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Dollar Tree Review : A Detailed Guide with Alterntives (2024)

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In this article, we will be doing a Dollar Tree review, providing all the details required for consumers. Dollar Tree is an American chain of inexpensive variety stores with multiple price points. J. Douglas Perry and Macon F. Brock, Jr. made the business in 1986. It is a Fortune 500 firm with its main office in Chesapeake, Virginia, and manages 15,115 shops across the 48 adjoining U.S. states as well as in Canada. Further, this enterprise was started 60 years ago and is consistently going strong.

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Furthermore, it contends in the low-end commerce and dollar store segments. Every Dollar Tree carries a wide selection of goods, spanning private-label, local, as well as nationwide brands.

Wellbeing and beauty, snack food, party, seasonal ornaments, household goods, glassware, dinnerware, household hygiene products, sweets, toys, gift items, goodie bags and wrap, stationaries, art supplies, educational supplies, automobiles, electricals, pet supplies, as well as books are just a few of the departments you’ll find in a Dollar Tree store. Like milk, eggs, pizza, ice cream, frozen meals, frozen groceries, and pre-made bakery items, most Dollar Tree locations also sell frozen meals and dairy products.

Their Mission

This variety store focuses on providing value to its customers. They run their liquidation business profitably and provide their employees the freedom to participate in its opportunities, benefits, and successes. They interact with people in an open, thoughtful manner. The goal of the company is to consistently experience measured and profitable expansion. Furthermore, they buy certain goods from wholesale liquidation companies.

The company’s mission statement also places a strong emphasis on empowering employees and having ethical and thoughtful business relationships with other parties. The corporation has also incorporated the goal of “managed profitability” into its mission (Dollar Tree, Mission & Values).

Business Strategy

Extreme discount retailers include Dollar Tree. It asserts that this is possible because of their buyers’ “extraordinary diligence in seeking out the greatest deals available. Additionally, the store sells and buy liquidation pallet at a dollar cost. Furthermore, Dollar Tree’s business strategies include giving customers high-value products and maintaining a proper product mix so that the company may provide customers with more options.

By presenting items that the company believes would cost the clients a lot more elsewhere, Dollar Tree aims to go above and beyond the expectations of its customers about the range and quality of the goods they may buy for $1. Additionally, the business thinks that the emphasis on new shop launching, store expansion, and store transfer plans will be crucial to its potential revenue growth.

Location of Stores

Dollar Locations always strives to put its stores in smaller towns where they can be separated from other megastores and major supermarket chains as a component of their business plan. This might be viewed as a unique resource the firm has available (Lou & Nguyen, 2008).

Due to this, the business has been able to increase both customer traffic and sales growth. A broad selection of goods are available in such locations because to the company’s policy of having a large retail store space.

Corporate Values

Additionally, Dollar Tree has a variety of business ideals that serve as its way of life. All employees and parties who draw their identity from the company uphold these ideals. Firstly, attitude is the first corporate value. When it comes to serving customers or working with co-workers, Dollar Tree retailers think that attitude is everything. They also believe in being polite, acting responsibly, and conducting their company with the highest integrity.

Judgment is the second, crucial value. The store adheres to the principle of performing the right thing for the correct reason in this respect. It will consider this while deciding and will prioritize what is best for its clients and employees. Thirdly, commitment, which essentially deals with Respect and honour for oneself as well as the firm. In conjunction with this, the store employees treat everybody with kindness and respect they are due, from customers to co-workers.

Environment in General

A company’s operating environment must be mentioned while discussing it. As a business engaged in the discount variety sector, Dollar Tree competes in a societal, cultural, geographic, and political environment as well. Both the internal and external environments are made up of all of them. It is true that customer culture and the way they purchase goods worth less than a dollar have an impact on the company’s market.

Second, the laws and regulations controlling the discount variety industry at the federal level have had a significant impact on the store’s expansion. For instance, it has been difficult to open stores in various US states due to a failure to follow specific regulations outlined in the industrial act of the constitution.

Strengths of Dollar Tree

  • The unique business practice of Dollar Tree is to maintain a $1 price for all of its goods. Nearly all of the other rivals have implemented different pricing tiers. As a result, shoppers value Dollar Tree more because they know exactly what to buy there.
  • Since the business operates under a fixed price strategy, it must run more effectively to maintain its reputation, which is actually taking place. As a result, the business is more profitable.
  • In comparison to the industry average and comparable competitors, the company is financially quite strong.

Weakness of Dollar Tree

  • Compared to its rivals, the company has a slightly low day’s sale inventory. The company’s business growth would be impacted by this.
  • The debt-to-equity ratio has been steadily rising over the past few years, which suggests that the corporation’s economic risk is rising.

Suggestive Changes Required in Dollar Tree

  • Dollar Tree must fortify its supply chain and increase the effectiveness of supply chain management in order to become more competitive. The business must boost its exposure to cutting-edge information technology if it is to maximize efficiency and uphold sustainability’s core ideals.
  • The business must make its website more appealing in order to boost its online visibility. The expansion of the company’s sales will be facilitated by banner ads that place the name of the business on all significant websites. The best method to generate client traffic to the stores is to offer free and discounted coupons to website visitors who are interested in internet marketing for the business.
  • According to an industry survey, private label products are generally highly received by customers, thus the business would do well to boost the proportion of private label products it offers, particularly in groceries.

Alternatives to Dollar Tree



From big-box store merchants, BULQ provides overstock, shelf-pulls, and exchanges in every area, including clothes, the home and garden, toys and babies, technology, and more. Also, every day at 11 a.m., 2 p.m., and 5 p.m. ET, new merchandise comes. Assured manifests containing the brand name, item title, classification, UPC, and quantity are included with every case and pallet. Further, they accept payments online and manage all aspects of shipping.

Direct Liquidation

Direct liquidation - Dollar tree

A wholesale marketplace for leftover goods, including consumer exchanges, overstock, and end-of-life goods is called Direct Liquidation. Products are sorted, examined, repaired, and repackaged in order to be sold again. With six sites across the US and Canada, Direct Liquidation also distributes globally and offers 90-day guarantees on reconditioned goods. There are test loads that are smaller.


Dollar Tree in this review is a good retail brand. It has a good base of customers. They provide quality products at a dollar cost. Their mission and values build up the core of the firm. The company also uses liquidation pallets as their products which are in good condition. They have thousands of stores across the US and Canada. In addition, if you are looking to buy something at an affordable price, then Dollar Tree is the place.   

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