stock, customer returns, excess production goods, and quality-checked products. People love visiting them and often end up buying ample of goods from their store.

They have health, beauty, DIY, electronics, toys, home essentials, food, baby care, pet food, accessories, stationary, and other similar products. They are a well-experienced service and have many stores across the country. Their staff is very polite and will assist you in your shopping experience. Their rates are very affordable and have amazing offers on every product.

They also conduct regular seasonal sales and discount offers, which attract huge traffic to their stores. Their customers are very happy with their service and have given them great reviews. This makes them one of the best liquidation stores in England.

Address: County, 27 Rosemary St, Antrim BT1 1QB, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 330 838 9324

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Ormeau Road Furniture

Ormeau Road Furniture: liquidation pallets Northern Ireland

Ormeau Road Furniture Store is another well-known discounted furniture liquidation store from where you can buy liquidation pallets in Northern Ireland. They call themselves the industry leaders in the sale of used furniture. They carry out strict quality checks before keeping these furniture units for sale.

This makes sure that every good that they display for sale has the best quality. They liquidate estate assets which include wardrobes, beds, sofas, storage units, tables, and chairs. They also deal in home appliances, electronics, washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, and television sets.

Their store always has great offers and sells these goods for discounted prices. This furniture store is trustworthy and reliable. They will offer you the best quality at cheap rates. They have received some of the best reviews. So, if you wish to buy cheap used furniture, then Ormeau Road Furniture Company will offer you quality home furniture options.

Address: 38-40 Ormeau Rd, Belfast BT7 2EA, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 7596 500830

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Around a Pound

Around a Pound: liquidation pallets Northern Ireland

Around a Pound is the favorite discount store of thousands across the UK. They have been providing liquidated goods at cheap rates since the year 1999. They are one of the leading retailers in Northern Ireland. Their products include garden equipment, clothes, home essentials, electronics, health products, fashion, beauty, pet care products, and decorative items.

Their items undergo quality checks and are branded products. They have all categories of goods and keep an excellent collection. If you visit their store for buying goods, then rest assured you will leave with a happy face. They give amazing offers and gift vouchers to their regular buyers.

Around a Pound also conducts seasonal sales and super discount deals. They give a fast delivery guarantee for big products. They have received some of the best reviews and five-star ratings from their customers. This makes them one of the best liquidation stores to buy liquidation pallets in Northern Ireland with a wide range of quality products.

Address: 41-43 Main St, Newcastle BT33 0AD, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 28 4372 7500

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The Original Factory Shop

The Original Factory Shop

The Original Factory Shop will bring goods straight from the factory manufacturers to you. They buy liquidation palettes in Northern Ireland and have excellent products for sale. They will offer you discounts, that no other liquidation store will. Their outlet has a huge storage capacity and renews goods every week.

You will receive up to 70 percent off on goods at their store. Their products include garden tools, DIY goods, storage units, lighting equipment, electronics, pet care products, and other supplementary goods. They also have food products, groceries, toys, clothes, fashion, and beauty products.

This is the best shop if you wish to are searching for amazing gifts. They have a variety of products that will be the best gift options for everyone. They specialize in garden tools and equipment. Many people visit their store to buy gardening materials. Their customers have given them top reviews and visit their store very often. So, if you wish to buy gifts or gardening material, then The Original Factory Shop is the right place to visit.

Address: Market St, Ballycastle BT54 6DS, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 28 2076 2815

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Discount Bed Belfast

Discount Bed Belfast: companies in liquidation Northern Ireland

Discount Bed is a discount store situated in Belfast. They have an amazing range of bed mattresses and beds. Discount Bed Belfast specializes in this category and has been providing service for quite some time now. They provide straight supply from the manufacturers. This ensures top quality at discounted rates.

They are open six days a week. Their mattresses are the best and have a comfortable feel. They have delivered their products to thousands of customers and have never failed at satisfying their needs. They have one of the best customer care services.

Their beds are present in different categories such as luxury beds, wooden beds, divans, leather beds, bunk beds, children’s beds, and more. They have delivery services throughout Northern Ireland. Discount Bed Belfast also provide customized mattresses as per your requirements.

They have experienced high sales in recent times.  Bedding and mattresses are usually very expensive. So, if you wish to buy premium quality bedding at extremely cheap rates, then Discount Bed Belfast will provide you with the best mattress.

Address: 8 Templemore Ave, Belfast BT5 4FP, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 28 9045 3723

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Corporate Auction Solutions

Corporate Auction Solutions have been conducting liquidation auctions in Northern Ireland for the past several years. They are one of the top corporate auctioneers in England. There is absolutely nothing they cannot sell. Assign them the task and they will get it done. They practice property, farm, plant, machinery, estate, commercial space, antique, as well as art liquidations.

Corporate Auction Solutions have a tremendous 25-year experience and will bring you the best rates. They are very professional and will bring you the best possible results. Their auctions occur every week and usually have high attendance. They have a set loyal client base. This is a trustworthy and highly reliable service.

Also, they have received some of the best reviews and five-star ratings from their clients. This makes them one of the best auction companies in liquidation in Northern Ireland. So, if you are planning to downsize or sell your assets, then Corporate Auction Solutions will get this job done for you. You can hand them over the responsibility and simply sit back and relax.

Address: 22 Northland Row, Tyrone, Dungannon BT71 6AP, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 28 8775 3555

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Tyrone’s Furniture Clearance Warehouse

Last but not least we have on our list Tyrone’s Furniture Clearance Warehouse. This is another great option if you wish to buy discounted furniture items. They specialize in mattresses and rugs. They have a great collection of top-quality furniture goods.

Their products include sofa sets, beds, wardrobes, dining tables, chairs, electronic lamps, storage units, drawers, mattresses, rugs, and desks. They provide home delivery at almost every location in Northern Ireland. Their store has great staff and amazing discounts.

Their staff will help you find the best mattress or rug that will best suit your requirement. They are open six days a week and have an amazing collection. They check their liquidated goods thoroughly before keeping them for sale. Despite being last on this list, they have an incredible furniture collection. So, if you wish to buy discounted mattresses and rugs, then do give a visit to Tyrone’s Furniture Clearance Warehouse.

Address: Unit 37 Gortrush Industrial Estate, Great Northern Rd, Omagh BT78 5EJ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 28 8224 7141

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Martins Discount Store

Martins Discount Store deals in home furniture liquidation. They buy their goods mostly from Sleep-well company. Martins Discount Store’s furniture collection includes sofas, dining tables, chairs, storage units, and drawer units. Their team of experts will help you find the perfect furniture piece which will match your taste.

Their staff is known to be polite and helpful. They carry out regular sales of these liquidated furniture items. People love the variety that they offer. They have high sales and you will always find new collections in their store.

They are open seven days a week and will offer you great discounts. Their customers are satisfied with their service and prefer buying furniture from them. This makes them one of the top companies in furniture liquidation in Northern Ireland.

Address: 29-31 Market Square, Lisburn BT28 1AD, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 28 9266 8625

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Liquidation Bathrooms

As the name suggests Liquidation Bathrooms have a wide range of bathroom equipment. The part that makes them unique is that they practice specialized liquidation. Unlike other services, they focus only on bathroom equipment which includes pipes, taps, hand wash basin units, bathroom storage units, and bathtubs.

They offer quality bathroom suites at affordable prices. They have a tremendous amount of experience and have been serving their customers for the last 12 years now. People in Northern Ireland prefer buying bathroom interiors from Liquidation Bathrooms.

They have a set customer base and have successfully gained their trust. They sell these bathroom types of equipment at cheap rates to maximize customer satisfaction. So, if you are planning to buy bathroom equipment and do not know where to find cheap alternatives, then this is the right place for you.

Address: Coes Road, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland

Phone: +353 86 167 5790

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This was the list of 10 Liquidation Stores in Northern Ireland. These are some of the best liquidation stores in Northern Ireland. They offer premium quality branded goods at affordable rates. We hope this list of 10 Liquidation Stores in Northern Ireland was helpful for you. Save it for future reference.

If we have missed any great liquidation store recommendations, then feel free to drop a comment in the comments section below. Also, make sure you visit our blog for similar recommendation lists on a variety of different topics.

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