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10 Best Liquidation Stores in Idaho (2024)

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When trying to save money on daily items liquidation stores are a lifesaver. They help you to cut down your costs for vehicles not compromising on quality. Liquidation companies on this list sell you new items sourced from the top manufacturers in the country. The prices they provide are unbeatable. There are many liquidation stores in Idaho for you to choose from. You should choose those stirs which you feel provide you excellent quality and give you the best. There are tons of options for you to choose from in this list. These are the companies that have managed to establish a name and reputation for themselves in Idaho.

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Best Liquidation Warehouses in Idaho: 

American Freight

American Freight

American Freight is one of the leading names in the liquidation industry in America. They are one of the biggest companies in the USA which is involved in the liquidation business.

They have set up stores all over America and these stories are well-liked by the people. Being experienced in their business has propelled them to the top and are now one of the best liquidation companies in Idaho. The company dates back to 1994.

It started as a small store but now are a recognizable chain with their presence in more than 40 states. American Freight brings to you the true joy of liquidated goods. They are one of the best in the industry when it comes to sourcing liquidated products.

They leverage their position in this industry and even source products directly from manufacturers. The sole aim of this company is to provide quality products for cheap. 

They partnered up with Sears Outlet which helps them to sell all of their items online as well. You can check out the new inventory they bring in with just a few clicks of the button. This has removed the need to travel to their store to check out the new items which have come to the store.

American Freight believes in providing top-class customer service. They have enforced several customer-friendly policies which have made the shopping experience much better for their customers. The company provides same-day delivery for all in-stock items.

You can buy the items and take them home or have them delivered in just a few hours. They even have payment plans set up to reduce the burden on the customers. These payment plans allow you to set up easy payment schedules for the things you buy from their liquidation warehouse in Idaho. 

Address8033 W Franklin Rd, Boise, ID 83709, United States

Phone+1 208-506-2630

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Big Deal Outlet

Big Deal Outlet - liquidation stores in Idaho

When Founded in 2011, big Deal Outlet was just a small store in Ogden Utah. since then they have seen tremendous growth. They have managed to create their brand and develop a chain of stores. By 2021, they have opened up 5 stores in different states.

The company gets liquidated products from local and well as national manufacturers. They get overstocked and returned pallets from departmental stores and other retailers in the country. They sell these liquidated goods at a much cheaper price in their liquidation stores.

This company has one of the most visited liquidation stores in Idaho. They have a store that is over 20k square feet in size. This huge store is stocked with all of the liquidated goods they manage to find.

Food items, electronics, and clothes are only some of the items which you will find in this store. The majority of the liquidated items they have for sale are in great condition. They keep changing the items which they sell in their store. 

Around every month the entire inventory of the store is changed to accommodate new goods which they find. The company claims that they stick to their name and every product sold in their store is has a big deal on it. They have deals of the week section on their website.

This helps you to find new products which have arrived at the store and are available at great price points. The company has a return policy as well which is something that many liquidated stores in Idaho do not offer.

Any product you buy from them can be returned within 30 days of your purchase. Having such policies has made them very popular among the locals in Idaho.

Address400 S Woodruff Ave, Idaho Falls, ID 83404, United States

Phone+1 208-968-0076

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The Big Box Auction

Big Box Outlet

Big Box Outlet is a liquidation company in Idaho that is known for its massive auctions. They have around 2 auctions every week with hundreds of items going under the hammer. They have switched from a conventional store to an online auction as they wanted more people to he access to the amazing deals they bring to the table.

Big Box Outlet are one of the liquidation companies in Moscow, Idaho which has made it easy to buy liquidated goods. They have one of the best-stocked liquidation warehouses in Idaho which gives tons of options when you decide to shop with them.

When the auction is done, you receive the receipt of your winning bid. You need to take it to their store to collect your items and pay for them. They do not take payment until you get the product which ensures you get what you pay for.

Address: 352 Caldwell Blvd, Nampa, ID 83651, United States

Phone: +1 208-442-4396

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Rocky Mountain Liquidation

Rocky Mountain Liquidation

When shopping at liquidation stores in Idaho you want to have a variety of products and tons of options in each category. Rocky Mountain Liquidation has got you covered.

Rocky Mountain Liquidation only sell products from major retailers. They buy overstocked, returns, and surplus goods and then list them at their store. They are known for their expensive collection of clothing items. Rocky Mountain Liquidation have some of the best items of clothing from reputed brands.

Rocky Mountain Liquidation have thousands of customers who have become regulars in their store. They have liquidation warehouses in Idaho which are stocked with return items from nationals retailers.

Address11407 N Government Way, Hayden, ID 83835, United States

Phone: +1 208-772-0168

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The Liquidation Center

The Liquidation Center

The Liquidation Center is one of the liquidation stores which is all about furniture. They understand that furnishing your house is one of the most expensive things one gas to do. It requires a  lot of capital and ends up being a financial burden on most people.

With their range of liquidated furniture, they aim to reduce this stress on people. Their customers can buy almost new furniture for their house at marginal prices.

The Liquidation Center even have interest-free financing options. They care about their customers and do everything possible to reduce the financial burden they face when buying furniture. They even provide delivery for the furniture if you need it. The Liquidation Center is one of the best liquidation warehouses in Idaho.

Address117 W Main St, Jerome, ID 83338, United States

Phone+1 208-944-9008

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Army Surplus Warehouse

Army Surplus Warehouse - liquidation stores in Idaho

Many people have the wrong opinion about liquidated and surplus goods. They feel that these goods are of inferior quality. Army Surplus warehouse is one of the liquidation warehouses in Idaho which works hard to change this opinion.

Army Surplus Warehouse want people to understand that liquidated goods allow them to make great savings without having to compromise on quality. They are one of the largest liquidation companies in Moscow Idaho. They obtain the best quality army excess items and sell them for the lowest prices.

Army Surplus Warehouse have one of the best liquidation warehouses in Idaho for Army supplies. You will not have to visit any other store for buying goods once you check out the line of products they have waiting for you.

Address7012 S, Daisy Ln, Idaho Falls, ID 83402, United States

Phone+1 208-529-4753

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Raghorn Liquidation

Raghorn Liquidation - liquidation stores in Idaho

Raghorn Liquidation ranks among the top liquidation stores in Idaho for home improvements. They have created supply channels that they utilize to bring you the best home furnishings. The pressure of decorating your house and furnishing it may be too much on some people.

Using their services allows you to save money and time. The furniture industry is huge and there are tons of returns they use these return pallets to get you amazing deals on furniture. They are one of the best-known liquidation companies in Moscow Idaho.

Address19833 Middleton Rd Suite 102, Caldwell, ID 83605, United States

Phone+1 208-352-3403

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Steelz has a warehouse that is filled with an assortment of liquidated goods. This company prides itself on being able to instantly provide what its customers need.

They have a huge inventory that includes electronics, food items, bath fittings, and much more. They have everything you could need daily and more. Their wide section of products is one of the main driving factors behind their popularity. You should check out their store as you are sure to find deals that catch your eyes.

Address2150 E Fairview Ave #100, Meridian, ID 83642, United States

Phone+1 208-898-0889

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Express Appliance Outlet

For over 25 years, Express Appliance Outlet has been serving the people of Idaho. They have one of the most advanced liquidation stores in Idaho. This company does not sell a variety of goods from different categories. They specialize in selling electronic appliances.

They have managed to obtain dominance in this field of liquidated appliances. The company sells a variety of appliances at the minimum prices possible. The secure overstock and surplus appliances form some of the top manufacturers in the country.

The company claims that they have one of the best liquidation warehouses in Idaho which houses the largest selection of appliances in the state. This business is owned and operated by a family.

Being a family business they give personal attention to the needs of all of their customers. They maintain excellent relations with their customers and try their best to sell appliances at rock bottom prices. They get trucks delivering new inventory to their store twice a week.

This allows them to have a huge range of appliances with fresh products arriving regularly. The company also manages to deliver their products within 2 days. If you do not want to leave your home and visit them, their website will come to your aid.

Their website has a fine selection of appliances you can purchase. They will deliver these appliances to your house. To experience the full range of appliances they have and find the best deals, you must visit their store.

Address609 N Orchard St, Boise, ID 83706, United States

Phone+1 208-344-6700

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Spokane Bins

Spokane Bins do things differently from your average liquidation store. They have a unique way in which their customers can shop. They sell all of their liquidation goods in two separate ways.

Spokane Bins have liquidation bins and general merchandise. The liquidation bins are a fun concept that has got people addicted to their shop. In this method, they categorize the products they sell into bins and have a single price point for each bin.

Their customers can come to the store and search the bins to find absolute steal deals for numerous products. The concept of having to search and find products in the bins makes people excited to come to the store. The majority of the items are sold in this method. 

General merchandise includes the more expensive items and they have individual prices. Having two different ways to buy products gives you a lot of scope for finding amazing deals.

The combination of these methods has brought people to their store as they can choose individual items as well as scavenge for good items in their bins. The price of the bins keep changing every day with the maximum price being just $12. They have one of the best liquidation warehouses in Idaho for electronic goods.

You should visit their store and find great deals over there. Their customers have great things to say about them. The majority of the days all of their bins sell out. Be it their bins or general merchandise they always provide their customers with the best prices they can come up with.

Address14 E Mission Ave, Spokane, WA 99202, United States

Phone+1 509-315-8283

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From furniture to electronic goods, there are companies which will give you the best deals. The liquidation business in Idaho is booming which has led to many new liquidation stores in Idaho.

This list we have made has the best companies on it. These companies have been at the forefront of liquidation stores in Idaho. Visiting them will helo you to find the best deals for a variety of products. You can trust them to put your needs foremost and help you to find the items you are looking for. 

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