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10 Best & Cheap Liquidation Stores in England (2024)

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The liquidation stores in England, are a business that purchases returns, overstocks, and surplus products from large retailers and suppliers at low cost and sells them with profit. Wholesale purchases from liquidators may bring new products at new prices. I have listed here 10 good liquidation wholesale stores in England. 

Best liquidation Stores in England: 


Wholesale clearance

If you think of a monument to the UK’s liquidation wholesale, they have all the wholesale logistics the UK has in stock for them. WholesaleClearance.co.uk is a pool-based wholesale sophistical company focused on extra palettes, bankruptcy pallets,  and container over delivery. They have huge wholesale sales. Wholesaleeclearance.co.uk is an appropriate place to get clothes, and it is characterized by wholesale clothing locators around the world. 

They have targeted customers for market traders, discounters, shops,  boot cellars, eBay sellers and plan parties. These groups of shoppers can save a lot of money when buying wholesale products, thus offering attractive discount rates to stores and discount retailers. 

You will get a great collection of high-quality wholesale products from various reputable sources. The majority of inventories come from catalogue surplus supplies, outsourced merchandise, and bankruptcy settlements that offer extraordinary value. Wholesale inventory selection includes a variety of inventories that span a wide range of products, including high quality branded clothing and accessories, sunglasses, leather belts and leather handbags. 

Address: Unit N, Waterside Estate, 25-27 Willis Way, Poole BH15 3TD, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1202 668817

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Wholesale Scout is one of the UK’s most exclusive online and supplier directories for wholesale liquidators. Would you like to buy the products in bulk? Then you are exactly in the right place. What makes them stand out: With a long-standing reputation in the industry, Wholesale Scout offers significant discounts on large inventories. 

They have 100,000 reliable trusted suppliers around the world, and they are classified as the online contract of the company’s online directory based on the product you offered. Achieve high-quality brands and brand suppliers only. So you can get only the proven wholesale pallet or product. There are no suppliers and product products to find from the dedicated research expert team working with the company.

Wholesale Scout is also one of the largest payment shops based in the UK. They have over 100,000 products in 30 different categories. Their inventory is huge, so you can process as many bulk orders as you like. They are fond of choosing a  bankrupt company to buy liquidated stock and sell it at a reasonable price. They charge shipping, but it’s a lot and it’s reasonable to charge. 

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Uk Stock Supplies

Uk Stock Supplies - Liquidation Stores in England

UKStockSupplies is one of the UK’s leading stock purchasers and wholesale liquidation stores in England. They buy a wide range of inventories and their target customers are high-end retailers with a variety of merchandise.

UK Stock Wholesale, as a buyer of surplus stock, provides services related to liquidation, supply and purchase of surplus stock, bankruptcy stock and excess stock. They also handle liquidated items, liquidated stock buyers, bankruptcy stock sales, former catalogue stock,  pallet stock, wholesale bankruptcy stock, former catalogue returns, store equipment and more.

Its product categories include baby products, construction products, suitcases, dispatches, clothing, beverages, electronics, groceries, shoes, healthcare products, cosmetics and more. There are numerous payment options in this company including Mastercards, VisaCards, Visa Electron, Maestro and Delta. This makes customers content. You must be logged in to see the inventory updates.

Address: Manor Farm, Derby Rd, Stanley DE7 6EX, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 7815 111591

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Gem Wholesale

Gem Wholesale - Liquidation Stores in England

Gem Wholesale UK is experienced and scrutinized transaction for trading wholesalers and wholesale liquidators with 40 years of experience in the cleaning industry. They handle the sale of ExCatalog customer returns and liquidation inventory. They focus on the UK’s largest retailers and mail-order companies that make this possible. Therefore, they offer a huge assortment of inventories. It is from one of the best liquidation Stores in Pallets.

They have a “First Time Buyers Guide” to serve as a wholesaler’s advice to many clients who want to buy the original catalogue. According to them, the goods displayed on their website are sold as “trade”. Therefore, customers who purchase through the website are not protected by policies aimed at “non-profit” consumers. 

The Gem wholesaler is a processing specialty store. Wholesale gems with over 40 years of experience are also considered to be the UK’s first payments business. They are affiliated with some of the best high street brands such as clothing, toys and household items.

Address: Drury Ind Est/Drury La, Buckley CH7 3DZ, United Kingdom

Phone: +441244546920

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Merkandi - Liquidation Stores in England

Consider this fact: “You can’t talk about the top brand wholesale liquidators in the UK and around the world without mentioning Merkandi.” Apart from the uniqueness of the name, Merkandi; offers you a variety of services and can’t be found anywhere else. The list is as follows: 

As a reputable international wholesale platform based in the UK, Mercandi offers liquidation inventory, excess inventory, excess inventory, bankruptcy inventory, customer returns and all other wholesale products in addition to regular merchandise. 

They are proud liquidators in England managing over 30,000 users. This is an amazing number compared to years of experience in the industry. Covers more than 150 countries around the world and collects over 1000 opinions and reviews. 

They help you buy and sell wholesale products at very competitive wholesale prices. They have multiple payment options available, including all credit cards (master and visa), PayPal, American Express, Maestro, bank transfer and more.

This is the best wholesale liquidation stores in England in the UK and fact across the liquidation industry. Aside from the quality of the brand, Mercandi offers a variety of services not found anywhere else. As a reputable multinational wholesale company based in the UK, Mercandi offers not only standard products but also liquidation inventory, surplus, excess inventory, bankruptcy inventory, consumer returns and all other wholesale products. 

Address: Unit 4E, Enterprise Court, S63 5DB Rotherham, United Kingdom

Phone+44 330 127 9628


Marthill - Liquidation Stores in England

Looking at Marthill, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of surplus and returned goods will significantly improve wholesale liquidation transactions. The company is known for its long-standing service of providing out-of-catalogue surplus and retail, clearance, and customer return inventories directly from the major catalogue and retail stores. 

Their main customers are exporters, wholesalers, retailers, market traders, auctioneers, car dealers and buyers around the world. Most of the product range comes from wholesalers and catalogue companies that pack various pallets packed with customer returns, overstock, and clearance lines. 

A wide range of products includes clothing, hardware and appliances, audio, furniture, electronics, toys, flooring, watches, jewellery and more. They operate an ultra-fast and efficient delivery service that can deliver next day goods to any destination in the world.

If the maximum weight per pallet is 1000 kg, they can deliver up to 26 pallets. It ships 40 feet of containers directly from mail-order companies to your company and is famous for its significant discounts for bulk buyers. There is no minimum order amount.

Contacting one of the UK’s world leaders, marthill.co.uk, and returning your High Street merchandise will make it easier for you to carry out wholesale transactions. The company is known for its long-standing service of selling off-catalogue and retail surpluses, liquidation, and consumer-returned inventory directly from major catalogues and retail stores. 

Address: Marthill, Regent House, Lower Regent Street, Beeston, Nottingham, NG9 2DJ, United Kingdom

Phone: (0)115 9259094

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Daniel Thomas Group (UK)

Daniel Thomas Group

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Danielle Thomas Group is a well-established professional wholesaler specializing in liquidation, surplus, bankruptcy and the buying and selling of liquidated stock. 

Daniel Thomas Group supplies companies of all sizes, including retailers, market traders, online distributors, eBayers, car dealers and exporters across the UK. From household items to cleaning items, cosmetics, pet items, tools, backpacks and shoes, the Danielle Thomas Group offers a wide range of new products, including branded items. 

  • UK Liquidation, Bankruptcy, Leading Wholesaler of Liquidation Stocks 
  • Over 25 years of industry experience and hundreds of UK clients 
  • New products from a wide range of brands including toys, tools and gifts  
  • Suitable for online retailers, eBay / Amazon sellers, e-commerce websites 
  • Fast delivery (23 days)  with free UK postage for orders over £ 250.00

Address: Units 10 & 11, Deethe Farm Industrial Estate, Cranfield Road, Woburn Sands, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK17 8UR, GB

Phone: 01908282805

Top-Down Trading (UK)

Top-Down Trading (UK)

Top-Down Trading is one of the largest providers of clearance, surplus and replacement, shoes British, including Nike, Puma, Converse, Timberland, etc. Male Sportswear Women-Designer Dresses, top-down reading has a great wholesale monopoly wholesale comprehensive range. Little package between pieces, 20.50 parts container of more than 10,000 parts, top-down trade is a perfect supplier for fashion retailers of all sizes.

Some of their fields are:

  • Exchange Gold and Shoes Trusted Supplier British People 
  • A rich assortment of major brand objects including Nike and Puma 
  • Purchase for small packages, large pallets or containers  
  • Low-Cost Export Free British shipments with options or packages with options 
  • Over 300 £ 1,000 additional orders at a minimum order  

Address: Peerglow Estate, 6 Queensway, Ponders End, Enfield EN3 4SB, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 20 8804 8818

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How does the Clearance and Liquidation website work? 

Retailers are liquidating their shares. In other words, they sell in large quantities at bargain prices because they can’t sell at full value in physical stores or websites. For quick inventory control, this transaction is sold in large quantities at very low prices to professional processing companies. This allows for quick returns and minimizes the time it takes to inspect and manage inventory. 

The liquidation company then sorts the inventory one by one, loads it into a crate or pallet, sets a price, and distributes it to small businesses and retailers. This is how most of the websites listed here work. Some peasant eviction and liquidation auction platforms, connect buyers and sellers directly as an online marketplace rather than buying the stock itself. 

Who is the Wholesale Liquidator? 

Wholesale Liquidators are suppliers who have a wide range of wholesale, closeouts, overstocks and replacements in their liquidation warehouses. This wholesale category is often purchased directly from major retailers. However, these retailers in liquidation stores in England have a large number of products and need to maintain profitability, so add markup.


It’s time to start your own liquidation business. The wholesale clearing business has fast and exciting opportunities. Soon you will be one of the most wanted wholesale liquidators. Check out the options available in the UK. Think, prepare, and go. You may have more and the best liquidation stores in England.

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