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5 Best Pawn Shops in Cincinnati For Specific Items (2024)

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Do you know what pawn shops are? The name sounds like a piece of chess. Are they shops where you find games? No, Pawn shops are where you get money. So, can anyone go to get money? Yes, but there are certain formalities and eligibility criteria one has to fulfill. Pawn shops in Cincinnati are basically places where you can sell or mortgage your old used items as collateral. In return, they give money and short-term loans

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These shops are small businesses because used items are of low value and the money they provide is also very less. They do not make large profits and the reason is the low cost of the initial setup. The cost to start a pawn shop is very less therefore they do not make such huge profits. They are small shops that give short-term loans and cash in return for old things. 

The broker will assess the value of your item and give money accordingly. The amount is not the estimated amount but a small percentage of it. If you are in need of cash urgently then these pawn shops are great for it.

Best Pawn Shops in Cincinnati

The Money Vault Jewelry & Loan

The Money Vault Jewelry & Loan - pawn shops Cincinnati

The Money Vault Jewelry & Loan is a pawn shops in Cincinnati. It is a great shop to borrow money from without having to show your credit score or your employment verification. Some of the features of this shop are: Any item is accepted, No credit limit or credit score needed, No employment verification is required, You can renew your loan anytime you want and short-term loans are also available. 

It also has a store in Lima. This store is also known by the name of Kohn’s Loan company in Lima. It is also located in 2 more places in Cincinnati. Loans are collateral only. You can check out its website for more information about the process.

This is one of the oldest pawn shops. Since 1918 it has been in the lending industry and helped so many people with their cash needs. You can try this shop for your money needs as it is completely safe.

Address: 2190 Queen City Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45214, United States

Phone: +1 513-834-5928

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Facet Jewelry Music & Pawn

Facet Jewelry Music & Pawn

Facet Jewelry Music and Pawn has been in this market since 1991. They operate in three ways. First is their online inventory. You can check their website for online inventories. Second is another inventory store online. Lastly, they also provide on-site repairs for jewelry.

It started as a family business and now it is a trustworthy brand in jewelry repair. Apart from repairs they also provide loans. The whole process of getting a loan from them is very easy and hassle-free. So, you can see how they provide different facets in their business. 

You can download their jewelry and repair app from Playstore (Android)  and App store (Apple). They have 2 shop locations. One in Amelia and one is in Milford. You can visit their offline stores as well. Sunday they remain closed. They sell all kinds of jewelry and accept them for giving loans as well. You must definitely check out their website to see the photos of items.

Address: 505 Chamber Dr, Milford, OH 45150, United States

Phone: +1 513-753-3121

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Ted’s Pawn Shop

Ted's Pawn Shop - pawn shops Cincinnati

Since 1970, Ted’s Pawn Shop has been in the business of providing short-term loans in exchange for collateral. But from 1984 it grew more as a pawn shop. They provide in exchange for items. Loans on the other hand are offered for renewal in 4 months, 7 months etc. It depends on the item offered as collateral and the person taking the loan that how long it will be. The interest rate given by Ted’s pawn shop is very low as compared to others. 

Some of you will be shocked to know that this famous pawn shop started as a grocery store and gradually got where it is now. The website is not very developed. It is simple and not very aesthetic. They also have multiple items in their stores for selling purposes like art, guitars, jewelry, watches, rings, 1st edition decor items, and many other things. You can see for yourself on their website their collection.

Address: 2026 Delaware Ave, Norwood, OH 45212, United States

Phone: +1 513-631-2112

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West End Loan

West End Loan

West End Loan is another huge pawn shops Cincinnati area. It will come as a surprise but pawing is quite an old business. In China, it began around 3000 years ago. Currently, there are more than 12000 pawn shops in the world.

In The United States itself, this business is very vast. People rely solely on shops like West End Loan. In this shop, you can pawn items made of gold, silver and platinum like rings, bracelets, watches, cufflinks etc. It is a great shop for immediate cash needs. You can also pawn guitars, laptops, netbooks etc.

Address: 1113 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45202, United States

Phone: +1 513-241-3803

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Quick-Cash Inc.

Quick-Cash Inc. - pawn shops Cincinnati

Quick-Cash Inc. is yet another pawn shop in Cincinnati. It also deals with lending money to people in return for collateral. Moreover, people can sell their stuff to this shop and take cash directly.

A broker will estimate the value for you and you can decide if it is what you want. Another possible option is to buy from them in return for something. They have their own inventory. You can check craigslist, and eBay for it as well. It is a great option pawn shops in Cincinnati and you can definitely try it.

Address: 201 E 4th St, Covington, KY 41011, United States

Phone: +1 859-261-2435

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People bring so many types of used items to a pawn shop. But unfortunately not all these items are accepted. Pawn shop brokers must have a fair understanding of the items. This is why some pawn shops only accept limited items and specific items like gold, silver and other jewelry. There are some pawn shops that also accept arms. They need to be aware of all the related laws and have complete expertise on them. 

Sometimes pawn brokers have to consult outside specialists to evaluate the worth of antiques and jewelry. It is important as experts can assess the worth better and offer some insight on the item. These pawn shops have become very popular nowadays as they provide loans and cash easily. People are free to make use of pawn shops. 

But always remember to keep a few things in mind. Do not put important and urgently needed items as collateral. Do not take what you cannot pay. Research the pawn shop before going to it. It must be legit and have some customer reviews. Therefore, the shops listed above are completely legit and will make the process easy for you by saving some effort.

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