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10 Best Stores to Buy Liquidation Pallets in Arizona (2024)

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Liquidation is usually a process wherein the inventory of the company is sold off at a massive discount in order to generate cash. This usually occurs when the company is either closing down, or there is surplus inventory that needs to be cleared out in order to make space for the new stock coming in the inventory. Which brings us to the question, why should you buy merchandise from liquidation stores? When you purchase liquidation pallets in Arizona, you increase the profit margins and save times for your business. Regardless of whether you own a small store or run an online marketplace or eCommerce shop, liquidation sales will make sure to keep your inventory full. Liquidated merchandise usually comes in great quality and condition, especially in their original packaging with their original price tags as well. This brings us to the benefits of purchasing goods from liquidation stores.

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This brings us to the fact that liquidation stores maintain top-quality merchandise.

Liquidation merchandise are usually goods that come untouched and maintain their top quality. These goods are always in great condition because there are no middlemen or rather intermediaries going through the goods before you do. This makes sure that the quality of liquidation pallets Arizona is of top quality and maintain their brand charm. So, which are the 10 liquidation stores in Arizona?

Best Liquidation Stores in Arizona:

Dollar General

Dollar general

Dollar General is one of the popular Arizona liquidators known for their affordable and wide range of liquidation pallets Arizona.

They are well known for their wide assortment of merchandise from several niches, and have one of the most popular brands at low prices that makes it one of the must go liquidation stores in Arizona.

Dollar General makes sure that the high quality of the Arizona liquidation pallets is maintained and one of their top priorities as Arizona liquidators is to make sure that the customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Address9275 W Battaglia Dr, Arizona City, AZ 85123, United States

Phone: +1 520-600-3780

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Pallet Liquidators 

Pallet Liquidators 

One of the best Arizona liquidators, Pallet liquidators is well known throughout the region and is extremely popular for the services and liquidation pallets Arizona they offer.

They have options of single items or even the entire Arizona liquidation pallets. Pallet liquidators have an ever changing and massive inventory that makes the whole process of buying easy and even offers warranty with every liquidation pallets Arizona.

What started as a company selling out of garage, expanded to having a company having a massive inventory of pallet loads and allows the customers to buy Arizona liquidation pallets at reasonable prices.

Address3133 E Greenway Rd Suite 503, Phoenix, AZ 85032, United States

Phone+1 480-470-1600

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Liquidate Now

Liquidate Now

With more than a decade in the liquidation industry, Liquidate Now is one of the leading experts when it comes to Arizona liquidators. Liquidate Now has a database of more than 600000 liquidation buyers, both internationally and domestically.

This liquidation stores in Arizona offers a trust worthy and tried channel through which you can either sell or buy your liquidation pallets Arizona .

They have also created a customized network of global reach, no risk and resale channel network and a well known leading reputation in the industry of liquidation. 

This Arizona liquidator is known for their experts in liquidating merchandise. The global exposure they provide, the brand protection they offer, the no success no fee services, the simple process of payments, the world wide reach with global exports to more than 80 countries, the excellent and highly sensitive customer service.

The assorted supplies of liquidated merchandise, the complete transparency of sales, the email notifications, the fast and flexible payout options and several liquidation options available to cater to particular needs of the clients are some of the many services they offer.

Address12501 N Murphy Rd, Maricopa, AZ 85138, United States

Phone+1 480-415-9869

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Sale Sumo

Sale Sumo - liquidation pallets arizona

Sale Sumo is extremely popular as one of the Arizona liquidators. Their excellent customer service and the staff who go out of their way to make sure that the customer is satisfied.

They offer great discounts on liquidation pallets Arizona and are known to have a diverse variety of goods for sale. Sale Sump is well known for their tools collection which they offer at not only great deals.

But they are in excellent and high quality condition which makes all the more the reason to go and check this liquidation stores in Arizona.

Their customers find it to be one of the best places to purchase products from, especially with the price, service and the quality of products offered.

Address221 N 48th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85043, United States

Phone+1 602-332-8056

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The Lion Discount

The Lion Discount - liquidation pallets arizona

The Lion Discount liquidation stores have a wide array of merchandise on almost products from every niche. They have a huge warehouse that stocks their inventory

But most importantly, if you are looking for liquidation pallets in Arizona with regards to home décor or renovation, this is the Arizona liquidator you would want to have a look at. They offer great deals and heavily discounted products in top quality and mint condition.

Address4224 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85019, United States

Phone+1 602-429-9111

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PHX Liquidators 

PHX Liquidators  - liquidation pallets arizona

PHX liquidators are one of the best Arizona liquidators known to make sure that their customers find the right products when it comes to their shopping experience.

They not only have the best prices you will find but they also make sure that they cater to the needs of their client. You will find high quality products for half its actual price. You will not find prices and deals like these anywhere else.

Arizona liquidation pallets are offered not only at unbelievable prices but also these items are also tested before the shipment is processed.

Address620 W Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85003, United States

Phone+1 602-810-6586

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Liquidation Center 

Liquidation center is your go to Arizona liquidators who will not only offer merchandise at affordable prices but will also greet you with smiles.

They have a wide variety of products to choose from. Some liquidation pallets Arizona that you will have a hard time finding again. Offered at great bargains that will entice you to purchase more Arizona liquidation pallets.

They make sure to offer great deals. Their inventory has merchandise from several niches. They ensure that the quality of the products is maintained.

Address620 W Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85003, United States

Phone+1 602-810-6586

Smart Buy Outlet

Smart buy outlet is a popular liquidation stores in Arizona that is loved by all their customers. From single items to liquidation pallets Arizona to purchase from, they offer it all and make sure that their customer is satisfied with the services and products they offer.

They offer a wide variety of goods. This will also help you attract customers your way, especially looking at the quality of products and the price they offer.

Moreover, Smart Buy Outlet has got raving reviews from their customers. They not only speak about the customer service, the staff. They also talk about the quality of products offered.

Address1860 W Broadway Rd, Mesa, AZ 85202, United States

Phone+1 480-935-0219

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The Liquidators discount Center

If you are looking for one stop destination for liquidation merchandise from almost every niche, this is the Arizona liquidators you are looking for. They offer massive discounts and have a huge inventory that is fully stocked.

From home décor to artwork to electronics to pretty much everything. Liquidator Discount center has a constantly changing inventory. Its inventory has a wide variety of merchandise on any given day. You can purchase liquidation pallets Arizona at heavily discounted prices that are great for the quality of products.

Address4224 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85019, United States

Phone+1 602-278-0489

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Amazon liquidation auctions 

One of the best liquidation stores in Arizona, this business to business marketplace is authorized to give US based buyers access to the inventory, directly from the largest ecommerce company in the world.

When it comes to this Arizona liquidators, the registration process takes about ten to fifteen minutes. The approval by the company will take at least two business days. 

The potential buyers need to register under the state they would like to have their merchandise shipped to. They must register only once via ATEP. But, not after every auction of the liquidation pallets in Amazon. Amazon also requires the buyers to have a state specific resale certificate.

If by any chance there are missing goods from the shipment, Amazon will send a full refund. Amazon offers a full range of several types of products. This is considered to be one of the best options when it comes to liquidation stores in Arizona.

One of the biggest advantages of buying goods from liquidation stores is that it gives your business higher profit margins. 

One of the main reasons on why many businesses prefer to purchase merchandise from liquidation stores is that it helps in increasing their profit margins. They are basically sourcing the inventory from the store as compared to just buying a pallet or a couple of pallets of goods.

Liquidation pallets are significantly cheaper and are bought at reduced prices. This allows businesses to sell them at the price they would set and still make a profit.

Liquidation stores have a wide variety of merchandise to offer. 

One of the benefits when it comes to buying merchandise from liquidation stores is that you will find a wide variety of merchandise that is available. Most of the time, there are several pallets available of similar like goods.

There are times when you will also find a wide range of different goods. These may come from the same niche. This means that as a business you also have the potential to expand your horizons which will help you attract more customers.

It would be advised that you look at the list of the items on the pallet to ensure that they fit the niche of your business.

Liquidation stores help in lowering shipping costs. 

The best advantage of liquidation merchandise is that the costs of shipping are considerably lowered. This is because when you source your goods from a retailer, you will get truckloads of inventory. This simply means that when the truck is loaded with the merchandise, the products ships simultaneously. This is extremely cost-efficient, then buying a single pallet from a number of retailers. 

You get untouched and exclusive merchandise from liquidation stores  

There has always been a bias towards used or even previously opened merchandise, in regard to the customers. This is why while sourcing goods from liquidation stores. You do not have to worry about a middleman going through the goods and reducing their value.

Customers also tend to go for the brands they know, trust and love or at least the ones they have heard of, which is why when it comes to building the brand of your business, you will also have to make sure that your business ensures the quality of the products you sell.


These were the 10 liquidation stores in Arizona that offer liquidation pallets Arizona at heavily discounted prices. These make sure that the quality of the product was high quality and was in great condition.

Purchasing liquidation pallets from Arizona liquidators is an extremely profitable business option. This is because it lowers the risks possible and maximizes the profit while earning a steady income from it. 

The liquidated merchandise is one of the best ways to earn money by reselling it online because it also helps in boosting your existing business.

One of the main points you will have to remember is that you will have to make sure that you deal with reputed and trustworthy liquidation stores and companies that are well known for the products and services they offer.

This is why you will have to make sure you do your research. Check if the liquidation store or company fits in your budget and offers merchandise at reasonable prices. It is also suggested that you go through the reviews of the liquidation store.

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