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7 Best Liquidation Stores in Waterloo for Fascinating Offers

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Recently, liquidation stores have become quite popular in the North American region. This is because of their nature of service. Liquidation in general has become something that makes commodities accessible to people like you and me. Since there is a large percentage of the population that can’t afford to buy branded things, it is usually noticed that liquidation stores in Waterloo offer them the same retail items essentially for lower prices.

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However, there is a reason why these resellers can offer you such low prices for the same products that you would otherwise have to spend a lot on. If you dont know how it works, here is a peek. Liquidation pallets in waterloo is a process of liquidating assets for companies. Since big box retailers and other product companies have huge inventories to keep, they often miscalculate. This is what leads to overstocking. Since there is a lot of competition for what gets to be on the shelves, these products are easily bought off by liquidation store owners or wholesale liquidators.

These products are offered at much lower prices than the retail prices, as they don’t have branding yet. This is how these products land up in your favorite liquidation stores. If you live in Waterloo and are looking for cheaper alternatives, then we have the perfect article lined up for you. Today we are going to talk about the 7 best liquidation stores in Waterloo. So without further ado, let’s dive right in. 

Jacobs liquidation and auction

Jacobs liquidation and auction - liquidation stores waterloo

If you are looking for locally owned and operated liquidation stores that can offer you great value, then this is the store that you must check out. Jacobs liquidation and auction has been in st mary’s since 2016 and has become one of the most popular liquidation stores on the block. Their owner is a couple who has been in the liquidation business for a long time.

Earlier they used to sell directly from their garage and later decided to open a proper store about it. This saw huge success as jacobs liquidation and auction became a complete hit. They have never looked back since. However, if you are wondering what they have in inventory, then let us elaborate on the categories they have enlisted. This includes clothing, bedding, furniture, hardware items, books, toys, and even some power tools. Basically, everything that you need to build or live in a house, is something they have on offer.

Most products start from a couple of dollars and the range goes up to $100 max. Their customer service is great as they are always welcoming and very warm to their customers. This is one of the major reasons for their success. Unlike most of the liquidation stores around the block, they are much more organized and hence strike an image in your mind. If you are looking for a place to shop without worrying about your wallet, then jacobs liquidation and auction is one of the best liquidation stores in Waterloo. 

Address: 34 Wellington St N, St. Marys, ON N4X 1B7, Canada

Phone: +1 226-661-4000

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K & K liquidators

K & K liquidators

The next name on the list is K&K liquidators. They have also been in the Wellesley area for a long time, which is why they have rapport and the reliability to back them. K and k liquidators have a lot to offer when it comes to great deals and services. Particularly the one in Waterloo has much more to offer than their other liquidation outlets. They have been in the liquidation business since 2006, which makes them one of the oldest in the Waterloo area.

More than 15 years of service have solidified their presence amongst the locals of Wellesley. Their store only opens on Saturdays and Fridays, which is a bit odd for liquidation stores, but they can compensate for the large number of people that come in. you can find some really great deals here.

People line up when the store is about to open and rush in to get the best deal they can. We would recommend you to avoid buying food from this place, as things do get bashed in the rush. They accept both cards and cash, which is great. If you go into the clothing section, on a good day you can find a pair of jeans for $10 and a kid’s winter suit for under $30.

These deals are amazing as most of the other liquidation stores waterloo aren’t able to offer such low prices. Also, their store is huge. They have a big parking lot, which is filled with cars when the store opens on Fridays. If you are looking for cheap yet high-quality products for your home then, this is the place that we would recommend going to.

Address: 1420 Hutchison Rd, Wellesley, ON N0B 2T0, Canada

Phone: +1 519-656-0770

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Big deals liquidators

Mr. Big Deals - liquidation stores waterloo

The next name on the list is big deal liquidators. They have been in the business for a long time as well. Since they have gathered a lot of rapport in the Waterloo region, they have become one of the most successful liquidation stores in the area. However, as usual, big deals liquidation is also mostly unorganized. Since there is no greater management, in the store items that you see are mostly spread out and tossed in the aisles for good measure.

However, the best thing about being unorganized is that it looks more like a treasure hunt. There is no predicting what you will be able to find in the store. However, the store encompasses a big area, which is why there is always room to find the next big deal. If you’re a fan of searching through aisles and if the possibility of finding something really valuable in a discount store runs a chill down your spine, then this is the store that we recommend visiting.

Big deals liquidation accepts both cards and cash, which is great for people who forget to bring either. But if you’re really looking for a great deal, then you would have to spend some time here. Their staff is helpful as they can be, which is a bit disappointing. However, the store really has a lot to offer and we’re sure you will find something of use here for sure. 

Address: 2115 Midland Ave Unit #5, Scarborough, ON M1P 3E4, Canada

Phone: +1 416-292-3481

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Len’s mill store

Len’s mill store 

If you are looking for the best fabric liquidator in Waterloo, then we highly recommend you visit len’s mill store. Since there is a lot of fabric store. Like fabricland out there people hardly think of going to fabric liquidators. Len’s mill store offers great deals and discounts on the mills and cotton rolls. They have been in the business for a very long time and hence can offer most products cheaper than other places in the state.

The best part about len’s mill store is its hospitality and customer service. Their reviews are great as they are mostly from satisfied customers. Len’s mill store has a ton of variety to offer when it comes to the print of fabrics. They have seasonal prints, tropical prints, and even casual prints on their racks. Apart from rolls of fabric they also deal in craft items like rulers, scissors, and whatnot. They are one of the few fabric liquidation stores in Waterloo and hence have a ton of variety as well.

Their store has lines of people waiting to go inside as the store opens at 11. These gatecrashers are usually looking for good fabric to tailor their clothes in and if you’re in len’s then you can be sure to find one as well. You can also return older items and get discounts on new ones.

Also, they are quite amiable. As they offer discounts to people who would sing the Christmas carol at the time of checkout. We’re sure if you visit len’s mill store then you would find the best customer service and even better variety in it. 

Address: 66 Orfus Rd, Toronto, ON M6A 1L9, Canada

Phone: +1 416-781-1624

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Forest city surplus

Forest city surplus - liquidation stores waterloo

The next name on the list is forest city surplus. They have been in the liquidation industry since the 1980s and have been delivering high-quality products since. Forest city surplus, has over 150,000 products in its store with over 12,000 sq ft of storage space including London, Canada, and Ontario. They were one of the first businesses in Ontario to have an e-commerce website for their store and they have never looked back since.

Forest city surplus is one of the most famous liquidation stores in the area and there are plenty of reasons for the same. They are 100% locally owned and operated in Canada. They buy surplus from US and Canada supply chains,w which is what makes them stand out in the liquidation business of the nation.

These also have military surpluses, if you are looking for any. These offer great deals on military products like bags, survival food, and much more. They even have marine security cameras, clothing, suits, hardware, and even power tools.

If you like military equipment being repurposed for houseware utility, then forest city surplus is the store that we recommend visiting. They have become quite the brand for such products and hence people are always interested to come into their store to buy something. We’re sure you will find something of use in there as well.

Address: 1712 Dundas St, London, ON N5W 3E1, Canada

Phone: +1 519-451-0246

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True north vapors

True north vapors

The next big name in the liquidation industry is true north Vapor. They have been in the business for a long time and hence have a lot to offer as well. True north Vapor is a company that has been delivering good e-liquids cine 2013. They have been in this industry for almost a decade and hence are your best bet for buying vape liquids in Ontario.

Apart from being a big vape industry enthusiast, Tim, the owner of this palace also deals in other exotic items like the vape itself. Their catalog currently consists of a variety of different e-liquids that are not as harmful as other vape liquids are. Their brand is one of the fewer brands in North America that offer harmless alternatives to virulent cigarettes.

True north Vapor is one of our favorite shops on the list, because of their customer service. Their staff knows their vape and knows what you might like. Their policy is to sell only what the people would like and hence they are a huge success in the last ten years they have been in business. True north Vapor is one of our favorites in the scene. If you’re looking for some good liquids, then true north vapor is one of the best vape liquidators in the country. 

Address: 51 Woodyatt Dr Unit #3, Brantford, ON N3R 7K3, Canada

Phone: +1 226-227-2179

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The pool shoppe

The pool shoppe

Last but not least, the pool shoppe is one of the most well-known liquidation stroes in Waterloo. They have become the go-to store for people who are starting out as beginners or even if they have been playing all their life. The pool shoppe has become the best pool liquidation store in the state, as they have quite the deals on cues and balls. The pool shoppe was started 40 years ago and has been serving well since then.

They have become one of the most well-reputed names in the pool industry as well. You can find everything from 57-inch cues, to 48s and even 36-inch cues for younger players. However, if you’re looking for professional equipment they also have that on offer.

Their collection of cue bags is also decent. The variety they have in terms of design is unequivocal compared to other pool liquidation stores waterloo out there. They even have a pool table set up inside the shop, so that you can test the cues if you want to.

This is great as you get more to experience while shopping for pool cues. Even if you are a beginner, the staff will be able to recommend you good cues and powders as well. They also deal in gloves and other accessories that you might need. Overall, the pool shoppe is our go-to place for pool shopping and hence one of the best liquidation stores in Waterloo. 

Address: 1333 Rymal Rd E, Hamilton, ON L8W 3N1, Canada

Phone: +1 905-388-5391

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The above-mentioned 7 liquidation stores are the best in Waterloo. Since people have been looking to buy a variety of products lately, we have included a plethora of categories as well. We’re sure you would love to visit these stores physically to find the best deals available. till then, keep scrolling and spread the word! 

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