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10 Best Liquidation Stores in North Dakota (2024)

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Liquidation stores are bursting with quality goods that you can usually get at a fraction of the price. In North Dakota, these locations are coming in fast and furious because they’re struggling to pay off their loans while scrounging through their inventory left and right. There is no telling what hidden treasures might be waiting for you on either side of the cash register – so go ahead and have your eyes peeled! In the past year, we’ve seen an increase in the number of liquidation stores in North Dakota, which means that these types of businesses are on their way out. The best thing about liquidation stores is that you can usually get great deals on quality items.

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As you’re looking through your options, make sure you take note of a few things when selecting a liquidation store. First off, make sure you’re rocking clothing sizes that fit your tastes. You want to be able to find clothes in styles and at prices that you can’t get elsewhere. Second, make sure the business has good customer service and selection. These things are what will keep shoppers coming back for more and means more sales for everyone involved.

There is a glut of liquidation stores in North Dakota. But, if you’re looking for some great deals on clothes, shoes, furniture, appliances or more, this is a great place to find them.

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Amongst the liquidation stores in North Dakota, K-Bid is the most well-known. They are a family-owned, privately held company with one store in Mandan, North Dakota, but they sell online as well. Founded in 1979 by Kevin and Becky Kapplinger, they have been selling clothing and other gently used items for all kinds of ages for over thirty years. K-Bid offers a variety of items for a low price. 

The Kapplingers have grown their liquidation business through the years by buying large quantities of inventory at public auctions. This gives them the flexibility to offer a diverse selection while still paying competitive prices.

This is what they say on their website: “Thanks to our buying power we can discount thousands of items up to 90% off the original retail price.” They source their goods locally as well as through online auctions.

Address: 1333 7th Ave N, Fargo, ND

Phone: 763-479-3000

Fargo Liquidators

Fargo Liquidators

The Fargo Liquidators is a store located in North Dakota, USA. Because they sell used items at a discount, they are able to liquidate their inventory and make more room for their next shipment. Customers can shop throughout the store and purchase televisions sets, exercise equipment, home appliances, furniture or even musical instruments! They offer quality used items to those who want affordable prices without compromising on quality or reliability.

Fargo Liquidators has an array of stores all over the country so you can find one near you. Their store locator allows you to zoom in to your neighbourhood and see exactly which location is nearby. You can also use the map to see if there are any stores in other states that will ship to you. The website has a collection of videos from store managers giving you a tour of the store, as well as a FAQ page with answers to any questions you may have. You can also check their Facebook Page for updates or information on sales or special promotions!

Fargo Liquidators sells all kinds of items including furniture, home appliances, musical instruments, sporting goods, computers and even vehicles! They offer a handy search tool for you to use so that you can find what items they have available at any given time.

Address: 1501 1st Ave S, Fargo, ND

Phone: +1 701-476-3000

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F M Liquidators

F M Liquidators

F M Liquidators is one of the liquidation stores in North Dakota where you will find an array of items to suit anyone’s needs. From clothes to tools, furniture and even cars, they have it all.

Whether you are looking for something specific or just want to browse around and weigh your options, their store has what you need. They also offer a price protection guarantee which means if the price of an item drops within a 30-day period then they will refund your money with the difference. This allows you to feel confident about your purchase.

As if that wasn’t enough, they also have a variety of payment options available to ensure that you are financially able to get the most out of our store.

They include: MasterCard, Visa, Discover/Novus, Cashier Checks, Money Orders, Personal Checks with proper ID. They also have a shipping department on-site which allows them to ship purchases directly to you. If you need anything shipped, then just let them know and they will do their best to accommodate your needs.

Address: 470 1st St E, Horace, ND

Phone: +1 701-532-2233

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Fleet Vehicle Disposal

Fleet vehicle disposal and commercial liquidations

Fleet Vehicle Disposal & Commercial Liquidations has been a leader in the liquidation industry since 1965. They provide the lowest priced vehicles and equipment, at huge discounts. You can search through their inventory of heavy-duty trucks, buses, RVs, trailers, construction equipment and much more! They offer low overhead and competitive pricing for all of their customers nationwide.

Fleet Vehicle Disposal & Commercial Liquidations is also the leading provider of auction services throughout North Dakota including Bismarck (ND), Fargo (ND) Moorhead (MN). They have been providing auto parts to North Dakotans since 1965.

They are a premier licensed vehicle liquidation company. The company specialises in the liquidation of fleet vehicles and commercial vehicles. Their inventory includes a wide range of commercial truck equipment from construction equipment to HVAC units.

Driving sales through their aggressive pricing and prompt service will be your first contact when you are interested in selling or purchasing used trucks and vans for sale at wholesale prices.

Phone: +1 888-255-3933

Office Supply Liquidation

Office Supply Liquidation

If you’re looking for a great deal on office supplies, you’ll find it at Office Supply Liquidation! They have to liquidate stores across the country, all of them stocked with everything you need to get your workplace organized — from breakroom items to furniture. And once their inventory is gone, it’s gone forever. That means that when you shop with them, you know that anything in stock has been cleared at rock-bottom prices.

If you have been looking for an office supply liquidation store in North Dakota to serve your needs, Office Supply Liquidations has what it takes! The sellers at Office Supply Liquidations know how important finding and buying something from an office supply liquidation store can be, and they’ve built a website with plenty of information about them.

Address: 2425 Main Ave, Fargo, ND

Phone: (210) 265-6761

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LL Flooring

LL Flooring

LL Flooring, better known as Lumber Liquidators, is one of the top liquidation stores in North Dakota. This family-friendly store has been around for decades and is a favourite of consumers who want to find high-quality wood flooring at prices that are hard to resist.

Lumber Liquidators has always been known for their high level of customer care, ensuring they have never gone out of business. It’s easy to see why when you explore the stores that still remain open in North Dakota!

LL Flooring is the largest speciality retailer of hardwood flooring in North Dakota with over 20 years of experience.

In 1995, LL Flooring started as a single store. Thanks to the increased popularity of bamboo flooring and laminate flooring, an additional store was opened five years later. In 2011, LL Flooring expanded its reach by opening two more stores in two different areas. In 2013, they expanded their business even further by opening three additional stores in North Dakota to provide same-day service to their customers and make a wider selection of products available for purchase at all seven stores.

Address: 3453 7th Ave N, Fargo, ND

Phone: +1 701-540-4026

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M F Liquidators

M F Liquidators is one of the liquidation stores in North Dakota that has the lowest prices on new and used furniture in North Dakota.

Furniture is an important thing to have in your home. Whether you’re furnishing a new home or adding on to your existing one, you’ll need it. The problem is that furniture can be expensive – really expensive unless you know where to find good deals! There are a lot of places around that offer furniture, but only a few want to give you the best deal possible. One of those places is M F Liquidators!

At MF Liquidators the staff is dedicated to providing customers with the lowest prices on new and used furniture in North Dakota without sacrificing the quality of their inventory or customer service experience.

Address: 217 Meridian Rd, Mapleton, ND

Phone: +1 701-365-0277

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2 Of A Kind Shoppe

2 of a Kind Shoppe & Liquidation is a Liquidation store in North Dakota that offers clothing, jewelry, and more for both men and women. They offer free shipping on all orders to anyone within the continental United States.

With their new business model, they hope to be able to give back more in the process. 2 of a Kind Shoppe is a liquidation store that was started last year by two people who are passionate about giving back: one from North Dakota and the other from California. They are currently running at half capacity but with their new expansion plans they can bring in enough revenue to give back as much as possible! 

You can get deals on dope clothes, furniture and homeware at the North Dakota-based store on eBay. Stocking up on everything from designer handbags to Ralph Lauren watches! It’s liquidating out the old so you can get up close and personal with your new purchase.

Address: 1202 4th Ave S, Wahpeton, ND 58075, United States

Phone: +1 218-404-8577

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Moorhead Liquidation

Moorhead Liquidation is a liquidator for North Dakota that offers a large variety of items at low prices. Their inventory changes daily and they update their website every hour.

They sell new and used items, appliances, furniture, electronics, cosmetics, jewellery and more. Moorhead Liquidation sells everything from a single appliance to entire buildings full of merchandise!

If you are looking for a place to buy affordable and quality brand-name items from your favourite stores, then you have come to the right place. Moorhead Liquidation is a liquidation store in North Dakota that provides high-quality products from leading national retailers at bargain prices.

They are conveniently located and have everything that you need for the home, garden, family and more! You will find furniture like couches or beds as well as end tables, coffee tables and dining room sets. Clothing like jeans and sweaters will be up next with jackets to follow soon after.

Address: 600 30th Ave S, Moorhead, MN

Phone: 218-422-9040

SRP Liquidation

The liquidation store SRP Liquidation, located in North Dakota, probably has around 90% of the products sold out and its shelves are packed with items. People might not know what this place is before it closes but they will soon after because so many people are talking about it.

The company had already decided on Thursday that they would have to close by Friday so people can’t even buy anything there anymore.

You can get stuff out of their inventory of surplus stock and discontinued items, and get a chance to buy high-quality merchandise at a fraction of the original price. Some orders are automatically eligible for free shipping. Plus, they have got a jaw-dropping selection of one-time deals up for grabs with prices that have been discounted up to 80% off original retail value.

To make your shopping experience as hassle-free as possible, they accept all major credit cards, including American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

Address: 1021 Main Ave W, West Fargo, ND

Phone: (701) 541-0840


In conclusion, liquidation stores in North Dakota that we have compiled for you are a great option for buying products at cost. It’s convenient, easy, and you should always check your local area to see if there is a liquidation store near you.

There’s no doubt that they’re a good place to pick up some seriously discounted goods but also be on the lookout to buy something else as well. Most of these stores have decent display cases where you can see the items in detail and even try them out if they allow it or have an electronics section where you can test gadgets before purchasing them.

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