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American Merchandise Liquidators Review: Scam Alert! Read It

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An In-Depth Examination of The Liquidation Store. If you own a business or are looking to open one, you might have come across the term – liquidation pallets. But, what does it mean? Well, wholesale liquidation companies buy the remaining inventory of an office once they’ve gone out of business. In some cases, they also buy off the excess inventory and sell these at prices lower than market rates. If you’ve been looking for a reputed liquidation store, you’ve undoubtedly come across Amlin. Several others have too and want an in-depth review of the store. Hence, we put our expert team to work to develop and build this detailed American Merchandise Liquidators Review. Go ahead and give it a read to decide whether the company is worth your while or not!

What are American Merchandise Liquidators all about?

American Merchandise Liquidators is a liquidation store that focuses on purchasing liquidation pallets from companies to sell them at lower prices. Generally, they buy liquidation pallets from companies in debt or under too much pressure from creditors. Here, the most viable option is to liquidate the enterprise and start a whole other company. Established in 1992, the company has since transformed into an industry leader.

The solid bricks-and-mortar company offers services in customer returns, excess stock merchandise, and closeouts. Our tests revealed that American Merchandise Liquidators have tie-ups with leading brands, departmental stores, and retailers.

The company also purchases excess inventory, a mix of new goods and returned Amazon items, and office supplies from brands like Amazon. Whether you want to sell your liquidation pallets at a great price or buy some for greater profits, American Merchandise Liquidators is perfect. The company extends quality items but specializes in apparel collection and other merchandise services.

Why Choose American Merchandise Liquidators?

The tests our expert team conducted to develop this detailed AMLInc Review revealed that it is undoubtedly one of the best wholesale liquidation companies in the global arena. The company purchases sellouts without ripping the owners off their deserved returns.

If you’re new to the liquidation front, you can get in touch with the company’s experts. You could also check out their blog which lists articles to help you get started. You can also choose from packages of varying sizes – liquidation pallets to truckloads, based on your inventory needs.

Moreover, the liquidation store has a wide clientele and product collection located all over America and the globe. Hence, the company has a strong reputation not only in the United States but all over the world too.

We were also impressed by the company’s expert and intent customer support team. American Merchandise Liquidators has several customer reviews awarding laurels to their service and expert staff. We were able to verify the authenticity of these reviews and noticed no significant differences between the reviews left on third-party sites and the ones on the company’s site.

Their polite, courteous, and professional customer support team has undoubtedly helped them become one of the leading wholesale liquidation companies. With over six decades of combined experience, the team offers quick service and clears any doubts customers might have! Thus, our detailed American Merchandise Liquidators review is overall positive.

Will American Merchandise Liquidators provide everything I need?

We can guarantee that American Merchandise Liquidators stock everything one might need. The liquidation store offers a wide range of products and the plethora of options will surely not disappoint. Some common types of liquidation pallets and truckloads you can find on the site include:-

  • Tools and equipment
  • Baby Essentials including Toys
  • Home furnishings like bedding sheets and covers
  • Home Decor and Improvement Appliances
  • Sports and Outdoor Equipment like Tents
  • Apparel
  • Health and Beauty Essentials
  • Jewellery and Accessories

These are some of the popular categories that you can find when you buy liquidation pallets from the store. You can also sort and filter the available items based on the type, i.e. pallets, truckloads, and lots.

In case you cannot find what you need (though it is really unlikely), you can get in touch with their support team. The experts will help you find what you’re looking for or guide you to relevant sources.

Do American Merchandise Liquidators offer Quality Liquidation Pallets?

Our expert team was really happy with Amlinc’s product quality, and let me tell you – they aren’t easily impressed! As discussed in our American Merchandise Liquidators Review, the liquidation store has tie-ups with the industry’s big shots.

Think of renowned retailers, departmental stores, and manufacturers all over the world, and we can guarantee that the store has ongoing deals with them. Moreover, the company employs an expert team to conduct a thorough check of their liquidation pallets. This ensures that customers like you receive the best possible items.

Their site also states that they do not accept obsolete electronic goods or damaged items to maintain their quality standard. Hence, American Merchandise Liquidators is one of the top wholesale liquidation companies that you can blindly trust.

Do I Need a Lot of Money to Buy Liquidation Pallets from Amlinc?

We know that quality costs money, but American Merchandise Liquidators make it possible for customers to get quality items at cheap prices. But, how do they do it? Well, wholesale liquidation companies buy excess inventory or items directly from manufacturers or other companies.

Hence, you will see a lot of companies might have damaged or refurbished items in their liquidation pallets. So, how can we be so sure about American Merchandise Liquidators? Well, the company has tie-ups with big brands and retailers ensuring quality. Thus, they are a liquidation store that offers great deals without compromising its standard regulations.

Moreover, the company has a reputation for offering items at a price that are way lower than the standard rates. This ensures that both customers and buyers get a fair price and make a profit. A lot of people who buy liquidation pallets from Amlinc use the goods to build their inventory and business. Thus, the low prices ensure that these people can get a good hold on the market and yield profits.

Additionally, you get the product shipped directly from the seller, reducing shipping and freight costs for both American Merchandise Liquidators and you. We recommend you keep an eye on the company’s site for regular promotional offers and discounts to get a larger profit.

Our Experience with American Merchandise Liquidators

Overall, the tests conducted gave positive results, but we wanted to be sure. So, we decided to invest some money in it and examine their liquidation pallets in-depth. Well, we invested about $2000 on purchasing goods from their liquidation store and other reputed wholesale liquidation companies.

Most goods we received were customer returns, while some were absolutely new. However, we were very impressed as there were no breakages or soiled goods. Hence, it is clear that the company has an expert team to enforce its quality standards and ensure customer satisfaction.

We went a step further to try and sell the goods bought and were thoroughly impressed! Since most goods were in mint condition and had low price points, we not only made back our money but some serious profits too.

Hence, we highly approve of American Merchandise Liquidators. If you know where to resell and go through proper marketing channels, you can easily earn at least 2x (if not 10x) of your money back! The prime takeaway from our business with the liquidation store was that they have a great staff.

Irrespective of the day and time, we always had someone ready to help us with any doubts and queries. Another great feature was their promotional deals that helped us save a lot more than expected.

If you want us to wrap up our detailed American Merchandise Liquidators review, read the following few sentences – American Merchandise Liquidators is one of the best wholesale liquidation companies where you can buy liquidation pallets without any burden off your shoulders.

Not only is the company legit, but they also follow standard rules and regulations to ensure customer satisfaction. Moreover, they invest in their teams and train them adequately to handle any scenarios that may arise.


Out of all the wholesale liquidation companies available, we are by far the most impressed with American Merchandise Liquidators. It is a highly reliable liquidation store dealing in a variety of liquidation pallets. Whether you’re looking for apparel, hardware, or any other items, American Merchandise Liquidators have it all! After weighing all the factors aforementioned, we conclude that you can buy liquidation pallets from the company without any worries.

We hope our detailed American Merchandise Liquidators review answered any questions you might have had. If you’ve more doubts or queries, let us know in the comments below.

In case you want us to conduct extensive tests and review any other company, write to us. We wish you the best in your journey in the extensive world of liquidation and hope to hear positive reviews from you soon!

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