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9 Best Stores to Buy Liquidation pallets in Baltimore (2024)

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Liquidation is a very normal part of the business. It is as common as a new company coming into existence. The old must give way to the new after all. For one reason or another, firms are going out of business all the time. This is why the liquidation business is so prevalent and thriving. There are companies that buy out entire stocks of companies that are hanging up their boots. They then resell it to make profits of their own. There are a lot of liquidation stores in Baltimore today. Take a look at the best liquidation pallets Baltimore has to offer.

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Choosing The Best Liquidation Pallets Provider 

Before getting into details, let’s get the basics out of the way. How exactly does one determine the quality of the source you buy liquidation pallets from? And how do you ultimately decide what option is the best for you?

After all, you can only make a single choice. Even if you have a list of the best options available, you have to pick just one out of them in the end. There are some specific qualities that you need to look for in an ideal liquidation pallet business.

First of all, the reputation of a company arguably matters the most. While there is nothing wrong with giving new names a chance, you need to look out for how reputed they are. Online reviews are a good indicator of a company’s quality usually.

The next thing you need to compare between the available options is the pricing. Your budget matters a lot and there is no need to go too overboard. Shipping policies should be checked out as well. Lastly, the quality of customer support is very important.

Here is a list of some of the best liquidation stores in Baltimore.

Closeout Distributors

Closeout Distributors

The liquidation Baltimore industry is still growing as we speak. There is not a huge list of companies to go through. But whatever list you come across, there is one name that you are guaranteed to find on it. The name is Closeout Distributors. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to call them the cornerstone of the liquidation scene of Baltimore.

The company is not just trusted and qualified but experienced as well. They have been in the business for more than 15 years. Closeout Distributors mostly deal in closeouts, overstocks, liquidations, and more for years around the region. The stocks they buy are mostly unchanged in quality and condition. They have connections with over 100 department stores throughout the USA from where the merchandise arrives. It gives them a large variety of goods from a long list of brands.

It is one of the best places to buy liquidation pallets in Baltimore in every possible way. They have a huge selection of items that you can get your hands on. The items in the pallets are placed at random so not even the company knows what exactly is inside a specific pallet.

If you need a larger quantity than a pallet, you can go for lots and truckloads. For purchase, you can use the company’s website or personally visit their warehouse. The website is also a nice way of keeping up with their special offers and discounts.

Address: 11201 Ed Brown Rd Suite B, Charlotte, NC 28273, United States

Phone: +1 800-218-9596

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Overstock Outlet

Overstock Outlet - Liquidation pallets Baltimore

Overstock Outlet is one of the most prominent active liquidators in and around Baltimore. The company is Baltimore’s own located on Sisson Street. You don’t have to spend time traveling miles just to find quality liquidation pallets anymore. Overstock Outlet has changed a lot for the people of Baltimore who used to struggle with a place that provides them with quality merch for cheap.

Most of the merchandise you can get here are home goods. It includes mattresses, household items, rugs, furniture, and more. They also sell used items at extra discounts. Their specialty is liquidated hotel furniture. The company buys out furniture from high-profile hotels and resells them at reduced prices.

If you are interested in that kind of merchandise, there is barely any other option better than Overstock Outlet. You can give them a call for more information on any products you like. A personal visit is even better. They are open every day of the week from 10 am to 6 pm.

Address: 2811 Sisson St, Baltimore, MD 21211, US

Phone: +1 410-235-2000

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LC Liquidations

LC Liquidations

LC Liquidations is another major supplier of liquidation pallets in Baltimore. The company has its headquarters located at Frankford Ave. Just a few minutes of driving from anywhere, and you can find yourself great deals on quality merchandise. They have boxes full of quality goods from all over the country at all times.

They source most of their items from names like AMZ, Target, Home Depot, and more. These goods are usually overstocks, shelf-pulls, and returns. The company delivers them “as-is”. You can order both pallets and full truckloads here.

LC Liquidations might not be the oldest, but they have earned a good reputation through their work. It’s easy to physically reach them which makes it all more convenient and reliable.

Address: 6400 Frankford Ave Suite 1, Baltimore, MD 21206, US

Phone: +1 443-396-7486

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The Open Box Pallet Liquidation

The Open Box

The Open Box is a reputed retailer of liquidation pallets in Maryland. They do not have a liquidation pallets in Baltimore specifically.

But they do have one in Essex which is just minutes away from there. You can either shop for specific products or buy full pallets from here. Their most popular pallets come to them from Amazon and Dollar General.

Address: 4 Nashua Ct Suite #6, Essex, MD 21221, United States

Phone: +1-410-530-3371

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Bulq is another one of the top liquidation pallet providers throughout the United States. The company came into existence in the year 2004. They started with a little garage and today they are shipping goods all over the country. Bulq has managed to create a base of over 1.2 million customers which is more than impressive.

The experience and the credibility themselves are enough for you to give them consideration. The company does not have an exclusive liquidation warehouse in Baltimore but they can ship it all right to your door.

Bulq’s business has revolved around buying and reselling, and that’s what they do to this day. They have made buying pallets easier than ever. The company’s website has everything listed in detail. You can shop for items according to categories like electronics, general merch, toys, apparel, etc.

Every pallet is listed alongside photos and other details like the number of items. They also specify the nature and condition of the items i.e whether they are returned, used, or overstock products.

The company also has apps for both iOs and Android to make everything easier. From getting updates to ordering and payments, you can do everything through the app. Bulq ships across every state and city in the States including Maryland and Baltimore.

Devil Dog Treasure Hunters

Devil Dog Treasure Hunters - Liquidation pallets Baltimore

Devil Dog Treasure Hunters are Maryland’s own liquidation hub. Based in Easton, the company has been selling liquidation pallets to people all over Maryland for years now. Since its founding in 2012, Devil Dog hasn’t looked back.

You can find many kinds of pallets for sale on their website. They source their stocks from Amazon, Home Depot, Target, and Dollar General mostly. You can buy either a single pallet or a full truckload of them. One truckload carries 24 pallets.

Direct Liquidation

Direct Liquidation - Liquidation pallets Baltimore

Direct Liquidation is a trading company that deals wholesale with retailers of all kinds and scales. The company was founded in 2007. Since then, Direct Liquidation has been one of the biggest buyers and sellers of wholesale merchandise in all of the United States.

They have connections with the biggest manufacturers and retailers in the country. From them, they receive over 100 different kinds of merchandise that they resell.

You can either take part in their auctions online or directly buy liquidation pallets. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t have a designated branch in Baltimore. However, you can get pallets and even truckloads delivered right to your house at a reasonable shipping cost. These pallets have items that mostly came from Walmart stores.

You can either go for a random mix of general merchandise and other stuff or get a customized box. It includes tools, houseware, electronics, toys, sports, and a lot more. To get started, you just have to give the company a call.

To take part in their auctions, you need to have a free registered account. You have to bid alongside other participants online. If no bidder joins an auction, you can get the product for the lowest possible amount.

Via Trading

Via Trading - Liquidation pallets Baltimore

Via Trading started its wholesale journey in 2002 with a little over 6,000 sq. ft. store in Los Angeles. Today they cover over 240,000 sq. ft. and ship all over the world. The growth has been insane and has put Via Trading among some of the biggest traders in the country. Their pallets travel all over the USA including Baltimore. They do not have a dedicated warehouse in Baltimore yet, however.

The merchandise they have comes from the biggest department stores in the country. They are mainly either overstocks or shelf-pulls. Their website lists all available pallets with full details of quantity, condition, category, etc.

Anyone can do business with Via Trading. You don’t need to have a business license to deal with them. There is no minimum order either so you don’t have to buy any more than you want to. Getting a shipment quote is easy and you can track your orders through the website as well.

Blue Crab Pallet Co

Blue Crab Pallet Co is a local fan-favorite of the people of Maryland. They specialize in trading returns, overstocks, and shelf pulls that come from big names.

The company does not have a website of its own but is accessible through its Facebook page. That only makes it easier to reach them and keep up with new additions and updates.


Baltimore might not be the biggest hub of liquidation pallets but not all is lost. The city is slowly opening its arms to the business. There are more liquidation stores here today than there were a decade ago. The number is still not impressive enough but we take it. There is a handful of trustworthy and reputed names you can find around you in Baltimore.

Some names on the list are not located within the city but deliver there without causing you inconvenience. All in all, these 10 companies are your best options for Baltimore liquidation pallets. Take a look and compare them to find your ideal solution.

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