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10 Best Liquidation Stores in Alaska in 2024

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Liquidation stores are one of the best ways to save money while not compromising on quality. The liquidation stores buy overstocked or surplus goods in truckloads and then sell them to their customers for cheap. In these tough market conditions, liquidation stores allow you to not burn a hole in your pocket when you are shopping for the necessities. There are some great liquidation stores in Alaska. These stores have helped the people of Alaska make huge savings on clothes, electronics, furniture, and more. Some of the products are listed at less than 90% of their retail prices. The liquidators in Alaska help their customers get the best deals which cannot be got even from the best-known retailers in America. We have tried to find the best Alaska liquidation outlets which you can use

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Here is the list of 10 Best Liquidation Stores in Alaska:

Meadow Lakes Discount Store

Meadow Lakes Discount Store

Meadow Lakes Discount store is one of the finest liquidation stores in Alaska. This company has complete knowledge about the industry which they use to improve the offerings of their business.

The business is owned by the Child family. This family has been in the liquidation business since 1993. They are among the most experienced liquidators in Alaska. After working in this industry, they decided to open up their liquidation store in Alaska in 2002.

They are one of the first companies you should visit if you are trying to get good deals for yourself. They do not buy liquidated goods from other companies but rather do liquidation of different businesses and hotels.

This allows them to provide you with good quality liquidated goods at low prices. They are a small team that manages to liquidate big companies and find you some of the best deals.

The goods you get from them mostly come from hotels and thus they are in great shape. While they might have a small store, their warehouse is much bigger.

They store all of their stock in this warehouse and bring it out to their store if you contact them in advance. They keep their Facebook page updated with all of the new finds that they get. You will find a great collection of chairs, sofas, beds, mattresses, and other items.

They also have good deals on some electronic equipment. They are some of the best liquidators in Alsaka who strive to deliver top liquidated goods to their clients. You will always find them charging a fair price for the items which they sell. Visiting their store can help you find some great bargains.

Address745 S Rainbow St, Wasilla, AK 99623, United States

Phone+1 907-357-9700

Fleet Vehicle Disposal

Fleet vehicle disposal and commercial liquidations

This company has one of the most unique business niches you will see in the liquidation industry. They are a liquidation store in Alaska that sells a liquidated fleet of vehicles.

This company is also known to sell liquidated goods from industries and factories. They are a company with years of experience in the field. They know exactly which products will interest their clients. The owners of this business have managed to find a niche in the liquidation business and have made it their own.

They are among the first companies people contact when they are looking for liquidators in Alaska. This has helped them to get the best finds at the commercials locations they liquidate.

They conduct regular auctions. These auctions help you buy the different liquidated goods which they sell. They keep updating their website with all of the details of new auctions which are coming up.

Visiting their auctions will let you find the best deals that are out there. Their auctions are great for retail buyers and company owners as well. You can easily find top-quality consumer goods such as chairs, sofas, cupboards, etc. you will also find industry equipment, solar panels, and much more.

There is something for everyone who visits their auctions. The auctions generate interest among people from across the world. Their auctions also present you with the option to buy liquidated vehicles.

They inspect their products before they are listed for sale. You can rely on them to give you the best prices for all of the products that they sell. They have their headquarters in Pennsylvania but have an Alaska liquidation outlet as well.

If you have your eyes set on getting some commercial equipment or just want some regular consumer goods, this company will manage to serve your needs.

Address: 835 Route 100 N, Bechtelsville, PA 19505

Alaska Premier Auctions

Alaska Premier Auctions - liquidation stores in Alaska

While this company may look like a regular auction company, they have tons of liquidated items for you to buy. Alaska Premier Auctions are a well-known auction house in Alaska.

They sell a variety of goods some of which are quite valuable and antiques. The special part about this business is that they have a team of liquidators in Alaska. They provide liquidation of different businesses in Alaska. Their team of expert liquidators is quite good at their job.

They manage to find the best value for all of the items which they swell. The company inspects its products before they are listed up for sale. You can expect to get exactly what you are paying for.

They are contacted by multiple businesses for their liquidation. This means that you get new products going up for auction every week. Their auction helps you find the best value for money. You will find a variety of good going under the hammer.

These auctions allow you to buy goods that you need for fraction of their retail price.  They have even developed their application which you can use to stay updated about all of the upcoming auctions. They are one of the lop liquidation stores in Alaska that sell quality goods at minimal prices.

Address1310 W International Airport Rd, Anchorage, AK 99518, United States

Phone+1 907-570-7050

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907 Surplus

 907 Surplus - liquidation stores in Alaska

907 Surplus is an Alaska liquidation outlet that has been serving people in Alaska for quite a few years. This company specializes in military gear and other commodities.

They have all of the liquidated and surplus military goods that you can want. Apart from that they also have regular consumer goods such as t-shirts and other clothing items. They have a massive collection of goods which you can view at their store. Their store is a reassure trove of items.

You will find even some of the most unique clothing and military goods in their store. They source their goods from liquidation pallets in Alaska. This Alaska liquidation outlet aims to serve all of its clients to the best of their abilities.

If you want products that they do not have, they will try to arrange for it through their network of connections in the industry. They have kept low prices which allows you to save money when shopping with them.

Address328 Boniface Pkwy, Anchorage, AK 99504, United States

Phone+1 907-677-9780

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Direct liquidation

Direct liquidation - liquidation stores in Alaska

Direct liquidation ranks among the top liquidation stores in Alaska. They are the masters of reverse logistics. They have partners located all across the country which helps them get branded goods for cheap.

Direct liquidation use their contacts to obtain overstocked goods or return liquidation pallets in Alaska. Having such extensive contacts makes them one of the best places to buy branded goods.

Direct liquidation have a huge stockpile of goods which includes, furniture, clothing, electronics, and more. They even hold some auctions which provide their customers with a great opportunity to get some absolute bargains on the products of their choice. They have made a name for themselves and are one of the most trustable liquidators in Alaska.

The Asset Store

The Asset Store - liquidation stores in Alaska

The Asset Store specializes in hotel liquidations. They liquidate the hotels and sell the items they get from them. Since they liquidate from hotels, you can expect them to provide you with top-notch quality for their products.

They only do liquidations from 4 and 5-star hotels across America. This reduces the chances of you getting products that are not in a usable condition.

The hotels use some of the best brands when it comes to their furniture and thus you get to buy those for cheap. If you are shopping for furniture, the Asset store has everything you need for a pleasant shopping experience.

Address: 2811 Sisson St, Baltimore, MD 21211, United States

Phone: +1 410-235-2000

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Alaska Elite Auctions

Alaska Elite Auctions - liquidation stores in Alaska

This company is known for its estate sales. They liquidate different estates and then sell the liquidated goods through their auctions. They have a physical store as well.

You can visit this store to know more about the items they have for sale. Their auctions attract people from all over the country due to the cheap price at which items can be bought. If you are in Alaska you should visit them.

Address600 W 58th Ave Unit G Suite G, Anchorage, AK 99518, United States

Phone+1 907-201-3731

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JJ Furniture

JJ Furniture is your go-to destination for liquidated furniture in Alaska. They sell surplus, overstocked, and used furniture items. All of the furniture items which they sell are in good condition.

They only sell those furniture pieces which are in the best shape. You can expect to save some serious money when shopping from them. You get almost new pieces of furniture for less than 50% of its retail price.

Address1515 E Tudor Rd Suite 11, Anchorage, AK 99507, United States

Phone+1 907-717-7830

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Closeout Distributors

Closeout Distributors - liquidation stores in Alaska

Closeout Distributors help you obtain some of the best-liquidated items you could want. They are a liquidation pallets Alaska company that sells liquidated goods to clients in Alaska as well as across America.

They manage to obtain liquidated goods from department stores, return merchandise, salvage goods, and more. The company has optimized its contacts to get better-liquidated goods for their clients.

They are an Alaska liquidation outlet where you will find everything by truckloads. They sell the majority of their goods in truckloads or pallets. When you contact their team, they will pride you with all of the details of the liquidation pallets they have, so you can choose the most profitable one for yourself. Buying liquidated goods in bulk is beneficial whether you are a store owner or a consumer.

Buying in huge quantities allows you to maximize your savings and have great value for money. They own all of the liquidation goods that they sell to you. There is no middleman in the transaction which allows you to save on any fees which the intermediaries would have charged.

The company also guarantees that they only charge you the lowest prices possible. They try to ensure that at the end of the day the deal is not only profitable for them but you as well.

Due to the massive demand, they have from their loyal list of customers, they have maintained a huge stock of liquidated goods. They have around 1000 liquidation pallets in Alaska available at all times.

If you have been looking for liquidators in America who sell products in bulk, Closeout Distributors is the ideal choice for you. After you place your order with the company, they ship the product to your location. You do not have to go pick it up from their store.

Phone: 800-332-0594


Alaska Liquidation outlet

Alaska liquidation Outlet is one of the most trusted liquidation stores in Alsaka. They have an extensive chain of reverse logistics and liquidation contracts which helps them get quality liquidated goods for cheap.

They have a huge store in Alaska which is filled to the brim with goods. When visiting their store it will take you hours to check out all of the products they have on sale. They are active on their Facebook page and inform their customers of the new products which have arrived at their store.

Alaska Liquidation outlet have a regular supply of liquidated goods which keeps their store always stacked with goods. They are one of the liquidators in Alaska who have a new shipment of items coming in every week.

This means that you will find new goods each time you decide to visit them. They are selling branded items for prices which you could not have imagined was possible. You should visit their store to uncover what amazing goods they have.

Address1220 E 68th Ave #103, Anchorage, AK 99518, United States


The liquidation stores in Alaska are the best way to save money. All of the stores on this list are great at their business. They have their specializations and they excel at that.

You need to visit their stores to find the best discounts. Most of these stores have an online website as well which makes it easier to stay connected with them and find the best deals as and when they arrive.

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