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6 Most-Popular Pawn Shops in Lexington KY (2024)

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Selling stuff that you no longer need or want at pawn shops is a great method to increase the amount of money in your wallet. Additionally, they provide a means of obtaining a short-term loan so that you can maintain your passions despite adverse weather conditions. However, not every pawn store is the same. Finding one with a strong reputation is essential to guarantee you get a fair shot. Here are a couple of the best pawn shops in Lexington, KY.

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Top Pawn Shops, Lexington KY

Sam’s Gold and Pawn

Sam’s Gold and Pawn - pawn shops Lexington KY

A family-run business, Sam’s Gold and Pawn is located in Nicholasville, Kentucky. Shop their enormous selection of jewellery, firearms, electronics, tools, heavy machinery, and much more. Almost anything may be pawned at their place.

They offer the best price for goods. For convenience, you can utilise their online form. Their layaway program is without a doubt the best in the states.

Address: 2040 Lexington Rd, Nicholasville, KY 40356, United States

Phone: +1 859-881-4400

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Shade Tree Hunting and Pawn

Shade Tree Hunting and Pawn - pawn shops Lexington KY

If you are searching for a bargain, call Shade Tree Hunting & Pawn in Mount Sterling, Kentucky. Need a loan, want to pawn something, want to sell something, want to find a deal, or are you simply curious? See what Shade tree Hunting & Pawn can accomplish for you right now. They also offer a large range of hunting equipment at reasonable pricing.

Address: 679 Vance Dr, Mt Sterling, KY 40353, United States

Phone: +1 606-336-0623

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Planet Pawn LLC

Planet Pawn LLC

A locally owned pawn store called Planet Pawn offers loans based on collateral for nearly anything of value. Gold, power tools, video gaming consoles, musical instruments, and more. Visit them right now.

The loan application process is pretty straightforward. On their website, you may also check in advance to see if the item you need is in stock. Their prices are pocket-friendly and their service is extremely good. It is one of the top pawn shops in Lexington, KY.

Address: 425 Richmond Rd N, Berea, KY 40403, United States

Phone: +1 859-986-0018

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Buckshot and Lead Pawn Shop

Buckshot and Lead Pawn Shop

A family-run pawn business called Buckshot and Lead is located in Berea, Kentucky. They work hard to offer top customer service together with a huge selection of high-quality products at reasonable prices. Every buying experience is made as easy and hassle-free as feasible by their team’s diligent efforts.

They make an effort to replicate local shopping for their online community. They offer a wide range of things, including sporting goods, furniture, electronics, toys, household goods, and much more.

Address: 107 Clay Dr, Berea, KY 40403, USA

Phone: 8599863081

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Ideal Exchange 

Ideal Exchange - pawn shops Lexington KY

The pawn store, Ideal Exchange, is privately owned and run. Tools, musical instruments, laptops, tablets, video game systems, and fine jewellery are just a few of the many goods they provide. Additionally, they have a big selection of equipment and musical instruments in addition to DVDs and video games in older formats like PS2, PS3, Wii, XBOX 360, etc. Visit them right away to see all of their wonderful and cost-effective products.

These are some of the most popular pawn shops in Lexington, KY. You should definitely pay these a visit and choose the one that meets your needs.

Address: 510 E New Circle Rd #180, Lexington, KY 40505, United States

Phone: +1 859-523-7296

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First Cash

First Cash Pawn

First Cash has opened in Brooks, Casper, and other cities in addition to Lexington-Fayette. They take money orders, credit cards, and cash. The customer services offered by this store include check cashing, pawn loans, title loans, a layaway plan, and buy, sell, and trading.

There is always demand for jewelry, gold and silver, coins and watches, diamonds, TVs, laptops, and smartphones, etc. Additionally, First Cash offers its customers high-quality products at fantastic costs. Their helpful sales representatives will go above and beyond to meet the needs of customers.

Address: 1300 Winchester Rd #150, Lexington, KY 40505, United States

Phone: +1 859-233-4000

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How to Choose a Pawn Shop?

  • Examine testimonials from previous clients

When choosing the best pawn shop, it is important to find out what other people are saying about it. Watch out for reviews of various pawn shops on websites or social media platforms.

Many reputable pawn shops have glowing feedback from prior clients. Additionally, you might ask friends and relatives for recommendations.

  • Perform market price analysis

For diverse products, each pawn shop has a varied price range. They have upfront costs and financing conditions as well. The products you want to sell or buy should be available at pawn shop pricing that are comparable to the open market.

Get the item’s value before going to any pawn shop by doing some research first. You’ll get more bang for your buck and have a smoother transaction with the pawnbroker if you obtain correct market values.

  • The store ought to be licensed

The SHDP Act is one of the federal requirements that a respectable pawn business must abide by. Additionally, it is essential that the shop abide by the ASIC Act.

The store needs to have both local and state-level operating permits. A solid pawn business should have many licences, so look for that. Pawnbroker, second-hand trader, and general business permission are the three required licenses.

  • A good reputation is important

There is a chance that the pawnbroker has a good reputation if they have been in business for a while. Look for a pawnshop that has industry knowledge and experience.

More years in the industry demonstrate that the pawnbroker has devoted clients who receive satisfactory and excellent services. A credible company would prioritize providing services that are nice to customers and would take part in community service projects to establish enduring partnerships.

  • Know the value of your possessions

Although the idea is to receive your thing back at the conclusion of the payback term, if you receive less than its value, you will actually have to pay extra to do so. That is never a wise choice. Know the value of any valuables you own before deciding to pawn them to avoid being scammed.


The number of pawn shops in Lexington, KY, has increased throughout the years and has been there for a long time. Choosing a reputable pawn shop is crucial to receiving high-quality services. Depending on how successfully you buy or sell anything. They are unquestionably a great strategy to survive a financial catastrophe, though.

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