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Big Lots Review: Is it a Good Source for Liquidation Products

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As more companies are entering the market for products, buyers now have greater options. This could be a smart move, but it could also push some folks into deals that aren’t particularly profitable for them. Therefore, wholesale liquidation companies are visible to buyers who can purchase low-priced, high-quality items. Additionally, liquidation pallets are stockpiles of excess and closet liquidation items in certain categories like clothing and gadgets. Big Lots enters the picture as a result because they offer top-notch goods with incredibly little damage at a reasonable price.

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Further, they ensure truly excellent quality to a large extent and get their products from all across the United States. Nonetheless, let’s continue reading this article to learn more about Big Lots.

About Big Lots

Big Lots

Big Lots is a national retailer with headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, and more than 1,400 locations across 47 states. The organization that is currently Big Lots was started in 1967 by Sol Shenk. Specifically, Shenk enjoyed offering outrageous closeout discounts on all types of autos and auto parts.

Consolidated International became the company’s operating name in 1970. In 1982, Consolidated introduced the Odd Lots/Big Lots closeout franchise. The Big Lots, Odd Lots, Mac Frugal’s Bargains and Closeouts, and Pic ‘N’ Save locations are now part of the chain, which has expanded over time.

Their assortment of store names and corporate identity were consolidated into one national brand in 2001: Big Lots. Thus, an established national brand represents reliability and purchasing power to its consumers.

From their beginnings as discount retailers to their origins as closeout stores, their fundamental goal of assisting customers in saving money on a variety of goods has not changed. However, the consumers’ needs have greatly increased.

Today, they provide a wide range of high-quality goods from well-known brands, covering meals, furnishings, seasonal items, technology, jewelry, home goods, toys, and presents. Consumers that visit them can be on a restricted budget or they might just like the ambiance of a treasure hunt. In either case, kids adore the surprise and joy they discover in each aisle.

Why Choose Big Lots?

You should choose Big Lots for the following reasons:

  1. You are free to buy liquidation pallets or items on your list, whether it is for your own use or to resell.
  2. When you buy in quantity, you can get the item at a much lower price, saving you a ton of money. You avoid paying for shipping, handling, and numerous other tiny costs that you might otherwise have.
  3. A large range of products is readily available. There are times when the pallets or lots you purchase will all contain the same or comparable goods. That might be a wise decision for your company.
  4. When you purchase in bulk, you have the opportunity to purchase well-known, adored, and dependable brands.

Features of Big Lots

Big Lots has a history of upholding unwavering honesty. They maintain business integrity by acting honestly, encouraging accountability, and showing respect and decency to one another, their customers, their shareholders, their vendors, their competitors, as well as their communities. Further, maintaining this dedication is essential for Big Lots to continue expanding and succeeding.

The company is also committed to its aim of assisting individuals in living BIG and saving LOTS of money. Moreover, they put a lot of effort into making sure that their benefits and workplace culture reflect their dedication to sustainability, lifelong learning, and well-being in order to support people in thriving in their professions.

The competitive retail environment of today makes excess inventory inevitable. Thus, Big Lots is the option when it comes to selling off that stock. Furthermore, they are the first call for vendors who are experiencing inventory problems thanks to their open-to-buy of more than $2 billion, their hundreds of retail locations around the country, and their quick purchasing choices.

Pros of Big Lots

  1. Purchasing at the liquidation stores of Big Lots will save time.
  2. You can save money by buying the product directly from the company.
  3. They offer products at fair costs.
  4. As a service, they provide free shipping of goods.
  5. Customers have many options because the liquidation pallets are divided into various categories.
  6. You can collaborate with helpful employees to inspect the pallets before purchase.
  7. You can get tons of discounts on all sorts of liquidation pallets or products.

Cons of Big Lots

  1. They don’t offer product auctions or bidding.
  2. A product cannot be returned once it has been purchased. It can, however, be replaced for a defective good.
  3. Once your goods have been dispatched, shipping fees for some products are not refundable.
  4. All goods that are returned to them should be in the original packaging and box.
  5. All returned items must be in like-new condition. Items with blemishes, handling flaws, damage, or screw holes won’t be accepted.
  6. Return requests must be received within 30 days of receiving your shipment.


B-Stock Solutions

B Stock- Big Lots review

A business-to-business e-commerce company called B-Stock Solutions is transforming the $80+ billion liquidation industry. For their clients, they run private online auction platforms that need the highest level of commitment to pay from a constantly expanding consumer base.

The company was founded in 2009, and its main personnel are former employees of eBay, where they founded and expanded the company’s initial enterprise B2B division. As a result of their rapid growth, they are looking for entrepreneurial employees who would value the chance to collaborate with the biggest retail brands. Among their many customers are Sam’s Club, Walmart, GameStop, Target, Home Depot, and Costco.

The largest network of business-to-business online auction liquidation platforms is run by B-Merchandise, which connects high-street and online merchants’ returned, undelivered, and excess inventory stock with business buyers.

Re-sellers can place bids on a few pallets to several truckloads of merchandise across a variety of categories, such as clothing, technology, home décor, phones, utilities, and much more, on each retailer’s individual online auction platform.

Via Trading

Via Trading - Big Lots review

Via trading is another liquidator with a presence in Los Angeles, California. The goods are bought through wholesale overstocks and customer returns. The company makes sure everything is in good condition before offering it at a discount. The National Flea Market Association has registered Via trading as a vendor (NFMA).

Everyone, from consumers and owners of small businesses to flea market vendors, is catered to by this wholesale company. There is no requirement for a minimum purchase amount while making purchases.

Further, they have a large selection of liquidation products, which they sell to individuals and businesses for a small portion of the original cost. As a family-run business, they believe that no client is just too big or small. Also, they strive to offer the best service in the sector.

The best part of Via trading is that they provide you with an accurate invoice that includes an analysis of your payments as well as figures for your savings and profit. As a result, the company has successfully run the liquidation business for over 15 years with the assistance of over 40,000 loyal customers.


Despite the fact that Big Lots has seen substantial growth throughout the years, their core values remain the same. No matter which side of the spectrum you are on, they are here to help you improve the quality and effectiveness of the time you spend functioning.

Additionally, they accomplish this by offering their customers high-quality goods at fair prices. As a result, each client has a choice. Furthermore, through this Big Lots Review, it became clear that they offer wholesale liquidation pallets.

Also, they provide amazing discounts on their goods. Moreover, the goods range in different categories from apparel to kitchen wares to toys. Their liquidation stores are all over the USA, thus the easy access to products. Finally, they are the USA’s most reputable liquidation company, to sum up.

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