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5 Best Liquidation Stores in Western Australia (2024)

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Liquidation stores in Western Australia present customers with a new way to do their shopping. The rising prices have made it very difficult to afford the items being sold in the retail store. Sometimes the prices are a bit too much for regular customers to afford. Liquidation stores allow you to save a lot of money while buying branded items. The liquidators in Western Australia secure closeout, overstock, clearance, and other goods. Some of these goods might have minor damages as well but they d not affect the quality of the goods. The prices that are offered by liquidation stores in Western Australia are less than what any retail store can offer you there are up to 90% discounts on the goods sold in these stores. This article has a list of amazing liquidators in Western Australia that you should rely on to get great deals.

Buy Liquidation pallets in Western Australia:

Clearance Warehouse

Clearance Warehouse - liquidation stores in Western Australia

Clearance Warehouse is not only the biggest name in Western Australia but also in Australia itself. The company is one of the best liquidators in Western Australia.

They only do business with the best companies in Australia. This company will find you the best stocks which you need to be aware of in Australia. The company specializes in finding amazing liquidation pallets which you can sell for a good profit.

They have deep-rooted business contacts that they utilize to secure the liquidation pallets in Western Australia for their customers. The company does not have a retail store. They are a completely online business and have ensured they have the facilities required to manage a liquidation business of this scale.

They have their warehouses spread across Australia and they dispatch the goods you buy from those warehouses. The best part about this company is that you can buy any quantity of items you want at wholesale rates. 

Their prices are the main selling point they have. All branded goods are authentic and are sourced through legitimate means. Since the entire transaction takes place through their website, they have secured it. 

The company has a wide range of goods which they sell through their online store. They have discount prices for all of their products. These discounts go as high as 80% off the retail prices. They have p[partnered up with some of the most reliable delivery companies.

These include FedEx, UPS, Australia Post, and DHL. Having multiple delivery options helps you to choose convenient delivery speeds. This company ranks among the top liquidation stores in Western Australia. They are among the top liquidators in Western Australia delivering the best goods to their customers.



At the first glance, Grays might just look like one of the many liquidation stores out there. However, Grays is much more than one of the regular liquidation stores in Western Australia. They work with vendors across Australia to bring amazing deals which will sweep you off your feet.

This company is known for having liquidated cars, mining equipment, and other heavy-duty items. The company has been able to establish a good supply chain which ensures their stock is always filled with items that are in demand by their clients. You will also find them selling a huge variety of industrial goods.

The main aim of this company has always been to establish a marketplace where they can supply goods to their clients for cheap. Their clients include business and retail customers as well. Their range of items brings interested retail buyers and companies across Australia. 

The company does not have standard prices for the items which they sell on their website. All of the items they sell are through bids. You can be assured that you get the goods which you see on their website. The bidding system lets you find some of the best deals if you spend some time finding all the available offerings.

They might be one of the liquidators in Western Australia who have the largest category of items for sale. They are a company unlike any other. There are hardly any other companies that sell vehicles and industrial equipment in the liquidation business.

All of the purchases have to be made through their website. They do not have any physical store but deliver to all parts of Australia. They are among the top liquidators in Western Australia with a unique assortment of products.

Address6 Spartan St, Jandakot WA 6164, Australia

Phone+61 1300 362 536

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Checkout Factory Outlet

Checkout Factory Outlet -liquidation stores in Western Australia

Checkout Factory Outlet is a company that has been at the top of its game for 45 years. This family-owned business has been one of the most trusted names in the liquidation business in Western Australia.

Even after so many years in the business, they remain a family-owned business that is committed to serving their clients to the best of their abilities. This company has its specialization.

Checkout Factory Outlet sell only liquidated electronic goods. They know how unreliable the electronic appliance business can be. They have partnered up with the top manufacturers to get goods to you. Checkout Factory Outlet buy overstocked, or slightly damaged goods and then sell them to their clients. 

You can have peace of mind when buying goods from them as all of the appliances sold in their shop are covered by manufacturer warranties. The inventory of this store keeps changing every day. They get new truckloads of goods and they keep stocking up their inventory.

Checkout Factory Outlet buy electronic appliances through liquidation pallets in Western Australia. They have trained their staff to be experts in the electronic appliance business. When you visit their store, they will guide you. They can help you choose appliances which would be ideal for your requirements.

Checkout Factory Outlet promise to deliver the lowest prices in Western Australia. The company has been a pillar of the liquidation industry in Western Australia and continues to do so. They are one of the best liquidation stores in Western Australia for buying electronic appliances. From TVs to washing machines, you will find it all at their store.

AddressSuite 7/52 Guthrie St, Osborne Park WA 6017, Australia

Phone+61 8 9244 8858

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Prime Liquidations

Prime Liquidations - liquidation stores in Western Australia

Prime Liquidations are your go-to guys when you want to go furniture shopping. They secure liquidated furniture mainly from Australia, Indonesia, and China.

The company tries to find the best pieces of furniture for their clients. They know that furniture is an important part of your home and they try to do justice to it. They have partnered up with one of the largest furniture companies in Indonesia.

This company helps them to import furniture for their liquidation stores in Western Australia. They have been serving the people of Perth since 2008 and have done a good job at it. 

Getting liquidated furniture from overseas allows them to have their inventory stocked with furniture with other liquidation stores in Western Australia do not have access to. Apart from having a regular and well-established supply chain, they are always on the hunt to bring new pieces of furniture for their clients.

All of the furniture sold by them are not only of great quality but they are also cheap. The company will make it worth your time to visit their store. The variety of furniture they have is one of their main selling points. They make up the list of the top liquidators in Western Australia. They will have solutions for all of your furniture needs.

Address376 South St, O’Connor WA 6163, Australia


AllBids - liquidation stores in Western Australia

All Bids in one of the online liquidation stores in Western Australia. All of the items they have goes under the hammer. They have auctions for different types of items that they get.

They categorize the auctions by the type of items that are sold in them. This ensures you get many items from the category of goods that you are interested in. 

They have daily auctions for the items which they sell. They receive these items from several sources. Their auctions are the best place to find great deals daily. They have a huge inventory of items.

After you have purchased an item you can use their tracking feature to check the progress of your delivery. They are among the best liquidators in Western Australia


Crazysales - liquidation stores in Western Australia

Just like their name, this company offers crazy discounts. All of the items in their store are at a discount of 30%-80%. They bring the best of two worlds. They have a large inventory and sell a variety of products like retail stores. The prices they have however are much cheaper than what any retail store in Australia offers you.

The company has great ties with manufacturers in Australia which they use to get the top liquidated products. The company tries to bring you the biggest discounts on the products which are liked by their clients. Their online store shows you all of the amazing items they have stored for you.

You can make the purchases directly from their website. They provide massive discounts on various products and they are not the ones who compromise quality. You still get the best quality goods from them. The company aims to maximize your savings with every purchase you make on its website. 

They have fast delivery options which ensure that you do not have to keep waiting for your order to arrive. They have a clientele of more than 1 million customers.

Crazysales have a return policy as well which is not available in many liquidation stores in Western Australia. You can return anything you buy from them within 30 days. They have made shopping for liquidation pallets in Western Australia and others goods a breeze for their clients.

The Reject Shop

The Reject Shop

This company has one of the largest presence in Australia. They are a huge chain that sells liquidated goods for the average people. The discounts they provide exceed all of the supermarkets in town.

The company has remained dedicated to finding the best goods and being one of the top liquidators in Western Australia. The company has the lowest price guarantee.

They will provide you with a 10% lower price than the lowest price you can find in any retail store. This assures all of their customers that They are receiving the best prices for all of the goods which they are buying.

AddressJoondalup Commercial Centre, Unit 4/5 Dwyer Turn, Joondalup WA 6623, Australia



This company is the best place to find clearance, overstocked, and other liquidated items. They are one of the best places to buy liquidation pallets in Western Australia.

They buy inventory from more than 150 countries around the world and sell them in pallets and truckloads. The prices they offer are more than 90% less than the retail price of those goods. They are a great site to consider for all of your needs.

Clearance Outlet

Clearance Outlet

They are an online store that sells all of the items which you could ask for. This company is known for selling branded items for unbelievable prices. Their prices can hardly be matched by any of the other competitors out there.

They have a reputation for being one of the best liquidation stores in Western Australia. The company has quick delivery that ensures all of your items reach you as fast as possible.

Phone: +61 1300 103 102

Crazy Don’s Discount Store

This is a family-owned store that is making a name for itself as one of the best liquidation stores in Western Australia. This company stocks its store with all items you will find at a retail grocery shop.

From food items to electronics, this company sells them all. They source their products through clearance goods and liquidation pallets in Western Australia. They even directly import some of their goods from the UK. You will have tons of new items to shop for in their store every day.

Address12/2 Gillam Dr, Kelmscott WA 6111, Australia

Phone+61 8 9495 4493

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The companies on this list are some of the best for buying liquidation pallets in Western Australia. These companies will help you save money whether you buy singular items or buy items by truckloads.

They are some of the most trusted companies in Western Australia which deliver quality goods and satisfy the expectations of their customers.

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