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10 Best Liquidation Stores in Brisbane, Australia (2024)

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Liquidation stores are the stores that sell out extra or surplus products to liquidate funds for the owners. This is the reason they’re called liquidation stores and today we are going to talk about the ten best liquidation stores in Brisbane. Now for those of you who don’t know what a liquidation store is, it basically is a store that helps the store owners deal with a surplus quantity of products so that they get to make the bare minimum profit on it, or break even if the product doesn’t work. The best thing is, these liquidation Brisbane stores sell these pallets out for a fraction of the original price, which makes them really lucrative for the consumers. If you’re looking for some cheap products that you require, in liquidators Brisbane, then this is the article for you.

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Here is the list of the 10 Best Liquidation Stores in Brisbane (Australia):

Clearance Warehouse

Clearance Warehouse

This is one of the leading liquidation stores in the continent and hence is the one that we would like to talk about. Clearance warehouse is a liquidation store that helps you liquidate stocks, surplus, sell wholesale products, and also sell retail products at a huge discount.

If you’re starting a business, you can also contact them for bulk orders and quote a price to them as well. They are one of the most popular and successful liquidation stores in Brisbane which is why they are the first name to mention.

They have offline as well as online marketing services, which means you don’t have to be physically present in their store to get what you want. However, their delivery is assured and backed by the best delivery companies in the nation and hence is the perfect place to buy what you want for your home.

The best part is, that these products are quality tested and hence are the perfect products to take to your home, and hence we highly recommend checking them out. Their prices are also cutthroat. Rest assured, you can find some pretty amazing deals here.

Phone: +66 (0) 98 391 3877


Merkandi - liquidation-stores-in-brisbane

Merkandi is a global pioneer in the world of liquidation stores and they have one branch in Brisbane as well. This is one of the leading brands in the industry with their franchise being situated in more than 150 countries and there are only about 200 in the world, so, do the math.

Apart from that, their liquidation pallets Brisbane and stocks are premium in terms of quality and hence is the perfect liquidation store to buy your products from.

They have a huge variety of products listed on their website as well as in their stores. The best thing about their website is that their prices are regional and the one liquidation store they have in Brisbane, has one of the cheapest listings as compared to other regions.

Merkandi is one of the best liquidation stores to get your stuff from, which is why we highly recommend trying their services out.

Merkandi also lets you buy in bulk for your own business which is perfect for any aspiring wholesalers. If you haven’t tried Merkandi yet, then we highly suggest doing so.

Phone: +44 330 127 9628


Grays - liquidation-stores-in-brisbaneAs vague as it sounds, grays is a website that can get you a good deal for almost anything you can think of. Not just products that you would prefer to use at home, but also products that are more rarely found in liquidation stores.

This includes an auction for cars, boats, houses, and whatnot. Grays.com is the perfect place to go if you’re looking to find the best liquidation store in Brisbane.

They have a huge variety of products at really cheap prices, which is why we have included their name on this list in the first palace. However, grays’s specialty is that they have a variety of exquisite wines listed on their website, which is surprisingly cheaper than the ones you find elsewhere.

Grays is the perfect place to head if you’re looking to find the most absurd yet helpful and cheap deals. To put things into perspective, grays offers a bottle of wine starting from $6 for a bottle and people are also able to order boxes of wine for the price of a single one.

If you’re looking to find some great deals on wine, then grays is the place to check out.

Phone: +61 7 3053 5250

Australian discount store

Australian discount store - liquidation-stores-in-brisbaneAs the name suggests Australian discount store is the store where you can find a ton of discounts on a variety of products. They are the amazon of liquidated products in Brisbane. They have a huge variety. This means you can probably get everything you want which is why we highly recommend checking them out.

Speaking of Amazon, their website also looks quite similar to the interface of the former and hence you will feel familiar ordering from their website.

However, the Australian discount store also has more amazing deals than what amazon has to offer which is what makes them the perfect liquidation store in Brisbane.

Apart from household items, they also have a collection of pet items including pet supplies, toys, and much more, which is perfect for all the consumers out there who are proud pet owners and are always looking for cheaper yet high-quality supplies.

Australian discount store is one of the cheapest liquidation stores in Australia, which is why we highly recommend checking them out once.

G&L Wholesalers

G&L Wholesalers -liquidation-stores-in-brisbaneG&L wholesalers are one of the oldest liquidation stores in Brisbane as they have been in the industry for more than 25 years. They have been one of the best liquidation stores in Brisbane for a variety of products, ranging from toys, oils, and anything you can think of.

G&L wholesalers are the perfect place to buy stuff from because it’s way more economical and hence is the place we recommend going to. They always keep updating their prices for liquidated stocks, and so do their pricing changes for bulk orders as well.

This is good news for resellers because they can find pretty amazing deals every day and hence make a profit off that. G&L wholesalers offer a variety of products ranging from pet supplies to camping necessities and much more. Their products are extremely well versed and hence are the best liquidation store in Brisbane.

G&L wholesalers also have a website from where you can buy products from the comfort of your home, which is the best thing in our opinion.

With their incredible deals and their huge variety, G&L wholesalers are the best liquidators in Australia. And the experience they have in the market makes them even better.

Phone: 02 9756 1121



As the name suggests, this website believes in making crazy sales at crazier prices. Crazysales is a website that helps customers find the perfect deal at the best prices. Usually, their website gives you a 70-80% discount on bulk items and slightly less on retail items.

Crazy sales have crazy variety, which makes them one of the most versatile liquidation stores in Brisbane. Apart from that, crazy sales also have a ton of products to choose from and their inventory never seems to finish. If you’re looking to start a business, then crazy sales are the best liquidation store to visit.

This is because, you will find the best price for high-quality products, which is what every seller and customer wants. Crazysales has offline stores across Australia.

But if you’re in Brisbane then you can surely order from their website. They are backed by the best delivery services in Australia and hence your cargo will be safe and sound until it reaches your doorstep.

Phone: 03 95480224

Choice discount variety

Choice discount varietyThis website is one of the most popular liquidation stores in Australia and also has an offline store in Brisbane/ choice discount variety is basically a website that offers a ton of products at extremely marginal costs. These products are quality tested and are from globally renowned brands.

However, what’s more, important is that the choice discount variety is one of the most versatile in terms of inventory and have some great deals on electronic items. Choice discount variety also gives you the benefit of ordering from home and getting your items delivered to your doorstep.

With that ease of ordering, they have seen a ton of success in the pandemic and hence have been growing strong in the region as well.

If you’re in Brisbane and you need anything from party items to healthcare products, choice discount variety is the direction we’d point at.

Phone: 01702 555245

Builder discount warehouse

Builder discount warehouseNow that we have talked about a lot of various discount stores, it’s finally time to talk about a website that does well in the niche it is. Last but not least, the builder discount warehouse, is exactly what it sounds like. They have the best prices for building materials, ranging from paint to anything related to restoration.

Apart from that, the builder discount warehouse is the leading brand in the segment, with crazy prices and great flexibility. If you’re looking to sell building items as a retail businessman, then a builder discount warehouse is the way to go.

You’ll find great discounts and variety on their website and they deliver Australia wide so you can be sure about high-quality delivery.

If you haven’t used their website yet, then we highly recommend doing so, because they are the best at what they do.

Address: 3437 Pacific Hwy, Slacks Creek QLD 4127

Phone: 07 3208 2240

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All bids

All bidsJust as absurd but uniquely better, All bids is a website that serves as the best liquidation store in Brisbane for anything you have in mind. Even if you’re looking to find real estate as well, you can find that on All bids which is why we think you should definitely check them out.

The variety that they have on their website is just amazing. From jewelry to electronics, all bud is the one website to go to and hence is the best liquidation store in Brisbane. If you’re renovating your office or your home, All bids is the place to go.

They have the best deals in the renovating space and hence are the perfect website to check out right now. Apart from that, all bids have really amazing deals that have about 70-80 percent discount.

They deal in stocks that companies like to liquidate once they declare bankruptcy. Hence are one of the cheapest liquidation stores in Brisbane. If you’re looking for the same, then all bids are the perfect liquidation store to hit up.

Phone: 1800 861 509

I buy auctions

The next name on the list is probably one of the most popular auction stores in Brisbane and even in Australia as well.

I buy auctions that have the best variety amongst all liquidation stores in Brisbane. This is because they have auctions for cars, real estate, baby products and go all the way up to home appliances and electronics. I buy auctions also have furniture on their website which makes them really versatile in the industry.

Speaking of versatility they also have garden products on their website for auction which makes them one of the best liquidation stores in Brisbane. Just like any other auction, I buy auction also lets you bid on different products and win a bid by bidding the maximum amount.

However, apart from their auctions, they also have listings from various liquidators, which makes them a really handy website to visit. If you haven’t checked their store yet, then we highly recommend you do so.


The above-mentioned ten liquidation stores are the best ones in Brisbane,, which is what makes them appear on this list. However, you can choose the one you wish to visit, based on your requirements.

Which is what makes the entire list so valuable. So if you’re looking for anything household-related, we highly recommend checking these liquidation stores out as soon as possible. Till then, keep scrolling!

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