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10 Best Liquidation Stores in North Carolina in 2023

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Many companies offer you liquidated goods at great prices in North Carolina. Among all of these stores, you have to find the ones best for you. Liquidation companies help you to buy new goods at a fraction of their retail prices. You can get some of the top branded items for prices you cannot imagine. We have seared through North Caroline to find you the best North Carolina Liquidation palettes. This list includes several companies which sell to retail customers as well as businesses. You will find the ideal company for you in this list. The liquidation warehouse in North Carolina does not get much better than these stores.

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Here below is the list of 10 Best Liquidation Stores in North Carolina:

Quick Lotz

Quicklotz: North Carolina liquidation pallets

North Carolina Liquidation pallets can help you get crazy value for money. One of the companies which help you buy some of the best liquidation pallets in North Carolina is Quick Lotz. This is one of the most recognizable companies in the liquidation business.

They have earned a name for themselves through their years of providing amazing services. They have been in this business for 12 years. With dedication towards their business. They have managed to become one of the premier names. Many liquidation stores in America and across the globe ship liquidated goods from them.

The company tries to be the first name you consider when you want liquidation pallets in North Carolina and America. They provide you with various ways in which you can purchase their goods. They sell pellets, boxes, and truckloads of goods. You can contact them and visit their website to find the largest collection of wholesale liquidation goods. 

Choosing pallets based on their categories also allows you to choose pallets that you know will be soled quickly. If you are a retail customer, you can try their smaller pallets. They help you obtain tons of goods. Quick Lotz has been a trustworthy partner for numerous businesses across the world and wants to do the same for you. You should visit their liquidation warehouse in North Carolina to check out the tons of pallets they have for sale.  

Address: 430 Neisler St, Shelby, NC 28152, United States

Phone: +1 828-615-8555

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Discount Wholesalers Inc

Discount Wholesalers Inc

When looking for liquidation pallets in North Carolina, choosing Discount Wholesalers might be a great move. This company claims to be the largest wholesaler on the East Coast. The merchandise they sell gets them buyers from all across America.

They have been selling liquidation pallets for more than 20 years. With so much experience in this industry, they have managed to become one of the top choices for liquidation warehouse in North Carolina. They have a huge inventory.

They generally sell items in case packs, boxes, and pallets. This helps their clients to choose the volume of goods which they feel comfortable with. This prevents their customers from having to overstock their inventory. 

As a retail customer, you can purchase products case-wise as they provide you with good discounts. They have kept the ordering process as simple as possible. They do not force you to register when you buy goods from them. You have the option to register but it is not compulsory.

Discount Wholesalers have a liquidation warehouse in North Carolina where they have a great supply of items for you to choose from. The company tries to remove all of the clutter to provide you with a simple and effective method to buy liquidation pallets in North Carolina.

They also promise to have the best prices in the business. They have a great selection and you should find products that suit you within minutes of checking out their inventory. 

Address: 107 Back Swamp Rd, Lumberton, NC 28360, United States

Phone: +1 910-536-1440

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J&R Liquidation

J&R Liquidation

J&R Liquidation store takes customer service to another level with their store. They are a family-owned business that started in 2019. They quickly grew in size and have expanded their store to a bigger liquidation warehouse in North Carolina. This company has tried to get the best finds in the liquidation industry. They have 4 retail stores in the North Carolina area.

They might have expanded in size but their core morals and values remain the same. Even, They aim to provide the best experience you have had with a liquidation store. If their great selection of items was not enough to convince you, their return policy should. 

They allow you to return any item you have bought within 30 days. This is a policy that not many other liquidation stores have. The company sources the best range of discounts and surplus goods you will see. The items you buy are sound from all over America and thus you have access to a wide variety of goods.  You have the option of buying from their store or placing an order from their website. Registering on their website keeps you updated on new deals and in-stock items they have.

Address: 1231 Plaza Dr, Burlington, NC 27215, United States

Phone: +1 336-890-8822

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Asheville Liquidators

Asheville Liquidators: North Carolina liquidation pallets

Asheville liquidators are a name you can get behind when you want to buy liquidated goods. They have their specialization in the liquidation business. They are known for home fixtures, plumbing supplies, furniture, and much more.

To provide you with the best deals they secure amazing liquidation pallets in North Carolina. They have direct connections with Home Depot and Lowes. The company buys all of the overstocked items from these companies. You get brand new items with striking discounts. Unlike many other companies, they test the products they sell. They buy items by truckload and then check all of the items. 

They do not want you to feel that you are buying defective products when you choose them. While this company does not provide refunds they provide the next best thing. If you face any issues with the products you buy, you can exchange them for another item from their store. These policies boost their popularity among their customers.

Their liquidation store in North Carolina is a great place to find discounted items. Since they source their items from the top retail stores, you will find the top brands. They get regular truckloads of new items which makes you find the best deals every time you visit them.

Address: 145 Twin Springs Rd, Hendersonville, NC 28792, United States

Phone: +1 828-470-0298

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Elite liquidation appliances

Elite liquidation appliances

The majority of the liquidated appliances do not have any warranty with them. This deters many people from buying liquidated appliances. Elite Liquidation Appliances have managed to change this. Any appliance which you buy from their liquidation warehouse in North Carolina has a 1-year warranty with it.

Warranty on liquidated items is unheard of and this company has managed to provide them. They claim to have the best prices in the town. If you find prices lower than them, they will match the price and even give you an additional $50 off. 

The live chat feature on their website allows you to contact their customer service team and gets your debts cleared. When you visit their website, you can claim an additional 10% off on the products you buy. They have financing options for all the products you buy from them.

This makes it easy to afford even the best appliances present in their store.  With new deals coming in every month, they are the top liquidation warehouse in North Carolina.

Address: 988 Cloverleaf Plaza, Kannapolis, NC 28083, United States

Phone: +1 704-349-7736

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T&T Liquidators

T&T Liquidators: North Carolina liquidation pallets

T&T Liquidators are a company that serves retail customers in North Carolina as well as ship their products to other parts of the world. The company claims that they sell all types of liquidated goods. The majority of their inventory comes from commercial and industrial liquidations.

They sell these liquidated goods in multiple ways. They have liquidation auctions where you can bid for the items which they managed to source. These auctions can provide you tremendous value for money if you manage to secure the best deals.

They have an outlet store as well. This liquidation warehouse in North Carolina has items from tons of North Carolina liquidation pallets. If you are not feeling like visiting their store, you can make purchases through their website as well.

Address: 2403 NC-211 West, Lumberton, NC 28360, United States

Phone: +1 877-608-4006

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Furniture liquidators

Furniture liquidators: North Carolina liquidation pallets

Buying great furniture does not always have to be costly. Furniture liquidators are a company that solely deals with furniture. They have becomes the masters of this niche. With their years of experience, they have found the best networks for sourcing their furniture.

All of the furniture found in their store is new. You will find some of the best brands such as Kith, Ashley, Catnapper, Coaster, and more in their shop. When you visit their store, their employees will help you to find the ideal product for your needs. You can trust them to provide you with amazing furniture at very cheap prices. They regularly get liquidation pallets in North Carolina and keep maintaining a huge inventory.

Address: 826 Lillington Hwy, Spring Lake, NC 28390, United States

Phone: +1 910-436-2222

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Ace Liquidation center

Ace Liquidation center: liquidation warehouse North Carolina

Ace Liquidation center is a one-price store. This means that all of the items in their store have the same price. Ace Liquidation center arranges the products in bins and their customers have to choose the ones they want to buy. They start the prices at $10 on Friday and it keeps reducing ending up at $1 on Thursday. They restock all of their bins on Friday and Saturday.

Ace Liquidation center has more than 10k new items which get added each week. Visiting their store around Friday can give you some amazing deals. They have a special offer on Thursdays as well. If you visit them after 2 pm on a Thursday, they provide you with a bag and you can fill it with items you want for just 15$.

Address: 744 Church St N, Concord, NC 28025, United States

Phone: +1 980-258-0421

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Black Friday Liquidation

Black Friday Liquidation: liquidation warehouse North Carolina

They are one of the best places where you can get tons of items for a fraction of their price. Their store has a variety of items like clothes, toys, electronics, and much more. These items have a retail value that is far greater than what they are sold for.

If you want a store that has massive inventory, thy are the one. They believe that every day should be like a Black Friday sale. When you sign up for their mailing list, you get updated when unloading every truckload the receive. You will find new items at prices that surprise you.

Address: 4639 W Market St Suite C, Greensboro, NC 27407, United States

Phone: +1 336-763-4948

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Liquidation Depot

Liquidation Depot has a fun concept. Their customers can buy products from their store through scavenger hunts. They fix the price of all the products in the store in advance. On different days of the week, the items differ in price.

If you manage to come to their store early you can get absolute bargains for some of their products. By spending just a few dollars, you can buy some amazing products. The prices in their store even go as low as a few cents. They provide you with an amazing opportunity to buy items for cheap and you should fully utilize this opportunity.

Address: 2560 Chimney Rock Rd, Hendersonville, NC 28792, United States

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The liquidation companies we have mentioned in North Carolina give you the best chance of finding good deals. They are among the best in the liquidation business.

The companies above have their niches in which they are the experts. By checking out these businesses you will find the companies that best suit your liquidation needs.

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