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10 Best Liquidation Stores in Boston in 2024

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Trying to find liquidation stores in your local area can be a bit of work. We are here to help you out. Today, we bring you some of the liquidators Boston. These liquidation stores often conduct a liquidation sale Boston. If you are looking to buy liquidation pallets Boston then you will find many liquidation stores in Boston that are either located in or near Boston or deliver merchandise to Boston. If you are looking to buy Amazon returns or Walmart surplus then you can find Amazon pallets for sale Boston. So, read on to find some quality stores that sell good-quality merchandise at very affordable rates.

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What is Liquidation?

When a business has surplus inventory or it is closing out a warehouse then it often decides to sell off all the merchandise at a discount price because the price of carrying the items to a new place or trying to sell them at retail prices can take time and might not be that profitable.

There are many companies that help businesses with Liquidation. They buy huge truckloads of merchandise at a lower price and then sell them to the general public. Many resellers buy these discounted products and then sell them at their own store to earn a profit.

Many individuals also buy these merchandise so that they can score some quality items at a very low price. A great number of big retailers and department stores like Target, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Macy’s etc. sell off their surplus inventories and returns and you can find a local liquidation store that sells these items. 

Here is the list of 10 Best Liquidation Stores in Boston:



Bstock Solutions sells liquidation merchandise in Boston, Massachusetts. This is another company where you can buy stuff directly online or you can visit their offline locations as well.

The company promises that there will be no unpleasant surprises while working with them. They provide very detailed information and manifest to clients. You will have all the details about the merchandise. You will know about the quality, quantity and condition of the inventory.

So, when you decide to bid on a pallet you have all the necessary information with you and you can place a confident bid. The company focuses on selling products and merchandise to other businesses. If you are a reseller looking to fill your inventories with Liquidation Pallets then it is probably a good idea to take a look at what Bstock is providing.

A lot of people have used this site so you will be able to find many Bstock reviews online. The site does not mark up the price. Also, since there is no middleman involved you end up saving much more on the cost and thus, increasing your profit. Visiting the website to take a look at the inventory.

Address: 38 Chauncy St.Suite 701Boston, MA 02111

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A to Z Event Sales

A to Z Event Sales

A to Z Event Sales is a company that is very confident you will enjoy the quality of merchandise you find in its shop as well as be surprised by the deals you get when you visit the store.

The company believes that shopping should never be boring. You should be able to have a great experience while shopping as well as buy some useful items without having to worry about emptying your bank account unless you only have a few dollars.

The company generally liquidates huge amounts of merchandise from big retailers and then sells truckloads and pallets of items to discount chains and retailers. The merchandise that is left after selling to those companies is sold at very cheap prices to the general consumer.

You can buy items for cheap from Thursdays through Sundays. Every weekend the stock is replenished. If you are looking for a liquidation sale Boston then this is a great store to check out. You will get items for as low as 70 to 90 per cent off from the retail price.

The company does not try to spend money just to make the store look good or on external beautification because it does not add any value to the actual product sold.

Rather all those savings on not building store fixtures, racks or spending tonnes of money on promotion and advertisement are transferred to the consumers who are able to buy the merchandise for such cheap rates.

Address44 Garden St, Everett, MA 02149, United States

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Atlantic Liquidators

Atlantic Liquidators

Atlantic Liquidators is a company that liquidates old furniture from offices and estates and then sells them at a discounted price to consumers. If you are looking to set up an office or store in Boston and are looking for furniture liquidators Boston then Atlantic Liquidators is one of the best options you have got.

The store is located in Lynn, Massachusetts. The company has been in this business for more than 3 decades and has helped liquidate the furniture of many popular stores and businesses after they had decided to downsize or closeout their locations.

This means that you basically get some quality usable furniture for your office space without having to pay the full price for them. You can visit their website to look at the kind of furniture they currently have in stock or drive to their store location and check them out physically.

You can buy cubicles, office chairs, vintage furniture, cafe furniture, desks, private office suite furniture and much more. Anyone can easily furnish their entire office or workplace using this company because they have good-quality stock. The company is very much looking forward to working with clients.

The team here always puts in the best effort doesn’t matter how big or small the order is. You will always have the best buying experience. The store is open from 7 to 5 every day except on Saturdays when it is open from 7 to 12. The store is closed on Sundays. So, plan your visits accordingly.

Address29 Bennett St, Lynn, MA 01905, United States

MAC Wholesale

MAC Wholesale - Liquidation Stores in Boston

MAC Wholesale or Maximum Advantage Closeouts Wholesale is one of the liquidation stores in Boston that sells Liquidation merchandise to retailers. You can buy liquidation pallets and truckloads from the company if you are looking for a source to stock your inventory. The CEO of the company is Bruce Moyer.

He has a lot of experience when it comes to Closeout Business. He started as a retailer in this industry. Once he had gathered some experience he moved to open wholesale Liquidation business when he started MAC Wholesale in 2005. The company wants to create a proper relationship with customers.

They want to be honest and transparent with their customers. The company never goes back on its word. Besides working well with customers the company also treats its employees with utmost respect and dignity.

To know about the company’s inventory you can give them a call at (508) 378-3500 or visit them at their facility at 140 Laurel St, East Bridgewater, Massachusetts 02333. You can easily sell to this company if you need to liquidate some of your assets to get some cash to invest back in your business.

Just give them a call and email them your list of closeout items. The company will work with you and try to come up with the right price for your assets. Once you are happy with it you can give them a go-ahead. The company will then quickly arrange for shipping and pick up all the stuff you want to liquidate and you will get your cash too.

Address140 Laurel St, East Bridgewater, MA 02333, United States

Phone+1 508-378-3500

Via Trading

Via Trading - Liquidation Stores in Boston

Via Trading has been in the liquidation business for 2 decades. The company started in 2002 and since then has been involved in wholesaling true liquidation merchandise to interested parties.

This is a family-owned business. If you are a reseller looking for liquidation stores in Boston then you can use the services of this company. It does not have a facility or warehouse near Boston but you can check out the inventory of company online.

They have a huge inventory of products sourced from top retailers and companies. You can buy pallets or truckloads of products depending on your needs. The merchandise is priced at a fraction of its original cost. Thus, you stand to make a profit if you can sell this merchandise.

The company is based in Lynnwood, California you can give them a visit if you want to. The company actively monitors its email each day. So, you can drop them an email.


Quicklotz - Liquidation Stores in Boston

Quicklotz is the most popular Liquidation wholesale company. They have a lot of exposure and experience in the liquidation business. They have sourced merchandise from all the big names.

So, if you want to buy liquidation pallets or truckloads of returns or overstocks then you can use this site. They have mentioned all the info related to their inventory on the website. You will have to take a long trip to visit their warehouse but you can find almost all the details on the website and there are many reviews online.

The prices are very reasonable and if you have any questions you can directly give them a call. If you are looking to stock up on Amazon pallets or Walmart pallets then this is the site to use. They have all the resources that you will need to stock your inventory of surplus inventories, returns, overstocks etc.

They also have something called a mystery box. So, you don’t exactly know what is inside the box but if you are willing to take the risk then you might find a random assortment of good-quality items that can make a good profit for you.

The company has been in business for more than a decade and knows how to deliver quality Liquidation merchandise to its clients as efficiently and effectively as possible. 


Liquidation.com - Liquidation Stores in Boston

You can check out the website liquidation.com if you are looking to buy surplus inventory and returns. The company promises that by using the website it will be very easy for you to procure liquidation goods and if you have any problems you can reach out to customer support and get your issues resolved.

The website claims that all the merchandise that it sells are priced fairly so that when you buy them you stand to make a profit if you sell the goods. They have goods for all categories and niches.

So, you can use this site to shop for a variety of Liquidation items. Liquidation.com has over 500 categories of products on its inventory. So, you will probably be able to find almost all kinds of products and Liquidation merchandise. Just visit their website and you can check out what they have in stock.

This is quite a popular site among individuals and resellers who are into the liquidation business. There are more than 14k sellers associated with this company. A total of $8 billion dollars worth of transactions have taken place on the site. This site is used by people all over the world.

The company claims that over 3.6 million people have bought merchandise from the site. The customers of the company are spread across 200 countries.

Theta Trades Liquidation

Theta Trades Liquidation - Liquidation Stores in Boston

Theta Trades Liquidation is one of the liquidation stores in Boston that sells different kinds of liquidation merchandise to clients. It opens at 9 in the morning. The store is located at Stoughton in Massachusetts.

It deals with some of the biggest and most well-known retailers like Amazon and eBay as well as big department store chains like Walmart, Target, Lowe’s etc. They buy truckloads and pallets of merchandise from this company at a lower price and sell them to customers at a discounted price.

You can get pallets sourced from all the big named retailers out there. All the pallets are sold as-is. If you are looking to buy liquidation pallets Boston then this is one of the liquidation wholesale companies that you can check out. You can visit the store directly or check out the inventory by visiting the website.

The store is closed on Sundays and is open all days from 9 to 5 except Saturday when it closes at 3 pm. Many people have used this website and have gotten good results.

They are very happy with the purchase because the company did not destroy their trust and provided what they had advertised. This way the customers have been able to make some money selling the liquidation merchandise they bought from this place.

Address: 109 Tosca Dr, Stoughton, MA 02072, United States

Phone: +1 617-390-4945

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Closeout Distributors

Closeout Distributors - Liquidation Stores in Boston

Closeout Distributors are specialists when it comes to distributing wholesale liquidation merchandise, closeouts, surplus inventory, returns etc. They have been sourcing these items from some of the top retailers and department stores in the country.

All these products are directly sourced from Walmart, Target, Amazon, eBay etc. So, if you are looking for Amazon pallets for sale Boston then you can visit this site and check out their inventory for Massachusetts closeouts. There are many retailers, wholesalers, auctioneers, in Massachusetts that buy merchandise from this company.

They have got electronic goods like gadgets, toys and tools. You can buy kitchen appliances, household items, clothing items etc. They have a list of their inventory on the website.

You can take a look at that and see if they have the merchandise you are looking for. You can order truckloads or pallets depending on the number of items you are looking to buy.

East Coast Liquidation

The next company on our list is one of the most famous liquidation stores in Boston. This is a company that sells liquidation merchandise to retailers as well as consumers.

The company has been in this business for a few years and has good knowledge about all the ins and outs of the industry. They work with big retailing companies and department stores in the country.

Once the companies are ready to liquidate their overstocks, shelf-pulls, returns, and surplus inventory, East Coast Liquidation buys this liquidation merchandise. Since they get a huge discount while purchasing these items they sell them at a much lower price than the retail price of the items.

The company does not have a website but you can reach out to them via its Facebook page. The company is open all days of the week except Wednesdays.

You have to make an appointment if you want to give them a visit or you can visit them on Saturdays and Sundays when they are open from 9 to 4 and 10 to 4 respectively.

You can contact them via their Facebook page. The company is generally pretty active on Facebook. They post updates on their inventory regularly. Whenever they have something new in the stock that they feel their customers should know about they post it on Facebook.

So, it is a good idea to keep tabs on their Facebook posts so that you can know what kind of items they currently have in stock.

Address: 41 Main St, Leominster, MA 01453, United States

Phone: +1 508-981-8384

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These were some of the liquidators from where you can buy merchandise and liquidation pallets Boston. If you are looking for a liquidation sale Boston then these stores often have sales most of the days. You will find many stores across the country that sell this kind of wholesale merchandise.

Finding referrals and reading reviews can help you identify sites that can have good-quality stock and can sell you at a price at which you can make a profit. We suggest you visit the website of these stores and take a look at their inventory or just give them a visit and get a feel for the quality directly. Happy shopping!

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