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Poundland Review: Buy Cheap Truckloads & Pallets (2024)

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Who doesn’t want a wide range of products at a cheaper rate? This is extremely beneficial when you are trying to start a small business of your own as well. Well, that is where the liquidation stores come in. Poundland stores sell different types of products which might be defective, excess, etc. They are selling these products to the customers at a very lucrative price making sure that they get the best deals which attracts the customers to these stores even more. They can either buy truckloads or buy liquidation pallets as they wish and whichever option is more feasible for them.

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Now as the liquidation business keeps on booming many such stores have come into the business. Thus it is extremely hard for the customers to judge which one they should go for. Each has its own x-factor which makes it a good option. Some have auctions, while some have good deals, some even accept returns, and many other features.

Today we are going to talk about one such liquidation store. This is entirely going to be a Poundland. We are going to inform you everything you need to know about this amazing liquidation store right from the pros, and cons to all the features. We are also going to talk about why you should choose this store as well. 

What Is Poundland?

In 1990, Poundland made its way to Burton-on-Trent, offering incredible deals every day on the requirements and wishes of its clients. Poundland’s retailing model is incredibly straightforward, offering more than 3,000 things at a fantastic value. Its destination stores provide the widest selection of goods, including food, housewares, cosmetics, and clothing. Poundland cares immensely about your privacy and doesn’t share any information with outside parties.

If you are returning an item unopened and in its original packing, in sellable condition, and with verified proof of purchase within 28 days of the initial purchase, they will swap it or give you a refund. Liquids, food items, pierced jewelry, undergarments, and swimwear are not eligible for exchange or refund. Poundland also accepts contactless payments with a suitable credit or debit card up to a maximum of £45. The amount that can be spent via Apple and Google pay is not restricted.

The Poundland Foundation, Make A Wish, Whizz Kidz, and Tommy’s Fundraising Search are all supported by Poundland. Their charitable endeavors include supporting families and transforming lives all over the UK. They are also have dedication to identifying the root causes of infant mortality and developing effective treatments for it, in addition to offering reliable resources for support and information regarding pregnancy and infant loss.

Why Choose Poundland?

Poundland mainly focuses on the needs of their customers. They focus on what the customers want and try to include all the items among the products available. In case some are not available they make sure to add them so that as a customer you don’t have any difficulty. When it comes to payment options, you can pay through anything from Gpay, and credit cards to debit cards.

The customer services of Poundland are excellent. They have experts who listen to your complaints and always answer all your doubts. Poundland has won many awards in the long run. Due to their extremely low prices, they have received the CXI awards in 2019 and also PR Week awards in 2019 as well.


At Poundland you can buy liquidation pallets or truckloads. They provide a wide range of products to their customers. Currently, they are the fastest-growing clothes retailer in Britain, with over 350 locations offering the whole PEP&CO line. They are introducing jaw-dropping home goods in all of their 800+ stores and are bringing frozen and chilled meals to over 500 of them as well. 

They value their customers above all and take immense joy in serving them. In case you want to visit their store and see things for yourself but are unable to find the store, well then fear not. In their site you’ll find the detailed location of their stores and also they will give pointers on how you can locate them as well.


  • Refund Policy

In case you are returning an item unused and within 28 days of purchase, they will exchange it or give you a refund. The item must be returned in its original packing, in sellable condition, and with a valid receipt.

  • Privacy Policy

They have collect contact information (such as phone numbers, card numbers, email addresses, and addresses) for shipping and payment purposes, but they do not disclose this information to third parties.

  • Payment Policy

Cash, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Solo, Maestro, American Express, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are the accepted payment methods, all of which will make it easy for you to make a payment.

  • Security 

Poundland is using CCTV in different locations in the UK to capture photographs of the store’s customers, employees, and other guests.

  • Products 

They stock thousands of high-quality items from hundreds of well-known brands in popular categories like food and beverages, health and beauty, housewares, gardening, do-it-yourself projects, pet supplies, stationery, books, DVDs, and toys. 

  • Poundland Foundation

In addition to keeping thousands of children active in their communities by purchasing new uniforms for local youth sports teams, they also support UK families through collaborations with national charities.


  • Customer Service

They only have limited hours of operation (Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm), which could result in delayed responses and hours-long wait times to resolve issues. They remain closed on weekends and holidays.

  • No Modified Technology

Poundland does not use amenities like climate-controlled facilities to prevent unneeded wear and strain on the items in storage.

  • No Coupon Is Available

They do not currently accept manufacturer’s coupons, they are not a participating shop, and they do not offer executive membership rewards.

  • No Option For Changing The Address

 There is no opportunity to change the address; however, you can contact them if you enter the incorrect zip code, location, apartment number, etc. to avoid delivery to the incorrect address.

  • No Auction 

They don’t give you the chance to buy in an auction. As a result, it might occasionally be more expensive, and not everyone is a good fit for this company.


B- Stock

B Stock

B-Stock is one of the greatest wholesale liquidators companies in the country, and also offers to all customers by providing a wide choice of products and advantages. On this company’s website, you can easily choose the liquidation pallets, finish the transaction, and track your order.

Their shipping costs are calculated based on the lot’s size, weight, location, and final destination. Wire transfers are the preferred method of payment, though B-Stock will also accept PayPal for orders under $1,000 USD. Credit cards are not accepted there.

A second option for B- Stock auctions. Stock lasts for about two to three business days. An auction’s finish time can face a delay of three minutes if there is a bid submission in the final seven minutes of the auction. All bidders now have an equal opportunity to outbid a last-minute offer from another buyer.

Direct Liquidation

Direct Liquidation - Poundland Review

Direct Liquidation is an online wholesale auction platform that enables resellers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers to buy liquidation goods in bulk amounts at a portion of the retail cost. Almost 100 distinct categories are represented by the merchandise there. Customers’ returns, extra stock, shelf pulls, and/or end-of-life goods from North America can all be found on Direct Liquidation.

They accept bank wires, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and other credit cards. They use internet auctions to sell their goods. If it’s your first experience taking part in a live auction, the staff will guide you through it to help you make an informed choice when trying to source merchandise from the website.


As we come to the end of the review we hope that everything about liquidation stores is clear to you. Hope you got all the information you needed to know about Poundland. To help you see things way more clearly we have given a detailed version of the pros and cons this particular store possesses. We have also mentioned the history of Poundland.

Poundland is an award-winning liquidation store that has not only won awards but has also been nominated for many categories as well. As days go by the number of their stores keeps on increasing. But they have made sure not to ignore the needs of their customers in this huge increase in business. In case you still have some doubts you can always decide to contact their customer support team to clear up all your doubts.

Now you may decide not to go for Poundland and look for alternatives. For those who want some alternatives, we have provided a list of alternative liquidation stores as well. But still given all the facilities provided by Poundland you can still decide to try them out as they just might suit your taste

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