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10 Best Liquidation Stores in Dundee for Great Deals (2024)

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Dundee is one of the major cities in Scotland and receives a lot of liquidation stocks. In the tough competition of insolvency and liquidation companies in Scotland, the liquidation pallets in Dundee are available at throwaway prices. Find the best and easy services on Liquidation stores in Dundee. These pallets include clothes, electronics, daily essentials, and other small items. Often these items are excess production goods or brand clearance stocks.

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There are a lot of wholesale warehouses, retailer shops, and discount stores that operate in this liquidation industry. These liquidation stores offer amazing discounts on liquidated goods and furniture. Finding the best liquidation stores in Dundee can be difficult. So, if you are new to Dundee and want to know the best outlets to buy liquidated and discounted goods, then you are at the right place. We have brought you some of the top liquidators in the town of Dundee.

This is the list of 10 Best Liquidation Stores in Dundee


PoundStretcher - Liquidation Stores in Dundee

Poundstretcher has a huge range of everyday essentials and home care products. They have home décor, kitchen appliances, electronics, groceries, tools, storage units, and many other products that you need daily. They have more than five thousand product varieties in their store and offer great discounts on every product.

If you are visiting their store in Dundee then every penny of yours will count. They are open seven days a week. Pouondstretcher offers the best items and do not compromise on the quality of the goods. They are a well-established chain with more than 350 stores located all over the UK.

Their store has a beautiful collection of gift articles and small items. The unique part about them is that they have a discount pet store called the Pet Hut. Unlike any other liquidation store in the UK, they offer super cheap pet beds, pet food, toys, grooming products, and other pet-care products.

So, if you have a cat or a dog to feed, you will get the best food brands at cheap rates at their store. Their store has experienced staff and will help you find the best picks. If money-conscious shopping is your thing, then you should definitely visit this liquidation store in Dundee.

Address: 50-60 Lochee Rd, Dundee DD1 5RJ, United Kingdom

Phone: +441382228258

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Dunelm - Liquidation Stores in Dundee

Next on our list, we have Dunelm. This is a very well-known store and offers unbelievable discounts on home furnishings, home décor, and interior space design products. This furniture store has an extensive collection of dining tables, sofas, armchairs, lighting equipment, drawers, storage units, beds, mattresses, and rugs. They have premium quality furniture with polished surface finishing.

These goods include both liquidated as well as new furniture units. Their offers go up to fifty percent off on top furniture items and are active throughout the year. Their workers will help you find the piece you are looking out for. If you are searching for curtains and blinds, then they have a wide range of beautiful curtain options.

Starting from silk curtains to net curtains, they have all types of varieties. They also have thermal and black-out curtains. The only part where the Dundee Dunelm store lacks is that they do not offer furniture installation. You will have to assemble it yourself. However, they have the best quality and will save you a lot of money. If you have shifted new to Dundee and want cheap home furnishing, then this is the right place to visit.

Address: Kingsway West Retail Park, 467 Clepington Rd, Dundee DD3 8RX, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1382 816111

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Poundland has all the items that you might need. This is one of the top discount stores in England. They have received several awards and are tough competition for every discount store brand out there. They have been delivering quality daily essential goods to thousands since the year 1990.

Pouondland are mostly known for their affordable range of food products, frozen food items, packaged goods, snacks, soft drinks, and tinned or canned products. Many people buy their groceries from Poundland as it saves a lot of money. Their store is always full of delight and also has a wide range of daily essentials. They sell health care, skincare, beauty products, pet products, electrical appliances, toys, and stationary.

Recently they have started an in-house clothing brand called Pep & Co. This includes men’s clothing, women’s clothing, baby clothes, and other home accessories. Hence, they are an all-in-one store and will offer you the best-discounted deals on daily essential products. You can buy these goods online or visit their liquidation store in Dundee.

Address: Wellgate Shopping centre, Unit R&S, Dundee DD1 2DB, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1382 690586

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Home Bargains

Homebargains - Liquidation Stores in Dundee

Home Bargains is a great home furnishings chain. They buy liquidated furniture from some of the best insolvency and liquidation companies. They carry out quality checks and refurbish the goods to bring them back in the best shape. Home Bargains have more than 500 stores and are an experienced store chain.

Their products are garden sit-outs, electronics, lighting options, fragrances, health and beauty products, kitchen utensils, wallpapers, and other goods that will elevate the vibe of your living space. The best part is that they offer all of these goods at extremely cheap rates. Here you will find offers like no other.

If you spend 150 euros in their store, you get free home delivery of the goods you have purchased. Another great thing is that you can return the items if you do not like them. They are one of the top liquidators in Dundee. Customer service and buyer satisfaction are their top priorities. So, if you wish to grab amazing deals on home furnishings, then visit their store in Dundee.

Address: Wellgate Shopping Centre, Victoria Rd, Dundee DD1 2DB, United Kingdom

phone: +441382322098

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B&M Stores

B&M Stores - Liquidation Stores in Dundee

B&M Stores is known for having branded liquidation pallets in Dundee for super cheap prices. They promise big savings to their customers and have huge discounts at their stores. The Dundee store has an amazing collection of garden tools, wallpapers, flooring options, and electronics. They specialize in these four categories. Other than that, they have everything that you might need in your weekly shopping spree.

Groceries, health and beauty products, cleaning agents, baby food, pet food, toys, and games are a part of their huge shop collection. They have assorted varieties of food product brands. The best part is that their store is very well-arranged and you will easily find the goods you are looking out for.

They are open seven days a week and have online shopping options as well. They are expanding all over the country and are receiving a great response. One thing is guaranteed at their store and that is you are going to enjoy this shopping experience. If you want big savings on big brands, then visit the B&M Store in Dundee.

Address: Units 1 – 3, Wellgate Shopping centre, Dundee DD1 2DB, United Kingdom

Phone: +443308389299

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Marilyns at 36 Arklay Street

Marilyns at 36 Arklay Street - Liquidation Stores in Dundee

Marilyns at 36 Arklay Street is one of the best liquidation stores in Dundee. They sell new as well as used products. They practice estate liquidation and bring out the best asset prices for their clients. Their store includes all types of furniture, flower vases, collectibles, idols, storage units, mirrors, and home décor goods.

They have the best collection of soft pillows, cushions, rugs, and mattresses. Besides that, you should look out for old classic furniture pieces. They give amazing deals on every product and have a helpful staff to work for them. This is a local liquidation store in Dundee but has an immense understanding of this business.

They have been working for the past fifteen years and have a loyal customer base. They also have beautiful gift items that you can buy for your loved ones. Marilyns at 36 Arklay Street will first understand your requirements and then show you the most elegant furniture pieces from their collection. They have received top ratings from their customers. This makes them one of the best in the business and highly reliable.

Address: 36 Arklay St, Dundee DD3 7PP, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1382 815923

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The Range

The Range - Liquidation Stores in Dundee

If you want value for money, then this is the right place for you. The Range is committed to offering the best quality merchandise at extremely affordable rates. They carry out seasonal sales and heavy discounts at their outlet in Dundee. There is absolutely nothing that they don’t sell. They have furniture, outdoor sitting, food products, groceries, mirrors, lighting, garden tools, home furnishings, storage units, mattresses, and rugs.

They are a nationwide service and deliver to 27 nearby countries. The best part about them is that they offer super fast delivery. You can order at midnight and the goods will be delivered the very next day. They also accept customer returns in case you do not like the product.

They have more than 200 stores and also operates online. Their store in Dundee is open throughout the week and has a lot to offer to its customers. If you want a variety and a wide range of products that too at cheap prices, then The Range is the perfect place for buying your goods.

Address: Unit 6 The Stack Shopping & Leisure Park, Harefield Rd, Dundee DD2 3XN, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1382 611833

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Mountain Warehouse

Mountain Warehouse

This is a mountaineering goods clearance warehouse in Dundee. If you are a mountaineering passionate and love trekking, then this warehouse will be a paradise for you. They receive liquidation pallets in Dundee from some of the most established sportswear companies.

Mountain warehouses are the experts and will help you find the perfect goods that you are looking for. They offer free delivery on the purchase of or above fifty euros. Also,they have unbelievable rates and super discounts at their store. They offer up to seventy percent off on mountaineering clothing, gloves, equipment, tools, tents, skis, and footwear.

Their collection includes clothes for kids, men, as well as women. They have all clothing sizes available and have top quality products in their warehouse. So, consider buying goods from their store before your next camping outing or a mountain trek.

Address: 26 Murraygate, Dundee DD1 2AZ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1382 204306

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The Works

The Works

This is the perfect shop to take your kids to. If you are an art enthusiast and are looking out for a wide stationery collection, then The Works is the place to visit. They offer all types of children’s storybooks, stationery, toys, art supplies, craft supplies, and many more interesting things. This place is like a wonderland for kids.

You can easily buy them a lot of goods without putting much pressure on your pocket. They have standard as well as fast delivery. It depends upon your order size. You can also visit their store to grab your hands on offers. Their products are very affordable and are of the best quality. Want to see a big smile on your child’s face? Take them to The Works.

Address: Unit D / Level 1 Wellgate Shopping Centre, Dundee DD1 2DB, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1382 205874

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Last on our list we have Savers. As the name suggests this store will help you buy goods well within your budget and will give you maximum savings. They specialize in health, beauty, and home décor products. Their collection includes top brands from manufacturing sectors. They buy liquidation pallets in Dundee and have been selling excess production stocks for the past several years.

It has skincare products, toiletries, perfumes, make-up, food products, decorative pieces, and a pets section. They have a well-established business and have opened more than five hundred stores in the UK. They have some great discounts on their product range. If you want to buy in excess then you should visit this place. They have received the best reviews and will offer you quality.

Address: Unit E, Wellgate Shopping centre, Dundee DD1 2DB, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1382 225358

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This was the list of 10 Best Liquidation Stores in Dundee. All of these services will offer you top-quality branded merchandise at cheap prices. They buy liquidated goods and pass on the benefits to their customers. Do visit their liquidation stores in Dundee.

We hope you liked this list. Send in other liquidation store recommendations from Dundee in the comments section below. If you are searching for liquidation store recommendations from any particular city, then try searching for them on our website.

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