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Via Trading Review: Detailed Guide & It’s Alternatives (2024)

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To raise money, a corporation would often liquidate its inventory by selling it off at a steep price. A liquidation sale typically precedes a business closure. The company closed its doors once all of its assets were sold. In the field of accounting, the term “liquidation” refers to the process of liquidating a business’s assets in order to raise money to pay off its debtors, or anybody else to whom the firm owes money. In this article, we will come to know about Via Trading review.

Although not always, liquidation sales frequently occur in conjunction with a bankruptcy filing. While moving to a new location, a company might liquidate the majority of its inventory to avoid having to carry it all to a new site.

The largest drawback of inventory liquidation is the frequent short schedule for asset liquidation, which results in high discounts and cash received that is substantially less than the market cost. In this article, we will discuss the Via Trading overview. Via Trading is one of the best liquidation companies in Los Angeles. So let’s get started.

What is Via Trading?

Via Trading Company is a wholesaler of consumer goods as a whole liquidation store. The majority of the company’s products are sourced via wholesale overstock purchases, wholesale liquidations, and consumer returns. The business was started in 2002 by the two brothers, Jacques and Alain Stambouli.

Via Trade is a professional wholesaler of liquidation goods, serving a large number of clients both domestically and internationally. They have a large selection of liquidation items, which they sell to people and businesses for a small portion of the original cost.

Being a family-run business, they believe no client is too large or small. They strive to offer the best service in the sector. They provide a wide variety of product categories, all with various lot sizes and product conditions.

As the Stambouli brothers discovered a lack of reliable wholesale suppliers, they decided to focus on the wholesale side of the business. Via Trading first began purchasing goods from retailers and wholesalers. Similar to the company owners on A&E’s Storage Wars, who acquire trailers of merchandise and then resale the merchandise at discounted rates, Via Trade buys big amounts of goods at lower pricing.

Among the purchasers on Via Trading are retailers from flea markets, regular stores, Cbay, Amazon, craigslist, and a lot more. The National Flea Market Association has designated it as a Recommended Flea Market Supplier. The business has appeared on ABC, CW, NBC, and Forbes Magazine, among other media venues, and has been a BBB member since 2003.

Why Choose Via Trading? 

  • Zero minimums

There is no required minimum purchase amount with Via Trading, whether you’re searching for a single box of products or a whole truckload. 

  • Largest selection of products in the sector

Among the many products available are televisions, camping and outdoor gear, footwear, apparel, cosmetics, general commerce, tools, equipment, furniture, and gadgets.

  • BBB A+ Rating

The rating reflects the level of assurance the Better Business Bureau has in the company’s ability to conduct itself honestly and its commitment to resolving any issues raised by clients.

  • NFMA Recommended Vendor

Getting named the “National Flea Market Association Preferred Supplier” makes Via Trading extremely proud. For vendors at flea markets and swap meets, liquidation merchandise adds a lot of value.

  • Internet Purchasing Resources

Compute prospective earnings, income, product costs at the point of sale, shipping cost reductions, and more. With the easy online purchasing tool, buy liquidation pallets conveniently.

  • Analyze their offerings

You can stop by during business hours to visit them in person, explore their infrastructure, and personally evaluate their product to determine whether they are perfectly suited for you. There are no appointments required. Transparency is a priority at Via Trade, and they welcome your visits at all times.

  • Via Trading exclusively offers Wholesale

The majority of liquidators use both retail B2C and B2B channels. Some liquidators may be strongly motivated by this to divide cargoes in order to meet their own sales demands before reselling. A retail channel is not run by Via Trading.

Pros & Cons of Via Trading

We must respond that we could not locate any negative reviews of this business online or on any other websites that may have mentioned it. Using their services will enable you to save both time and money. Via Trading’s environment is its finest feature. You may develop both personally and professionally via trading. They are highly results-oriented and provide you with the necessary tools and support to achieve greatness.

In the modern world, when everything is concealed from view, including shops, brands, and businesses, it is not difficult to tell whether a company is reliable or not. As a result, we did not come across any critical remarks regarding Via Trading.

The Alternatives of Via Trading


B Stock

The greatest suppliers and merchants in the nation collaborate closely with B-Stock, a wholesale company that specializes in liquidations. New clearing pallets and stocks are reflected in online listings and updates. 

By using the official markets for their liquidations, you may purchase directly from stores. You may always turn to a committed customer care staff and an education center for assistance in expanding your business.

American Merchandise Liquidators

American Merchandise Liquidators - via trading

American Merchandise Liquidators, which was established in 1992, is a distributor of goods from renowned department stores, producers, importers, and wholesalers that are client returns, clearance sales, or surpluses. In truckload and pallet volumes, American Merchandise Liquidators sell a wide range of everyday items and clothes at costs lower than wholesale. 

They specialize in offering items to resellers at a significant discount from the original price. They have both domestic and international consumers and products. American Merchandise Liquidators arranges direct shipments wherever feasible to reduce freight expenses.

Features of these Stores

  • More Choices and Diversity

The wider number and variety of goods you’ll find at a liquidation store is a perk. This is due to the fact that these establishments obtain their inventory from a number of sources, including clearance items, the client returns, and overstock goods. You will thus have access to a considerably larger variety of goods than you would at a typical retail establishment.

  • Low Price

A liquidation business offers discounts on the whole of your purchase, not just certain goods. This is due to the fact that most liquidation shops give discounts on full purchases, which enables you to save additional money when you buy a lot of products.

  • Shopping in-person

You won’t have to depend only on internet images and descriptions when you purchase at a liquidation store since you’ll be able to see the products in person. Prior to purchasing something, you may use this to gain a better understanding of the product’s overall condition and quality.

  • Time-Saving through Convenient Shopping

By doing all of your purchasing in one location, you may save time when you visit a liquidation store. This is due to the fact that the liquidation stores provide a vast selection of goods, allowing you to discover everything you require in a single, practical place. Instead of approaching around the city searching for the perfect thing, this is an excellent approach for streamlining your time.

  • Experience stress-free shopping

You’ll encounter a hassle-free shopping environment when you visit a liquidation store. This is due to the fact that online shops frequently provide a wide range of payment choices, allowing you to pay for your products as it is most efficient for you.

  • Easily Obtainable

It won’t be difficult for you to locate what you’re seeking when you visit a liquidation business. This is so that you can be guaranteed to discover the ideal item to meet your requirements because these businesses often stock a large range of goods. Also, all the liquidation stores have a useful internet search function that makes it simple to locate what you’re searching for.


On liquidation pallets, you may get a variety of products for less money than you would spend elsewhere. These may not be brand-new, but they are still of good quality. If you’re seeking firms that conduct wholesale liquidation or want to acquire pallets for it, this article would really be helpful for you.

A trustworthy indication of any corporation may be found on its website. An excellent site that offers all the necessary data displays the dependability of the company. It suggests that you may rely on them to fulfill your demands. Their efforts to create a successful website reflect their commitment to upholding good customer service.

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