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10 Best Pawn Shops in OKC to Buy Vintage & New Products

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Finding the best pawn shop in OKC can be a little confusing because there are many options to choose from. One of the reasons we wanted to curate a list containing the best pawn shops OKC has to offer was that we wanted to narrow down the options. There are many good pawn shops in the city and we have found some of the best ones. These shops not only have good values so that you won’t be cheated out of your possession but also offer quality goods at exciting prices.

If you have been looking for a good pawn shop in OKC then this list is for you.


EZPAWN - pawn shops okc

If you want the best pawn shops OKC then one option is EZPAWN. This is a company that has good experience in the field and understands what customers are looking for and offers relevant services for it. One of the services offered is providing loans on firearms. If you have a nice gun but you need a bit of money, there is no need to use the gun for it. Just come here at EZPAWN and let the guys take a look at your gun.

They will evaluate it and give you a loan based on your gun. Your gun will be stored at a secured facility, so no need to worry about any unauthorized access. You can also pawn gold here. If you have solid gold or gold jewelry you can get some cash by selling them at the shop.

There are buyers who are ready to pay good money for such items. Besides these, you can virtually bring anything that’s functional and it works and the company will see if they can give you a loan based on it. On the buyer’s side, if you are looking for good items that are affordable you can visit EZPAWN. You can often get items for as low as 25% to 75% of the original price.

Address: 6001 S Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73139, United States

Phone: +1 405-631-7296

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Neighborhood Pawn

Neighborhood Pawn

Finding the best pawn shop in OKC means finding a shop that doesn’t try to pull a fast one on you. Neighborhood Pawn is a pawn shop that wants to help people pawn or sell their belongings to get some cash they can use to pay their bills or other such purposes.

It doesn’t matter what you walk in with, as long as it holds value the experts there will analyze it and offer you the best price for the item. Whether you want to sell your gold, gun, guitar etc. you can rely on the people at the store to give the items a good appraisal. It doesn’t take long. You will be in and out in just a matter of minutes.

For people who are looking to buy some collectibles or some items of use at cheaper rates, Neighborhood Pawn can be the perfect store. You can visit the website and take a look at all the merchandise that the company has in its inventory. It is easy to find something that you need and not have to pay the full price for it. So, if you seek pawn shops South OKC this is a good option.

Address: 2421 SW 29th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73119, United States

Phone: +1 405-604-8001

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Extra Cash Pawn Gold & Loan

Extra Cash Pawn Gold & Loan - pawn shops okc

If you want more bang for your buck it is time to visit Extra Cash Pawn Gold & Loan. It is one of the popular pawn shops that can understand the value of the item you bring and give you cash in return. Extra Cash Pawn has been around for more than two decades and has sufficient experience in handling all types of objects that people come to pawn or sell.

When it started, in 1996, the company only had one store. Over the years they have expanded to three locations in Oklahoma. Today, the company continues to provide fast and fair service to all its customers and more branches have made its services more accessible. The team members at the stores are quite knowledgeable and are ready to offer quality services to the customers.

Extra Cash pawn focuses on the experience of its customers. That’s why a lot of focus has been put into customer service. You will be greeted with a welcoming smile and all your relevant doubts and queries will be resolved. Your items will be correctly evaluated and you will be given cash in return. For people looking to buy quality items at discounted prices, this store is an amazing location. Since the company continuously adds newer items the inventory keeps on changing.

Address: 2111 W Hefner Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73120, United States

Phone: +1 405-751-2000

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Superpawn Inc

Superpawn Inc

Superpawn Inc is one of the better pawn shops OKC has to offer. It is a store that does not shy away from paying good money for items of value. The company has experts in place to ensure the true value of items and then they offer a price for those items to the customers. Superpawn Inc has been in business for more than 24 years.

It buys high-quality things which mean people looking to buy good stuff at lower prices can visit the store as well. Since the company deals in a bunch of different merchandise and products you can expect to find a wide range of items here. 

So, if you want to pawn, sell or buy any item you can just drop by and have a chat. You will get the right price for the item you want to pawn or sell. If you are a buyer or collector you will find quality items that will not empty your pocket.

The store has a couple of branches. If you are interested in Jewelry and similar items you will find them at the Spencer location of the store. You can find many quality items like guns and other collectibles at the South OKC store as well. So, if you are looking for pawn shops South OKC the latter is a good option.

Address: 927 SE 59th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73129, United States

Phone: +1 405-631-5525

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Sooner State Pawn

Sooner State Pawn - pawn shops okc

People have become used to thinking that all pawn shops are the same. There is little to no difference between the policies and the quality of the services offered. But Sooner State Pawn wants to change that perception. It is one of the pawn shops OKC that offers quality items and pawn services to its clients.

Once you walk through the door and have a chat with the experts you will see the difference. The company has been functional since 2006 and has since then ensured great prices and good-quality services. The store has a sizable inventory that contains a range of different items from collectibles to items of daily usage. It is quite easy to browse the inventory of Sooner State Pawn as they have documented all the items online.

If you are a gun enthusiast or are looking to purchase your next firearm you can have a look at what’s in store at Sooner State Pawn. They have quality 9mm Semi-automatic pistols and bigger firearms like Semi-automatic rifles. You can also buy gaming consoles at cheaper prices here or collectible items like coins. 

Address: 4205 NW 23rd St, Oklahoma City, OK 73107, United States

Phone: +1 405-947-7296

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Freedom Pawn

Freedom Pawn

You don’t always want pawn shops to be this corporate conglomerate that does not have any personal touch. If you are pawning or selling an item you have owned for some time you would want to get a more personal experience while getting the best price for it.

Freedom Pawn might just be the place you were looking for if you want a cozy and more personal experience while pawning items that you have owned for years. This is a veteran-owned store that knows to treat its customers like family by offering them quality services with a personal touch.

The company ensures that the customer does not feel cheated by the price they get paid for the item they pawn or sell. Freedom Pawn is honest in its dealings. So, you can expect to get good deals. Even if you are looking to buy any item from the shop you can often get them at quite affordable prices.

The store has a big inventory that keeps growing and changing as new items come in and items in the inventory get sold. The store offers 10% FFL on gun transfers. So, if you are interested in that you can visit Freedom Pawn.

Address: 7936 N MacArthur Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73132, United States

Phone: +1 405-470-1000

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Cash 4 You Pawn

Cash 4 You Pawn - pawn shops okc

It is quite easy to become a hoarder. We keep accumulating things as we live but we often forget to get rid of stuff that we don’t use anymore. Sometimes filtering out stuff we don’t need might be easier if we can get good value for it. Cash 4 You Pawn is one of the pawn shops in Oklahoma City that you can check out if you want to pawn or sell some old items that you no longer use or need.

The company has good experience and accepts things that they know they can benefit from by selling. Thus, they give you a good rate because they know they can sell the item. The inventory at this store keeps changing because items don’t stay on the shelves for long. People are always looking for quality items and they get them at this shop at a good deal.

There are no limits to how many items you want to pawn or sell at the store. The only criteria that the store has in selecting items is that they must be in good condition and should be pre-owned. This makes it easier for them to sell the item which makes it easier for them to attach a value to it and offer you a good deal.

Address: 2202 W Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73107, United States

Phone: +1 405-600-9138

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Dean’s Drive-Thru Pawn Shop

Dean's Drive-Thru Pawn Shop - pawn shops okc

Pawning and selling pre-owned items is not something new. We have been doing it for hundreds of years. So, it isn’t that much surprised to see a pawn shop that is over 5 decades old and still offers quality services. Den’s Drive-Thru Pawn Shop opened in 1968. It was founded by Dean E. Fisher.

He ran the shop for some 30 years before retiring from the business. His son took charge of the store and has done an excellent job in preserving the original values. The aim here is customer satisfaction. Dean’s Pawn Shop is all about ensuring that the customers should have a good experience whether they want to buy, pawn or sell.

Since the store is popular you will find a wide range of items here. It is one of the best pawn shops Oklahoma has to offer. From guns to blankets to pendants to coins to guitars, you will find all sorts of items at this store.

Address: 2617 S Robinson Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73109, United States

Phone: +1 405-239-2774

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First Cash Pawn

First Cash Pawn - pawn shops okc

First Cash Pawn is a big name in the Pawn Store Industry. It is one of those big brands that have hundreds of locations. Currently, First Cash Pawn owns over 2800 consumer lending locations and pawn stores in over 25 states in the country.

If you are looking for a pawn shop in Oklahoma City then you can choose one of the branches of the stores at South High Avenue. Being a big chain of pawn stores the inventory is often huge consisting of a wide variety of useful items that are in good condition. The company also accepts a wide range of items for pawning or selling. 

Address: 6209 S High Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73149, United States

Phone: +1 405-631-3400

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So, these were some of the best pawn shops in OKC. You should choose a shop that has your best interest in mind. Most shops are looking for high-quality items that have been kept in good condition. But you may find some shops that can try to take items that can be of some value. Yes, you might not get a lot of money for the item but if you really want some cash it can be useful.

If you are a buyer or collector then these stores will serve you just fine. They have quite interesting inventories. You will find all sorts of items from daily household items to gaming consoles to firearms to hunting gears to collectibles and much more. We hope you found some good info from this list.

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