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9 Best Thrift Stores in Richmond VA with Cost-Effective (2024)

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As an environmentally friendly substitute for going to the mall, many people are turning to thrifting. People in the Richmond, VA area now have more alternatives than ever thanks to the influx of thrift stores and resale boutiques during the previous few years. Now is a good opportunity to upgrade your summer clothing as the warm weather draws near.

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If you’ve never done it before, thrift shopping for new-to-you clothing may seem daunting, but the secret is to look for quality fabrics free of noticeable stains or tears. Older fabrics are repaired easily, and they can last far longer than today’s rapid fashion!

Second-hand markets flourish in areas with expensive rent and a high cost of living.  Richmond’s growing number of thrift shops, with its eclectic, designer, and one-of-a-kind finds, are no exception. And keep in mind that finding secondhand bargains involves more than merely browsing a bunch of Richmond thrift stores.

If you’re looking for a great deal, vintage items, or just want to support the philanthropic endeavours of the larger organisations that run many thrift stores, the following 9 thrift stores in Richmond VA are for you.

Best Thrift Stores in Richmond VA:

Diversity Thrift

Diversity Thrift - thrift stores Richmond VA

Diverse Richmond envisions a neighbourhood where LGBTQ+ residents are respected and treated with dignity, and their special talents and contributions are championed and recognised, ultimately enhancing our neighbourhood. They are appreciative of the recognition and assistance from other Foundations.

Periodically, they have fundraising events that are either sponsored by them or by others. Each little bit helps, both the community and them. This thrift stores in Richmond, VA raises money through important initiatives like Diversity Thrift and Diversity Bingo! in addition to other methods.

Although Diversity Thrift appreciates monetary contributions, there aren’t many organisations that allow you to donate used furniture, clothing, or trinkets and receive a tax deduction before turning that money into the kind of community support they provide.

Address: 1407 Sherwood Ave, Richmond, VA 23220, United States

Phone: +1 804-353-8890

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Goodwill of Central and Coastal Virginia - thrift stores Richmond VA

Finding interesting stuff and inexpensive apparel is easy at Goodwill. Because to the fact that local communities donate things to each retail location, each offers a unique range of goods. Since they regularly change their inventory and add more than 2,000 things per day to each sales floor, many of their customers visit our stores more than once every week. 

Also, Goodwill of Central and Coastal Virginia have the “Color Of The Week” deals, in which anything tagged with a particular colour is 50% off every week. Every year, more than 40 million consumers who support Goodwill keep pounds of home goods out of local landfills.

At this thrift stores in Richmond, VA, they appreciate the gifts that people provide to support the mission and do their best to make the most of each donation.

Address: 6301 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23225, United States

Phone: +1 804-745-6300

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Richmond Habitat ReStore

Richmond Habitat ReStore - thrift stores Richmond VA

Even though they strive to assist as many families as they can, the lack of safe, affordable housing continues to be a major issue in the community. Low-income families can count on Habitat for Humanity in the Richmond Metropolitan region to provide them with safe and affordable housing. And they’re helping hundreds of homeowners in the Richmond Metropolitan area realise their dream due to contributions, volunteers, sales from their ReStore, and the tenacity of the homebuyers. 

The public can visit both Northside and Chesterfield facilities from Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM to 5 PM. The public can purchase new and lightly used furniture, appliances, home accessories, building materials, and also more at a fraction of the retail cost at Habitat for Humanity ReStores. This thrift store in Richmond is a nonprofit home improvement stores and donation site.

Regardless of colour or creed, Habitat assists those in need of quality homes and welcomes volunteers and also sponsors from all backgrounds. The linked groups of Habitat for Humanity International do not engage in proselytising. They enjoy working together on construction sites and going on daily treasure hunts at the ReStores. 

Address: 1901 Roane St, Richmond, VA 23222, United States

Phone: +1 804-228-1305

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Class and Trash

Class and Trash - thrift stores Richmond VA

On Route 1 between Richmond and Ashland, Class and Trash was founded in 2004 by Ken and Lisa Waldrop. They had many booths in neighbourhood antique malls, and after determining their market, they decided to grow by starting their own business. The number is now three!

For their clients, they offer a hip, interesting, cost-effective, and also constantly changing assortment of furniture and accessories. It’s a funky fusion of the old and the new. Featuring three locations in Richmond/Addition, Scott’s Ashland, and the Outer Banks of North Carolina!

This thrift store in Richmond also participates in other work-related activities like lunchtime get-togethers. They work hard to cultivate an atmosphere that values, cherishes, and also encourages opportunities for fun, comedy, and creativity.

Address: 1720 Altamont Ave, Richmond, VA 23230, United States

Phone: +1 804-716-5316

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New Life Super Thrift

New Life Super Thrift

In this thrift store in Richmond, you can find thousands of discounted secondhand clothes from well-known brands that are always changing.​They also carry a wide selection of toys, books, and other household goods. Drop in today and also take advantage of the ease of their spotless fitting rooms, prompt checkouts, and plenty of parking. With the exception of big equipment, they welcome contributions of everything in sellable condition.

​The price that items sell for determines the value of donations, however, you can visit the IRS website or ask a representative from New Life Thrift Center for assistance if necessary. This thrift store in Richmond offers a necessary, affordable chance for shopping. Tax deductions are available for any donated items at their fair market value.

By contributing to their work, you enable young people to experience the wonder of a second opportunity. You can give kids a chance to flourish as contributing members of society and beloved family members.

Address: 2501 Turner Rd, Richmond, VA 23224, United States

Phone: +1 804-276-9364

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CHKD Thrift Store

CHKD Thrift Store

There are 22 CHKD Thrift Store sites in Richmond, Hampton Roads, Elizabeth City, and Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Most CHKD Thrift Shops are open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday, and from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., Sunday. 

In 1986, Norfolk’s first CHKD Thrift Store opened on Little Creek Road. Elizabeth City and Kitty Hawk in North Carolina are among the 22 locations that CHKD Thrift Shops now have in Richmond and Hampton Roads. The stores offer an essential, affordable chance for shopping.

CHKD Thrift Store deducts the fair market value of every donation from your taxes. All This thrift store in Richmond sales go towards supporting CHKD. In a single year, the thrift stores bring in more than $2 million for CHKD.  

Address: 91 S Laburnum Ave, Richmond, VA 23223, United States

Phone: +1 757-668-7000

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West End Thrift

West End Thrift - thrift stores Richmond VA

West End Thrift Store raises money for WEAG’s international mission work by reusing and selling quality donated items at steep discounts, as well as seasonally appropriate clothes. At the Willard Road entrance, donations are welcome Wednesday through Friday from 10 AM to 3 PM and on Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM. 

The outreach of this mission depends on volunteers. This thrift store in Richmond welcomes friendly people to assist customers on the sales floor and also at the register, sort donations, collect contributions, and transport products they’ve purchased. They accept the following items: small electronics, dressers/nightstands, pictures, lamps, and mirrors end tables, buffets, coffee Jewelry/shoes/purses, Fixtures, and Gardening tools. 

To save time looking through your stuff and having to dispose of them, kindly remember the “do not take” items. Mostly because of their heavy workloads, the volunteers are in need of your aid in making sure that only high-quality things are there in the store. Please bear in mind that they won’t put anything out for sale if they are faulty, missing parts, smell like smoke or mildew, are very worn, or are stained.

Address: 7219 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23294, United States

Phone: +1 804-709-1621

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Good Samaritan Thrift Store

Good Samaritan Thrift Store

Although some of the contributions they receive serve to meet the basic requirements of the men enrolled in the discipleship programmes, the majority of them are put in this thrift store in Richmond and sold to the local public. The money made from these sales goes to cover the ministry’s many expenses, including taxes, upkeep, gasoline, insurance, utilities, and building mortgage payments.

Through employment training, the Good Samaritan Thrift Store also plays a significant role in the rehabilitation process of the program’s participants. Students pick up skills that are relevant to their potential future employment options and learn the benefits of having a strong work ethic.

A Christian mission as Good Samaritan Ministries assists those who are bound in homelessness, poverty, and addiction to reclaim their lives and also contribute positively to their communities. This thrift store in Richmond accepts donations of gently used goods.

Address: 4680 N Southside Plz, Richmond, VA 23224, United States

Phone: +1 804-232-7228

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Nifty Thrifty Store

Nifty Thrifty Store

A portion of the sales from your purchases at this thrift store in Richmond store support programmes for the homeless in the local neighbourhood. Donating products you no longer need not only benefits the environment but also enables them to keep up their efforts to offer the local homeless population much-needed assistance. By providing the homeless with basic essentials, they are contributing to the community.

This thrift store in Richmond itself is really tiny. Fundamentally, it is a modest residence that was converted into a shop. There are a good number of products in the shop, including a variety of furniture, lots of clothing, housewares, and trinkets.

Nifty Thrifty Store accepts donations of both new and also gently used things from the neighbourhood. They serve adults with developmental disabilities as a nonprofit organisation. For participants in the learning programme, this thrift store in Richmond serves as a real-world classroom. Here, they learn about customer service, donation processing, and cashiering. 

The staff’s collective experience working with persons who have developmental difficulties exceeds 60 years. The shop manager has years of experience with antiques and collectibles and also has worked with this population since 1985. All of their staff members have experience in retail and customer service, and one of them has more than three decades of teaching experience.

Address: 6780 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond, VA 23225, United States

Phone: +1 804-424-3308

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A great approach to start living more sustainably is to shop secondhand. The clothing is not only cost-effective, but it is also much more environmentally friendly because it is not brand new. The only drawback is that searching through all of those rails requires commitment, endurance, and a keen eye. But don’t despair; we’ve compiled a list of London’s top thrift shops to save you some time. There are deals to be had. 

Richmond’s thrift stores are the plaid jacket to slim blue jeans, or more accurately, the slow fashion answer for the eco-conscious fashionista, with their lively markets, stylish boutiques, and also refurbished vintage labels.

Lastly, Thrift stores in Richmond, VA provide an opportunity to stay away from quick fashion labels, which are mostly to blame for the waste that the fashion industry creates on a global scale. This develops a circular strategy and, as a result, less waste will wind up in landfills and incinerators, two sources of global pollution! Also, the fact that these choices are more economical and also give you an opportunity to experiment around with your wardrobe does not hurt.

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