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Top 10 Liquidation Stores in Tennessee: Grab Ample Discounts

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Are you running a liquidation pallet-flipping business? Whether it’s your side hustle, a full-time gig, or you’re trying it out for the first time, you need to always keep up with the latest changes to run a successful business. With the number of options for wholesale liquidation companies, it can be confusing to find the right one. If you’re looking for the best liquidation stores in Tennessee, you’re at the right place. Check out our extensive list of the top ten best wholesale liquidation companies in Tennessee.

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What are liquidation pallets?

Liquidation pallets are packages of returned products and merchandise from online buyers. Returned goods create a logistical issue for big online shopping stores like Amazon. The sellers that sell through Amazon and other such platforms choose not to buy their returned merchandise back, so what happens is that these shopping platforms collect a large amount of returned products.

To monetize this, they came up with a way to sell them in wholesale bundles by giving attractive discounts and deals to interested buyers. Most buyers of liquidation pallets are usually business owners who refurbish and repackage the merchandise and sell them for profit. 

What is a wholesale liquidation store?

Liquidation stores are stores where you can find wholesale liquidation pallets. These stores sell bundles of pallets or standalone pieces of liquidated merchandise. There are many places where you can buy wholesale liquidation pallets in Tennessee now, thanks to the many liquidation stores. 

With the rise of online shopping platforms like Amazon, etc. which handle a huge number of returns, reselling these returned items as liquidation pallets because profitable. It’s also a popular option for buyers and sellers due to mutual benefits.

Before it was popular nationally, there were several pallet liquidation warehouses in Tennessee. But now, with the boom in online liquidation stores, there are many that either deliver to the state or have warehouses in the state. 

Where to find liquidation stores in Tennessee?

Thanks to the internet, and online shopping platforms, there are famous liquidation stores online that ship pallets all over the country. In addition to this, there are also several wholesale liquidation warehouses in Tennessee where people can order from or buy directly. 

The best and most popular option these days is online liquidation stores in Tennessee. These websites offer attractive deals and attractive ways to purchase them. Some are auction based, while others are run like regular stores.

List of the Best 10 Wholesale Liquidation Stores in Tennessee:

BuyLow Warehouse

BuyLow Warehouse - Liquidation Stores in Tennessee

BuyLow Warehouse is a very popular wholesale liquidation company for orders in Tennessee. They claim to make wholesale purchasing easy from start to finish. They offer a diverse selection of truckloads and options of pallets across various categories. You can look for these items according to category and even use their search bar for items.

Their pricing is also quite attractive. They deliver all over the US, and their liquidation pallets in Tennessee can be ordered online. You can search in their inventory and use filters by load condition, ideal use and purposes, the retailers, minimum value, and by price.

You can also apply the region filter to know what will be more accessible in Tennessee. The website offers some pictures of the liquidation pallets and a brief description of the contents of these packages.

As many of them contain wide ranges of categories, including clothing, furniture, and general merchandise, buying big loads of wholesale liquidation pallets in Tennessee is a good idea from this website. If you want to invest in a big truckload, this is the site to go to.

Address: 8256 Dalewood Ct, Brentwood, TN 37027, US

Phone: +1 800-797-0385

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Warehouse One LLC

Warehouse One LLC - Liquidation Stores in Tennessee

Warehouse One LLC is one of the best wholesale liquidation companies in Tennessee. Based in Crossville, this liquidation company works exclusively within the state of Tennessee. The warehouse located in Crossville is open throughout the week on all weekdays, from 8 AM – 4 AM. The store mainly deals with the returned merchandise. Some pallets also include export merchandise and items from pawn stores.

The liquidation company also has a very functional website with a wide range of available pallets. You can buy them by price range and category. The clothing category is quite famous, as is their jumbo category, which sells large amounts of merchandise wholesale.

You can also purchase truckloads of liquidation pallets, which can be bought for good deals. Full truckloads are purchased mostly by people running return pallets flipping businesses. Smaller pallets are available for regular buyers.

Address: 9305 Cherokee Trail, Crossville, TN 38572, US

Phone: +1 931-788-1011

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Nashville Pallet

Nashville Pallet - Liquidation Stores in Tennessee

Nashville Pallet calls itself the premier pallet supplier for the Greater Nashville area. They provide packaging for individual buyers and for wholesale liquidation companies. You can also sell your packaging pallets to them. They deliver to most areas within Tennessee and have a wide range of pallets to buy from.

They also recycle used pallets so that you can sell yours to them. If you are a liquidation company or own a liquidation warehouse in Tennessee, you should definitely consider buying their pallets.

Address: 1830 Air Ln Dr, Nashville, TN 37210, US

Phone: +1 615-266-6683

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Stovers Liquidation

Stovers Liquidation - Liquidation Stores in Tennessee

Stover’s Liquidation is a popular wholesale liquidation company in Tennessee that mainly deals with home goods, furnishings, and interior construction materials such as flooring, tiles, etc.

They also have a section for apparel, accessories, health and beauty, etc. They have three liquidation stores in Tennessee, in the towns of Oak Ridge, Cookeville, and in Murfreesboro. Additionally, they have two wholesale stores in Cookeville.

Their Liquidation pallets are very transparent as you buy the products individually, and you can see exactly what you are buying. If you want to buy home interiors and materials for interior construction, or some apparel, Stover’s Liquidation is the place to go.

Address: 12966 Old Hickory Blvd, Antioch, TN 37013, US

Phone: +1 615-641-2144

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MidTenn Wholesale

MidTenn Wholesale - Liquidation Stores in Tennessee

MidTenn Wholesale is a popular and top-selling platform for liquidation pallets in Tennessee. The advantage of this platform is that they offer all kinds of pallets. You can buy single units of specific products, small lots of pallets, a bundle of pallets, and even a truckload of pallets if you are looking to buy wholesale. They also have a large warehouse in Gallatin, Tennessee where you can directly purchase from.

Buying from MidTenn is quite easy as you can see exactly what you are buying in the case of single products, making it transparent. They provide pictures of bundles and pallets, along with brief descriptions. You can also shop by category, making it a hassle free experience.

Address: 801 Steam Plant Rd, Gallatin, TN 37066, US

Phone: +1 615-419-6262

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AllStars Wholesale

AllStars Wholesale 

All Stars Wholesale is a popular name in wholesale liquidation stores in Tennessee. Based out of Tazewell, they have been in business since 2005 and are well known in the community for delivering high quality merchandise. They have a physical warehouse in Tazewell and are open for walk ins on all weekdays. A sales tax certificate is required to be able to buy from All Stars, and can easily be applied for.

A huge advantage of local wholesale liquidation companies is that you can purchase them as you would normally, rather than betting on huge auctions on other sites. You can buy liquidation bundles as pallets, case box items, or truckloads.

Case box items are bundles of liquidation pallets of the same category, such as festive decor, home decor, furniture, clothing, health and beauty products, etc. Pallets are available across many categories.

The website provides pictures and brief descriptions. If you go to the liquidation warehouse in Tennessee in person, you can look around as well. The truckloads are good options for those looking to invest and for businesses. A brief list of categories is listed along with the price.

Address: 235 Giles Industrial Dr, Tazewell, TN 37879, US

Phone: +1 423-626-8160

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Hometown Liquidation & Wholesale Pallet Sales

Hometown Liquidation & Wholesale Pallet Sales

Hometown Liquidation and Wholesale Pallet Sales is a very popular wholesale liquidation store in Tennessee. They deal with wholesale items, liquidation pallets, and other goods. Based in Pulaski, they deliver to most areas around the region. They specialize in wholesale apparel, clothing, and accessories, but have many other categories as well. Their liquidation warehouse in Tennessee, in the town of Pulaski, is where they handle all of their business from.

Unfortunately, their website does not have a platform where you can shop from, so you have to physically visit them to purchase anything. However, you can contact them on any of the phone numbers listed on their website for any queries. You can also choose to get a quote.

You only have to fill in your email ID so they can get in touch with you, and you can add a note about whatever you want a quote for. They are known to get back to you within a business day. This store is well known in the area and is sure to be a good bet to buy liquidation pallets in Tennessee.

Address: 280 9th St, Pulaski, TN 38478, US

Phone: +1 931-463-8420

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Baillie Liquidators

Baillie Liquidators

Baillie Liquidators is a wholesale liquidation business that deals with a wide range of products and categories. Their concept is to not only offer returned merchandise in good condition for great deals to customers, but also to reduce the amount of useful products in good condition that goes into landfills and pollutes the environment. Their unique feature is that they have products of literally every category that you could think of.

They have a wide range of sellers and buyers that allow them to collect merchandise from all categories and for all uses. They are based out of Gainesboro, and deliver to all areas in the region. Your shipping costs would vary based on the distance and weight or quantity of the order.

Their liquidation warehouse is quite large and you can visit them all days of the week except the weekends. They also offer attractive discounts on Saturday, which they call the Saturday Sale. You can buy either individual items or liquidation pallets, based on your needs and wants.

You cannot order from their website, as the website is for informational purposes only and does not process orders. For that, you will have to visit their store which we highly recommend as it is one of the best liquidation stores in Tennessee.

Address: 3818 S Grundy Quarles Hwy, Gainesboro, TN 38562, US

Phone: +1 931-858-7225

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The Pallet Factory, Inc.

The Pallet Factory, Inc.

The Pallet Factory is a very popular business-to-business provider of packaging or pallets. They sell pallets to businesses or individual buyers who need good quality packaging for Liquidation pallets, or regular packaging needs. Based in Memphis, they are in the urban center which means they have access to a wide range of markets. The company was set up way back in 1977 and has been successfully running since.

Now, The Pallet Factory has two manufacturing plants in Tennessee where they produce pallets and large packaging, and also a sawmill unit, where they recycle wood or refurbish wood to be used to make pallets. All their pallets are made of high quality plywood. They are very popular because of their efficiency and good quality of service.

You can order any type of pallet, container, or packaging and be rest assured that it will be delivered to you fully done and ready to use. They also offer heat treating services of pallets, to make better quality protective pallets. They have a unit in Nashville and Memphis that handles heat treating.

Address: 3740 Arnold Rd, Memphis, TN 38118, US

Phone: +1 901-795-8300

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Perfect Pallets Inc.

Perfect Pallets Inc.

Perfect Pallets Inc. is another trusted company from where you can purchase high-quality containers, pallets, and packaging for your moving or shipping needs. They specialize in plastic pallets to move heavy-duty items, or for extra protection and protection from tough conditions. They provide plastic pallets to buyers from all industries, for any shipping, moving, or warehousing needs.

It constantly recycles the plastic that goes into making the pallets, making them environmentally friendly. They also offer flexible rental and leasing services for buyers on a budget, and also offer free pallet pickup after your usage if you rented them.

Their team works all 24 hours to ensure quality customer service and fast deliveries. Their custom pallet manufacturing is top-notch and makes them one of the best pallet manufacturers in Tennessee.

Address: 1761 Old Columbia Rd, Dickson, TN 37055, US

Phone: +1 615-446-0038

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This was our ultimate list of the best wholesale liquidation stores for Liquidation pallets in Tennessee. There are many options to choose from for a variety of uses within the state and in the southeast.

From wholesale liquidation companies to pallet manufacturers and liquidation warehouses in Tennessee, these were the best of the best and the most popular options. Rest assured, you will find exactly what you’re looking for in one of these wholesale liquidation stores. 

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