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10 Best Liquidation Stores in San Jose for Quality Stuff (2024)

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Liquidation stores offer some great deals to retailers, as well as, the common man. But, it might become quite hard to choose the best liquidation stores in San Jose. With the right dealer and contacts, you can also buy San Jose liquidation pallets in bulk. This article lists some of the best places to get liquidation pallets in San Jose.

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We asked our experts to put their minds together to find the best in San Jose’s liquidation industry. So, let us get started without much ado and help you find the best liquidation pallets in San Jose!

Best Liquidation Stores in San Jose:

Costless Brand Names

Costless Brand Names - Liquidation Stores San Jose

One of the best liquidation stores in San Jose, Costless Brand Names is a wholesale and retail merchandise outlet. The store also operates in other locations and is highly accessible. Moreover, it is well-known for its industry experience in finding branded items at a low cost and selling it to customers.

Costless Brand Names also launches special promotional offers and sales that you can find out from their liquidation warehouse in San Jose. The store deals in overstock, closeout, and liquidated inventory from famous brands like Ralph Lauren, Adidas, Michael Kors, and much more!

The best part of Costless Brand Names is the range of products available. You can find liquidation pallets containing electronics, appliances, household items, clothing, food products, and much more! Thus, the company dominates the industry of liquidation in San Jose.

Additionally, the company is also geared towards providing excellent customer service. Hence, Costless Brand Names is the place to be if you love saving money and boosting profits.

Address: 2380 S 10th St, San Jose, CA 95112, United States

Phone: +1 408-885-1885

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Liberty Liquidators

Liberty Liquidators - Liquidation Stores San Jose

If you’re focused on finding furniture liquidation pallets in San Jose, Liberty Liquidators fits the bill. One of the best liquidation stores in San Jose, the company stocks everything from office chairs to sofas to height-adjusting tables. Everyone knows that the secret to a better business is a happy staff and the key to achieving that is comfort. Renovating your office and switching up the furniture with Liberty Liquidators’ excellent collection might be a great idea!

The company’s liquidation warehouse in San Jose stores its detailed inventory and is open for visits. Liberty Liquidators’ experts keep a track of the companies that are about to close or relocate and buy used furniture from them.

It helps both parties save money and turn in large profits. But, you might ask how one can trust the quality of these items. Well, the company inspects the goods, refurbishes them if needed, puts them through quality tests, and ensures they are durable.

Another great news is that Liberty does not exclusively deal in San Jose liquidation pallets. You can also buy brand-new furniture from them and save money by cutting out the middleman. Thus, we advise you to plan and get in touch with Liberty Liquidators before everything is sold out!

Address: 970 Chestnut St, San Jose, CA 95110, United States

Phone: +1 408-975-7020

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Discount Liquidations

Discount Liquidations - Liquidation Stores San Jose

Every business needs to save on inventory costs and buy goods at low prices for better profits. After all, you cannot set your prices too high and risk losing customers. Well, Discount Liquidations’ prime goal is sourcing wholesale products at the right price point to help resellers and other businesses. The company is one of the best liquidation stores in San Jose and ensures quality.

Discount Liquidations receives liquidation pallets from the top retail brands at a heavily discounted rate. They receive about fifty pallets each week which is auctioned between $300 and $1999. You can easily view the rates of each of their liquidation pallets in San Jose on their website.

Discount Liquidations sells its merchandise in the form of pallets and truckloads. Moreover, they also have a same-day pickup for better convenience. However, the best part of Discount Liquidations is that the company offers its products at discounted rates.

Hence, you need to be quick and purchase these pallets before they get sold out in a few hours. If you need Discount Liquidations to ship its San Jose liquidation pallets, you can get in touch and enquire about the charges.

Address: 2070 S 7th St C, San Jose, CA 95112, United States

Phone: +1 415-800-9089

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The Source Zero

The Source Zero

The Source Zero is one of the best liquidation stores in San Jose but has quite a unique concept. It is geared towards empowering women artisans while caring for sustainability and the environment. Moreover, Source Zero is San Jose’s first zero-waste shop that allows you to refill soaps.

It is essentially a shop refill boutique with a wide range of collections to choose from. The company organizes several workshops focused on zero-waste and allows one to refill any container with soap at their bulk bar.

If you want to take a step towards sustainability, we recommend buying from their liquidation warehouse in San Jose. You can find a range of products from baking mats to lip tints to natural deodorants. All of these are priced at an affordable rate and are highly accessible to one and all.

If you’re interested in living a completely sustainable and zero-waste life, take up a DIY workshop by Source Zero. Learn how to create your own low-waste goods and set up a shop to transform lives.

Address: 87 N San Pedro St Suite 105, San Jose, CA 95110, United States

Phone: +1 408-210-2490

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BT Express Liquidators Inc.

BT Express Liquidators Inc.

BT Express Liquidators is one of the best liquidation stores in San Jose that is exclusively owned and operated by women. Whether you are a small, mid, or large-sized business, BT Express has everything you need! Find high-quality used and new office furniture like desks, chairs, storage, technology, and storage cabinets.

You can easily buy some of the best Liquidation Pallets in San Jose from BT Express for your office space. Started in 2002, BT Express is a green company committed to making the world a better place to live in.

Moreover, the company aims to be the prime company in the liquidation San Jose industry. It also supports different charities and NGOs to uplift other people and businesses. Thus, BT Express Liquidators is all that you need for decorating your office interiors.

Address: 1746 Junction Ave. Units A-D, San Jose, CA 95112, United States

Phone: +1 408-541-1340

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With over 20 years of experience in San Jose liquidation pallets, Tekbenches is a leading company with a huge customer base. The company started its journey by selling ESD products, benching, and shelving items. But, they changed their business model to sell office furniture.

Another secret is that Tekbenches derived its name from Tech Benches that it used to build. Well, the company still manufactures and sells it on request. You can visit their liquidation warehouse in San Jose to explore their inventory and know more.

Address: 928 N 9th St, San Jose, CA 95112, United States

Phone: +1 408-595-4238

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Daiso Japan Liquidators

Daiso Japan Liquidators

If you love cartoons and animated movies, Daiso Japan Liquidators is for you. With a huge customer base, Daiso stocks merchandise featuring cartoon characters. The company’s mission is to add surprise and joy to its customer’s purchases.

Whether you’re looking for home goods, stationary, or beauty products, Daiso has it all. You can also find Disney products among other characters.

If you have a kid or are looking for gifts for cartoon lovers, we recommend Daiso. We recommend you sign up for their newsletter to stay updated on discounts and other promotional offers.

Address: 685 Saratoga Ave #20, San Jose, CA 95129, United States

Phone: +1 408-343-1170

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Grocery Outlet Bargain Market

Grocery Outlet Bargain Market

Grocery Outlet Bargain Market is the largest company in grocery liquidation in San Jose. Their liquidation warehouse in San Jose stocks organic produce from premium brands at affordable prices. The motive is to ensure people from every class have access to healthy produce.

The brand has over 400 liquidation stores in San Jose and other notable cities. You can use their store locator to find an outlet near you. The company has a customer base of over 1.5 million and is a trusted grocery liquidator. Another thrilling feature is that the company allows you to buy gift cards for your close ones.

If you are searching for groceries from the world’s leading brands, Grocery Outlet Bargain Market should be your go-to! Are you curious about how they do it? Well, the company employs expert buyers who travel all across the world in search of great brand deals. These opportunities pave the way to the exciting deals available on their site.

You can find items ranging from daily essentials like milk to premium ones like wine. If you’re looking for an opportunity to make money with Grocery Outlet Bargain Market, you can contact them and own a grocery outlet.

Address: 272 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA 95113, United States

Phone: +1 408-477-8350

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Surplus Buyers and Liquidation Services

If you’re looking for furniture in San Jose liquidation pallets, Surplus Buyers and Liquidation Services is the company to go to! After all, the company has over two decades of experience in this industry to tend to your needs. You can also liquidate your furniture and inventory with the company.

Thus, the company is one of the reputed one-stop liquidation stores in San Jose. Another positive of Surplus Buyers’ liquidation services is that they can be customized based on your needs. So, you will always find liquidation pallets in San Jose that are tailored for your company.

Surplus Buyers also allows you to choose from payment options for maximum recovery. You can also rely on the company’s skills in the liquidation San Jose industry. Moreover, you can expect to build a long-term relationship with the company based on trust and reputation.

Another positive is that the company drafts a fast and efficient plan to help you stick to your schedule. Thus, Surplus Buyers and Liquidation Services has the best liquidation warehouse in San Jose to deliver exemplary services.

Bay Area Estate Liquidators

Whether you’re moving out or want to clear out your house, you will need real estate liquidators. Bay Area Estate Liquidators have experienced estate auction and liquidation services to help make the process much more seamless. Whether you want to sell your office furniture or buy inventory from them, their agents will help you through it.

Moreover, they ensure that you get the deserved prices without much hassle. Thus, you do not need to compromise or come to terms with a dishonest retailer. The company is also a leading one in the liquidation San Jose industry.

Another positive of Bay Area Estate Liquidators is that you do not need to deal with junk. The company disposes of waste and other items that have little or no cash value. Thus, you receive the estate without the burden of cleaning it. This also means that you can directly resell the item or use it without any hassle.

Are you wondering what more the company can do? Well, you can find San Jose liquidation pallets ranging from jewelry to metal to precious diamonds. The company also specializes in precious stones and other related items to ensure that customers have it all. We recommend Bay Area Estate Liquidators for their quick turnaround time and hassle-free processes.


If you’re looking for liquidation pallets in San Jose, you will find several companies. But, choosing among the best ensures that you get value for your money. Our article lists the top 10 liquidation stores in San Jose.

We hope it helps you get started with liquidation and allowed you to find what you were looking for! If you’ve bought liquidation pallets from any of these companies, leave your review in the comments below.

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