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8 Best Liquidation Stores in Bath For Great Deals (2024)

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Bath is a town in England. It has a population of about 60,000 people. If you find yourself in the area, why not stop by one of these liquidation stores in Bath? Liquidation stores can offer practically anything when it comes to selling your items for a fraction of the original price.

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Some items these stores sell include furniture, collectibles, books, and even clothes. However, some liquidation stores have specific areas like electronics or sporting goods, or jewelry which is really convenient for those looking for particular products in specific sizes and quantities.

This is a list of the best liquidation stores in Bath (the ones I could find). Not all are near Bath city center but they might be worth going to if you’re looking for something specific. Selling more than just mere clothing, the ten liquidators in Bath can provide you with a ton of different items for those who are looking for something specific.

This article will investigate what you can get in these stores, where they are located, and much more. We have only listed the best of the bunch so that we ensure our visitors don’t go to any store that may not provide them with what they need. Happy browsing!

Buy Liquidation Pallets in Bath:

Mountain Warehouse

Mountain Warehouse: Liquidation Store in Bath

This store offers a great selection of outdoor gear, including tents, sleeping bags, and a large variety of backpacks. Mountain Warehouse’s staff is friendly and the store is always clean. At the moment they are in liquidation mode and can offer some terrific deals. If you’re in the area be sure to stop by!

The liquidation model means that most items are on sale for cheaper than their original cost – so if you find something you like, it could be time to stock up on gear for summer or alternate your wardrobe for fall!

This one of the best liquidators in Bath also offers a variety of outdoor clothing, footwear, and equipment at bargain prices. With brands like Haglofs, Helly Hansen, North Face, and more it’s never been easier or cheaper to get a full wardrobe of quality kits. Whether you’re after some inspiration for your next adventure or just want to grab a bargain for the family camping kit Mountain Warehouse is well worth a visit!

Address: 42 Stall St, Bath BA1 1QH, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1225 461494

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Blacks Outdoor Leisure

Blacks Outdoor Leisure

Blacks Outdoor Leisure is one of the finest liquidation stores in Bath that offers a huge variety of gear and apparel to facilitate outdoor activities in the great outdoors such as bikes, soft-shell jackets, and snow boots. The store also offers water pumps for gardeners and solar fans for the summer months.

Selections include ski apparel, camping equipment, fishing gear, tents, sleeping bags as well as bikes, and fitness gear. This is one of the best liquidation stores in Bath from where liquidation items may be purchased at a discount with some customers finding savings of up to 50%. However, there are no discounts for items that are no longer available for purchase from Blacks.

Blacks Outdoor Leisure has discounted ranges of products from brands such as Fischer Performance Bikes and Trek Sports. The store stocks equipment at discount prices whilst offering customers a wide range of products with great quality at affordable prices.

The store stocks all major brands in the outdoor leisure market including Giro, Oakley, Adidas, Quechua and so much more at fantastic discounts- no matter your budget! In addition, the store offers gift cards which are not subject to discounts or special offers by Blacks.

Address: 7-8 Abbeygate St, Bath BA1 1NP, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1225 436678

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Broad Street Studio

Broad Street Studio: Liquidation Store in Bath

Broad Street Studio along with the best liquidation pallets in Bath offers a wide range of designer clothes at discounted prices, with most items retailing for $250 or less. The products offered are some of the best on the market and all come with a two-year warranty. Broad Street Studio is located in Bath, Ontario, and is open to the general public Wednesday to Saturday 10 am-6 pm and Sunday 12 pm-5 pm.

Broad Street Studio is a liquidation company that offers high-quality clothing at affordable prices. The store has on offer great deals from various well-known labels in fashion including Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, and Hugo Boss. There’s something for everyone here, from men’s to children’s wear including jackets, coats, and jeans.

Address: 26 Broad St, Bath BA1 5LW, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1225 329825

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Yellow Shop

Yellow Shop: Liquidation Store in Bath

Yellow Shop offers bargains on a wide range of goods, from sofas to fridges, with stock changing every week. The store offers a range of clothes for children, women, and men, including some designer labels. There are also beauty products and household items, as well as plants and flowers. There’s children’s clothing up to age 3 years old, with a second children’s department featuring clothes to 16 years old.

There’s also a summer sale coming in June with an offer of discounts of 70%. The store in Bath has been offering liquidations for over 20 years now – but it wasn’t always easy! The start-up costs were quite high but the revenue earned allowed the company to improve its business through experience.

The Yellow Shop is one of the liquidation stores in Bath that offers bargains on a wide range of goods, from sofas to fridges. When the store first opened in 2012, it only stocked kitchenware and furniture but its product range has grown substantially over the last few years. With stock changing every week you can be sure that whatever your needs are there will always be something new and exciting waiting for you at The Yellow Shop! 

Address: 72 Walcot St, Bath BA1 5BD, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1225 404001

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Rupert and Buckley

Rupert and Buckley: Buy Liquidation Pallets in Bath

Rupert and Buckley offer the latest styles and prices of iconic brands with a new brand, ‘Buckley. The founder, Rupert Warner, has been a vintage lover since he was young, collecting clothes that other people would not want to wear. 

When designer jeans were fashionable in the 60s and 70s he saved them for his children who’d need them in the future. Today these styles are still popular amongst fashion-conscious shoppers at the store which has become one of Bath’s most sought-after fashion hotspots.

The store is usually packed with customers but on this particular day, there was just a lone customer wandering through our stock room on their own while they waited politely for someone to help them.


Oxfam: Liquidator in Bath

Oxfam offers a little bit of luxury for those who want to fast forward the day. The sale includes a variety of Oxfam’s most popular products, including; Liquidation pallets in Bath with amazing hats, gloves, scarves, socks and tights, bags, and purses – all reduced by 20-50% 

This way you can show your support knowing that you’re helping to fight poverty in the UK while also styling your outfit. The store is open from 10 am – 7 pm every day. The store features a selection of mattresses as well as some clothing as they look to liquidate their remaining stock on-site before permanently closing at the end of March 2019.

Address: 4, 5 Lower Borough Walls, Bath BA1 1QR, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1225 469776

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Poundland: Liquidator in Bath

Poundland offers a vast range of goods, including electronics and gadgets for under £1. It was originally a small shop on Hackney Road, London called The Pound Shop that opened its doors in 1984 with the motto ‘a pound’s worth of something. In 2006, it became the first-pound store to open outside of the UK in Ireland.

The store is set to become one of Britain’s most successful retail brands. After a 30-year history, its parent company has just announced that it is looking to close stores at large and sell off certain parts of its business. With stores across Europe and plans to expand further into Asia, this could be a growth period for Poundland as they try to introduce new markets.

Address: Unit 2, 33-35 Westgate St, Bath BA1 1EL, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1225 428837

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Dorothy House

Dorothy House: Liquidation Store in Bath

Dorothy House Broad Street Shop offers a wide range of products for the home and office, everything from clothes to bedding, footwear, furniture, and kitchen equipment. The store is not open to the public because it is a liquidation store meaning it will have reduced stock due to its closing down.

If you are looking for last-minute presents or just want some more space in your house then this could be a good bargain place to go as they finally clear out their stock at reduced prices.

This one of the most convenient liquidators in Bath offers items at discounted prices. This means that you can find a dress for less than half its original price or get a pair of designer shoes for under £30 when it would usually cost £60+.

The store offers a wide selection of items at discounted prices, with discounts up to 60% off the original price. Merchandise includes a variety of clothing and shoes, jewelry, handbags and purses, watches, and glasses. The store will be open from 10 am-6 pm Monday to Saturday.

Address: Ground Floor, Piccadilly House, London Rd, Bath BA1 6PL, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1225 255238

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Finally, if you’re seeking a way to supplement your income, Bath is a terrific spot to go. There is a wide range of things available, all at clearance pricing!

Here we compiled ten of the Bath stores that sell a variety of things – some of which are controversially advertised as “liquidation” prices when they aren’t. Please feel free to add any more in the comments area if you know of any.

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