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10 Best Stores to Buy Liquidation Pallets in San Antonio (2024)

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Your best bet for finding the items you need is through San Antonio liquidation stores. The usage of liquidators in liquidation pallets in San Antonio occurs when a store closes its doors or needs to sell off extra inventory. Many of your chosen items are available at liquidation sales for less than half their original price. Working in the liquidation market might help you save money. Both private and commercial usage of the items is possible. These liquidators acquire these items and resell them to their consumers at a much cheaper rate.

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There have been liquidations of businesses, industries, shops, and estates. The majority of what you want is available from firms offering liquidations at steep prices. You may avail discounts and even save money on high-quality products for your store by shopping at the liquidated market. There are various San Antonio liquidation businesses that provide great bargains on a wide range of things.

If you live in San Antonio, we have put together this list to help you for liquidation pallets San Antonio. This list includes all of San Antonio’s top liquidation firms. We’ve offered a combination of firms in San Antonio where you may buy liquidation pallets as well as individual products. These shops should be able to assist you in finding amazing prices.

Best liquidation pallets in San Antonio:

Local Liquidators

Local Liquidators - liquidation pallets San Antonio

Local Liquidators is a skilled group in liquidations founded in liquidation pallets San Antonio. They created Local Liquidators because they were dissatisfied with the way other liquidation businesses, auction houses, and consignment stores conducted their business. They aim to assist clients in any circumstance. At Local Liquidators, they will never turn you away; no matter what, they’ll work with you to find a solution. The situation ought to be this way.

In terms of purchasing and selling assets, Local Liquidators are unmatched in their knowledge and proficiency. Their staff is knowledgeable in all aspects of estate sales, from modest estate sales to multi-million dollar facility closures. Due to the fact that no two sales are the same, they begin each project from scratch.

Address: 1100 NE Interstate 410 Loop Ste 700, San Antonio, TX 78209, US

Phone: +1 210-360-1630

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LL Flooring

LL Flooring

If you are seeking liquidation pallets in San Antonio, particularly those involving timber items, your quest has come to an end. You don’t need to seek any further since LL Flooring has all of your needs addressed in one spot. When looking for the finest source to acquire liquidated lumber goods, the name LL Flooring comes to mind first. There are several reasons why LL Flooring is the greatest timber product on the market.

Tom Sullivan founded LL Flooring in 1996. The firm was previously known as Lumber Liquidators, but the name was changed to LL Flooring in 2020. Over the years, it has assisted millions of people in realizing their dreams and transforming their houses around the country. It has been servicing millions of people across the country for over 25 years and has achieved great success as a consequence.

Today, LL Flooring has over 400 sites around the country. At LL Flooring, you can choose from a huge range of over 500 flooring in both conventional and contemporary designs. Vinyl, laminate, engineered hardwood, bamboo, and other flooring options are available.

One of the nicest features of this site is that you may contact specialists if you have any questions or encounter any issues. Well, LL Flooring has well-trained and experienced specialists to assist clients from the beginning to the end of the process, from inspiration to installation. LL Flooring also offers a best-price guarantee, free samples, online purchasing, and in-store pick-up, and other benefits.

Address: 2200-2 Northwest Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78230, US

Phone: +1 210-524-9996

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Dirt Cheap

Dirt Cheap - liquidation pallets San Antonio

Dirt Cheap is an extreme bargain shop that accepts returns from large brand customers and overstock merchandise. This keeps millions of goods out of landfills, supports thousands of jobs, and enables them to provide excellent value to our clients. Their goal is to sustainably enhance people’s lives and communities.

In the years since it first opened in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Dirt Cheap has become a regional favorite all around the Southeast. The company has grown to more than 100 locations over the past 30 years, making it the largest buyer of insurance claims in the country. They have also added manufacturer and retailer buybacks, closeouts, bankruptcies, overstocks, liquidations, customer returns, and out-of-season merchandise to our list of purchases.

Even with new stores and products, there is still not enough room. They established a wholesale division in 2006 to sell the extra stock that our stores are unable to handle. The main wholesale offerings of the company are clothes, shoes, and accessories. More than a dozen nations, including those in Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the Caribbean Islands, have purchased and received these products.

Address: 5538 Walzem Rd, San Antonio, TX 78218, US

Phone: +1 210-590-5124

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American Freight

American Freight Furniture Mattress Appliance

American Freight Furniture and Mattress provides a one-stop solution for its customer for finding budget furniture and mattresses. The company has been operating since 1994. They had a vision of supplying high-end goods to consumers. Now the present company has over 350 sites.

The company is operating in 40 states as of now. The improved American Freight is now home to high-quality furniture, mattresses, and appliances at consistently cheap costs. American Freight has more than 5 million happy customers and is growing in accordance with its core values: providing great customer service while consistently offering the finest products at the lowest prices.

With same-day delivery available for all in-stock products and flexible payment choices for every client, including free layaway, no credit check, and other credit alternatives with low, simple payments, American Freight is still keeping up with its promise to help customers take their purchases home today.

Address: 820 E Rector Dr Suite 120, San Antonio, TX 78216, US

Phone: +1 210-348-2900

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Appliance Liquidation Outlet

Appliance Liquidation Outlet - liquidation pallets San Antonio

Appliance Liquidation Outlet may be the finest option for you if you’re searching for affordable appliances in the San Antonio region. When you’re on a tight budget, it’s possible that you won’t be able to get the appliances you desire because of their cost. You frequently have to make concessions in these circumstances and decide on a less expensive option.

It’s possible that this item won’t live up to your expectations. What if you could purchase the appliances you desired for less money? Appliance Liquidation Outlet gives San Antonio residents access to what may seem like a fantasy. This San Antonio liquidation business offers for sale appliances that have dents or scratches on the body.

These are considerably less expensive to purchase than brand-new appliances. These appliances only have minor aesthetic damage and flaws. These physical flaws in the product’s body have no impact on how it works.

These San Antonio liquidators are offering these products with minor defects at a low price. If you are ready to accept the tiny visual flaw that the pro duct has, you can legally purchase the item that you need. The price of the appliances you buy will be far less than what you would pay at a retail store. This firm sells everything from washing machines to freezers and ovens.

They provide appliances from well-known manufacturers, like GE Appliances, Whirlpool, Haier, and many more. These appliances are far less expensive than what you would pay for brand-new ones. This is far superior to purchasing liquidation pallets in San Antonio since you may explore their inventory and choose the exact item you want.

Address: 500 Carolina St, San Antonio, TX 78210, US

Phone: +1 210-533-5050

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Big Lots

Big Lots

The Big Lots in San Antonio was formed with a focus on customer happiness in mind, and they are continuously expanding as a result of their dedication to our customers. They are a family-run business, and more importantly, they claim to be your neighbors. Where you live, they reside! Ask your neighbors and friends about them, and they will guarantee that they’ll treat you like family if you visit.

They promise to provide you with the finest products, services, and pricing available. The company’s primary goal is to guarantee meeting and also exceeding all client expectations. With you, the clients, in mind, they provide a wide selection of conventional and modern styles, pricing points, customized orders, and bundles.

You are welcome to stop by and will be pleasantly pleased. They take great delight in giving each client individual consideration and time. When clients drop by to look around, they adopt a laid-back attitude and are always available if they have any questions.

Their job is not complete until their customers’ needs are met. At reasonable costs, they provide beds and furnishings of the highest caliber. Their delivery team is ready to deliver high-quality furniture and mattresses to all customers within the time frame indicated at the point of sale, and some of their manufacturers are among the most recognized in the industry.

Big Lots is aware that despite the current economic climate, individuals still have a need for furniture, which is why they provide a variety of financing, Lease-To-Own, and in-home lay-a-way alternatives.

Address: 6900 San Pedro Ave Ste 119, San Antonio, TX 78216, US

Phone: +1 210-822-3459

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Walmart Supercenter

Walmart Supercenter - liquidation pallets San Antonio

Walmart Supercenter is a well-known San Antonio firm that liquidates all types of furniture. The firm purchases furniture from all of the top producers. They are able to find affordable, high-quality furnishings this way. The Walmart Supercenter purchases truckloads of furniture from producers. They purchase liquidation warehouse in San Antonio and provide you with fantastic discounts on the goods of your choosing.

Walmart Supercenter sells only American-made furniture, all of which are manufactured in the country. They have an inventory that moves quickly. There are always new possibilities for you to explore because they add truckloads of new products to their inventory every week. You may get in touch with them through an organized website if you have any questions. To locate any new items they have in stock, you may even explore the website.

When you call, a company will answer, and that is exactly what they are there to do—to assist you! Instead, most businesses will simply state what they are willing to do and what they are not, and you must follow their lead. That, in our view, is utter nonsense.

They genuinely like seeing their clients’ smiles once they do something for them that they didn’t believe was feasible as well as assisting them in achieving their goals. They do what they do in the mornings because of this.

Address: 5025 Northwest Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78229, US

Phone: +1 210-523-1091

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BK Lots

BK Lots

It becomes challenging for small firms to compete with the large players in the sector in a competitive retail market. Obtaining inventory from large manufacturers is one of the main issues. BK Lots makes it incredibly simple to purchase products from some of the best brands. Pallets for liquidation are for sale in San Antonio.

Some of the biggest wholesalers in America have packed these pallets with surplus merchandise. Due to the sources from which they get their pallets, they are of excellent quality. The vast majority of the pallets come from well-known retail behemoths like Walmart, Home Depot, Best Buy, Target, Lowe’s, and others. Pallets for a wide range of consumer items are readily available from them.

These products are sold either in truckloads or on pallets. You may pick the lot sizes that best suit your requirements and financial situation. For buying consumer products in large quantities, turn to this San Antonio liquidation firm. If you can sell the products on pallets, they may be a source of enormous riches.

The pallets have been separated into many categories, including product types, sizes, conditions, sources, and more. This enables you to only purchase items that you believe you can readily resell. Every day, fresh discounts are added to their store as it is updated. You get pallets at your residence.

Address: 5520 Business Park San Antonio, Texas, 78218, US

Phone: +1 800-538-4613

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Liquidation SA!

There is just one place to go in San Antonio to get liquidation pallets: Liquidation SA. They stand out from the rest of the businesses on the list at this time. While those other businesses purchased goods in bulk and then sold them to customers, Liquidation SA operates in a different manner.

Large manufacturers sell them to them as liquidation pallets, which they then sell to their customers. Liquidation SA has established relationships with some of the biggest manufacturers and merchants. They put a lot of effort into getting the greatest palettes possible. These palettes contain a range of items. They have some of San Antonio’s top liquidation pallets. You may be confident in the quality of these pallets because they are purchased from reputable vendors.

The corporation buys the palettes and then sells them to customers for a set price. They include a brief description of the contents of the palette as well as the location of the businesses. For small businesses, purchasing these pallets from one of the well-known San Antonio liquidation companies is a terrific way to make money.

The products you receive from the palettes are simple to resell for a healthy profit. The company buys pallets of various forms and sizes. After checking over their inventory, you’ll undoubtedly locate several pallets that are simple to market and sell for a profit.

Address: 7325 Reindeer Trail suite 118, San Antonio, TX 78238, US

Phone: +1 210-360-0429

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Liquidation Pros

One of the top-rated liquidation firms in San Antonio is Liquidation Pros. The company is in the appliance sales business, as implied by the name. Their capacity to provide you a low price that others are unable to give you sets them apart from other stores you visit. They use their connections with manufacturers to get out-of-date models or those with minor cosmetic flaws. The firm buys these appliances, which are a manufacturer’s surplus, and then sells them to customers.

You can simply trust the firm to provide you with the highest quality as the bulk of its products. Since they purchase their appliances directly from registered and authorized makers, they lessen the risk involved with purchasing appliances from any third-party dealer. They have strong relationships with several manufacturers.

Because the business purchases these items in large quantities, you can obtain an even better deal. They are one of the best liquidators in San Antonio and provide fantastic discounts on the majority of the appliances you need. You may have the things home the same day you buy them, which is a significant benefit.

They do not need to wait for delivery because they already have access to the item. A wise strategy to purchase appliances is by using Liquidation Pros. Aside from your appliances, you do have to make an aesthetic concession, but you still get a lot for your money. If you want to purchase a new appliance or replace an old one, they are your best option because of their extensive selection and reasonable costs.

Address: 1937 Shipman Dr, San Antonio, TX 78219, US

Phone: +1 737-787-5225

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We have carefully chosen these liquidation shops after much consideration. There is a good variety of various store types. Additionally, there are specialty shops that sell heavy equipment and automobiles. You must look for the shops that you believe would be a suitable fit for your needs.

There are alternatives available for company owners that will assist you in setting up a factor or even in buying your fleet of automobiles. San Antonio’s liquidated market is well established, and there are many possibilities. Your needs and use case scenario would determine the perfect liquidation store.

You may save a lot of money by shopping at these liquidation businesses. You should check out these shops to determine which one best suits the type of products you are searching for. They are an excellent way to replenish your stock as well.

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